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Last update: 2013-06-21

Pain Medication Safety

2013-06-21 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Accidental overdose from prescription pain medication is becoming more and more common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that overdose deaths have risen 300-percent since 1999. Doctors at Mayo Clinic want to reverse this trend. The key, they say, is education.…


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Blood Doping

2013-06-14 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

When cyclist Lance Armstrong admitted he used performance enhancing drugs, the practice of blood doping hit the media spotlight. But how exactly does it boost performance? Experts at Mayo Clinic explore the science behind blood doping.…


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Golf after Hemipelvectomy

2013-06-07 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

He was 41 years old with a great job and a loving family. Then doctors gave him the horrible news. Cancer. To survive they would have to take his entire left leg and part of his pelvis. The man you're about to meet refused to let this stop him from living a full life. Seven years after the diagnosis and surgery, he's not only healthy, but he's also playing golf.…


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Preschool BMI Screening

2013-05-31 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

The obesity epidemic is serious business, especially when it comes to kids. Being overweight or obese as a child puts you at risk of being overweight as an adult. And it increases your risk of health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Experts at Mayo Clinic are working to prevent obesity in kids. They've teamed up with school districts to add body mass index screening to the standard screening kids go through before they start kindergarten.…


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Living with Lupus

2013-05-24 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Lupus - It's one of those scary diseases you may have heard of, but have no idea what it is. Since the 1950 the chances of living with Lupus for more than 5 years has increased from 50% to 95%, but it's still a struggle for the estimated 1 � million Americans who have it. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Cat Bites and Wound Care

2013-05-17 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Would you believe one in a hundred Emergency Room visits is because of a dog or cat bite? Wounds and cuts to the skin in general are among the top reasons people head to the hospital. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Coated Aspirin and Your Heart

2013-05-10 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Take a baby aspirin a day to reduce your risk of heart attack. Many of us have heard that. But here's some information from Mayo Clinic you might not have heard. It has to do with the coating on aspirin that helps reduce stomach upset.…


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Carpal Tunnel Tune-up

2013-05-03 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Up to 10 percent of the population knows the aggravation; the achy wrist, the weakened grip, the numb and tingly fingers. Carpal Tunnel syndrome. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it's a leading cause of missed time on the job. But, as we learn from Dennis Douda with the Mayo Clinic News Network, the pain doesn't have to be permanent.…


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Sisters Bone Marrow Transplant

2013-04-26 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Imagine what it would be like to give birth to healthy twin baby girls, only to find out that both of them were born with a potentially fatal disease. That happened to the family you're about to meet. Both girls needed a bone marrow transplant to hopefully cure a serious blood disorder. Vivien Williams has their story of survival.…


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Sister's Kidney for Little Brother

2013-04-19 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

For his entire life, radio host James Rabe has known that one day he'd need a new kidney. A disease called Alport Syndrome slowly caused his kidneys to fail. As his condition advanced, the search for a new organ began. His big sister stepped up and gave part of herself so her little brother could live.…


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3D Printer Helps Hip

2013-04-12 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Joint replacements have been around for a long time. Most people with conditions such as osteoarthritis can expect good results if they have one. But what about those who have complicated cases or unusual deformities that a standard replacement can't fix? In the past that's meant few options. Now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are using 3D printers to enable customized joint replacement surgeries. Many patients, who were out of luck, can now have a successful surgery and better quality of life.…


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Mayo Clinic's Accessible App

2013-04-05 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Significant visual impairment adds an extra challenge to daily tasks for more than 4-million Americans. In some cases, technology can bridge the gap. Dennis Douda shows us a great example at Mayo Clinic, where they got some help from a guy who's an expert in more ways than one.…


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One Family's Journey Living with Lynch Syndrome

2013-03-29 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

A teenager never expects to hear he or she has cancer, especially if it's a type of cancer adults usually get. However, the teen you're about to meet has a gene that greatly increases her risk of getting colon cancer and, as a matter of fact, she's already faced that battle. Vivien Williams shares this family's journey of living with Lynch Syndrome.…


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Color Blue Detects Colon Cancer

2013-03-22 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Sleuthing. Looking for clues. That's what doctors do when they search for signs of colon cancer. One of their main tools is the endoscope. They use it to look at the colon for signs of disease. The technology can detect cancer early when it's still curable. Now, doctors at Mayo Clinic are modifying the test to hopefully make it more effective for high risk patients.…


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Addiction Takes Center Stage

2013-03-15 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Millions of Americans, up to 10% of the population, have had a problem with alcohol addiction. While each person's struggle may be played out in private, Mayo Clinic recently raised the curtain on addiction at a public theater. The hope is to help more people understand this all too common human condition. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Hockey Coach Gets Hip

2013-03-08 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, close to 330,000 hip replacements are performed each year in the U.S. Many are done to ease the pain of osteoarthritis, also called wear and tear arthritis. And most patients are over age 60. But that's' changing, as younger patients are opting for surgery so they can stay active. Experts at Mayo Clinic say an alternative approach to standard hip replacement helps stop the pain and gets many people back to their normal activities faster.…


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Alzheimer's 101

2013-03-01 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

An estimated 5 and a half million Americans are struggling with Alzheimer's disease. This weekend one of the largest groups to ever tackle the subject will gather in St. Paul, Minnesota. The joint venture by Mayo Clinic and the Alzheimer's Association will bring news of the latest progress from the world's leading experts. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Hidden Heart Attack

2013-02-22 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

A heart attack at age 35. That's not supposed to happen. The woman you're about to meet suffered what's called a spontaneous coronary artery dissection, or SCAD. It's a condition that's hard to diagnose and there's very little information available about it. Experts at Mayo Clinic have results from studies aimed at learning more about this life-threatening condition.…


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Injury Season for Snow Blowers

2013-02-15 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Snow blower accidents cause more than 65-hundred injuries each winter. More than a thousand people lose hands and fingers. A Wisconsin man is hoping hearing his story will remind others to slow down, be safe and not become a victim too. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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5 Years on a VAD

2013-02-08 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

You have six months. Maybe a year. That was reality for heart failure patient Verna Schrombeck. Her condition had deteriorated to the point where treatment no longer helped. Because of her age, she was not a candidate for a heart transplant. Doctors at Mayo Clinic implanted a device that would hopefully keep Verna alive, at least a little while. Years later she shares her story.…


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Super Survivor Conquers Cancer

2013-02-01 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

With the Super Bowl on many people's minds this week, a 12-year Veteran of the NFL is tackling a different opponent — Lung Cancer. Team-mates in his fight include Mayo Clinic and a cancer survivor who's putting a new face on an often misunderstood disease. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Punk Guitarist Survives Brain Tumor

2013-01-25 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 3s

Nine lives. That's what guitarist Henry Cluney says he has. The punk rocker made it through a car crash and several bomb blasts in his homeland of Northern Ireland. But then he got hit with another blow; a diagnosis that threatened his music career and his life. Vivien Williams has Henry's story.…


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Shopping for Kids Shoes

2013-01-18 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

The average toddler outgrows their shoes four times a year. It's enough to keep parents on their toes. But, there's no need to stress over making the right choices for healthy feet. A few simple considerations will save you worry and money. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Collecting Pennies Through the Pain

2013-01-04 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

This is a story about giving back. It's about a child who, while battling a very serious disease, inspires thousands to come together and raise money to help others.…


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Heads Up Hockey

2012-12-21 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

More than a half million kids play hockey in the United States and there's a renewed push to keep them from getting hurt. The national governing body for the sport, USA Hockey just released a new video demonstrating better ways for heads-up play on the ice — that could keep some athletes from ending up in a wheelchair. Here's Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic News Network.…


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Holiday Heart

2012-12-14 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Cookies, candy, eggnog and gravy. Those are some of the goodies we often can't resist at holiday gatherings. But for patients with an underlying heart condition, such as heart failure, a few days of eating the wrong foods can cause some real problems. And Mayo Clinic doctors say it's common for hospital admissions for these people to go up during the holidays. Here are some tips on how to stay heart healthy this season.…


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Stem Cells Get Hip

2012-12-07 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 1s

Stem Cells are the starting point for all the tissues in your body. Your body grows them all the time. So, Mayo researchers thought why not put them work healing damaged tissues like heart muscle or bone. Here's an example that's really hip from Dennis Douda for the Mayo Clinic news Network.…


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Triathlete Transplant

2011-10-17 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 6s

Intro: This is a story of the power of perseverance and love. A man named Kevin Lue was a triathlete who developed a rare disease that caused his heart to fail. In a matter of months, he went from intense competition to barely being able to walk. He neede…


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SCAD 2 Social Media as a Lifesaving Link

2011-10-10 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 3m 5s

Intro: The wealth of medical info on the Internet has become something of a double-edged scalpel. While hypochondriacs can quickly get in over their heads, a quick computer search brings millions the basics on almost any condition. And when that fails, Ma…


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Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD)

2011-10-03 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 3m 15s

Don't worry — you're just tired and out of sorts after having your baby. But the chest pain experienced by the woman you're about to meet was much more than a difficult recovery. She had a heart attack when a rare and deadly condition stopped bl…


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Weight Loss After Breast Cancer

2011-09-26 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 5s

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be very difficult. Surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and facing such a serious illness may make some women feel like they've lost control of their lives. Those feelings are very common. But the breast cancer survivor you're…


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Polymorphous Light Eruption

2011-09-19 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 16s

Imagine this: Every time you go out into the sunlight to walk the dog or get the mail, your skin gets red, itchy and inflamed. That's what happens to people with a condition called polymorphous light eruption. To learn more about this skin issue, we'll he…


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Living With Lewy Body Dementia

2011-09-12 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 16s

It happened little by little. First he would forget things, then he'd lose track of what he was doing. Lewy body dementia took over the life of the man you're about to meet. The disease is the second most common form of dementia, Alzheimer's being the fir…


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Long-Term Brain Cancer Survivor

2011-09-05 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 14s

You have brain cancer. Those are devastating words for anyone to hear. A man named Morgan Tyner heard those words and was told he had only months to live. But 20 years later he's still here. This is his inspirational story of survival.…


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Diabetes and Heat

2011-08-29 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 44s

When summer heats up, so does your risk of heat-related health issues — dehydration, heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Paying attention to the heat is especially important if you have a chronic illness such as diabetes. Here's what diabetics need…


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Lung Cancer Screening

2011-08-22 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 7s

For many years, doctors have known that screening for certain cancers saves lives. Breast cancer and prostate cancer are two examples. Now you can add lung cancer to that list. The National Lung Screening Trial results show screening people at high risk o…


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Travel Safety

2011-08-15 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 35s

As summer comes to an end, many people are heading out for one last vacation. Maybe it's the beach, camping, a cruise or visiting a foreign city. Where ever you go, it's a good idea to put some thought into how to stay healthy while traveling. A travel sp…


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Mort Crim and Cancer

2011-08-08 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 3m 4s

He's been a national TV news correspondent and a beloved anchorman. Mort Crim covered news for decades. Over the years, he's seen everything from the first landing on the moon to political unrest in other countries. But perhaps his most challenging assign…


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Vegetarian Kids

2011-08-01 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 50s

Vegetarian diets have been used worldwide for thousands of years. These days, it seems, vegetarianism continues to get more popular, even among kids. Teens, pre-teens and even younger children can be healthy on a vegetarian diet if it's well planned and h…


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Self-Image During Cancer

2011-07-25 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 26s

Battling cancer is not easy. Treatment often involves chemotherapy, the side effects of which can be tough. Fatigue, nausea, hair loss. For many people, losing their hair is particularly stressful. That's why Mayo Clinic teamed up with a hair and skin car…


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Surviving Multiple Myeloma

2011-07-18 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 3m 9s

Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer for which there is no cure. But treatment for this disease has improved greatly in recent years. Patients can live in remission for a long time. The man you're about to meet was diagnosed with multiple myeloma last yea…


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2011-07-11 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 47s

Earlier this year, 13 football players from the University of Iowa were hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis. It's a condition that can happen for several reasons, including if you exercise too hard, especially in the heat. Severe cases can lead to kidney fai…


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Robotic-Arm-Assisted Knee Resurfacing

2011-07-04 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 7s

Robots and video games. Two technologies that, believe it or not, are helping some surgeons perform more precise and effective operations for patients. Let's go to Mayo Clinic to see how doctors are using new tools for partial knee replacements.…


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Pregnant. Now What Happens?

2011-06-27 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 45s

Pregnancy is a time of anticipation, wonder and joy. But it's also a time filled with lots of questions: Is my baby growing properly, when will the nausea stop, or how will I know I'm in labor? Mayo Clinic released a new book to help expectant parents get…


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Obstructive Sleep Apnea

2011-06-20 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 6s

There's nothing like a good night's sleep. But for people with obstructive sleep apnea, decent shut-eye is hard to get. They often snore and repeatedly stop breathing during the night. This not only causes daytime sleepiness, but also other health issues.…


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Living With Brain Tumors

2011-06-13 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 12s

The first symptom was a headache. Then slurred speech and memory loss. The diagnosis of a grade 4 brain tumor was devastating for the man you're about to meet, a husband and father of four young kids. Surgeons could not remove the entire tumor, but Steven…


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Adult ADD

2011-06-06 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 44s

Difficulty staying on task, being easily distracted, constantly losing things and never finishing projects. All are telltale signs of adult attention-deficit disorder. Lots of people think they may have adult ADD, but sometimes symptoms are the result of…


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NSAIDs and Heart Disease

2011-05-30 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 18s

Have a headache? Maybe it's knee pain from osteoarthritis. Or sore muscles from a tough workout. Chances are, when life causes aches and pains, many of us reach for the ibuprofen. Because it works. But if you also take aspirin to protect against heart dis…


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2011-05-23 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 25s

Leukemia is a type of cancer that comes in many forms. Some types develop slowly, while others hit fast, causing sudden symptoms. Treatment for leukemia continues to improve, as researchers learn more about the disease process. Here's one woman's story of…


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Fish Science

2011-05-16 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 5s

If you were to pick up a science textbook in just about any elementary or middle school in the U.S., you'd likely be looking at material that's been used, unchanged, for years. But in the real world, science is constantly changing. That's one reason scien…


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Nasal Cleansing

2011-05-09 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 38s

Sometimes life's not fair. We've just come out of cold and flu season only to arrive smack in the middle of spring allergy season. What can you do about that runny nose and nasal congestion? Medications are one option, but so is nasal cleansing. More on h…


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Cancer Siblings

2011-05-02 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 3m 7s

No parent can ever be prepared to hear these words: Your child has cancer. The family knows that all too well. They went through a tough battle to keep their child healthy. Chemo, surgery and months in the hospital. But during that process, they met a lit…


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PALS (Pets Are Loving Support)

2011-04-25 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 43s

Going through treatment for cancer can be a very difficult time for patients and their families. People who have radiation therapy often have to go in every day, for weeks on end. And some say sitting in the waiting room before a treatment can be stressfu…


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Managing Meningitis

2011-04-18 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 47s

Meningitis is an illness that can be very scary. It's an infection that can make people very, very sick. Babies who get the disease are at particular risk of getting dangerously ill because it can be tricky to diagnose and symptoms can escalate quickly. M…


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New Hep C Treatment

2011-04-11 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 15s

Four (m) million people in the U.S.; 100 (m) million worldwide. That's how many people are infected with hepatitis C. It's a virus you can get from blood transfusions given before 1990, shared needles, unclean tattoo needles and, sometimes, sex. In many c…


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Pink Sisters

2011-01-17 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 12s

"You have breast cancer." Those are four words no woman wants to hear. A new diagnosis is scary, and there are so many questions: What surgery should I have? Will I need chemotherapy? How can I help my family as I go through this? These issues can be toug…


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Blood Basics

2011-01-10 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 45s

Being stuck with a needle is no fun, but blood tests are a very important part of your general physical examination. The information doctors get from blood tests provides information on whether or not your body is functioning normally. So, what exactly ar…


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2011-01-03 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 18s

There's no doubt that playing a game on a Wii gets you off the couch and moving. Bowling, tennis, yoga. You can really get a workout before you know it. That's the concept behind a new occupational therapy program at Mayo Clinic. Some therapists are using…


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Transplant Friends

2010-12-27 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 33s

This is a story about life, love and selfless giving. It's a story about two women who share more than just friendship. They share the gift of life.…


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Crohn's Crisis

2010-12-20 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 33s

Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that usually strikes people in their 20s or 30s. Many people who have it can keep it under control with medications. But others struggle with repeat flare-ups that are severe and debilitating. These…


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Concussion Recovery

2010-12-13 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 4s

This season the news has been filled with stories about the dangers of concussions in sports like high school football. Doctors at Mayo Clinic say that pulling kids off the field until they have completely recovered is key to keeping them healthy. But som…


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Barrett's Study Results

2010-12-06 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 37s

Millions of people know what it's like to have to run for the antacids after a big pasta dinner. Most of the time heartburn is harmless, but people who suffer from chronic heartburn are at increased risk of a condition called Barrett's esophagus. And if y…


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Flu Shot Prevents Heart Attack

2010-11-29 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 1s

It's flu season again, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends all people over 6 months of age should get vaccinated. Sure, the flu shot helps prevent the flu, but it also helps prevent something else. Heart attack. Here's the latest…


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Young Man's Transplant

2010-11-22 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 16s

When you're in your 20s, life is supposed to be an adventure. New experiences, meeting new people, seeing new places. You're not supposed to worry, "Will I live to see tomorrow?" That's what a young man named Trevor faced when he got sick, very sick, whil…


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Soldier's New Legs

2010-11-15 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 50s

He was serving in Iraq when it happened. A rocket ripped through the truck Staff Sergeant Heath Calhoun was riding in. The explosion blew off both legs above the knees. Unfortunately this scenario is not uncommon for soldiers in combat. What's amazing is…


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Rotator Cuff Surgery

2010-11-08 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 3s

The pain of a rotator cuff injury can be bad. Your shoulder aches when you lift your arm up, like when you need to grab something out of a high cabinet, or reach up to brush your hair. Surgery used to mean a big operation that left a large scar. These day…


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Football Player's Amputation

2010-11-01 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 48s

Everybody knows that football can be a dangerous sport. Injuries are usually considered just another part of the game, but every once in a while, a tackle can change a player's life forever. That's what happened to the young man you're about to meet. But…


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Rheumatoid Arthritis

2010-10-25 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 8s

Pain, swelling and stiffness in your joints. All are symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. But because these symptoms come and go, the condition can sometimes be tricky to diagnose. And it's important to get the right diagnosis because starting treatment earl…


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Dragon Boats and Breast Cancer

2010-10-18 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 40s

What do you get when you arm a bunch of breast cancer survivors and their friends with life vests, boat paddles and pink T-shirts? The answer is a competitive dragon boat team set out to spread the news that exercise and camaraderie are key to beating bre…


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Crohn's or Colitis?

2010-10-11 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 33s

Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are inflammatory bowel diseases that share many symptoms: stomach pain, cramping, the need to always be near a bathroom. The two conditions may seem similar, but in truth, they're quite different and require differen…


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Breast Cancer Education Tool

2010-10-04 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 2m 13s

"You have a lump and it could be breast cancer." Those are words no woman wants to hear. After the initial shock comes a ton of questions: What does my diagnosis mean? What type of surgery should I have? What about chemo or radiation? It can be overwhelmi…


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2010-09-27 :: aase.lee@mayo.edu (Mayo Clinic)
Length: 1m 46s

Imagine a life of darkness. A life without sight. That was reality for the woman you're about to meet. She lost her vision more than 30 years ago; the result of a severe allergic reaction to medications. Repeated attempts to restore her vision with human…


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0000-00-00 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

Imagine not being able to walk across the room because your muscles don't work normally. That's what life is like for many people with Parkinson's disease and similar disorders. The conditions cause your muscles to shake and freeze up until putting one fo…


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Lost in Space

0000-00-00 :: Mayo Clinic
Length: 2s

On July 16, 1999, John Kennedy Jr. died when the plane he was piloting crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off Martha's Vineyard. Experts suspect Kennedy was a victim of what's called the "graveyard spiral." It can happen to pilots, including very well-traine…


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