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Last update: 2014-07-16

The Fruits of Knowledge

2014-07-16 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 37s

We talk about food production, from MSG to corn to preservation.…


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A Real Drag

2014-06-25 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 57s

Today we talk all about smoking!…


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All game special! Life’s a game.

2014-03-29 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 58s

Our Season 3 Special. Today we have some fun talking about trivia, giving out some Gap Facts, and trying out some new quizzes. Sorry for the late show! Exam time is a *!@$%#.…


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Inventive Individuals

2014-03-12 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 43s

We each try our hand at doing justice to the lives of individuals who created and invented things that made a difference.…


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Chocoholics Anonymous

2014-02-25 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 53s

“Show about chocolate” – Description by the wordsmith Keegan Guidolin…


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2014-02-05 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 56s

If the cold weather has you questioning Climate Change we have information for you. We discuss everything from our best science, to our best chances for slowing and responding to Climate Change. Intro: ABC News, December 9, 2013; CBC January 3, 2014; Fox News Compilation from “Rev Sharpton” on Political Articles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUap1wMolOE) Outro: “Hot in […]…


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A Study in Colour

2014-01-22 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 59s

We talk about the history and science behind the the colour.…


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Friends in the Gut-ter

2014-01-08 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 53s

We have Jessica Pauze on to talk about the microbes who help us and speak about claims about what they actually do. Answering the long unanswered yogurt question. The future of antibiotics, and some of the most infamous critters that live in you.…


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Diabolical Dialects

2013-12-25 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 49s

We talk about languages and how we can speak them, joined by new host Ellysa Chenery.…


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I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

2013-12-02 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 44s

Today we talk about intuition and make some exciting announcements about Season 3 improvements. Season finale! be back on December 23th.…


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2013-11-25 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 37s

This week we talk about modern-day spell casting, mythical creatures and potions, making.…


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Extra: Quiz Clip-show Part 1

2013-11-19 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 45s

We felt bad about not bringing you an episode this week so Keegan edited together an episode of the first five quizzes of season 1. Excuse us… We were young and foolish when we made some of those quizzes.…


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Announcement: No episode this week!

2013-11-18 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 31s

We will be back next week with episode 9 about modern day magic!…


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Whey Too Many Vitamins

2013-11-11 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 1s

This week we talk about workout supplements, vitamins, and supplement culture!…


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The Podcast Heard Around the World

2013-11-04 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 48s

This week we talk about origin of assassins, their roll in history, some famous historical assassinations and hear some really interesting stories.…


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All the Colours of the Gray-nbow

2013-10-28 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 38s

This week we talk all about the colour grey and things related to it. Grey Matter, Greyhounds, Earl Grey Tea……


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2013-10-21 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 52s

Chiropractic is so popular, and so misunderstood. This week we talk about the history of chiropractic, the mechanism, and the evidence for and against. We have an interview with Dr. Andrea Guidolin, B.A Hon, D.C. about the practice.…


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How Merlot can you go?

2013-10-14 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 38s

Wine is so prolific, and so ancient there has got to be something inaccurate surrounding it, right? We look into the health claims, classification, and inspection of wine. We also tell stories about wine tastings gone wrong and wine awards that are just giving it away. Season 3, Episode 4.…


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Apocalypse when?

2013-10-07 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 2s

Guest host, Ellysa Chenery, joins us to talk about different apocalypse stories and trivia. We talk about the rapture-spouting icon of the apocalypse Harold Camping. How does media reveal our feelings about the apocalypse. And how is the world likely to end? Season 3, Episode 3.…


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Level Infinity Vegan

2013-09-29 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 42s

Can you really survive without food? This week we talk about people who think they can, and also touch on some other less… conventional diets. Season 3, Episode 2.…


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Equal to, or Greater Than Six

2013-09-22 :: Mind the Gap
Length: 43s

We start off season 2 by talking about weird facts and cool trivia about insects and spiders! Season 2, Episode 1.…


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Phoenix and Futurama!

2013-09-08 :: Mind the Gap

S01E10: Our quest for renewal has brought some to the brink of death; Ironically, not quite back again. Rebirth: it’s the key moment in the world’s largest religion. Hope for a new beginning envelopes our literature, our media, and our minds. Maybe we can start again……


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Jesus, Take the Scalpel!

2013-09-01 :: Mind the Gap

S01E09: We are talking about faith healing today, what is true, what isn’t and what can go wrong when you choose to use it.…


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2013-08-25 :: Mind the Gap

S01E08: We’re being spontaneous with this episode and talking about a bunch of spontaneous things.…



The Current Frontier

2013-08-18 :: Mind the Gap

S01E07: Space: The Current Frontier. These are the hosts of the podcast: Mind the Gap. Its continuing mission: to uncover strange new topics, to seek out new trivia and dispel myths, to correct what many have gotten wrong before……


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I can’t believe it’s not natural!

2013-08-11 :: Mind the Gap

S01E06: We talk about one of our favorite fallacies and cultural beliefs, the all-natural fallacy.…


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Catch Some Zeds

2013-08-04 :: Mind the Gap

S01E05: We discuss the elusive concept and specifics of sleep.…


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Thyme to Nip this in the Bud

2013-07-28 :: Mind the Gap

S01E04: We discuss the coolest stuff we have learned so far about plants.…


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Kryptonite and Adamantium – Science and Superheroes

2013-07-21 :: Mind the Gap

S01E03: Some recording trouble! Mind the quality, it is a one time thing. We are joined by Kyle Dobby to discuss the possible scientific basis behind superheroes.…


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My Chills Are Multiplying

2013-07-14 :: Mind the Gap

S01E02: We discuss the upcoming phenomenon and subculture, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR).…


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We Probed Mars and It Probed Back

2013-07-07 :: Mind the Gap

S01E01: Discussion about alien abduction and real-life extraterrestrial possibility.…


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Mind the Gap

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Mind the Gap

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