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Last update: 2008-09-01

Better Than it Was …


Better than it was is the close companion of Good Enough. Both fall short of excellence. Which do you want to be known for? Good enough … or Excellence?…


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There is a Difference


For the record—doing the wrong thing over and over will never make it right. The point is to think an action through before committing. What are you doing wrong that needs rethinking?…


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Make Sure Your Questions are the Right Ones


Just for the record … asking the wrong question over and over again will never get the correct response. Ask questions? Yes, but make sure they are the right ones.…


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links for 2008-05-26


DANNY NGUYEN – An American Dream A bit of inspiration for those that need it. Success and life are what you make of them, with proof in this story. (tags: inspiration motivation)…


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25 Facets of Work


Work is made up of many different facets. Some may be more important than others, but none can be dismissed, out of hand.  motivation inspiration dedication fascination preparation execution solicitation anticipation aggregation expectation gestation orchestration juxtaposition predication qualification relaxation supposition maximization simulation exaltation ramification justification direction elation restoration What *ation would you add to the [...]…


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links for 2008-02-29


Motivating Employees: The Difference in Staff Loyalty and High Turnover Rate An interesting article from a Christian perspective (tags: motivation) Wiki Wiki on the wall who’s the most knowledgeable of them all? Many many uses for a wiki, including this one. (tags: leadership)…


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2008-02-22 :: Larry Hendrick

Integrity—you either have it or you don’t. I believe integrity is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of personal development and on this cast share why. This is the seventh cast in the series Live the Dream looking at many different parts of who we are and how we can get better. The only warning I will [...]…


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Motivation is Hard; Failure is Easy


“If motivation was easy, we’d all be successful.” Think about a world where everyone is highly motivated toward success, achieving their goals on a regular basis. No procrastinators, no slackers, no goof-offs … Now that we’re all back to reality, let’s look at why motivation is so hard and failure is so easy. Why Do [...]…


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Wiki2008 IS A GO!


On the last podcast I hinted about a big announcement coming to Motivation on the Run soon. It’s here! Wiki2008 is officially live and ready to go. For some, I’ll quickly explain. One of my year-long learning goals involves wikis. I plan to learn about them and determine where I might use them to improve [...]…


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2008-01-09 :: Larry Hendrick

Have you ever spent time thinking about how confidence affects your behavior? If you are confident, you stand taller, speak clearer and with more authority. People around you can feel the silent power coming from you. They pay attention and hang on every word. It’s a great feeling. This is episode six in our series [...]…


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Motivation on the Run

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Motivation on the Run

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