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Last update: 2011-01-13

More Hip #279 - Sticker Shock


More Hip Than Hippie #279 - Sticker Shock

Stock up now on those items that are likely to cost more in 2011!

Just when you thought you'd started living within your means, it loo…


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More Hip #278 - Turn It Up to '11!


More Hip Than Hippie #278 - Turn It Up to '11!

Experts forecast green trends for 2011.

Taking those tiny green steps can lead to big changes. The Hipsters take a look at the ye…


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More Hip #277 - Digging Deep


More Hip Than Hippie #277 - Digging Deep

Writer April Dávila's new campaign, Digging Deep, will help to unearth facts about food.

You think you're busy? Hah! They lovely…


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More Hip #276 - eBooks vs Books: Who's Greener?


More Hip Than Hippie #276 - eBooks vs Books: Who's Greener?

A new study finds that e-readers could have a major impact on improving the sustainability and environmental impact on the publishing industry.<…


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More Hip #275 - Zero Waste Holidays


More Hip Than Hippie #275 - Zero Waste Holidays

Zero Waste Home blogger Bea Johnson shares her ideas for simplifying the holiday season.

Each year, at least 25% more w…


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More Hip #274 - SOS (Save Our Stuff!)


More Hip Than Hippie #274 - SOS (Save Our Stuff!)

Save money by extending the life of things you already own.

We're all trying to economize these days. Frugalistas know that it…


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More Hip #273 - Living the Dream


More Hip Than Hippie #273 - Living the Dream

With a desire to return to her country roots, Becka Silva turned her backyard into Girasole Farm.

Girasole is the Italian …


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More Hip #272 - Helping Hands


More Hip Than Hippie #272 - Helping Hands

"Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows." ~ Moliere

Did you kn…


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More Hip #271 - Conscious Cooking


More Hip Than Hippie #271 - Conscious Cooking

Author Anni Daulter discusses the joys of conscious cooking for babies and toddlers.

The Hipsters meet author/cook/mom/cool chick …


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More Hip #270 - The Dumpster Diva


More Hip Than Hippie #270 - The Dumpster Diva

Designer Tiffany Threadgould returns to remind us that garbage has feelings, too.

The Hipsters welcome the delightful Dumpster Div…


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More Hip #269 - Meeting Mr. Wright


More Hip Than Hippie #269 - Meeting Mr. Wright

Charter Hipster Bob Wright made the trek to Chico to talk about his work at a food bank.

Dori and Val welcome longtime listener B…


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More Hip #268 - Here Comes the Sun


More Hip Than Hippie #268 - Here Comes the Sun

As the solar energy industry evolves, more homes and businesses take advantage of incentives to "go solar".

Thanks to governm…


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More Hip #267 - Pimp My Shrimp!


More Hip Than Hippie #267 - Pimp My Shrimp!

Shrimp trawling accounts for one third of global seafood bycatch.

Shrimp is the world's most valuable seafood, but many other creatu…


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More Hip #266 - Fair Trade Coffee


More Hip Than Hippie #266 - Fair Trade Coffee

Do we pay a fair price for fair trade goods?

Consumers don't pay enough for coffee. That's according to Amy Louis, a wholesale cof…


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More Hip #265 - Raw Milk


More Hip Than Hippie #265 - Raw Milk

Proponents of raw milk believe that we should reap the health benefits of drinking milk in its natural state.

Did you know that drinking a glass of raw cow's milk cou…


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More Hip #264 - Happy 5th Anniversary!


More Hip Than Hippie #264 - Happy 5th Anniversary!

Dori and Val celebrate 5 years of podcasting "More Hip Than Hippie".

The Hipsters have hit another milestone! This week marks the end of their 5th year …


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More Hip #263 - A Zero Waste Home


More Hip Than Hippie #263 - A Zero Waste Home

Blogger Bea Johnson tells how her family has learned to live without generating household waste.

After moving into a smaller house…


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More Hip #262 - Makin' Bacon


More Hip Than Hippie #262 - Makin' Bacon

Llano Seco Rancho manager Dave Sieperda touts the benefits of sustainable farming and organic pork.

Oh yes, there's a difference betwee…


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More Hip #261 - Life Without Monsanto


More Hip Than Hippie #261 - Life Without Monsanto

In March 2010, April Davila embarked on a quest to live a Month Without Monsanto.<…


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More Hip #260- Backyard Chickens


More Hip Than Hippie #260 - Backyard Chickens

Thousands of ordinary folks are raising backyard or urban chickens as a source of sustainable food.

The "Chicken Chick" is in the …


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More Hip #259 - Beautiful Butterflies


More Hip Than Hippie #259 - Beautiful Butterflies

Butterflies play a vital role in maintaining earth's ecological balance.

Do you take the time to notice butterflies? There are…


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More Hip #258 - No No Nanofood!


More Hip Than Hippie #258 - No No Nanofood!

"Officially, the FDA says there aren't any nano-containing food products currently sold in the U.S. Not true, say some of the agency's own safety experts."


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Farmed Salmon Exposed!


More Hip Than Hippie #257 - Farmed Salmon Exposed!

Salmon farming imperils the environment, the fish and the health of the consumer.

Crowded feedlots filled with feces? Overuse…


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Stevia - The Bittersweet Story


Stevia - The Bittersweet Story

Stevia-based sweeteners are touted as "natural", but often don't bear much resemblance to the plant itself.

You've seen "stevia" in the supermark…


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