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Last update: 2012-06-20

MYMHM156v - Rapid-Fire Fan Recommendations!

2012-06-20 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Well, it has been a crazy three years.  And we certainly could not have gotten to 156 episodes without all the fan suggestions.  We truly thank you for keeping the show going this long, but we know we didn't cover all the suggestions you made.  So as we prepare to take a long-term hiatus, we thought we'd try to run through a few more.  

Without further delay, watch as we TRY to cover all the films you suggested....

Stay tuned to this channel during the hiatus for more content - but in the meantime: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING and Have fun watching some movies! 


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MYMHM155v - Juan & Lee's Rapid-fire Film Showdown!

2012-06-12 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

For our penultimate episode (second to last) before our extended hiatus, so we thought we'd talk about several of the films that we always wanted to talk about, but never got the chance to before.

Which of these films are on YOUR list?

Clicking on this link before shopping at Amazon will support our site at no additional cost to you! 


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MYMHM154v: Producer Marie's RDJ Double Feature! - 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and 'Chaplin'

2012-06-05 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

After three years we FINALLY got Producer Marie to join us in FRONT of the camera.  So, of course she brings two movies that showcase her...ahem..appreciation of another man, Robert Downey Jr.  Watch us make her really uncomfortable (something we both excel at) while we chat about "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Chaplin."

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MYMHM153v - Bad Sci-Fi Double-Feature! "Krull" & "Battle Beyond the Stars"

2012-05-29 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So, you know how the title of our show really tells you what it's about?  Well, no where in the title do we promise GOOD movies.  Case in point - THIS EPISODE.  Don't worry, we are still recommending these films, but we are celebrating them for their...bad-ness.

"Krull" takes place on another planet and we follow Prince Colwyn as he has to save his princess from a beast.

"Battle Beyond the Stars" is about a planet that when attacked, hires 7 mercenaries to protect it.  And Hannibal from TV's "The A-Team" is in it!!!

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MYMHM152v - Samurai Double Feature! "Twilight Samurai" & "Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai"

2012-05-22 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Since we covered 13 Assassins last week, we found ourselves wanting more Samurai!  So we FINALLY decided to listen to you guys and cover Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.  For those of you that don't know what it's about - We follow 'Ghost Dog,' a man who lives by the code of the Samurai while navigating the criminal world of the mob.  Okay, so it's a bit more than that, but you have to watch our review for more info.

Twilight Samurai follows Seibei, a widowed Samurai near the end of the Shogun era as he struggles to raise his children and maintain his honor even as the Samurai themselves are fading from importance.  

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MYMHM151v - Foreign ACTION!!! - 13 Assassins and Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

2012-05-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's been way too long since we covered some good old-fashioned action films and FOREIGN action films for that matter.  So that's what we are headed for this week.  I'm SURE these films will take your mind off The Avengers...right?!

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within  is apparently a sequel, but that is something neither Juan nor Lee knew while watching the film and it didn't take away from it one bit.  Hailing from Brazil, this film is about a high-ranking security officer who stumbles upon a group of corrupt cops and government officials.

 13 Assassins is about a group of Samurai (13 of them!) who are brought together to kill an evil lord to prevent him from taking the throne.  

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Interview: Chatting 'Fearless', Peter Weir, and Jeff Bridges With Actress Stephanie Erb

2012-05-08 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

The lovely, talented, and funny Stephanie Erb was kind enough to drop by Lee's backyard and chat with us about her experiences working on the Peter Weir film 'Fearless'. Over diet coke and strawberries we talk about what it was like to simulate a plane crash, and we work on Stephanie's gun handling skills.

We can't thank Stephanie enough for hanging out with us, and nudge-nudge, come back tomorrow to see our review of 'Fearless'! 

 MYMHM around the web!

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MYMHM150v: 90's Dramas Double Feature! "Fearless" and "Insomnia"

2012-05-08 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

150 Episodes!!  YEAH!  And we have a great bonus for you.  Along with our reviews of the two terrific films, we also are asking you to check out our interview with actress, Stephanie Erb, from the movie Fearless for even more insight into the film.

Fearless is yet another movie directed by Peter Weir (what is WITH Lee's obsession with that director?) and it is beautiful, tragic, and funny and it's starring Jeff Bridges!  The DUDE.  

We're also covering the orginal Insomnia, starring Stellan Skarsgard.  It's intense and engaging and we definitely see why they wanted to remake it.

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MYMHM149v: Rape and Disease Double Feature - 'Trust' and 'Safe'

2012-05-01 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So the words "Safe" and "Trust" should make you feel...well, safe and trusted... relaxed.  These two movies make you feel anything but those things.

"Trust" is about one of the biggest fears a parent has these days: that their child will be victimized due to online predators.  It's also about what happens after.  It stars Clive Owen and deserves more eyes on it.  

"Safe" is also about a fear, but maybe not one we think about too often.  What if you were sick and they couldn't figure out what was wrong?  And you just kept getting sick?  Julianne Moore goes through this in "Safe." And the guys feel that this film was somewhat ahead of its time.  

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MYMHM148v - MORE Dirty Old Men! 'Shop Girl' and 'Paper Man'

2012-04-24 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Following the  popularity of our first Dirty Old Men double feature, we decided to take a second look at the phenomenon of May/December romances in indie film.

'Paper Man' and 'Shopgirl' are not the latest super heros fighting crime in Gotham.  They are the two movies we are covering this week.  And yes, you can see from the title that we are revisiting a theme we've visited before.  What is it about the "dirty old men" idea that has movie makers churning out scripts?

Well, at least with these two brilliant films, we've benefited from it.

Shopgirl is a quietly lovely film about a young girl whose affections are fought over by two men.  The mature, dapper Steve Martin and the young, feckless Jason Schwartzman.  See, you're dying to see it already.

Paper Man is about a middle-aged writer played by Jeff Daniels, who refuses to grow up.  In fighting his writer's block he forms an interesting friendship with a teenager.

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MYMHM147a: Revenge Double Feature! 'Dead Mans Shoes' and 'Jeremiah Johnson'

2012-04-17 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

That's right, folks.  It's time for some revenge.  This week we bring you a couple of films about men who take the law into their own hands with some...fatal results.  

The first is a film that Lee has been pushing us to cover for awhile, Dead Man's Shoes is about an irish solder who comes home and begins to punish the men in his town who tormented his younger brother.  It's brutal and intense and well-worth a watch.  

Jeremiah Johnson was directed by Sydney Pollack and stars Robert Redford.  Those two things enough almost guarantees a review from us, but it's also a really interesting tale of man who is drawn into a vendetta with a tribe of Native Americans, though war is the last thing he wants.  

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MYMHM146a - Sketch, Screwball Comedy Double Feature!

2012-04-10 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Is this week's episode just because Juan watched a "Kids in the Hall" marathon on Netflix?  Certainly not! Ahem...Or not ONLY just because of that.

This week we give some love to two comedies that feature the casts of a couple of terrific Sketch Comedy shows: SNL and Kids in the Hall.  

Wet Hot American Summer features a who's who cast of brilliant comedians, many of whom you've watched on SNL.  It's a send-up of all those summer camp films where everyone just wants that ONE romantic night.

Shockingly, Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy features the cast of, well..."Kids in the Hall."  I know...We're shocked too.  It's about what happens when someone invents an extremely powerful antidepressant called GLeeMONEX.  

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MYMHM145v - Talking About Birth Control and 'The Pill'

2012-04-03 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

A couple of weeks ago Juan got to sit down with writer/director JC Khoury to talk about the making of his film The Pill.  Now Juan and Lee will tell you why you should see this gem, about a guy who really regrets his one night stand.

Check out the episode to hear about the brilliant cast, funny script and what Producer Marie gave a dubious award to.

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MYMHM144v - BOATS Double Feature - 'Submarine' and 'Das Boot'

2012-03-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

What do the films Das Boot and Submarine have in common?  

Das Boot is about a German submarine crew and the terror and claustrophia of their time during World War II, which SOUNDS like it's about a shoe.  

Submarine is about a 15-year-old boy and his quest to save his parents marriage and be a good boyfriend, which SOUNDS like it's about a boat.

And both films have lines of dialog talking about the depth of the ocean...

So....nothing in common at all.  Still they are both really terrific films that should be on your watch list. Check out our reviews!

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MYMHM143v: Journalism Part Two! 'The China Syndrome' & 'The Year of Living Dangerously'

2012-03-20 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We had so much fun with the Journalism-Scandal double feature from a couple of weeks ago, we decided to come back to the subject of Journalism.  In this case, we decided to watch two movies that showcase the good it can do.

In "The Year of Living Dangerously" we watch a young, not-yet-scandal-plagued Mel Gibson and a young Sigourney Weaver as journalists covering the turmoil in Indonesia.  AND Linda Hunt is amazing playing man!

In "The China Syndrome" a journalist is trying to show the dangers of Nuclear power, but perhaps the real story is how the Three-Mile Island accident happend just a few weeks after this film opened.

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A Conversation With JC Khoury - Writer/Director of 'The Pill'

2012-03-19 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

JC was kind enough to drop by and chat with Juan about the release of his new indie RomCom 'The Pill' It's not often that you'll see two grown men sitting on a couch, chatting about romantic comedies and emergency birth control...

Follow JC on Twitter: @ThePill_Movie

See the Trailer!

Rent or Buy 'The Pill' on Amazon VOD!


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MYMHM142v - Deconstructing Existentialism with 'Rubber' and 'Rosencrantz & Guildenstern'

2012-03-13 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Sometimes we just have to get a little weird. It was brought up that we should cover some David Lynch, but honestly we're not quite read for that level of strange.

Babysteps people. Gotta crawl before you can sprint. 

This week we're building up our "quirk tolerance" with a pair of charming films which both loosely deconstruct existentialism... Sort of...

First we dissect the condition of bit players in Shakespearean theatre with R&G Are Dead. Then we satirize horror films with 'Rubber'. 

Join us, wont you?

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MYMHM141v - Newspaper Scandals Films!

2012-03-06 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Scandal has always sold newspapers, but what if the scandal is what's going on AT the newspaper?  We aren't talking about the current hacking scandal (that film hasn't been made yet), but of scandals from just a few years ago.  

Shattered Glass is the true story of Stephen Glass, the young journalist working for The New Republic, who goes to great lengths to be the star of the newsroom.  Fair Game (not the Cindy Crawford/Billy Baldwin flick) is the true story of Valerie Plame and what happens when her career as a CIA agent is outed in a newspaper article.

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140v - Action Films from 2011 Double Feature!

2012-02-28 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

These two movies were both films we wished had gotten more eyes on them in 2011, but since we don't own time machines (...YET!) we can at least get more eyes on them now via streaming rentals.

Hanna is about a young girl raised by her father (Eric Bana - are we surprised?) to be an assasin/secret agent/survivor.  She takes on Cate Blanchett.  OF COURSE you want to see this.

Super, starring Raine Wilson, is another in the vein of the trod-upon guy becoming a sort-of vigilante, but don't make the mistake of thinking you've already seen too many of these.  This one has to be on your list for the interesting twists it takes, the darkness of the plot, and the fact that KEVIN BACON is in this.  Boom.  

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138v - MORE NAZIS! Double Feature!

2012-02-21 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Juan and Lee like to compete....So they each decided to bring a WW2 movie.  Predictably, Juan brought a black and white film and Lee brought a more modern film - but these two films ended up working really well today.

Kelly's Heroes is about a group of soldiers who are trying to steal some Nazi gold...AND IT HAS CLINT EASTWOOD IN IT!

The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel is about, well, Rommel.  But it's starring James Mason.  Which means: Let the Eddie Izzard Impression of James Mason impressions begin!

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MYMHM139v - Claudia Brings Us a Picnic for Valentine's Day!

2012-02-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's our Day-After-Valentine's-Day Episode and, of course, Juan and Lee are incapable about talking about anything romantic with any kind of maturity.  Which is why we are VERY lucky to have relationship blogger and comedienne Claudia Maittlen-Harris joinning us today.  

She brings with her a movie from her native country (Australia) called, "Picnic at Hanging Rock."  The film is about a group of school girls who disappear at Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day at the turn of the century...

Claudia was born in Australia, raised in Texas and doesn't take any of the guys nonsense.  You can read more of her work at her blog The Zeros Before the One.

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MYMHM137v - Marie's Cannibal Mix-up Double Feature!

2012-02-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

A note from Producer Marie:

Back in college I saw a movie that was so disturbing, so visually mesmerizing, that it stuck with me.  I couldn't, for the life of me, remember the title...or even the plot really.  Just a series of really disturbing images.  So one day I came home and Juan said he had watched Delicatessen.  In my head, I flashed to an image of the Delicatessan movie poster from the Netflix queue.  In that moment I confused it with the disturbing movie I had seen in college and promptly asked him "Why would you do that to yourself?" (I need to point out that I don't think the movie I saw in college was bad, just deeply disturbing-which, since it stuck with me all these years, probably means it's a very good movie).

For awhile we were both confused as to what movie the other had seen.  Then, somewhere else, I saw the correct title of the movie that had haunted me since college.  The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover was that movie.  Until recently, you couldn't even rent a DVD of it.  Now it's available on some VOD services.  

Because of all this, Juan and Lee decided to cover the two movies I had confused.  Surprisingly, they found some common themes. 

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MYMHM136v - Horrors of War Double Feature

2012-02-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Okay, so these two movies don't have a LOT in common.  One is a fictionalized examination of how easily a movement like Fascism can take hold and one is an animated documentary following one soldier's attempts to remember what happened during a war.  

But both do show, in totally different ways, the horrors of war. 

Since this is not the easiest of subjects to talk about, naturally we handle it with grace and decorum....Okay that last part MAY not be true.

Check out our reviews of The Wave and Waltz with Bashir.

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MYMHM135v - Indie Dramas (NOT COMEDIES) Double Feature!

2012-01-24 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

When we picked these two films to cover, most of the awards shows had not aired.  Now just a couple of weeks later Christopher Plummer has now won a Critics Choice award and a Golden Globe for his performance inBeginners.  

We want to congratulate him and concur.  His performance is brilliant andBeginners is a terrific film.  We paired it with another wonderful indie drama,Terri, starring the always fun-to-watch John C Reilly.

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The MYMHM Sony Vegas Giveaway!

2012-01-22 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Hey everybody! 

We have a copy of Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD 11, one of Juan's favorite video editing programs for the PC, and we want to give it to a fan of our show! 

So what do you have to do to get entered? You have to put yourself on camera! We do it EVERY week, and now it's YOUR turn!


Videos can be no longer than 30 seconds in length.Introduce yourself! Answer the MYMHM question: "What is your favorite film that NONE of your friends have seen?"Be creative! However, let's try to keep vids PG13-ish...Please do NOT use clips of the film you mention in your video as Commentary and Critique can be a fickle mistress...Send us the video! Preferrably through some kind of cloud-like online storage. We're partial to using DropBox, but as long as we can download it, we'll check it out! Send the link using our contact page on the top tab (or to 'MoviesYouMayHaveMissed@gmail.com)! 


Contest starts TODAY, and entries will be accepted until Monday February 13th at 11:59 pst. Juan, Lee, and Producer Marie will vote on the winner, and they will be featured at the beginning of our Valentines day episode!

Get shooting folks!

 Full Contest Rules at:



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MYMHM134v - Unwelcome Visitor Double Feature!

2012-01-17 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Don't you hate it when a total stranger moves into your house and starts teaching you life lessons?  Or when your somewhat adorable nephew shows up out of the blue and begs you for advice on how to pick up women?  

What's that?  Neither of those circumstances has EVER happened to you?  Hmm.  Well, then you should check out this week's episode on "Hesher" and "Roger Dodger."  Then you'll know what to do when it DOES happen.

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MYMHM133v: Sunrise Sunset Double Feature!

2012-01-10 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We FINALLY listened... 

These are terrific movies, you said.  Why haven't you covered these two terric gems, you asked.  Well, we finally heard and listened.  Though neither of these movies were big smashes at the box office, they have developed a strong following.  We decided to check out why and instantly figured it out. Now it's our turn to spread the love.  Whether you are fans of the movies or will (hopefully) soon be, check out our reviews of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

** Spoiler Alert ** some details of the ending of Before Sunrise are discussed in our review of Before Sunset, so if you haven't seen it, pause the epside before we jump to the sequel and go watch the movie before finishing the episode.  It's currently available on Netflix Watch Instantly and Amazon Instant View, so you have no excuse!

Watch episode 133 with more HD's on Blip.tv!

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MYMHM132v - New Years Double Feature with British Aliens!

2012-01-03 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

What's better than two movies about aliens?  Two BRITISH movies about aliens, of course.  Us being us, we couldn't go mainstream for movies about aliens, so we traveled across the pond (well, not really, but we checked out British films) for these two gems.

Attack the Block takes on the genre in what should be a ridiculously silly film, but, being British, makes it a genuinely good film. 

Alien Autopsy is a mockumentary starring Ant and Dec supposedlyAlien Autopsy "footage" that made the rounds in the 90's. 

Watch Episode 132 in the Hi-Def on Blip.tv!

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MYMHM131v: Happy Holidays from MYMHM and 'Fright Night'

2011-12-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Happy Holidays from MYMHM!

In honor of the most wonderful time of the year, we are covering both the 1985 AND the 2011 versions of Fright Night.   And yes, we know it's not Halloween.  We are hoping to give the 2011 Fright Night a little holiday magic.  This movie ROCKS and it did not do well in the theatres for some bizarre reason.  We're hoping to spread a little love for it and make you all go buy it. :)

Get ready for our first remake double feature! 

Stream episode 131 in HD on Blip.tv!

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MYMHM130v - Soccer! 'The Damned United'

2011-12-20 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Can you think of a GREAT Soccer movie that people missed? (No one missed Bend it Like Beckham).

Well we could only think of one, The Damned United, starring the brilliant Michael Sheen and many other brilliant actors. 

It captures one of the true stories of English Football and does it in a terrific, somewhat non-linear way.  And, yes, even Lee (who thinks Soccer is boring) ended up really liking it...but being Lee, he did have to be snarky about it.  Check out the review below!

Stream Episode 130 in HD on Blip.tv! 

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MYMHM129v - Yuri Lowenthal Returns for REC 2!

2011-12-13 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Heeee's Baaack!  Way back in Episode 12 (That's right, more than 100 episodes ago) our pal, actor/filmmaker Yuri Lowenthal, talked with us about the terrifying Spanish film 'REC'.  In that episode he made a promise NOT to watch 'REC 2' until he could watch it with both of us.  Well, we FINALLY worked out our schedules and checked it out.  

Check out our review and discussion of the film with Yuri Lowenthal!

Stream Episode 128 in High Definition on Blip.tv!

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MYMHM128v - Hometown Double Feature! New Mexico!

2011-12-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

You may or may not know that all of us here at MYMHM are from New Mexico (which IS a state in the union for those of you who weren't totally sure).

So this week we thought we'd bring you a couple of films that were filmed AND take place in our home state!

The first is older and ...less flattering about NM. The second is newer and heartwarming. Both are terrific films.

Check out our reviews!


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MYMHM126v - East Meets West Double Feature!

2011-12-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Annnnd we're back on track with themes!

This week it's East meets West in two really fun capers.

In 'Bunraku' Josh Hartnett is a mysterious drifter who wants to kill Ron Perlman (sold you already, didn't we?).

In ' The Good, the Bad, the Weird,' we follow three men (guess what they are named?), two of which want a treasure map and one who is pursuing both of them.

Check out our reviews of these two films!


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MYMHM127v - Thanksgiving Double Feature!

2011-11-23 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Happy Thanksgiving from MYMHM!

Enjoy these two food films!

 From Juan, Lee, and Marie have a safe and warm holiday. 


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MYMHM125v - Random Drama Double Feature!

2011-11-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Okay, so we admit it.  Neither of these films really has anything to do with the other (other than they both qualify as 'Dramas'), but they were both so terrific, we just had to cover them.

Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald teach us about the world (by being adorable!) in 'The Girl in the Cafe,' and we learn what MIGHT have happened to Butch Cassidy in 'Blackthorn.'

Check out our reviews!

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2011-11-02 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Okay, so we're not totally clueless.  We know that very few of you missed 'Grosse Pointe Blank', but it actually didn't do that well in the box office...plus we really liked it!

With it, we bring you another one from across the pond, starring the brilliant Bill Nighy, 'Wild Target'

Check out our review of these two hitmen features!

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MYMHM123v - Werewolves Double Feature!

2011-10-26 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Okay so it's a few days early, but still! It's the most wonderful time of the year: Candy AND Spooky Movies!

This year's Halloween episode focuses on ...NOT ZOMBIES, NOT VAMPIRES, but the other monster movie staple: WEREWOLVES!

Check out our reviews of 'Dog Soldiers' and 'Ginger Snaps' with special guest Biggelow Bear the Shar Pei! 

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Share: MYMHM123v - Werewolves Double Feature!

MYMHM121v - Samurai Madness Double Feature!

2011-10-19 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's stunning that we somehow got to episode 121 without covering Samurai films.  Well, we finally decided to rectify this sad situation!

Lee brought "Sword of Doom," which sounds like the most awesome Samurai flick ever!  And Juan got Shakespearean on us with "Ran."  Check out the review!

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Share: MYMHM121v - Samurai Madness Double Feature!

MYMHM120a - Carlos Alazraqui drops by with "A Thousand Clowns"

2011-10-19 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We haven't done a guest episode in a while, so it's our pleasure to share with you a great selection from none other than Mr. Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911, Fairly Odd Parents, Rocko's Modern Life)!

He was kind enough to drop by with the CLASSIC comedy "A Thousand Clowns", and we had a blast talking about the film!

Unfortunately, because we're ultra lame, a hard drive failure tanked most of the episode we shot, so please pardon the fact that most of the episode is audio. We have included video from the film we're discussing, so there is some stuff to watch, but the commentary Carlos provides on the film is certainly worth a listen!



Share: MYMHM120a - Carlos Alazraqui drops by with "A Thousand Clowns"

MYMHM119v - Juan's AWESOME Double Feature!

2011-10-13 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's been two whole weeks since Juan got to have a say in the flicks we covered!  The wait has been tortuous for him.

Now it's all him, baby!

He picked two film that...pretty much have nothing to do with each other, but are both gems in their own right.  Check out our reviews of "The Great Debaters" and "Bunny and the Bull."

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MYMHM118v - Marie Picks the Flicks!

2011-09-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Since Lee got to pick the movies last week, Producer Marie decided that it was high time that a couple of her films got reviewed.  This week's films have a LOT in common: they are both true stories, both great examples of British cinema, and both were pretty alarming to us .... UNTIL we actually sat down to watch them. 

And we actually liked them (don't tell Marie).

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MYMHM117v - Lee's Angst-y Double Feature

2011-09-20 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We should have seen this coming... 

This week we let Lee pick the films and he picked two films that seemingly have nothing to do with each other...Except some teen angst.  We revisit a director of one of our earlier films by covering 'Win Win' and then we look at 'Bad Boys'...


Not THAT 'Bad Boys'...

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MYMHM116v - Fan Requests Part 2!

2011-09-18 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

And the hits keep coming, folks! Get ready for week TWO of the fan requests. This week we bow to peer pressure (via facebook) and finally review a western covering, 'The Big Country.' Then we'll get a bit...existential and cover something a little different called 'Stalker.' Check it out. And thanks again for the recommendations! Help support MYMHM! http://mymhm.tv/shop


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MYMHM115a - Fan Requests PART ONE!

2011-09-11 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We definitely wouldn't have gotten to episode 115 without suggestions from you guys and we figured it has been way too long since we've covered some fan requests. 

BUT - there were so many great suggestions, that we couldn't decide on just two films, so for the next TWO episodes, we are covering a total of FOUR fan requests.

Starting out we have two gems for you, 'Even the Rain,' a political drama, and 'Enter the Void', an...experimental arthouse film.

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MYMHM114v - Funeral Films Double Features!

2011-08-31 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Dealing with death is a common theme in films, but one thing we've not examined is the funeral itself in cinema form. 

So this week we bring you TWO.

Check out our reviews of 'Get Low' and 'Death at a Funeral' (the British version).

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Share: MYMHM114v - Funeral Films Double Features!

MYMHM113v - Military Classic Films Double Feature!

2011-08-24 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

What does it say about our show when Juan picks a classic film from the 1960's in black and white, and Lee picks a film from the 1940's, but makes sure it's in color?

Not only that but they each not only picked a classic film, but a military classic. 

Let's take two very different looks at military service in cinema!

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MYMHM112v - Time Travel Double Feature!

2011-08-16 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Not everyone gets to travel through time in the safety and comfort of a pimped out Dolorean. No following up on our review of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, there are many interesting and unconventional methods of time travel.

This week we take a look at two interesting twists on fourth dimensional travel, and both involve murder.

What more could you ask for?

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MYMHM111v - Animation Double Feature!

2011-08-12 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We know it's been awhile since we covered an animated film.  This week we make it up to you by covering two brilliant animated films (psst - not from the US, shhh).

Starting out with a heart-breaker from France and ending up leaping through time in Japan in a way Sam Beckett never imagined!

Check out our reviews of The Triplets of Belleville and The Girl who Leapt Through Time!

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MYMHM110v - Michael Caine Double Feature!

2011-08-02 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Great actor or GREATEST actor?

See we crush pretty hardcore on Sir Caine. Were it up to us, we'd ONLY cover films starring Caine. He really is that good. 

To make up for the fact that we haven't dedicated our entire show to this fine gentleman, we're dedicating both film reviews this week to our favorite thespian. 

Help support MYMHM! 

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MYMHM109v - Dirty Old Man Double Feature

2011-07-26 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


This week, we're pairing two films, starring some of the most brilliant dramatic actors of ANY age, but both of which focus primarily on old OLD guys getting romantically entangled with MUCH younger women! 

It's a segment of cinema we feel has been woefully under-represented here on MYMHM, so we'll take this time to rectify that!

In all seriousness these are two incredible films however, which differ GREATLY in their portrayal of romance and generational conflict, so let's get our "compare and contrast" headgear on!

Help support MYMHM! 

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MYMHM108a - Indie Film Showdown!

2011-07-19 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We don't cover enough indie film on this show. 

To rectify that Lee and Juan decided to challenge each other to finding an uber-indie MYMHM. To sweeten the deal, we're making this an actual challenge. 

We've presented arguments for why we liked each of these films, but you're going to tell us which is better! Leave us a comment below iif you like Juan's pick ("Poolhall Junkies") or Lee's pick ("Jesus' Son"). And we'll announce who won in a future episode. 

Get to voting! 

Help support MYMHM!

Donations always appreciated, or check out our merch store to sport some MYMHM gear! 



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MYMHM107v - British Coming of Age Double Feature

2011-07-12 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's time to grow up! 


Both films this week are about watching young British men start to figure out what it means to be aduts. 

At the same time, these films also help us add to our woefully under-represented list of romantic films. 

So sit back, relax, and let's chat some film!

Help support MYMHM! 

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2011-07-05 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


I don't know how, but movies featuring a "moral flexibility" are almost always a good time. 

This week we take a look at two films which play fast and loose with the value of human life to comedic and surreal effect.

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2011-06-28 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


And real zombies, not weird existential metaphor zombies or verbal alt-zombies.

Proper, shoot them in the head, undead, eating the living, gore-fest, corpse, survival horror zombies!

I'm excited. You're excited. Let's be excited together.

Support MYMHM!

Buy 'The Horde' on Blu-ray or on DVD!

Buy 'Dead Snow' on Blu-ray or on DVD!




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MYMHM104v - Apocalypse! "Last Night" vs "The Quiet Earth"

2011-06-22 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Not as topical as I hoped it would be, but we're really happy that the Rapture didn't seem to get in the way of the world's proper end in 2012. 

So to celebrate our continued existence, let's take a look at two films which end it all.

And neither was produced by Roland Emmerich!


Buy "The Quiet Earth" on DVD!  

Buy "Last Night" on DVD!



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MYMHM103v - Political Mockumentaries!

2011-06-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

I love movies about politics.

I love Mockumentaries. 

Peanut butter and jelly!


Just gearing up to review these films was kind of an awesome double feature, and the combined cast list between both films is sort of staggering.

We proudly present our reviews of "Bob Roberts" and "In the Loop"!

Support MYMHM!


Buy "Bob Roberts" on DVD!

Buy "In The Loop" on Blu-ray, DVD, or Watch "In The Loop" on Amazon VOD!



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MYMHM102a - Hero Movies 'Defendor' vs "Special'

2011-06-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Our watch list is WAY too long. 

To get through some of your awesome recommendations we're going to start a semi-regular movie show down, and to kick it off were taking a look at two indie vigilante flicks. 

Witty superhero deconstruction satires are a dime a dozen, but these two are well worth the price of admission.

I wonder who would win in a fight... Special or Defendor...

Help Support MYMHM!

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Buy "Defendor" on Blu-Ray, DVD, or watch "Defendor instantly on Amazon VOD! 



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MYMHM101v - Monsters

2011-05-31 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We're back!

Back from hiatus with episode 101! 

We felt it was our duty to return with an indie low budget sweetheart, and our first creature feature! 

We're also joined by Chris and Chase of The Chris and Chase Show for our first fan video shout out!


Buy 'Monsters' on DVD!

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MYMHM100v - The Fall (Redux)

2011-05-18 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


Episode 100.

And in celebration, we looked back to our very first review. 

It was pretty awful. Our show has gotten MUCH better since then, so it was time to give this movie the proper commentary it truly deserved.

After two years, we're proud to present, 'The Fall'.


Buy 'The Fall' on DVD!

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Share: MYMHM100v - The Fall (Redux)

MYMHM99v - Sleep Dealer

2011-05-11 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

This review is LONG overdue.

Recommended by Juan's Mom and Grandmother (and mentioned briefly in an episode of The Totally Rad Show a couple years ago), we're finally covering it on the show.

Featuring an interesting perspective on a cyber-post-apocalypse, Alex Rivera's first sci-fi feature is an extremely ambitious venture for its modest budget.

Let's take a look!


Buy "Sleep Dealer" on DVD!

Buy "Sleep Dealer" on  Blu-Ray!

Also stay tuned for the end of this week's episode for a special announcement to our fans, and a rare "face palm" picture of Producer Marie! 


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MYMHM98v - Flame and Citron

2011-05-05 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

...but it's actually a GREAT film.

After covering "Valhalla Rising" we got a TON of suggestions to cover other Mads Mikkelsen films, and out of all of them, this is the one Juan and Lee liked the best.

No surprise there as we're going back to World War 2!

Help support MYMHM!

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Share: MYMHM98v - Flame and Citron

MYMHM97v - Ip Man

2011-04-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Awesome action sequences?  Check!

Real-life hero who eventually trained Bruce Lee?  Check!

Well told semi-autobiographical film depicting said real-life hero's life?

Don't Miss 'Ip Man', the (very-loosely-based-on-a-true-story) story of the man who brought Wing Chun to the world.


Share: MYMHM97v - Ip Man

MYMHM96v - The Trotsky

2011-04-06 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Come ON Canada!

You're making some really charming films, but you guys HAVE to do a better job of getting your movies out there.

We ALMOST missed this gem of a film, which REALLY would've been too bad.

Workers of the world, UNITE!


Buy "The Trotsky" on DVD!



Share: MYMHM96v - The Trotsky

MYMHM95v - Richard III

2011-03-30 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


After almost two years, we're finally covering Shakespeare.

And not just ANY Shakespeare, a modern interpretation of Shakespeare which still manages to be a period piece.

Plus, it's NOT a Kenneth Branagh flick.

So there's that...

Help support MYMHM!

Buy "Richard III" on DVD!


Share: MYMHM95v - Richard III

MYMHM94v - The Dish

2011-03-23 :: M.Y.M.H.M.



Sam Neil?

You bet!

Patrick Warburton?

Hells yes!

Do you need MORE reasons to watch this film?

Watch the episode...


Buy "The Dish" on DVD!

Watch "The Dish" Instantly on Amazon VOD!



Share: MYMHM94v - The Dish

MYMHM93v - The Fountain

2011-03-03 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

What with him being nominated for an Academy Award this year for "Black Swan" we figured it was about time we covered an Aronofsky film.

Of course we couldn't cover "Pi", that would be WAY too obvious, so instead sit back, relax, and let's take a look at a visual FEAST of a film...

Help support MYMHM!

Buy "The Fountain" on DVD!

Buy "The Fountain" on Blu-Ray!


Share: MYMHM93v - The Fountain

MYMHM92v - Grave of the Fireflies

2011-02-14 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We don't cover enough animation on this show.

There I said it.

To help make up for that fact, this week we're covering one of the most culturally important films Japan has ever produced. 

A film largely heralded as one of the most effective anti-war films ever made.

Let's take a look!

Help support MYMHM!

Shop for "Grave of the Fireflies" on Amazon!



Share: MYMHM92v - Grave of the Fireflies

MYMHM90v - Valhalla Rising

2011-02-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Last week we returned to Rian Johnson with our review of The Brothers Bloom, and this week we return to another previously covered director...

Nicolas Winding Refn absolutely WOW-ed us with the ultra violent "Bronson", and his turn here directing "Valhalla Rising" is just as brutal in terms of violence.

Yet the movie's tone couldn't be more different...

Let's take a look!


I FOUND IT!!! Mega thanks of honor to Mike Herlihy (@herl13 on Twitter) for sending this film our way! SO SORRY we couldn't find your tweet while recording the episode!


Buy "Valhalla Rising" on DVD!

Buy "Valhalla Rising" on Blu-Ray!


Share: MYMHM90v - Valhalla Rising

MYMHM89v - The Brothers Bloom

2011-01-25 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's kind of a trip to see we covered "Brick" a year and a half ago.

Every week. Without fail. A new episode drops here at MYMHM, and now it's time to return to Rian Johnson.

He's an exciting director for us to discuss, as he is developing a reputation for putting fresh spins on established genres. He started by putting a hard hitting crime noir in high school, and His time travel film "Looper" (currently in production) has been garnering some buzz lately, so it's time to take a look at Brothers Bloom, a playful and whimsical twist on the caper film. 


The First person to leave a comment here correctly guessing what film we'll review next week will win an MYMHM keychain!

Help support MYMHM!

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Share: MYMHM89v - The Brothers Bloom

MYMHM88v - A Prophet

2011-01-16 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Oh 2011.

We couldn't stay light and fluffy for long.

Time to get down to some CRIME! 

This movie totally blindsided us, and impressed us enough to break our 6 month moratorium on French cinema.

Incredible cinematography, fantastic ensemble cast, and a rags to riches story line will keep you enthralled.

Let's take a look!

Help support MYMHM!

Buy "A Prophet" on DVD!

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Share: MYMHM88v - A Prophet

A Public Service Announcement Regarding Our Distribution Schedule

2011-01-11 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We'll be making some changes to the way we release our show, and we wanted to make sure you're kept in the loop!

New episodes will still be posted on our website (www.MYMHM.tv) every Wednesday, but our subscription services will now be receiving the show later in the week.

We appreciate your patience as we make this transition, and hope you will continue to join us every week to talk about the films we love!

Have fun watching some movies!

Lee, Juan, and Marie





Share: A Public Service Announcement Regarding Our Distribution Schedule

MYMHM87v - Punch-Drunk Love

2011-01-04 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

You can know someone for years.

You can hang out with them a lot.

You can review movies with them every week, for an audience of millions, for a year and a half.

All of this...

And one of the happiest days for our friendship was finding out that we both love the film "Punch-Drunk Love" after thinking the other didn't like it.



Buy "Punch-Drunk Love" on DVD .

Buy "Punch-Drunk Love" on Blu-Ray .

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MYMHM86v - Art School Confidential

2010-12-29 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Wrapping up the year! 

To wrap up 2010, we wanted to cover something kinda silly. 

"Art School Confidential" is one of those films that hit pretty close to home, as all of us here at MYMHM studied SOME kind of art in college, be it theatre, music, dance, film, or graphic design, we ALL identified with the satire presented here. 

So goodbye 2010, hello 2011, and let's take a look at Art School Confidential!

HELP SUPPORT MYMHM!  Buy "Art School Confidential" on DVD , or  Watch "Art School Confidential" instantly on Amazon VOD !


Share: MYMHM86v - Art School Confidential

MYMHM85v - Shop Around The Corner

2010-12-22 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

This week we review a WONDERFUL film that takes place during Christmas.

It stars a very young Jimmy Stewart, and is full of LIFE.

Do you know which film it is?

Nope, it's not that one...

Help support MYMHM! Buy "The Shop Around The Corner" on DVD !





Share: MYMHM85v - Shop Around The Corner

MYMHM84v - Mary and Max

2010-12-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Not only do we return to animation, but this is the first time we've ever covered claymation on MYMHM!

This Australian gem is funny, heart-wrenchingly sweet, and features a small but fantastic voice cast, with INCREDIBLE cinematography.


That's enough typing on my part, just watch the review!


Buy  "Mary and Max" on DVD ,  on Blu-Ray , or  Watch "Mary and Max" instantly on Amazon VOD ! 


Share: MYMHM84v - Mary and Max

MYMHM83v - Goodbye Solo

2010-12-08 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We toss around words like "gem" quite often on the show, but this film is so charming in its subtle indie ways, it may just redefine the term "gem", elevating it to heretofore unseen heights of cinema description glory.

Hyperbole aside, we're smitten with this film, and with good reason. It's a slice of utter fantastic.

Now let's take a look at why...

Help support MYMHM!

Buy 'Goodbye Solo' on DVD , or  Watch 'Goodbye Solo' instantly through Amazon VOD !



Share: MYMHM83v - Goodbye Solo

MYMHM82v - Tristram Shandy

2010-12-01 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Take a seat and we'll tell you a tale of one of the most divisive movies ever made.

In a delightfully self-aware manner, 'Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story' is a mockumentary about a rag-tag group of indie film makers attempting to adapt a book which everyone around them claims is unadaptable.

You'll either love it, or hate it, but we loved it, so you have to at least watch our review of it.

So there.

Help support MYMHM!  Buy Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story on DVD !   



Share: MYMHM82v - Tristram Shandy

MYMHM81v - Dogville

2010-11-24 :: M.Y.M.H.M.



At the end of  our review of 'The Five Obstructions'  we half-jokingly put a one year moratorium on Von Trier films. We didn't know at the time if we would even still be doing the show (in a way weaseling out of even needing to re-visit this auteur).

In a way, coming back to review another Von Trier film is a testament to our little review webseries.

The fact that this review lines up with Thanksgiving is just a cruel irony...  

Help support MYMHM!  Buy Dogville on DVD , or  Watch Dogville instantly on Amazon VOD !




Share: MYMHM81v - Dogville

MYMHM80v - Wristcutters

2010-11-17 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's been a while since we've covered a romance, but we couldn't just get to the sappy without some quirky.

So how about this, let's take a look at the guy from 'Almost Famous' and the gal from 'A Knight's Tale' meeting each other in a special purgatory designed for those who commit suicide. 

Odd enough for you? No?

Ok, let's throw in Tom Waits. 

Yeah. There we go...

Help support MYMHM by  buying "Wristcutters" on DVD , or  watch "Wristcutters" instantly on Amazon VOD .



Share: MYMHM80v - Wristcutters

MYMHM79v - Big Night

2010-11-10 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Tara Platt RETURNS!!!

You may remember her spending some time with us on our review of The Impostors. During that review she was shocked and dismayed that neither of us had seen 'Big Night', so when the time came for us to review this Stanley Tucci gem, we had to have her back on to embarrass us some more.

We're just glad she's still returning our phone calls...

Buy  'Big Night' on DVD  or  watch 'Big Night' instantly through Amazon VOD . 



Share: MYMHM79v - Big Night

MYMHM78v - The Way Of The Gun

2010-11-03 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


After a MONTH of horror films, it's nice to get back to some good old fashion crime action.

We can think of few better ways to celebrate some gun play than "The Way of the Gun".

Great stunts, great cast, passable story, and this marks our second film with Taye Diggs and his impossible smile.

Let's jump in!

Help support MYMHM by buying  'The Way of the Gun' on DVD ,  'The Way of the Gun' on Blu-Ray , or renting 'The Way of the Gun' through Amazon VOD . 



Share: MYMHM78v - The Way Of The Gun

MYMHM77v - Funny Games

2010-10-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

I was kind of shocked. 

Funny Games is the winner of our Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down. 

We've got some sick, sick fans...

Anywho, lets take a look at this Austrian commentary on violence in media!

Help support MYMHM by purchasing  Funny Games on DVD  or renting  Funny Games on Amazon VOD !


And thanks again to all the fans that suggested films for our poll, and voted! We'll be having another poll soon! Maybe to celebrate the end of our one year moratorium on Lars Von Trier...


Share: MYMHM77v - Funny Games

MYMHM76v - Trick r Treat

2010-10-20 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


This is our third entry in the Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down MONTH of horror movie reviews, and it's the first time we've ever re-visited a film.

It's just that damn good. 

This my friends is THE quintessential Halloween film. Nothing screams, bleeds, oozes, or stands for Halloween MORE than 'Trick 'r Treat'.

And it never got theatrical distribution...

Buy 'Trick 'r Treat' on  DVD ,  Blu-Ray , or watch instantly through  Amazon VOD !

And don't forget to  vote in our Halloween poll!  You can help us pick which film we review the week of Halloween!



Share: MYMHM76v - Trick r Treat

MYMHM75v - Cemetary Man

2010-10-13 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Our second film of the Freaky Four Halloween Hoe Down movie reviews for October!

This week we've got a duesenberg of a film for you! Let's do the run down!

Zombies? Check!

Fulci inspired Italian cheesy fun? Check!

Anna Falchi (mega-hottie) nude scene? YUP!

Rupert Everett ??? Uh-huh!

Existential commentary on the nature of love, consumption, and being? Win!

Well on paper, this should be one of the best movies ever made, so let's see if it succeeds the sum of it's parts!

Shop for 'Dellamorte Dellamore' (Cemetery Man) on DVD at Amazon!

And don't forget to  vote in our Halloween poll!  You can help us pick which film we review the week of Halloween!



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MYMHM74v - Repo: The Genetic Opera

2010-10-05 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We're not huge fans of musicals here, but opera is so much more cultured...

This SURE to be cult classic TANKED at the box office, but is a perfectly appropriate film to kick off our month of Halloween reviews, or as Lee calls it "The Freaky Four Halloween Hoedown".

This movie features an improbable cast, brought together by the producers of SAW, and is no stranger to controversy featuring almost exactly the same plot as the Jude Law 'Repo Men' (which was released two years after Repo!). 

It's also one of the few times we've ever been divided on the show, so lets see who liked it and who didn't...

Buy "Repo! The Genetic Opera" on   DVD ,   Blu-ray , or on Amazon VOD !



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MYMHM73v - Matewan

2010-09-29 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Talk about a movie that's TOTALLY off the grid...

Lee brought this up. I had NEVER heard of it, but the film follows the true historical story of the unionization of a West Virginia mining  town in 1920.

With an incredible cast and fantastic cinematography, why hasn't this movie been seen more?

Shop for 'Matewan' on the Amazon Marketplace .  



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MYMHM72v - The Dinner Game

2010-09-22 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Don't forget to check out http://MYMHM.tv to see our new merchandise store, and to find more info on our GoDaddy promotions! 

We talk about remakes A LOT on the show, so this week it was time to put our money where our mouthes are.

Since "Dinner for Schmucks" was recently out in theaters, and there wasn't really a lot of discussion about it being a remake, we decided it was our duty to cover the film that inspired it.

Our job was made all the easier by the fact that "The Dinner Game" is a French comedy classic...

Buy "The Dinner Game" on  DVD  and  Blu-Ray  !




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MYMHM71v - Badlands

2010-09-15 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

If you had to pick your favorite Terrence Malick film starring Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, and Warren Oates which would you pick? 

That's right! You'd pick 'Badlands'!

This Bonnie and Clyde style crime romance really took us by surprise, and we're hoping it's one you like, if you like films like 'True Romance' that is.

Also, this is probably the least creepy Sissy Spacek character you'll ever see...

Buy 'Badlands' on DVD!



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MYMHM70v - Swimming Pool

2010-09-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Come on in! The water's fine!

This is a film that Juan's been trying to cover on the show since the beginning.

A French produced, sly, psychological thriller about a novelist, Juan couldn't convince Lee to check it out until he said one word.


The nice thing is that along with the boobs you really do get some fantastic story telling and heaps of drama. Let's see if Lee liked the scenes without boobs...

Buy 'Swimming Pool' on DVD!




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MYMHM69v - They Came Back

2010-09-01 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


We almost thought about covering Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure just for kicks, but instead decided to give you the NEXT BEST THING!

Existential commentary in the guise of a French zombie movie! Yeah!

Ever since we reviewed Pontypool , we've been on the lookout for even STRANGER zombie flicks, and I think we've FINALLY found one!

So sit back, relax, and try not to let the atmosphere freak you out TOO much...

Buy 'They Came Back' on DVD!




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MYMHM68v - Sunshine

2010-08-25 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Space travel science fiction can be tricky to pull off.

Make the science too realisitic, and it can make for a really dull story. Make the story too dramatic, and you can have real suspension of disbelief issues.

Cillian Murphy leads a terrific cast on a mission from the Earth to the Sun. Will Calamity ensue?

Buy 'Sunshine' on  DVD ,  Blu-Ray , or watch it on  Amazon VOD !


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MYMHM67v - Renaissance

2010-08-18 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

You might not know Darren, but he's been a tremendous support of MYMHM, having suggested many films (even evangelizing Battle Royale which we reviewed last week).

When he suggested reviewing a CG animated, Blade Runner style noir, featuring the voice talents of Daniel Craig, we thought "Why not have him on to chat with us". Then we thought "I could really go for a cheese burger...", but then after that we were back to thinking about the movie again.

Please join us for a chat with a really close friend (and another film fanatic), as we talk about a super stylized, animated, crime drama!


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MYMHM66v - Battle Royale

2010-08-11 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


It really speaks to the level of awesome in our audience that this is quite possibly the most requested film we've ever had. To all those that have asked us to cover this film we say "Thank You" and "WHAT THE EFFING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE ‽ ‽ ‽ "... but like in a good way... Cuz this movie is kinda rad...

See THIS is what you get when a movie is described as being one of Tarantino's faves, and the major plot point you find on the back of the box synopsis is that a WHOLE lotta Japanese school children are going to die... in really violent ways...

We present to you (because a LOT of you asked for it) BATTLE ROYALE!

Buy 'Battle Royale' on DVD!



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MYMHM65v - 'Black Dynamite'

2010-08-04 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


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MYMHM65v - Black Dynamite

2010-08-04 :: M.Y.M.H.M.



Why didn't this film get any theatrical distribution?

Who knew Michael Jai White could be funny?

This film was lovingly described to me as a "Shaun of the Dead" style satire of classic blaxploition films.

Let's see how that description holds up...

Buy 'Black Dynamite' on DVD , Blu-Ray , or Video on Demand .



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MYMHM64v - Rififi

2010-07-28 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Having now covered a couple noir flicks , we thought it was time to cover not only a fantastic noir, but the grand-daddy of ALL heist films.

This 1956 crime drama was banned in many countries because the film's caper was deemed too realistic, and there even was a copycat crime committed after the film's release.

Let's see how well this film has aged...

Buy the 'Rififi - Criterion Collection' on DVD!



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MYMHM63v - Glengarry Glen Ross

2010-07-21 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

The coffee is for closers...

This film totally belongs in the list of "everyone knows about, but not a lot of people have actually watched it" movies.

With a tight story, noir feel, and incredible cast it surprising this film didn't make a bigger splash...

Buy 'Glengarry Glen Ross' on DVD!




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MYMHM62v - Being There

2010-07-14 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So we've gotten several requests to cover a Peter Sellers movie, and high on the list has been 'The Party', but truth be told "Brown-face" performances kinda make me a little uncomfortable, so we picked a different Sellers film.

After reviewing 'Harold and Maude' with guest host Daran Norris , we HAD to return to Hal Ashby! The fact that Ashby directed Sellers in his penultimate role sealed the deal.

Rent 'Being There' with Amazon VOD!

Buy 'Being There' on Blu-ray!



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MYMHM61v - The Proposition

2010-07-07 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

You wanted a Western and we're giving you a film set in Australia!

It's sort of like a Western, being set in the wilderness and all, but we couldn't just review an ACTUAL Western...

That would've been too predictable.

So enjoy this review of a film featuring an interesting time period in Australia's history with an INCREDIBLE cast.

Buy 'The Proposition' on Blu-ray!



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MYMHM60v - Two Lane Blacktop

2010-06-29 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


Episode 60.

That's a whole bunch... Like TENS of episodes...

And to celebrate we're reviewing a fan request! Dubbed the best driving movie of all time by friend and fan (and voice over performer extrodinaire) Miles Neff. Miles was so motivated to share this film with me that he drove a copy og the Critereon edition DVD over to my production studio to MAKE me watch the film.

It''s a good thing we liked it...

Super special shout out and thank you to Mr. Miles Neff for sharing this movie with us, and I promise I WILL get that DVD back to you... at some point... probably soon... ish...

Shop for 'Two-Lane Blacktop' on Amazon!



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MYMHM59v - Kind Hearts And Coronets

2010-06-23 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

No no really. Marie suggested this film MONTHS ago, and based solely on the weakness of it's title, we've been panning it just as long, that is until Marie drugged us and forced us to watch it Clockwork Orange style.

Once we recovered we both had to agree that this is quite possibley the funniest film about a serial killer ever made...

... or it could just be the brainwashing... I get kind of ill whenever I hear Beethoven now too...

Buy the 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' - Criterion Collection DVD!



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MYMHM58v - Timecrimes

2010-06-16 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


The results from our first ever movie poll are in, and the winner is Timecrimes!

An independent Spanish film about a crime that happens during time travel, um ... the title of the film does a pretty good job of describing what the film is about actually...

Let's take a look at why YOU picked it, and why it's slated for an American remake next year with Tom Cruise...


Buy 'Timecrimes' on DVD!

Man. I'm REALLY glad you guys didn't pick 'Trancers'...




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MYMHM57v - Once

2010-06-08 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

You spoke!

We listened!

Overwhelmingly, the genre most asked for by you was "Musical", and we could think of no finer film to cover than 'Once'. Effortlessly bridging the gap between realism and staged musical set pieces, 'Once' is a charming film about two people who meet, and make beautiful music together...

Buy 'Once' and watch instantly with Amazon VOD!

Buy 'Once' on Blu-Ray!

Buy 'Once' on DVD!



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MYMHM56v - The Quiet American

2010-06-01 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So last week we teased a Robin Hood movie, and we pretty much failed.

Instead Lee is bringing us a film he's been wanting to discuss for quite a while on the show. It's really easy these days to slam a movie, tear it to shreds, and come up with a bunch of witty sarcastic barbs to throw at a film. It's quite another thing (and in most ways, a great deal more satisfying) to be completely taken aback by a performance from an actor you didn't think much of.

It's something kind of great watching a capable performer like Brendan Fraser really rise to the occasion of staring opposite Michael Caine.

Let's see why else Lee needed to talk about this film!

Buy 'The Quiet American' on DVD!



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MYMHM55v - Harold and Maude

2010-05-26 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We had SUCH a great time with our anniversary episode , we HAD to have Bert Saxby back on the show! "Bert" is actually none other than Daran Norris (whose IMDB page is as long as my torso), and when we asked him which film he would to cover, he jumped at the chance to talk about 'Harold and Maude'.

A dark romantic comedy, 'Harold and Maude' (and Ashby's direction) is in every way the spiritual precurser to directors like Wes Anderson. Featuring a fantastic cast, great direction, an alienating yet life affirming story, and impeccable editing, 'Harold and Maude' has all the trappings of a cult classic.

What did Daran have to say about it?

We can't thank Daran enough for dropping by to talk about this film!


Buy 'Harold and Maude' on DVD!

Rent 'Harold and Maude' on Amazon VOD!




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MYMHM54v - 'Hopscotch'

2010-05-19 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Walter Matthau playing a field agent for the CIA gone rogue? Check!

Ned Beatty playing the wannabe "tough as nails" CIA chief? Check!

Sam Waterston as the CIA agent tasked to bring Matthau in? CHECK!


This 1980 adventure movie was once descirbed by it's author as "James Bond, minus the sex, guns, and gadgets".

So how does THAT work?



Special shout out of honor to friends and fans of the show @aaapromoagent and Chris P. for recommending this flick!

Buy the 'Hopscotch' - Criterion Collection on DVD!



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MYMHM53v - Barton Fink

2010-05-12 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Major thank you to all who helped spread the word on our anniversary episode last week, and we're back to movie reviews!

To start off year two of MYMHM, we're covering our first Coen Brothers movie! Seeing as how both Lee & Juan work "in the biz" (sort of), 'Barton Fink' was the logical choice to examin first!

Following the exploits of a respected stage writer making the move to LA to write films, this film features an incredible cast, and a deliciously self indulgent look at creativity and writers block.

  Buy 'Barton Fink' on DVD!


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MYMHM52v - One Year Anniversary Special

2010-05-05 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

That's right folks! We've been doing this for a YEAR!

And in true Juan-Anal-Retentive fashion, we haven't missed a week, the "perfect attendance" approach to podcasting.

Over this year we've grown from a wacky little show watched by a handful of people to a show watched in almost every country of the world, by hundreds of thousands of people, MILLIONS of times a month. We've been so grateful to have found this film community. Thanks to your involvement over this last year, we've learned so much about film, and have watched an incredible number of movies we never would have considered.

This week's episode is a thank you to all of you who have joined us on this journey.

Movies You May Have Missed wouldn't be anything without your support and interaction. We're really proud to have reached this milestone, and we hope you'll continue to support our show with Diggs, Tweets, Stumbles, Likes, embeds, and more. On behalf of Juan, Lee, Marie, and Dutch, Have fun watching some movies! 


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MYMHM Supplemental - Jac Schaeffer, Director of 'TiMER'

2010-05-03 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We don't often get the chance to follow up with the people who make the films we talk about here on MYMHM, but when the opportunity came up to have a sit down with Jac Schaeffer, we jumped on it!

You might remember from our review of 'TiMER', Jac is a first time Producer/Writer/Director, and was kind enough to share her thoughts on the unique challenges facing indie film makers when it comes to writing, directing, casting, and finding distribution.

She's also really funny.


We can't thank Jac enough for dropping by, and if you'd like more info on 'TiMER' (including Video on Demand, screenings, and DVD release info) please head over to TiMERtheMOViE.com! 


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MYMHM51v - 'Cloak and Dagger'

2010-04-27 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

No not that old Gary Cooper flick, it's our first kids movie!

This film really meant a lot to Juan growing up, and it's time to re-visit it!

A tale of mystery and intrigue, set in an interesting local (San Antonio), starring Dabney Coleman, Henry Thomas (ET, Flight of the Navigator), and featuring an early in his career William Forsythe, and one of the first video game + movie tie in films ever (though the game was NEVER released).

It's always tricky re-visiting movies you loved as a kid. Does this one hold up?

Buy 'Cloak & Dagger' on DVD!





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2010-04-21 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


And for episode 50 we've got a real treat for you. Instead of a "movie you may have missed" we present to you a "movie we hope you don't miss".

TiMER is an independent, sci-fi, romantic comedy getting it's Video on Demand distribution TODAY! We got early access to a screener, and we're pretty excited to be bringing you a new film on the day of it's release.

We've got a charming little film, with an incredible cast, and asking some interesting questions about love. We think you're going to dig it!

For more info on TiMER screenings, you can check out TiMERtheMovie.com , or you can go directly to watching TiMER on Tribecca Film VOD .

Pre-order 'TiMER' on DVD, available June 22nd!




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MYMHM49v - 'Truly, Madly, Deeply'

2010-04-14 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It IS a terrific film, and in true British fashion is one part romantic comedy and one part drama dealing with loss and grief. Debuting the same year as 'Ghost', it deals with a very similar concept:

What happens when a deceased loved one comes back?

Of course the British version of this story doesn't involve a crime sub-plot, action sequences, or a wacky psychic... I wonder what this says about our respective cultures...

Of course, in true MYMHM fashion, we're reviewing this movie as an attempt to save it. The DVDs of this film are disappearing, and it's unkown as to whether or not this charming little film will get a blu-ray release. You can find used and new copies on Amazon marketplace (ours only cost $40... yeesh...), but we are asking all of our fans who use rental services (Netflix, Zip, etc) to put this film on their queues. 

Please help us show these companies that there is still interest in this film!

Shop for 'Truly Madly Deeply' in the Amazon Marketplace.




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MYMHM48v - Bronson

2010-04-06 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Are you ready for a little of the ultra-violence?

Yup, this movie is a little out there. I really think it's the spiritual successor to Kubrick's work, that is if Kubrick did bio-pics...

Also, where have we seen Tom Hardy before?


Buy 'Bronson' on Blu-ray!




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MYMHM47v - 'BigFan'

2010-03-31 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


Seriously, surprisingly great performances, great cinematography, and an intensely dark yet funny screenplay, this film really deserved a better limited run in theaters. 

TWO SCREENS?!?!? Seriously??? REALLY???

We haven't covered a film with such a poor opening since 'Fido'...



Buy 'Big Fan' on DVD!

Rent 'Big Fan' with Amazon VOD!




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MYMHM46v - The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit

2010-03-24 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

I tried to think of a good pun for the title of this post, but the movie title is already soooooo long...


Taking it back all the way to 1956, and we managed to still talk about a film in COLOR! So THERE!

This film is notable for featuring Gregory Peck at the top of his game, and is one of the first films to really tackle the issue of soldiers re-entering the work force and PTSD .


Buy 'The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit' on DVD!

Rent 'The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit' on Amazon VOD!

Mega thank you shout out of honor to Tony B. from the OC for recommending this flick! It was a great pick!



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MYMHM45v - 'This Is England'

2010-03-17 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

HAPPY St. Patrick's Day!!!

We REALLY should have checked our schedule better, as it just sort of happened that the movie we're talking about on this Irish holiday is 'This is England'.

There's something inherantly wrong about that...

Anywho, at least it still takes place in the UK, so we got kinda close (at least it's not some Asian horror flick or something).

Plus this movie is a little slice of fantastic!


Buy 'This is England' on DVD!



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MYMHM31v - The Sports Spectacular

2009-12-09 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

OK. So it should really be called the "MYMHM American Football Movie Spectacular", as all three movies are about American Football, but……


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MYMHM30v - A Man For All Seasons

2009-12-02 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Well lookee here! The big 3-0, and to celebrate, Lee's roommate Tuck joins us to talk about this Fred Zinneman classic! Apparently this film was……


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MYMHM29v - Dutch

2009-11-25 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Yup! It's our first holiday themed episode, and rather than cheat and go straight to a Christmas movie, we've dug up a GREAT guilty pleasure flick……


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MYMHM28v - The Man Who Would Be King

2009-11-18 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

We've been a little short on classic adventure movies here at MYMHM, so we thought we'd make up for it with a doozy! Michael Caine? Check! Sean……


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MYMHM27v - Igby Goes Down

2009-11-11 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

What can we say? We here at Movies You May Have Missed really like J.D. Salinger. So much so, that this film's blatant homage to Catcher in the Rye……


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MYMHM26v - King Of Kong (iphone)

2009-11-04 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

KoK follows competetive Donky Kong players as they try to break a high score set TWENTY years before. Have you played Donkey Kong recently? It's……


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MYMHM25v - The Omen

2009-10-28 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

'The Omen' is one of those films that is extremely well known, but interestingly enough is one few of our friends had actually seen. While very……


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MYMHM24v - 'The Impostors'

2009-10-21 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Guest episodes are so much fun, and we can think of few finer guests than the lovely Tara Platt. She's a true renaissance woman: on-camera/voice over……


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MYMHM23v - 'The Station Agent'

2009-10-14 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Take a HILARIOUS ROMP through the world of THREE STRANGERS.... No wait I instantly HATE that movie. Instead take a look at this indie-comedy-drama,……


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MYMHM22v - Get Lost 'In Bruges'

2009-10-07 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

What happens when you take a fairly well respected playwrite, let him write and direct his script, and then cast Colin Farrel, Ralph Fienes, and……


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MYMHM21v - 'Let The Right One In'

2009-09-30 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

And the hits just keep on coming! So, just because this is our first NON-ZOMBIE horror flick, doesn't mean it's not still about the undead! Vampires……


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MYMHM20v - Bow To 'The King Of Comedy-

2009-09-23 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

This movie BOMBED at the box office, and it's really a shame. We haven't seen anything like this from De Niro since, Scorsese seems to avoid comedies……


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MYMHM19v - 'Man Bites Dog'

2009-09-18 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

For the longest time I thought 'Man Bites Dog' was a French film. Turns out it's Belgian. Shows how continental I am. Anywho, this movie is a true……


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MYMHM18v - 'The Five Obstructions'

2009-09-09 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

In a move that I'm sure will shock many of our viewers after our review of 'Breaking the Waves', we've decided to go back to the well of Lars Von……


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MYMHM17v - Clean Up the Chicken Grease With 'Mildred Pierce'!!

2009-09-02 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

We've got a DOOZY of a show for you this week. Guest host Kristyn Burtt from The Web Files drops by to chat about the 1945 noir classic 'Mildred……


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MYMHM16v - 'Intacto'

2009-08-26 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

I would just like the record to state that we shot this episode TWO WEEKS before the announcement was made that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo would be……


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MYMHM15v - 'Better Luck Tomorrow

2009-08-19 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

After last week's flick, it was time to lighten the mood just a little bit. Justin Lin's Asian-American teen crime drama 'Better Luck Tomorrow' was……


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MYMHM14v - Weep Openly With 'Breaking The Waves'

2009-08-12 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

This week's film was a fan shout out: Hey all Love the show. I have seen a handful of the ones you have reviewed already. Have you seen or heard of……


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MYMHM13v - 'Seconds'

2009-08-05 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

It's Juan's pick this week which means it's BLACK AND WHITE TIME! This week we take a look at one of John Frankenheimer's trilogy of paranoia,……


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MYMHM12v - '[•REC]

2009-07-29 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Our FIRST episode with a GUEST! Our pal Yuri Lowenthal (animation star, film maker, and now author) drops by to talk about '[•REC]', a film that……


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MYMHM11v - 'A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints'

2009-07-22 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Watching 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' is really like looking in a mirror. You know, growing up on the mean streets of the 505... Yeah... Hard……


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MYMHM10v - [NSFW] Nazi Hijinks In 'Mother Night'

2009-07-15 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

***Note this episode may not be suitable for viewing at work or by children.*** Juan and Lee take a look at this Nick Nolte "classic"……


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MYMHM09v - Get "Animated" With 'Princess Mononoke'!

2009-07-08 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

All right! It's time for our first ANIMATED film, and it's NOT for kids, like at ALL! This week we take a look at 'Princess Mononoke', Miyazaki's……


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MYMHM08v - Juan Gets His Zombie Fix With 'Fido'!!!

2009-07-01 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Yup. Leave Juan alone to do a review, and he's gonna fall back on 1960's black and white, or zombies. This episode we take a look at a Canadian cult……


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MYMHM07v - Its Time for Primer

2009-06-24 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

It's 'PRIMER' TIME! This week we're treating you to, quite possibly, the SMARTEST movie ever made on time travel. Yup. I went and said it! Since the……


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MYMHM06v - Lee n Juan Investigate 'Brick'

2009-06-17 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

In this episode we take a look at the 2005 high school film noir 'Brick', directed by Rian Johnson ('The Brothers Bloom') and staring Joseph……


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MYMHM05v - Juan uncorks 'Bottle Shock'

2009-06-09 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Juan takes a look at this 2008 indie flick staring Alan Rickman, Bill Pullman (Paxton?), and Chris Pine (Capt Kirk in the new Star Trek) in a bad wig.…


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2009-06-04 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

Lee is stuck on a film shoot, so Juan decides to tackle George Romero's 1968 Zombie classic 'Night of the Flesh Eaters'. Which was later renamed to……


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MYMHM03v - Lee n Juan spend some time with a Roger Corman 1960's Exploitation Classic (NSFW)

2009-05-27 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

In this episode we take a look at THREE Roger Corman films, and review them ALL AT THE SAME TIME. BECAUSE THEY'RE THE SAME FILM!!! Watch the kiddies……


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MYMHM01v - Lee and Juan FALL into a great film!

2009-05-26 :: moviesyoumayhavemissed@gmail.com (M.Y.M.H.M.)

We take a look at the 2006 independent film 'The Fall', directed by Tarsem and starring Lee Pace.…


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MYMHM44v - 'Big Trouble

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

But NOT in Little China...

I mean COME ON! Who DOESN'T love Dave Barry? That's what I thought, NOBODY! So, why wouldn't you watch a movie adaptation of his 1999 comedy crime classic?

When you consider it's directed by Barry Sonne…


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MYMHM43 - Foreign Action Double Header

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


After covering Equilibrium, we wanted to find some more fun, over the top action, and you can't really do better than 'District B13' and 'Chocolate'.

Even though one movie is from France and the other…


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MYMHM42v - Pontypool

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So after reviewing Word Wars last week, we totally had words on the brain. What better to follow up a documentary on Scrabble than to jump in to a FREAKING WEIRD movie about word zombies?

Canadians come up with the oddest zombie flicks,…


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MYMHM41v - Word Wars

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's Documentary time!

Continuing our tradition of documentaries featuring people doing mundane things (like playing Donkey Kong) EXCEPTIONALLY well, we're proud to present 'Word Wars'!

This 2004 docu-drama about tournament Scrab…


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MYMHM40v - Moon

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Now normally I'd use this space to give some witty teaser as to what is in this week's episode, but THIS week I would like to express my extreme disappointment that Sam Rockwell did not receive a nomination for his work in this film. It's rare that…


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MYMHM39v - Melvin Goes To Dinner

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


Jeff Cannata was hugely supportive of our show in it's first few episodes (plus giving us our first big Twitter push). We couldn't think of a better way to thank him than to have him join us for a film he loves! 



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MYMHM38v - Equilibrium

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

So we kinda ragged on Christian Bale in our review of Run Lola Run, so to make it up to him (because I'm sure he was very upset about it) we took a look through his catalog to find a movie to talk about.

We also realized that we'd yet to c…


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MYMHM37v - 'Shadow Of The Vampire'

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

See I like it better when vampires are apex predators not hopeless romantics... Just sayin...

Shadow of the Vampire is an incredibly fun "what if" movie that does a great job of playing with history. Loosely chronicling the events surroundin…


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MYMHM36v - 'Run Lola Run'

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

It's 90s time!

Share this episode


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MYMHM35v - 'Noises Off'

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.


We realized that we wrapped 2009 with a movie titled "hate", and thought we'd start 2010 off on a better note. We could think of few films more joyous than 'Noises Off'.

This romp features an incredible …


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MYMHM34v - La Haine

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

Our last episode of THE DECADE!

This movie comes to us as a fan request, and we're glad it did.

This French film ushered in a new era of cinema realism, and it's quite possibly one that we NEVER would've found we're it not for Jodi…


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MYMHM33v - Better Off Dead

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

We're cheating again!

Just like for our Thanksgiving episode, our holiday episode only vaguely has anything to do with the holiday we're celebrating, though it does include one of the funniest gift giving sequences we've ever seen.


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MYMHM32v - Dog Fight

0000-00-00 :: M.Y.M.H.M.

What's this I see?

Another guest episode?

With Mitchell FREAKING Whitfield!

That's right, Mitchell Whitfield (My Cousin Vinny, TMNT) joins us to talk about this River Phoenix, Lili Taylor gem, a charming film t…


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