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Last update: 2010-05-11

Tom Terwilliger Interview

Length: 1h 8m 25s

This is an hour long interview I had with Mr. America, Tom Terwilliger. Tom is the author of an incredible book, 7 RULES of Achievement. This interview is just a small portion of what you'll find in his book. You can order by visiting www.7RulesOfAchievement.com. It's also available for purchase on Amazon, but if you order from Tom's site, 7RulesOfAchievement.com, he'll send you some valuable bonus material along with your book. …


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Tom Terwilliger candid audio

Length: 23m 56s

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet and talk to someone you really admire? Someone you really look up to someone you wanted to be like growing up? If you've ever met this person were you disappointed that this person wasn't the person you expected him or her to be? The quote I've heard is, "Never meet your idol because you'll be disappointed." Someone I admired and looked up to growing up and working out in the gym was Mr. America Tom Terwilliger. Recently I got to meet him over the phone when I interviewed him. I was very nervous because this is someone I admired for years and let me tell you I was not disappointed at all. In fact it was the exact opposite; he's one of the coolest guys I've ever spoken with. When the interview was over, Tom and I just started talking and this is the conversation we had after we finished our interview together that lasted well over an hour. I don't even know if Tom realized we were still recording. This is great stuff because you can hear what a great guy Tom really is and how he went on and on talking with me and helping me and giving me his precious time. This is unedited audio except I've cut out a few portions of the conversation because we do mention some people's names and some of the money figures that these people may be uncomfortable with. You'll hear a short beeping sound when the audio is cut. It's only about 20 minutes long but it really gives you an inside look at two guys just talking business. Again we forgot we were being recorded so this is us without our business faces or public persona. You'll also hear my kids in the background and me talking as I get ready to go out to dinner with my wife. A few times it sounds like an out of breath but I'm trying to get ready to go out and I'm walking up and down stairs during our conversation. Enjoy …


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Medicine Coach on Chuck Bowen Radio Show

Length: 37m 44s

This is the audio from The Chuck Bowen Radio Show. It was recorded some time ago so some of the drug information is a little dated. The concepts are still relevant though. …


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Interview with Wayne

Length: 44m 30s

This is a 42 minute coaching call I did with a gentleman named Wayne. Wayne is 45 years old and he just wants to stay looking young. He has a history of working out and wants information on supplements and how to increase his testosterone. I go pretty fast in the beginning and give the names of several natural supplements that will help. We also talk about diet, how to optimize your protein intake and sources of good, lean protein. We discuss the pharmaceutical route of increasing testosterone with and without taking testosterone, which is considered an anabolic steroid and why you should not take your hormones by mouth. I give him a bunch of good information during this coaching call about muscle soreness and what I do to help with that...how I work around injuries...some eating advice...how to easily tell the low fat cuts of red meat...the theory of the Adkins diet...what happens to your body if you take too much supplemental testosterone for too long...my stance on cholesterol and how it relates to your hormones...what is spot reducing and why it is a myth...and my little rant on performance enhancing drugs. …


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Some Pharmacy News

Length: 2m 41s


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What do you think about Red Yeast Rice?

Length: 3m 46s


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Did I finish this talk in a good way?

Length: 3m 59s


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What medication is used to treat hyperthyroid?

Length: 7m 1s

What medication is used to treat hyperthyroid? …


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Why do we get more colds in the wintertime?

Length: 4m 37s

Why do we get more colds in the wintertime? …


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Would you consider yourself a naturopath?

Length: 2m 35s

Question from a listener; Would you consider yourself a naturopath? …


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Best kind of Health Insurance

Length: 4m 54s

Question from Facebook Fan Page about the best type of health insurance. …


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Letter from Newsletter Subscriber

Length: 2m 32s


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Jan 22,2010

Length: 4m 18s

What does a pharmacist do when he has a cold? …


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511 Eating Plan Teleseminar

Length: 1h 15m 4s

Details: The diet and exercise industry is a literal minefield of low fat, high fat, low carb, high carb, high protein, low protein, this product, that product, it goes on and on. Who can you trust? Which “diet” is going to work best for me? If you go on a traditional “diet,” chances are you will gain ALL your weight back plus a couple extra pounds to boot. In the free teleseminar, you will learn: • How to eat to lose body fat • What to eat to lose body fat • When to eat to lose fat • Why you eat this way • Portion size • Why losing fat and not osing weight is the goal • Why eating Krispy Kreme donuts (my favorite), pizza, ice cream, fast food, and anything and everything you want will help you in your fat loss I’ve been weight training and eating “differently” from my peers for over 25 years. I’ve tried virtually every supplement, workout routine, and diet out there. Finally, all that experience; coupled with my education of how the body works on a chemical, physical, and mental level; and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, has provided me with the knowledge to find out what really works. - Dr. West Conner Join me as I go over the basics of my 511 Eating Planâ„¢. “Lose weight and eat whatever you want, just not whenever you want” …


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Interview with Dr. Richard Sagall

Length: 31m 18s

Rich Sagall, MD is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio at Toledo. After completing his family practice residency at the Eastern Maine Medical Center, Bangor, ME, he practiced family medicine and occupational medicine there for nearly 20 years. During that time he began NeedyMeds. He and his wife moved to Philadelphia where he practiced occupational medicine and ran NeedyMeds. Rich has written articles on assistance programs and occupational medicine topics for a number of publications. He has given presentations on patient assistance programs and occupational medicine throughout the country. In addition to directing NeedyMeds, he runs the Pediatrics for Parents website (www.pedsforparents.com), a website on children's health, and publishes Pediatrics for Parents. He now lives in Gloucester, MA. In this short, 30 minute interview, you will learn: - How and why Dr. Sagall started Needymeds.org - The type of information available at Needymeds.org - Why drug manufacturers have these programs - What a patient assistance program is - How to qualify for patient assistance programs - How the medication gets to the patient - How to get on to a patient assistance program - How to gain access even if you don’t have a computer - How to get help filling out the applications - What to do if you are turned down by the assistance program - How to get your doctor to help you fill out the forms - Can you use a patient assistance program if you have Medicare Part D - How to locate free or low cost clinics …


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Interview with Health Coach Rachel Lucasavige

Length: 42m 48s

If you need the motivation to get healthy and lose those extra pounds, listen to this 40 minute interview with Health Coach, Rachel Lucasavige. Rachel’s passion for helping people live healthier lives stems from her long interest in nutrition and physical activity. After graduating from Purdue University with a degree in Communication she moved to Boston to pursue a Masters in Health Communication from a collaborative program between Emerson College and Tufts University School of Medicine. Shortly after receiving her degree she knew she wanted to work one on one with people to help them reach their goals and change their lives. In 2006 she started her company, HealthierWayofLife.com. Visit www.healthierwayoflife.com to sign up for the weekly newsletter, download your free copy of Rachel’s e-book Maintain the Change, or browse through a wealth of resources. In this 40 minute interview, Rachel explains: * The main aspects of good health * Why it is so important to be in good health * Does just being thin mean you are in good health? * Why some people don’t lose weight * Why are so many “poor” people overweight * What small steps you can take to improve your health today * How setting goals will help with your weight loss * How to support someone who is trying to lose weight …


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Steve Berkey interview

Length: 49m 59s

If you do any type of sports activity then this is the interview for you. Here’s the story: Steve Berkey founded his company, 90 Revolutions, to meet the unique needs of endurance athletes. Injury prevention and performance enhancement are key elements for those training to achieve greater physical outcomes with less pain and more enjoyment. Steve addresses these issues through medical-based bike fits and running analyses that utilize advanced motion software, custom orthotics, and strength and conditioning programs. His physical therapy training coupled with his affinity for running, cycling, and all things outdoors allows him to view training from multiple perspectives: both practical and clinical. 90 Revolutions recently introduced yet another set of aspects and services through the Functional Framework. The Functional Framework is a group of experts that provides services and education in the areas of coaching, nutrition, and sports psychology. Together with Steve’s injury prevention expertise, the team of experts works to meet the complete needs of endurance athletes. Everyone from beginners to experts and weekend warriors to serious, consistent competitors can utilize the services of 90 Revolutions. Visit www.90Revolutions.com to learn more. Sign up for the free biweekly newsletter. Steve welcomes questions and comments through e-mail at steve@90Revolutions.com In this 50 minute interview with Physical Therapist Steve Berkey of 90Revolutions.com discusses many different aspects of injury prevention. Steve describes to you: - what causes shin splints and how to treat them and how to prevent them - when to use ice and heat to treat injuries - the most popular knee pain issues for runners and bicyclists - how to determine if you are using proper running form - what the wear pattern on your shoe can tell you about your form - which type of doctor to see when you are having athletic issues - the most common bicycling stress injuries - how to adjust your bike to prevent injuries like neck and back issues - the best bike seat for both males and females - what is “hot foot” for bicyclists and how to prevent it - what is “turf toe” and what causes it - how to prevent and correct flat feet - plantar fasciitis - what to do for foot blisters - how to prevent your ankle from rolling - which ankle supports are best - Achilles tendonitis and how to treat it - how to strengthen your Achilles to prevent rupture - trigger point therapy - what to do when you first begin to experience pain - when is the best time to stretch - what a physical therapist does …


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