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Last update: 2009-03-23

New Devo Album Coming

2009-03-23 :: David Jackson

Devo has a new album coming in the fall.

Us ties Zep for for number ones

Kelly Clarkson tops U2 who Topped Taylor Swift.


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Britney Spears Death Threats

2009-03-20 :: David Jackson

Remember last time when Britney "hurt her ankle" and cancelled her tour? Now she is saying she might cancel the tour due to death threats.

 Simon and Garfunkl set to tour.

Britney Spears old manager will not be able to get close to her until 2012.



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Snoop Dogg to Host Talk Show

2009-02-12 :: David Jackson


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Lynyrd Skynyrd Keyboardist Dead at Age 56

2009-01-30 :: David Jackson

Billy Powell, the only keyboardist Lynyrd Skynyrd ever had, died last night at his home near Jacksonville, Florida. He was 56. No cause of death has been announced.

New Slash “Action Figure”

McFarlane Toys have announced the pending release of the Slash guitar hero “action figure.” Some the specs: “Figure measures 11 inches at top of hat. Articulated at neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees and ankles. Includes guitar and 5 inch wide by 3 1/2-inch deep Guitar Hero logo base.” The Slash doll is set to be released sometime next month

Grammy Line Up Keeps Getting Bigger and Better

With the addition of U2, this year’s telecast will feature arguably the three biggest bands on the planet right now (U2, Radiohead, Coldplay) along with the three biggest rappers (Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne) and a Beatle (McCartney.) Well done, Grammys. The Grammys also revealed the initial slate of special guest presenters: Jack Black, Duffy, actor Simon Baker, Charlie Haden, Josh Groban and Gwyneth Paltrow, and Samuel L. Jackson!

Internet Car Radio On The Way

miRoamer, a global innovator in the Internet radio industry, recently announced a partnership with Blaupunkt, one of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufacturers and specialists in car multimedia. The partnership introduced the world’s first Internet car radio, giving drivers access the world’s largest and most diverse selection of Internet radio content through their car stereo.


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Peter Criss Returns To Acting

2009-01-27 :: David Jackson

Peter Criss Coming to DVD

Legendary KISS drummer Peter Criss will be making an acting appearance in the upcoming film Frame Of Mind, set to be released on DVD February 24, 2009. The film is a detective drama and centers around a new twist in the President John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. Pre Order the Movie HERE.

Kelly Osbourne Goes To Rehab

After smacking a reporter who wrote that she didn't know what an earthquake was (until she got arrested) Kelly has headed back to rehab. Apparently the Osbournes are getting ready for The Osbournes Reloaded television show.

Paul McCartney Possibly Going to Marry Again

The UK music press getting ahead of themselves again? NME reports: Paul McCartney and girlfriend Nancy Shevell are reportedly planning to marry.

The couple, who have been seen in public together regularly for the past year, are now legally allowed to marry after Shevell's divorce from lawyer Bruce Blakeman was finalised in December.

Paul all you need is love A PREUNPT

Super Bowl Musican Line Up

Jennifer Hudson and Faith Hill will perform Feb. 1 at Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa, FL, according to a report at Billboard.com. Half Time show will be Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band



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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

2009-01-14 :: David Jackson

Hall of Fame Indutees

Metallica, Run-DMC and Jeff Beck lead the diverse group of artists that will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. Other members of the class of 2009 include 1950s R&B vocal group Little Anthony and the Imperials and Sixties soul singer Bobby Womack.

Greg Allman Gets Robbed

Gregg Allman almost had a few less silver dollars after someone broke into his southeast Georgia home and stole a coin collection, knives and unreleased concert recordings, police said.

The Allman Brothers Band singer and keyboardist, 61, was out of town when burglars broke into his home in Richmond Hill, 20 miles south of Savannah.

Sands said the burglars took a case containing Allman's collection of 19th-century silver dollars and two safes filled with gold coins, personal papers, collectible knives and several tapes of unreleased recordings

Axl Roses Threatens Chinese Democracy Follow Up

Speaking to various fan forums and message boards, the singer said there was a wealth of material left over which could be released in the near future. "For now we'll concentrate and keep our focus on this album but I will say I've always thought of it as a double," he said.


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Stipper Idol Gets Sued

2009-01-09 :: David Jackson

iTunes to Go DRM Free - Variable Pricing

April the iTunes Music Store will introduce variable pricing after years of maintaining a 99-cent price point on all of its standard AAC-formatted singles; new hits will now sell for $1.29 apiece, and older, less-popular works will be tagged at 69 cents. The remainder will continue to go for 99 cents.

No Stripper Idol Allowed

"American Idol" -- is suing the owners of the Palazio Men's Club in Texas -- which the suit describes as "a gentlemen's club at which women remove off their clothes while dancing to music" -- over a $500 stripper competition they held called "Stripper Idol."

DJ AM Files Suit About Crash

DJ AM is filing suit against Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services, Goodyear and Learjet.  He is claiming negligence. He is also suing the estates of the two dead pilots.



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MIchael Jackson Gives Back Beatle Tunes

2009-01-07 :: David Jackson

John Lennon Pimping Computers From The Grave

John Lennon's image and voice have been digitally recreated to support One Laptop Per Child, which donates rugged, solar-powered laptops to children in developing nations, according to The Washington Post.

In the advertisement, which was approved by Yoko Ono, Lennon's song "Imagine" plays in the background while the digitized deceased Beatle "talks" about changing the world. "I tried to do it through my music, but now you can do it in a very different way. You can give a child a laptop and more than imagine, you can change the world."

My favorite part of this story from live daily is the "John Lennon tickets" link on the right hand side.

Prince to Release 3 Albums in 2009

Lotus Flower -  is a guitar soaked album

MPLSOUND - is a more funkier sound.

Another album will feature his latest hot chic Bria Valente

You can find out more at Lotusflow3r.com

Taylor Swift Tops the First Charts of 2009

Her album sold an additional 89,000 copies to keep at at number 1. This is the first time since February of 2008 that the top album didn't sell 100,000 copies.

Michael Jackson To Give Paul McCartney Back His Songs

This story made me happy until I read that he is leaving them to him in his will.  KARMA BITCH!


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Robert Plant Too Old to Rock

2008-12-21 :: David Jackson

Robert Plant Discards Reunion - Again

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant has finally ruled out the band getting back together for a concert tour.

Plant, 60, said he has moved on to other things and was getting too old for two-hour rock shows in giant arenas across the world.

"I'm doing very well with Alison and I'm enjoying that, Plant said. "I still see Jimmy quite a lot and he's very complimentary and supportive of what I'm doing. But we are in different places now and you have to go on to do different things (House of Rock)

Brian Johnson Book Deal

(antiMusic) AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has inked new deal with Penguin Books to release a collection of thoughts and anecdotes he has jotted down over the years: He discussed it in a recent interview: "I like humor a lot, and cars have been a big part of my life. I'm lucky enough that I'm able to buy some of the exotic ones. Instead of doing drugs, I did motorcars. I'm not sure which one is more expensive.

"There's one story about me buying my first car, a Ford 100E. It was a rust bucket, obviously. I got in the car and drove about 100 yards and the seat went through the floor. I sat there on the road, and the guy who had sold it to me said '(Bleep), you've just fallen through the (bleeping) floor. Ahhhh, you should've checked that before you took it, me son.' That was me first hard lesson in motorcars."

"I took my first girlfriend out to a place called Shield Field. I had a Ford Popular. It was horrible. It was beige on the outside with a salmon pink interior. It was very old-fashioned, certainly not a chick magnet, but it was all I could afford

New U2 Album To Drop In March 2009

(PR) No Line On The Horizon, the new studio album from U2, will be released in North America on Tuesday, March 3, 2009.

Written and recorded in various locations, No Line On The Horizon is the group's 12th studio album and is their first release since the nine million selling album How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, released in late 2004.

The album calls on the production talents of long-time collaborators Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, with additional production by Steve Lillywhite.

Sessions for No Line On The Horizon began last year in Fez, Morocco, and continued in the band's own studio in Dublin, before moving to New York's Platinum Sound Recording Studios. It was completed at Olympic Studios in London.

U2 Dump Dump Live Nation Stock

U2’s stock option deal with Live Nation will cost the concert giant $19 million: The band has moved to sell the 1.6 million shares they acquired in their 12-year deal with the company. U2 was guaranteed $25 million when the contract was signed in March, when the shares were worth $25 million. With Live Nation stock slumping to only $3.91 a share as of yesterday, the 1.2 million shares is only worth about $6.3 million. Thus, Live Nation will have to cover the additional $19 million that was promised to the band.

Madonna struck a similar deal with Live Nation in October 2007, but the stock has plunged 83 percent since the deal. The Material Mom can start selling her shares in April ‘09, and Live Nation will once again have to cover the $25 million


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Madonna Divorce Settlement - OUCH

2008-12-18 :: David Jackson

Cheyrl Crow and Fleetwood Mac Cleared Up

"What happened is that it was absolutely discussed and [Sheryl] absolutely was invited to join the band. The reason was I wanted another woman in the band, because I missed Christine so bad that it was just really hard for me to be in the boys club. What happened was, really... everybody thinks it was just because Sheryl got really excited and told the world about it a little bit too early. That wasn't what it was." In a nutshell she explained that joining Fleetwood Mac is like joining the Army.  We went on the Say You Will tour,  we thought it was forty shows. It was 135 shows.

Modonna Divorce Settlement

The divorce settlement between Madonna and her ex-husband Guy Ritchie has finally been confirmed by the singer’s rep. The deal calls for Ritchie to receive roughly $75 million of Madonna’s estimated $490 million worth. Part of the $75 million sum includes the couple’s country home in western England as well as a pub that was co-owned by the couple. The sum is also about twice what Paul McCartney had to pay when he divorced Heather Mills, and stands on record as perhaps the highest divorce settlement in U.K. history. - Rolling Stone

Bon Jovi Top Tour of 2008

Bon Jovi is 2008's top touring act in the world, coming in at No. 1 on Billboard's Top Tour chart, which is based on data reported to Billboard Boxscore from Nov. 14, 2007 through Nov. 11, 2008.

Bon Jovi has set the bar for more than two decades as one of the most successful rock bands in the world. Globally, they have sold more than 120 million albums and performed more than 2,600 concerts in over 50 countries for more than 34 million fans. The LOST HIGHWAY album was released in June 2007 and debuted at #1 around the world. The band's 2005 album, HAVE A NICE DAY, featured the Grammy-Award winning song, "Who Says You Can't Go Home," and also fueled one of the top-selling tours of 2005

Kiss To Record New Album in 2009

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons are planning to record a new album next year, which will be the first KISS release since 1998's "Psycho Circus."

In a recent interview with askmen.com, Stanley, who will produce the album, said the new release will be "very much a vintage, classic, '70s KISS album without much regard to what's happening since then; it's back to the roots


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Chinese Democracy Falling Off Charts

2008-12-17 :: David Jackson

Guns N Roses News

Chinese Democracy at 29 on the billboard charts. The CD has shifted 365,000 units since it was released on November 23 as a Best Buy exclusive after a wait of more than 15 years. Meanwhile the kid who got busted leaking tracks has pleaded guilty and will more than likely avoid jail time.

Mindy McCready has been hospitalized after an apparent suicide attempt. This after a night of intoxication.

Blue Oyster Cult Frontman Falls and Can't Get Back Up

Donald 'Buck Dharma' Roeser slipped on a flight of stairs in his Florida home this past Sunday evening, while carrying some packages. This resulted in a shoulder injury, and the cancellation of the rest of the 2008 tour dates.




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Britney Spears Spelling Bee

2008-12-07 :: David Jackson

No Blink 182 Reunion

Travis Barker has reported that while the members of Blink 182 are talking and friends, there is no plan of a reunion. To this I say, they are not out of money yet.

Boy George Found Guilty

Boy George has been found guilty of falsely imprisoning a male Norwegian escort Audun Carlsen. Apparently he handcuffed him to a wall, and then later hit him with a chain when he got loose.  People are saying Boy George will be doing time in prison for this. To this I say, "And this is punishment for him?"

Rage Against the Machine - No Reunion

Guitarist Tom Morello says "We’ve had a wonderful year and a half of playing shows, and I don’t see any reason to not play more shows. The thing is there’s only so many hours in the musical day, and mine are very occupied right now." To this I say, "We just finished the we're out of money tour, so we're good for now."

Nursery Rymes To Be A Skank From Britney Spears

Parents who bought their children a copy of Britney Spears’ Circus have begun coming to the realization that the song “If You Seek Amy” is just a sneaky way to say “F-U-C-K Me,” and predictably they’re not too happy.“

New Yngwie Malmsteen Album Features Tim "The Ripper" Owens on Vocals

You can get the new Yngwie Malmsteen album that features ex-Judas Priest vocalist Tim "The Ripper" Owens on vocals for FREE by going to www.emusic.com/musicnews Today I play "Live to Die Another Day." I also see where there is a new Michal Schenker Album.  If you cancel before the 14 day trial is over, you don't get charged, and you keep the DRM music FOR FREE. Check it out at www.emusic.com/musicnews


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Creed Reunion

2008-12-03 :: David Jackson

As Myles Kennedy the lead singer of Alter Bridge being rumored to take over the Robert Plant role in a Led Zepplin reunion, this leaves Alter Bridge singerless and Scott Stapp (former singer of Creed) ready to pop in and start a full fledged Creed Reunion (there are talks about a HUGE payday for such a venture). This means there may be a time when both Nickelback and Creed on tour at the same time. Creed broke up in 2004. Since their breakup, Creed’s guitarist, bassist and drummer put out two albums as Alter Bridge with Kennedy, while Stapp released a solo record in 2005. If the reunion should happen, and sources say an announcement is “imminent,” a tour will likely follow in 2009, meaning that America will have to carry the heavy burden of both Creed and Nickelback touring the nation at the same time

Van Halen Rider Exposed

The smoking gun has obtained a copy of last years Van Halen Reunion tour rider. In it you will find that Wolfgang needed a study room, and while there was no alcohol in the dressing rooms, Eddie had some wine on stage. Meanwhile David Lee's room SHOULD BE AS FAR AWAY from the other members as possible. No wonder this tour made it.

U2 Release Christmas Video

The band has revealed a new video for their cover of Greg Lake’s “I Believe in Father Christmas.” The is the band’s first contribution to Bono’s (RED)WIRE download service that will raise money for people living with HIV in Africa. The service features exclusive tracks from the likes of R.E.M., Coldplay, Bob Dylan and Jenny Lewis. According to iLike, who debuted the “Father Christmas” video, the song was recorded in a London studio. U2 also continue to comb through those 50 to 60 songs they recorded for their new album, due out in the first quarter of ‘09

Eddie Van Halen Engaged

According to People.com Eddie Van Halen is engaged to his girlfriend/publicist Janie Liszewski. Van Halen, 53, proposed to Liszewski, 38, on Aug. 4 while they were vacationing in Hawaii. The couple plan to wed next June. Eddie have you ever noticed the word GAG in the middle of EnGAGed?


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New Nickleback Previewed

2008-12-01 :: David Jackson

Today we talk about Chinese Democracy, and we listen to snippets of the new Nickleback.


Is there any good music anywhere? Be sure to go to www.emusic.com/musicnews to get 35 free songs. 


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Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding

2008-11-19 :: David Jackson

New Music From the New York Dolls

The New York Dolls  will return to the studio in January to record a new album with Todd Rundgren, who produced the band's eponymous debut 36 years ago, according to a press release.

The album, which has yet to be titled, will be recorded at Rundgren's studio on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The Dolls plan to follow the release with a world tour.

Rundgren currently is touring Europe in support of his new album, "Arena," which was released in September.

People Injured at Urban Awards

British police say a man is in critical condition after being stabbed at a music awards ceremony in London.

The Metropolitan Police force says the man in his 20s was injured during a brawl at the 6th annual Urban Music Awards.

One other person was treated at a local hospital for minor wounds. Police are trying to determine whether others were injured.

Alice Cooper Christmas Variety Show

Alice Cooper and 93.3 KDKB present the 8th annual Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding, a Christmas-themed variety show, famous for being an entertaining blend of comedy, music, dance and surprise performances at the Dodge Theatre on Saturday, December 13 at 7:30 p.m.

The annual Christmas Pudding, is a chance for music and entertainment fans of all kinds, to celebrate the holiday season with Alice Cooper, family and friends as Alice Cooper, along with his touring band, performs the entire smash album, "Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits."

This year's acts also include Bob Welch of Fleetwood Mac, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, F5, Runaway Phoenix, Les Stroud and Whisky Falls.

"Although I have played more than 70 shows this year, Pudding is the one I look forward to most," said Alice. "We love bringing people together for Christmas, for the sake of music and the mission of Solid Rock

John Mayer Variety Show

John Mayer will host a weekly variety show for CBS. And here's the deal. We know CBS would like to run the show as soon as possible -- the goal is the first quarter of 2009.

It will be a music, variety and sketch show in the '60s mold. Ken Ehrlich (who produces the Emmys and Grammys) will produce the show with Mayer (source TMZ).


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Everybody Punch Somone

2008-11-17 :: David Jackson

Jimi Hendirx Drummer Mitch Mithcel Dies

Mitch Mitchell, the drummer for the Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead Nov. 12 in his room at the Benson Hotel in Portland, OR, apparently of natural causes, according to published reports. He was 61.

Mitchell, the Experience's last surviving member, was born in England and played with Hendrix from 1966 until the legendary performer's death in 1970.

John Rich of Big N Rich Sued Over Attack

he dude who got his ass kicked by the dude from Big and Rich is finally fighting back -- 'cause even with a busted nose, he can still smell a payout.

Jerry Montano (ass-kickee) is suing the chaps off John Rich (ass-kicker) for that October beatdown in which the country singer turned Jerry's face into a swollen, gushing, bloody mess inside Rich's room at the Mondrian Hotel in L.A.

In the lawsuit, filed Monday in L.A. County Superior Court, Jerry claims that before the violence, he was warned by Rich's business manager that the star often became "extremely violent when drunk" -- but even with that warning, he decided to go back to the guy's hotel room anyway. While in the room, Jerry claims Rich became "increasingly violent and belligerant" over a girl -- and that's when all hell broke loose

Kanye West Attack Charges Dropped

Kanye West will not be charged with assaulting a photographer in an alleged incident that went down in the UK. West was arrested at a hotel in Gateshead, England early Friday morning after allegedly getting into a tussle with a photog on his way out of the Tup Tup nightclub in Newcastle.

Soul Train Host Arrested on 3 Accounts

Soul Train" host Don Cornelius has been charged with 3 counts of spousal battery, one count of dissuading a witness from making a police report, and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

Suge Knight Arrested for Punching Girlfriend

Suge Knight has officially been charged with three crimes by the Clark County Justice Court from an alleged August beatdown of his girlfriend in Las Vegas. Knight faces two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance (meth and hydrocodone) and one count misdemeanor battery.

Suge allegedly punched his girlfriend of three years, Melissa Isaac, in the back of the head while they were driving -- and she in turn grabbed the wheel and forced the car into a curb


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New Beatles iPod

2008-11-09 :: David Jackson

Donny and Marie Get Two More years in Vegas

The Donny and Marie show, which opened Sept. 9, has received great reviews. In a statement, Don Marrandino, President of Flamingo Las Vegas, said, "Their show has been an amazing success, bringing an invigorated energy to the Flamingo, and we're thrilled to have them with us for two more years.

Eminem Book Out "The Way I Am"

Here it is again: (Billboard) Before Eminem moves forward musically, he first is taking a step back with a memoir out today (Oct. 21) that shares quite a few revelations about a man whose autobiographical lyrics have tantalized fans for years.

In "The Way I Am," the man born Marshall Bruce Mathers III takes readers into his painful childhood and adolescence and inside the studio and beyond as the former Detroit factory floor sweeper and short-order cook enters the rap game and becomes a worldwide hip-hop sensation.

The book is 200-plus pages worth of text, behind-the-scenes photographs and reproductions of Eminem's original lyric sheets -- hotel stationery and other scraps of paper he used to scratch out partial verses of the songs that would make him famous.

New Tony Bennet Holiday Music

"Tony Bennett: A Swingin' Christmas featuring The County Basie Big Band" features 11 classic holiday tracks, including "I'll Be Home for Christmas," "Winter Wonderland" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town. This is the first time you will hear his daughter Antonia, who duets with her father on "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm." Does anybody else think singing this song to your father is a little weird.

Death Cab For Cutie Stung By Scorpion

Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard was stung twice by a scorpion just as he was about to go on stage in San Diego last week.

The singer reportedly had just changed into his show trousers when he felt something sting him on his thigh. Writing on his blog about the incident, bassist Nick Harmer explained what happened:

"So tonight in San Diego, Ben got stung by a SCORPION. Twice. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, file this under 'things that really happen on rock tours.

Beatles iPod Available Through Bloomingdales

A special edition The Beatles iPod will be going on sale through U.S. department stores Bloomingdales, fuelling rumors that the band's back catalogue will soon be available for sale through digital download store iTunes.

The collectible 120GB MP3 player will be limited to just 2,500 copies and individually numbered.

The Beatles logo will be etched onto the hardware and the package will also include an engraved guitar pick inside.

Holiday Shopping?

Check out www.supportthisshow.com with links to amazon.com and amany others sites. Anything bought from these links will help offset the price of bandwidth used for the show. Thanks in adavance.


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New Music From Tesla Courtesy of www.emusic.com/musicnews

2008-11-09 :: David Jackson

The Killers And Elton John Team up For Christmas

The killers put out a Christimas single apparently every year.  This is the third yuletide offering from the synth-rockers following 2006's A Great Big Sled and 2007's Don't Shoot Me Santa. This year they are recording, "Joseph, Better You Than Me," with Elton John.

Bon Jovi Sued for GBP 250,00

Apparently their security guy hit a woman. Now she is suing all the of the band. That makes no sense, and the band is denying that ANY of this happned in the first place.

George Michael Wants a Gold Statue of Himself

Apparently, Michael thinks so, having seen other such sculptures on the British TV show The Dragons' Stories. A source revealed: "George is very keen on getting a gold and diamond-encrusted statue of himself. He loves the idea of something so permanent.

New Music From Tesla

We listen to a new song from the new Tesla album. This is one of many songs available at emusic. You can get 35 free songs by going to www.emusic.com/musicnews



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New Beatles Video Game Coming

2008-10-31 :: David Jackson


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Susan Tedeschi Rocks

2008-10-28 :: David Jackson

MTV Launces a MUSIC website

Perhaps looking to actually make use of all those music videos that are just sitting in their vault, MTV has launched a new Website, dubbed MTV Music.

New Music Releases

Susan Tedeschi Back to the River

Pink Fun House

Queen - The Cosmos Rocks



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Dr. Pepper For Everyone

2008-10-28 :: David Jackson

Ozzy Coming Back to TV

But Ozzy's not a fan of the "V" word. "The word variety sticks in my throat," he tells Spinner. "It's not like we're Sonny and Cher or something." Which probably means more fake reality tv.

Dr. Pepper To Honor their Challenge

Earlier this year, the company promised that each and every American would receive a free Dr Pepper if Axl Rose finally released the album, which has been 17 years in the making. Coupons for a free 20-oz. Dr Pepper will be available for 24 hours starting at 12:01 am Eastern Time on Nov. 23. More information on how to receive a coupon is available at the Dr Pepper website.

Steven Adler (ex-drummer of Guns n Roses) on Celebrity Rehab

This is some of the best trainwreck tv. Steven was the most cringe-worthy addict on Celebrity Rehab last night: sobbing about how his friendship with Slash has deteriorated to the point where the guitarist didn’t ring him up to drum on his upcoming solo LP, sucking down bong hits while proclaiming his desire to die

Meatloaf Hosptialized

Meat Loaf says the 57-year-old rocker was hospitalized in London for three days following an awards ceremony earlier this week.

More Albums I Won't Buy- Manilow Does the Best of the 80's

The Greatest Songs Of The Eighties uncovers a bounty of treasures and reignites nostalgia for these fantastic hit songs reinterpreted by Manilow in his signature style - from his duet with Reba McEntire on "Islands in the Stream," as they pay homage to Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton's #1 duet of 1983 – to a trio of songs associated with memorable films: Phil Collins #1 hit of 1984, "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)"; Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes' #1 hit of 1987, "I've Had the Time of My Life" (from Dirty Dancing); and Christopher Cross' Oscar-winning #1 hit of 1981, "Arthur's Theme (The Best That You Can Do).

SPONSOR: Emusic. Get 35Free songs by going to www.emusic.com/musicnews

This show originates from www.musicnewspodcast.net


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Madonna Is Getting Divorced

2008-10-16 :: David Jackson

Madonna is Getting Divorced

This is sad news after 8 years of marriage. However, we have advice for her children. FOLLOW THE MONEY. You don't want to try to live on the money coming in from the movies of your father.

Listen to the Entire AC/DC Album

You can listen to the entire AC/DC album "Black Ice" at VH1's "The Leak".  You click play, go through some DRM mumbo jumbo (understandable), and then you can here the whole ting.  It finished much stronger than it starts.  LISTEN HERE


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Guns and Roses Chinese Democracy November 23 - OK Sure...

2008-10-14 :: David Jackson

Janet Jackson is still cancelling shows.

Bon Jovi is getting sued for 400 Billion.  BY THIS GUY. over THIS SONG. It sounds to me like Bart wants some publicity as these song sound nothing alike.

 Travis Barker is blogging from his bed about surviving his plane crash. You can read it on his my space page


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New Ted Nugent Book

2008-10-02 :: David Jackson

Janet Jackson Hospitalized and Released

Jane Jackson postponed two additional concert dates after a brief hospitalization minutes before a Montreal performance, according to a Reuters report. Jackson was rushed to Royal Victory Hospital in Montreal Monday night (9/29) when she suddenly became ill during her sound check, a representative said in a statement. She reportedly was discharged from the hospital two hours later. There are no details on what the problem was.

Alice Coopper Censorship

Alice Cooper was on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Alice was going to re-enact a piece of his video by picking a female victim from the audience to choke with a silk scarf during the band's live performance of "Vengeance is Mine". What viewers saw was a truncated version of what actually happened. Unfortunately, the "murder" of one of his victims was just too much for CBS-TV's censors (although Ferguson loved it) and, as such, his request was denied.

Katy Perry Doll

Katy Perry is set to release her very own limited edition doll through New York based toy company Integrity Toys.  The doll is based around the look Perry is seen wearing in the video for her hit single ‘Ur So Gay’ off her latest album ‘One Of The Boys’.

Retailing for $49.99, there will only be 500 of dolls produced with 150 of them going to media, industry tastemakers and other parties.

Ted Nugent's New "Ted White and Blue" Book is Out

Here are some of the tings you will read in this book.

* Why war is the answer to so many of our current problems
* Why if Ted were a Mexican, he'd start a revolution (and how, since he's not, we can control our own borders)
* How to put Uncle Sam on a diet (a waste-watchers program for government)
* The Ted Plan for energy independence by 2018--how to keep America rockin' into the future
* How to change the world for the better through the power of God, guns, and rock `n' roll

Check it out at amazon.com

10% off Plus Free Shipping on Orders over $39 at Petmeds.com

35 Free Tracks at Emusic.com


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James Taylor Cover Album

2008-09-30 :: David Jackson

Nothing realy jumping out at me in the new release category this week.

James Taylor has a Covers Album.

The Pussycat Dolls release their album Doll Domination (so people actually listen to the pussycat dolls?)

Ben Folds releases a solo album called "Way Too Normal" with Explicit Lyrics.…


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Amy Winehouse Gets Fined For Blowing Chunks

2008-09-29 :: David Jackson

Amy Winehouse Banned for Puking On Clothes

Clothing store Harvey Nichols is reported to have issued the singer with a £25,000 bill for a number of items, including a black dress. She apparently went tothe bathroom and got violently ill. Then shipped the items back with the puke going all over everything. She will not be borrowing clothes from this store in the future.

Bruce Springsteen Will be Playing the Super Bowl This Year

Each year the NFL finds some older, "safe" pop/rock start to come and sound liek crap during the super bowl. In the past we've seen Tom Petty, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, and now Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen, who distanced himself from the show earlier this year, will perform to a US audience of almost 150 million people.

Led Zeppelin is NOT Reuniting

Robert Plant has come out to squash all the rumors. He has said, "I wish Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham nothing but success with any future projects.” Plant is currently on tour with Alison Krauss to promote their album Raising Sand." He has said he is not touring for at least two years.

George Michael Arrested Again

George Michael was caught in a London restroom using a “small amount” of crack cocaine and marijuana. Michael received a cautionary warning and was released after he admitted his guilt. My advice to George would be to go to the bathroom before you leave the house. It seems when you use public bathrooms you get into trouble.


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Jessica Simspon is A Fake Piece of Crap

2008-09-17 :: David Jackson

Lindsy Buckingham Gift of Screws

Lindsy Buckingham has a new album out called Gift of Screws and you can download the first track for free at Amazon.com

The Foo Fighters Are Going to Take a Break

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl says the band intend to take a long break following their recent shows at London's Wembley Stadium. "It's a funny place being in the band now because we've been a band for about 14 years.

Draius Rucker Forever Road

What do you do when you can't sell rock records anymore? You go country. Hootie's gone country.

Buckcherry Black Butterfly

The boys are back with more explicit lyrics. Check it out at amazon.com


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The Doors Get to Pay Up

2008-09-10 :: David Jackson

Bare Naked Ladies Plane Crash

Barenaked Ladies' frontman  Ed Robertson survived a plane crash  north of Bancroft, Ontario. Sgt. Jeff Mackinnon of the Bancroft OPP told the Intelligencer, "At 12:30 PM a Cessna 206 was taking off from Baptiste Lake, lost airspeed and entered a wooded area west of the lake."

The Doors Don't Get Their Day In Court

Keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger are on the hook for more than $5 million after they were found by lower courts to have improperly invoked the Doors' name and images during a 2003 concert tour. The California Supreme Court has refused to take up their case

John Oats Second Solo Album

John Oates, longtime member of Daryl Hall & John Oates, is awaiting the release of his second solo album, 1000 Miles of Life, featuring guest appearances by Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush, among others. Oates recorded the basic tracks in Nashville with several A-list session musicians before adding guitar tracks and vocals at a studio in Aspen, Colo. "I wanted players who knew how to frame a song, who knew how to take a lyric and enhance it," Oates said. Others appearing on the album are guitarist Steve Cropper, Blues Traveler's John Popper, the Blind Boys of Alabama and Bonnie and Bekka Bramlett. The album will be released on Sept. 23

Justin Timberlake Bar Fight?

Justin Timberlake was reportedly caught up in a brawl inside a New York nightclub last Saturday. A female fan tried to take a picture of the singer on her mobile phone. "It was mayhem. Justin narrowly missed being punched in the face when a fan tried to take a photo of him on her camera, and his minder kicked off, screaming at the girl and snatching the camera off her to delete the pic,” a source told the Mirror newspaper.


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Jani Lane Fired From Warrant

2008-09-10 :: David Jackson

Jani Lane Fired From Warrant

From their guitarsit, "It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that Jani Lane will no longer be performing with Warrant. From the beginning of our reunion talks to the last note of our last show together in Houston this past weekend we have had nothing but good intentions of bringing a quality original Warrant show to our fans and friends. We wish Jani nothing but the best and remain friends." Get the Warrant Album "Born Again" featuring Jamie St. James of Black and Blue at Emusic.com

Lynne Spears - Parents Eating Their Young

According to the admittedly sketchy UK tabloid, Lynne’s claims include that Britney started drinking alcohol at 13, lost her virginity at 14 and was caught doing cocaine on a private jet at age 16. At the moment, this might all just be hearsay, but we’ll find out the actual contents of the tell-all on September 16th when it hits bookstores.

Jewels BAND was in a Bus Accident

A bus carrying Jewel's band crashed into a ditch after a show in Virginia Beach, Va., on Sunday night (Aug. 31) when the driver passed out. No injuries were reported. Jewel posted a blog entry on her MySpace page about the accident, saying that one of her band members was getting a Diet Coke requested by the driver when the bus crashed into a grassy ditch between the interstate lanes. Jewel and her husband, Ty Murray, flew home after the show and were not with her band at the time of the accident. So why is this a story!



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New Releases -and Deep Purple

2008-09-09 :: David Jackson

Red Band is a fictional rock band made entirely of muppet-like dolls currently starring in their own rockumentary style television show on Israeli cable.Why do we care? Because they are opening for Deep Purple. At least Deep Purple got top billing.

New Releases

Jessica Simpson Do You Know available at amazon.com

Joan Osborne Little Wild One at amazon.com

Jonny Lang Live in Montreux at amazon.com

Brian "head" Welch Save Me From myself at amazon.com

LL Cool J Exit 13 at amazon.com



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Jerry Reed is Still Dead

2008-09-08 :: David Jackson

OK, its been a while since the last podcast. One of the sad news from last week is that Jerry Reed died at the age of 71. He was known for his single "when you're hot you're hot" and for his role in the SMokey and the Bandit Movies.

The Jackson 5, minus brothers Michael and Jermaine, have reunited in Los Angeles to collect the BMI Icon award for lifetime achievement from their sister. The brothers joked  that "Michael wasn't present because “he's in Egypt riding a camel or something."

Metallica released a single with the fidelity that I haven't heard since I played with two soup cans connected by string.

Britney Spears appeared on the MTV Music Awards. They looked good.She thanks God, her family, and her two boys for inspiration.


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Isaac Hayes Dead At Age 65

2008-08-10 :: David Jackson

Isaac Hayes Dead at Age 65

When you hear the sound of a wah-wah peddal you think of one of the following: Jimi Hendrix, Porm Music, or the Theme from Shaft (written by Isaac Hayes).  Isaac Hayes died August 10. The musician, who was 65, was found unresponsive near a treadmill at his home in Memphis, according to police. For those who weren't around during the 70's you might remember him as the voice of Chef on South Park.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Mini Replica Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan, GMP Diecast is pleased to announce the release of Stevie Ray's most recognizable guitar number 1(Its 99 bucks.). It's kind of like a collector's plate but cooler.Check it out at http://www.gmpdiecast.com/products/details.cfm?ProductNumber=S0303404&category=Guitars

Another Crummy Kiss Product - Pez Dispensers

You won't get actual classic Pez heads made to resemble the likeness of the original KISS members. You'll get generic orange caps on regular plastic dispensers with what look like stickers on them containing KISS album art.Does Gene really need the money?

Jewel Gets Married

Jewel and her longtime partner Ty Murray eloped to the Bahamas and were married on Thursday (Aug. 7). Jewel (last name Kilcher), 34, and Murray, 38, have been together for 10 years and share a ranch in Texas. Murray is a retired rodeo champion who starred in the CMT series Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge. He also appears in the video for her current single, "I Do." They had not previously announced an engagement. "I dreamt about this day since I was a little girl on a ranch in Alaska," Jewel said. "It was relaxed and romantic. I wore a traditional wedding gown and diamonds, and he wore jeans and a button-down shirt. Ty's definitely my perfect prince." Jewel released her first country album, Perfectly Clear, earlier this year.

James Taylor Goes Country on New Covers Album

James Taylor has recorded new versions of songs popularized by George Jones, John Anderson, Glen Campbell and the Dixie Chicks for his new album, Covers, to be released on Sept. 30



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Steven Tyler Book Deal

2008-08-07 :: David Jackson

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler says he plans to unveil his most “outrageous stories” in his forthcoming autobiography. The book is set to contain, "all the unexpurgated, brain-jangling tales of debauchery, sex and drugs, transcendence and chemical dependence you will ever want to hear." (gigwise.com)

Chris and Rich Robinson's are going to sue Gretchen WIlson for copyright infringement for their original composition of their hit song "Jealous Again" for her song entitled "Work Hard Play Harder". TNT has further exploited the use of the composition by using Wilson's song in video advertisement and promotion for the show "Saving Grace".

According to a Stone Temple Pilot concert review the lengthy set opened with 'Big Empty' from 'The Crow' soundtrack. Dressed in a grey suitWeiland stumbled around the stage and fell into drummer Eric Kretz's drum kit. This means Scott has taken back the crown of "douche bag" from Amy Winehouse.

On his current tour Alice Cooper took a nasty fall. HE continued on with a few more songs before leaving the stage (listening to his advisers). It turns out he learned he had broken a rib and suffered ligament damage.

I'm embarrassed to admit but this month on my emusic account I downloaded some unplugged versions of Winger songs done by Kip Winger (the guy not the band). IT gives the tunes a totally different flavor, and I kept coming back to listen over and over.  It keeps growing on me.



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Miley Cyrus Underwear Shots - Again

2008-08-04 :: David Jackson

Miley Cryus Underwear Shots From Her Cell Phone Continue To SurfaceListen to SHow This is just sad to watch her go down the road to skanktum. http://www.2snaps.tv/9816067 Dokken - George Lynch is Ready, Don Dokken is Not?According to an interview with George Lynch he is not the only one looking for this union. Foreginer Going To Tour on Yet Another Great Hits AlbumForeigner has a pretty cool line up. It Features: Mick Jones on Guitar Jason Bonham – Drums Kelly Hansen – Lead Vocals (formely of Hurricane) Jeff Pilson – Bass (formely of Dokken) Tom Gimbel – Flute, Rhythum Guitar, Saxaphone Their new tune sounds good. You can hear Kelly sing some Foreigner tunes on his MySpace check out the new Foreigner tune on their MySpace page …


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DMX Three Arrests in 3 Months

2008-08-01 :: David Jackson

DMX 3 Months - 3 Arrests

US rapper DMX has been arrested for the third time in as many months over suspicion he gave a false name to avoid paying hospital expenses.

Courtney Love Sued

A management company has filed a lawsuit against Courtney Love over claims she failed to pay commission for the partial share of Nirvana's back catalogue. Courtney owes them 5% of the revenues received when she sold a portion of the song library last year. That sale netted her 19.5 million and they are loking for 975,000 (gigwise)

The Return of Jake E. Lee

Jake E. Lee will appear on the entire forthcoming Enuff Z'nuff album, now titled 'Dissonance.' The band issued a special collectors edition of the disc at the Rocklahoma festival this past weekend.(antimusic)

11 Million Dollar Logo

Bravada International (the company that owns the rights to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers Logo) is suing Back-Lite for $11 million dollars after the company used the logo on a single jacket, at the request of an individual customer. Don't ya just love lawyers?

Ozzy Gets Ready For Ultimate Sellout

The Osbourne family--Sharon, Ozzy, Jack and Kelly--are scheduled to host a variety show for Fox television, according to a statement from the network. The hour-long show is expected to be reminiscent of classic variety shows like "The Sonny and Cher Variety Hour" and "The Donny & Marie Show," featuring musical performances, comedy skits, games and taped segments


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The End of Nipplegate

2008-07-29 :: David Jackson

The End Of Nipplegate

A $550,000 fine against CBS television, which was imposed after the broadcaster screened Janet Jackson's “wardrobe malfunction”, has been dropped by a US appeal court. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the FCC had deviated from its usual practice of fining indecent broadcast programming only when it was so "pervasive as to amount to 'shock treatment' for the audience. (gigwise).

Britney Settlement Details

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, the singer’s ex-husband, have reached an agreement in their lengthy custody dispute.The singer will now pay Federline $20,000 in benefits a month – up $5,000 on their previous agreement. Spears must also make a one-off $250,000 payment to Federline’s legal team.

Backstreet Boys Get Ready For New Album

The Backstreet Boys are working on their sixth album. The now-quartet recently hit up the studio while touring Europe, and plan to work on some more new material when their U.S. tour wraps in early September. Backstreeter Howie Dorough even says the group might work with pop producer extraordinaire Max Martin, who teamed with the Boys on their hits “I Want It That Way” and “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.”

Feeder Bassist Almost Blinds Himself

Feeder bassist Taka Hirose was nearly blinded last week when broken shards of his bass guitar struck him in the face, it's been revealed.


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Loverboy Sells a Whole 200 Tickets

2008-07-27 :: David Jackson

The City of Summerside, P.E.I. has cancelled a Loverboy concert scheduled for August after selling only about 200 tickets.The band was scheduled to play Credit Union Place, which holds 5,000, on Aug. 6.(Sleazeroxx)

American rapper Lil Wayne is being sued for using a track by the Rolling Stones with out permission.It is alleged that Wayne used parts of 'Play With Fire' by the Rolling Stones for his track 'Playing With Fire'. (gigwise)

50 Cent is suing Taco Bell. Fiddy accuses the Bell of “diluting the value of his good name” when they encouraged the rapper to change his name to “79 Cent,” “89 Cent” or “99 Cent” in an open letter addressed to 50 and distributed to the press.

Mindy McCready is going back to rehab after trying to do herself in by quaffing her favorite swiggable, vodka and Ambien, and we hear Dr. Phil's inserting himself in the whole she-bang. (antimusic).



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Gene Simmons To Judge New Jingle Talent Show

2008-07-20 :: David Jackson

Barenaked Ladies singer Steven Page has been popped by cops in Central New York for allegedly possessing cocaine. The 38-year-old Page and a woman, 25-year-old Stephanie Ford, have both been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance

The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood has reportedly entered rehab for a drinking problem. “Following Ronnie’s continued battle with alcohol he has entered a period of rehab,” Wood’s spokeswoman said. “His close family and friends say he is seeking help and look forward to his recovery.”

Britney Spears has finally settled her custody dispute with ex-husband Kevin Federline after agreeing to give K-Fed full custody of her two sons in exchange for visitation rights.

The third annual Mud Bowl: Rock of Love 3 is a go, with the Poison frontman switching things up a bit and taking his suitors on a tour bus across America in early 2009.

After the failure of "Rock Star," Burnett is back with a new show called "Jingles" and he's hired Gene Simmons to be one of the Judges (the other two are the Toys R Us jingle creator, and a Wal Mart Marketing person).

Former Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler has been arrested in Hollywood for being under the influence of drugs…


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Madonna and A-Rod "Just Friends"

2008-07-09 :: David Jackson

Madonna has issued a statement about the rumor of her and A-Rod having an affair. In her statement she says tha "she and A-Rod only share a manager and that they are “not romantically involved.” “I have nothing to do with the state of his marriage or what spiritual path he may choose to study,” Madonna said in the statement. A-Rod has reportedly taken to Kabballah since being introduced to the singer.

A new song by rapper Akon which features guest vocals from Michael Jackson has appeared online. The song is called "Hold My Hand."

Soul Train is coming back in 2008 .Series creator and longtime host Don Cornelius has sold the long-running franchise to production company MadVision, who plan to both produce new episodes for the first time since 2006 as well as release DVDs and Internet content from the show’s massive archives.

DMX (real name: Earl Simmons) is being held on a $1,075 bond for driving with a suspended license and a $10,000 bond stemming from previous drug charges.


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Jani Lane DRUNK - Film at 11

2008-07-07 :: David Jackson

Meat Loaf has responded after fans criticised his performance at the Broadlands Festival in Kent last weekend.

Janie Lane apparently has fallen off the wagon, picked it up and smashed it. Check out the video (complete with people booing) here

System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian has told Gigwise that it is unlikely his old band will reunite any time soon

Check out http://www.serjtankian.com/


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X Rated Show and Tell

2008-07-03 :: David Jackson

ZZ Top and Brooks and Dunn are going to tour together. The bands, which are currently in the midst of their own separate tours, will come together in early August for a 17-date run across the US and into Canada. The co-bill outing is set to kick off Aug. 1 in Albuquerque, NM, and stretch through mid-September



If you have't seen the concet for Nelson Mandella, check out Amy WInehouse's performance. Everyone was worried she wasn't going to be able to perform. Well she barely did. I know she has a thick british accent, but you couldn't understand a word. The phrase "No, No, No" sounded more like Mo br Nkx....

Dave Matthews' sax player has been seriously injured in an ATV accident. 46-year-old LeRoi Moore was on a break between concerts when he was injured riding the rig at his farm outside Charlottesville, Virg.

Joshua D. Wilkes, lead singer of The Legendary Shack Shakers [ tickets ], allegedly exposed himself onstage June 27 at Rocketown, a downtown Nashville facility conceived by Christian singer Michael W. Smith as a safe, alcohol- and drug-free location for youth to enjoy concerts, classes, videogames and skateboarding, according to its website.

According to a police affidavit, Wilkes opened up his pants and exposed his genitals to an audience of adults and teens. A representative for the club said it was The Legendary Shack Shakers first, and last, performance at Rocketown, according to The Tennessean. The Nashville-based band was opening for Rancid (livedaily.com )

A woman is suing Rob Thomas for being hit with a drum stick at one of his 2005 solo concerts. She suffered a cervical herniated disc from the trauma. The woman's husband, a neurosurgeon who has had some financial problems of his own recently (dude owed back taxes), is suing Thomas as well for "loss of consortium (antimusic.com) .




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Kid Rock Wants You To Steal Everything

2008-07-02 :: David Jackson

Tim's rep told TMZ us: "While Tim was performing at the White River Amphitheater in Auburn, Washington last night, he watched a man rush to the front of the stage. This overly aggressive fan attacked a female fan and Tim witnessed this incident.

"Tim called for security, but when they could not respond quick enough Tim and several crew members removed the fan from the audience where he was then turned over to the local authorities.

Devo is made about a Happy Meal figure. McDonald's didn't approach the band before the figure launched in April.
"Plus, we don't like McDonald's, and we don't like American Idol, so we're doubly offended,” Casale added.New Wave Nigel was part of a line of action figures, which also included Disco Dave, Country Clay, Rockin' Riley and Soulful Selma, that were used to promote American Idol.

Boy George has been denied entry into the US, putting his upcoming summer tour in jeopardy.

Britney Spears sister Jamie Lynn has given birth to a baby girl in a hospital in Mississippi, it's been reported. We love that the world thinks its great as we ignore that she's a little whore.

According to an interview on the BBC, Kid Rock doesn’t mind people downloading his albums illegally as long as they buy tickets to his concerts. “I was telling kids: download it illegally, I don’t care. I want you to hear my music so I can play live. But I think they should steal everything. You know how much money the oil companies have? If you need some gas, just go fill your tank off and drive off, they’re not going to miss it.” Rock added, though, that he doesn’t participate in that philosophy. “I don’t steal things. I’m rich.

Metallica have revealed that their long awaited new studio album will be entitled 'Death Magnetic'. The name of the album, which is expected in September, was released in letter stages on the bands website. Despite a number of high profile festival performances over recent weeks, the band have refrained from previewing songs off the new record live.But a number of journalists, who were played rough mixes of the record recently, have reported that it contains some songs over seven minutes long.…


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DMX Busted Twice in One Week

2008-06-30 :: David Jackson

To have your feet done, to have your leg done, you have to be on narcotics," Tyler told The Associated Press on Friday. "You have to be on sleep aids at night. I don't know about Joe (Perry) but I was off and running and I didn't like the me that was me." (antimusic)

Amy Winehouse has signs of emphysema - my Grandma had that when she was 67

RATT was forced to cut its Friday, June 27 concert in Monterrey short after lead singer Stephen Pearcy appeared to be incapacitated and was unable to complete the concert. (Rolling Stone)

According the Miami Herald DMX was busted for buying cocaine and pot, and earlier in the week for driving without a license.

Guy gets arrested for hassling Cher


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Van Halen Grosses 93 Million

2008-06-18 :: David Jackson


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Jay Z Getting Sued For Whispering

2008-06-16 :: David Jackson

A guy wants $88 million bucks out of Jay-Z not for a lyric he jacked, or a sample he stole -- but for stealing that ultra-exclusive technique of ... rapping in a low whisper.

For the first time since 1994, original Warrant [ tickets ] members Jani Lane (vocals), Joey Allen (lead guitar), Jerry Dixon (bass), Erik Turner (guitar) and Steven Sweet (drums) will hit stages across the US and Canada.

Start The Machine is the in-depth personal account of the events that lead former Blink-182 singer and guitarist Tom DeLonge to leave the 20 times platinum rock band to form his current group, Angels And Airwaves. The DVD comes out June 17th

KISS has deinied the charges that they will hold an "American Idol" style show to find replacements for GEne Simmons and Paul Stanley.


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Clay AIken to be a FATHER

2008-06-02 :: David Jackson

THIS SHOW ORIGINATES AT www.musicnewspodcast.net  

Rock-and-roll pioneer Bo Diddley, whose distinctive guitar style informed generations of performers who followed in his footsteps, died early Monday. He was 79 (source livedaily.com) Diddley, who for months had suffered from poor health, died of heart failure in his Archer, FL, home, according to his spokesperson, Susan Clary. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer had suffered a heart attack last August, three months after suffering a stroke while on tour in Iowa that affected his ability to speak.

  Steven Tyler's Rehab ExplainedAerosmith's Steven Tyler is saying he checked into rehab to take care of rehabing his foot. According to TMZ, "He claims his "trademark athletic performances" injured his feet, requiring surgery." "I really needed a safe environment to recuperate where I could shut off my phone and get back on my feet. Clay Aiken Artificially inseminates 50 Year Old Record ProducerClay Aiken is going to be a father. Go ahead. Read it again. Accoridng to antimusic.com (who got it from TMZ), the mother is Jaymes Foster, a record producer and Clay's best friend. He lives at her home when he's in L.A. Foster was artificially inseminated and is due in August. Curt Kobain's Ashes Are MissingThe remainder of Kurt Cobain’s ashes have been stolen from Courtney Love. Love was storing the ashes in a pink bear-shaped handbag that was hidden in the wardrobe closet of her Hollywood home and believes the bag was taken by a former friend.…


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Steve Tyler 22 Years of Sobriety Over

2008-05-26 :: David Jackson

Steven Tyler Goes to RehabAfter 22 years of sobriety Steven Tyler has checked into Dr Drew's facility where he tapes Celebrity Rehab. He has been sober since 1986. This is according to US magazine, and the photo is courtesy of Ghetty Steven Curtis Chapman TragedyThe 5-year-old daughter of contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman died after being struck by an SUV in the driveway of the family's Nashville-area home late Wednesday afternoon (May 21). Maria Sue Chapman was playing in the area with several other children. Her teenaged brother did not see her in the driveway when he struck her with the Toyota Land Cruiser he was driving. A spokesman for the Tennessee Highway Patrol termed it "a terrible accident" and said no charges are expected to be filed. Chpman has won 51 Dove awards. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. Lou Perlman Gets 25 YearsThe man that gave us N'Sync and the Back Street Boys got the maximum of 25 years for stealing 300-500 million dollars. He can get 1 month taken off his sentence for every million he returns. Ringo BeheadedTMZ is reporting that vandals beheaded a Liverpool garden sculpture of Ringo Starr, it will take months to grow his head back. Yoko Ono Closer to Blocking Lennon TapesYoko Ono is closer to completely blocking a black and white tape of John Lennon writing songs, smoking marijuana and talking about putting LSD in then-President Richard Nixon’s tea. The footage was shot by her pre-Lennon husband. Wait, someone else married her before John Lennon. Seriously? Really?…


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Red Hot Chilli Pepper Go Cold

2008-05-20 :: David Jackson

Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently “disbanded”, according to frontman Anthony Kiedis. Speaking to Rolling Stone, the singer said that the band had decided to take a minimum of one year off after touring their last record, ‘Stadium Arcadium’. I hope they return as the great ower funk/rock band they were in the 80's instead of the watered down pop drivel they've put out the last few years.

Police are now claiming that DMX, while suffering from pneumonia, checked into the Mayo Clinic in Scottsville, Ariz., under an alias in hopes of avoiding the bill.

Sharon Osbourne is taking on a new role as headmistress of VH1's "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School" premiering on VH1 in the fall 2008. Osbourne has been given the task of teaching some of the most notorious contestants from "Rock of Love with Brett Michaels the art of becoming more lady-like.

Pete Doherty was told to leave a football club on Sunday (May 18th) after he was found urinating in a trophy, according to reports.


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Shania Twain is Single

2008-05-16 :: David Jackson

Country superstar Shania Twain and her mega-producer husband, Robert "Mutt" Lange, are separating after 14 years of marriage, according to Twain's spokesperson at Universal Music Group Nashville

In the poll, which asked 1100 adults to pick their favourite and least favourite from twenty different categories, Ms Mill received 28.3% of the vote

US rapper 50 Cent in talks to sign a $300million deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, it’s been reported.

A few months ago when Motley Crue sued Tommy Lee's manager--in part--because they believed said manager made Tommy look stupid by taking part in reality TV shows? It looks like whoever is advising Tommy now didn't get the memo as Lee is set to appear in a new reality show with rapper Ludacris.

Veteran shock-rocker Alice Cooper [ tickets ] has revealed dates for a lengthy summer/fall tour in support of his forthcoming new album, "Along Came a Spider. Alice was born in 1948


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Police Find "Dog Remains" at DMX House

2008-05-13 :: David Jackson

Michael Antony and Sammy Hagar are working on a new project. According to his site, "Sammy and I are working on a new project with a couple of good friends, and it is going to be totally KICKASS!! so stay tuned. Summer is almost here, so get out the suntan lotion, and I'll see you guys out there soon."

Motley Crue have pushed back the release of their new album, 'Saints of Los Angeles,' a week so they could go back into the studio to record a new song for the effort

Joyce "Dottie" Rambo, an influential gospel singer and songwriter, died early Sunday when her tour bus ran off the highway

DMX was arressted for doing 114mph, and when his house was searched htey found 12 pitbulls, and "dog remains" oh yeah, and some pot. Big surprise.


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Mission Metallica A Bust

2008-05-12 :: David Jackson

Mariah Carry is Married to Nick Cannon. Know to most as "the luckiest dude on the planet" after they wed after meeting in March. I love Mariah's curves.

Metallica are giving fans the chance to hear exclusive snippets of tracks from their long awaited new album with www.missionmetallica.com However, I went over and signed up, and I got no login, or extra links. I got nothing. Great first impression guys.

Steve Priest, a founding member of Sweet, has reconstituted the glittery fuzz-rock band that ignited U.K. and U.S. charts with such '70s hits as Ballroom Blitz, Little Willy, Fox on the Run and Love Is Like Oxygen. The Are you Ready Steve? Tour kicks off June 12 at The Whisky in Hollywood, with guitarist Stuart Smith, singer Joe Retta, drummer Richie Onori and keyboardist Stevie Stewart (in a nutshell everyone but the bassist is new).

R Kelly is due to appeared over child pornography charges which stem from an arrest six years ago. While originally charged with 21 counts it is now down to 14. Problem have arose as the girl in the video does not want to admit its her.

David Coverdale of Whitensnake says he's waiting for the call from Jimmy Page to be on the Led Zeppelin tour. Sure.


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Judas Priest Plan Double Dose of Bad

2008-05-09 :: David Jackson

Judas Priest are planning to release a DOUBLE CD concept CD.
AC/DC's new album is being mixed
50 Cent is being sued because someone he knows beat up a teanager…


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Tina Turner To Tour at age 68

2008-05-08 :: David Jackson

Eddie Arnold Dead at 89. He was the man behind the hit "make the Wordl God Away."
Madonna up to her same old tricks. Thats right. When your album generates no buzz, KISS A GIRL. IS this sexual harrassment?
Tina Turner To Tour at age 68. I will go watch this just to see if she breaks a hip.
Phil Colins Calls it Quits. The world rejoices.

Amy WInehouse has been arrested and released on bail. Ho hum.

Metallica will be headlining Ozzfest this year, and Nugefest will be hitting the rib burn offs and casinos this year.

Rapper DMX has been arrested for ding 114 mph in Arizona.  


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This Little Piggy Went Pop!

2008-05-02 :: David Jackson

Roger Water's pig has been found in one two peices. I guess if you put a 10,000 reward on something that's flying people will shoot anything they can at it to get it down.

Country’s Glen Campbell will cover the Foo Fighters, Tom Petty and U2 on his new, genre-busting album Meet Glen Campbell. Does anybody think this is a good idea? Do people who listen to the Foo Fighters even know who the Rhinestone cowboy is?

Vanilla Ice has had his legal issues dropped. Word to your lawyer.

Scott Weiland is practicing with STP in jail. I bet the boys in STP are sooo happy they got Scott back in the band.

Please go to www.musicnewspodcast.net and click on the links for emusic and get 35 free songs.


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Have You Seen My Inflatable Pig?

2008-04-29 :: David Jackson

Scott Weiland gets 8 Days in the Hole
Have You Soon My Inflatable Pig? 10,000 Reward
Amy Winehouse is writing a song nobody will hear
Jimi Hendrix Sex tape?…


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Miley Cyrus Seven Figure Memoir

2008-04-28 :: David Jackson

Miley Cyrus the road to skankdom as the gets her 7 fugure book deal and goes topless (ok she had a sheet on) in Vanity Fair. Does anyone remember that she's only 15?
Bon Jovi Bomb scare causes the show to be delayed for 3 hours.
Donnie and Marie go to Vegas. May they suffer the same as Elvis.
Guns N Roses an Almost Reunion - People need to shut up…


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Prince To Get 4.9 Million for one Gig

2008-04-14 :: David Jackson

Prince Getting 4.8 Million for One Gig at Coachella Festival
Meet Paul Stanley for 25k and see his crappy paintings.
Snoop And Paul Abdul to Present on CMT yes, thats a country music award show.
Vanillia Ice in trouble for domestic violence.…


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Snoop Don't Like Oprah No More

2008-04-11 :: David Jackson

Snoop Don't Like Oprah No More
Dokken, Poison, and Sebastian Bach to Tour This Summer
Britney Gets A Special Message From Fans
Keith Richards: The New Face Of Louis Vuitton
Nickleback Singer Guilty of Drunk Driving…


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Yoko Sticks Up For Heather Mills

2008-04-10 :: David Jackson

Pete Doherty Finally Going To Jail
Axl Rose Reality TV?
Solo Spin Doctor Releasing Album in May
New Neil Diamond Album and Tour.
Bob Dylan Awarded A Pulitzer Prize
Yoko Sticks Up For Heather Mills
Kiss: Shame Sh*t different Package.…


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Jay Z and Beyoncé Wed

2008-04-08 :: David Jackson

Poison Drummer Rapist?
Beach Boys Settle
Van Halen Back on Track
Europe Kiss Meetings
Jay Z and Beyoncé  wedding…


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New Kids On the Block Reunite

2008-04-07 :: David Jackson

Scott Weiland is Out of Velvet Revolver
The New Kids are Back have reunited after 14 years apart.
Warrant is Back with Jani Lane after 14 years and will appear on Rockline.
The Faces are Possible according to Ron Wood.
Keith Richards is still smoking lots of pot. SURPRISE…


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Def Leppard New Music Makes People Walk Out

2008-03-31 :: David Jackson

George Michael to Tour US
Lita Ford To Rocklohoma
Def Leppard - Our New Music Makes People Walk Out
Journey, Heart and Cheap Trick are heading out on the concert trail.
Credability with Smashing Punkins Fans is Ruined?

This show originates at www.musicnewspodcast.net


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Free Dr Pepper For Everyone if Axl Can Get His Act Together

2008-03-27 :: David Jackson

If Axle Rose can release the Chinese Democracy in the next 9 months you will get a free can od Dr Pepper. This has to be a joke.

 The Fifth Beatle dies (but nobody has every heard of him).

The Who will be the next victims of the Vh1 Rock Honors.

The Doors are attempting to pay their legal fees.


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Sheyrl Crow to Join Fleetwood Mac

2008-03-21 :: David Jackson

Sheyrl Crow will be joining Fleetwood Mac

The band YES is going to do a 40th anniversary tour.

Michael Sweet the singer from Stryper will go on tour with Boston as well as the kid they found on MySpace.

The New Queen album featuring Paul Rogers will be released on September 1, and a tour will follow.

The drummer from ABBA died after falling through a window and cutting his neck.


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Heather Mills is One Rich Btich

2008-03-21 :: David Jackson

Amy Winhouse had this picture taken. I'm not sure how this rasies awareness for breast cancer. Full story (photo by Carolyn Django)

Heather Mills get 48.7 million dollars and 70,000 for her four year old kid. BITCH

John Lennon's last interview will be coming to DVD (full story)

"The Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder: John, Paul, Tom And Ringo"
Distributed by Vivendi Universal
Selection Number: SF 10129
Suggested List Price: $24.99
Release Date: April 1, 2008
Total Running Time: 2¾ hours


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Journey Finds New Singer on YouTube

2008-03-16 :: David Jackson

Eddie Van Halen Not in ehab
Snoop To Be on Soap Opera
Festival Tickets For Sperm
Britney On the Tube
Journey Set to Luanch New Album…


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Keith Richards Says Just Say No

2008-03-10 :: David Jackson

Jacob Dylan Goes Solo
Foo FIghter Are Fighting - Hear the Preview
Will Smith Wins Settlement Against Hitler Claim
Keith Richards Say Just Say No
Gene Simmons talks about Sex Tape

Photo from pr shots.


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Scott Weiland Out of Rehab

2008-03-07 :: David Jackson

Scott Weiland is out of rehabd (So he can do those STP dates)
Michael Jackson Financial News
Robert Plant Snubs a 100 Million Tour Proposal
Paul Stanley May Be the Next Vegas Phantom


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John Lennon Ice Cream

2008-03-06 :: David Jackson

Amy Winehouse will get half a million dollars for one gig for the Louis Vuitton show at Paris during fashion week.

John Lennon is in the news. A 10 foot statue will be at one of the halls he played back in Liverpool (and someting about pies?) and Ben and Jerry has produced "Imagine Wirled Peace"

Peter Tork (former monkee) is now an advice columnist.


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Eddie Van Halen Undergoing Tests

2008-03-04 :: David Jackson

Rock Hall Nominees and their indutess
Eddie Van Halen Undergoes More Tests which causes their tour to be postponed.
Juvenile's Daughter Murdered at the age of four
Britney Evicted possibly by her landlord
MIck Jagger was a possible asasassination plot in the 60s


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Jeff Healey R.I.P

2008-03-03 :: David Jackson

Jeff Healey was a great guitar player. Oh yeah he was blind too. He died of cancer Sunday and I will miss him. I had the joy of seeing him on the "See the Light Tour" amazing.

Buy his greatest hits in iTunes


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Gene Simmons Axes Sex Tape

2008-02-28 :: David Jackson

Gene Simmons Sex Tape,

Def Leppard Dancing with the Stars April 29,

Paula Abdul New Album on the Way, and Possible Tour,

Eminem Book coming out


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Snoop Dog Busted with Pot - REALLY

2008-02-27 :: David Jackson

Maxim Magazine Apologizes for Black Crowes Review

Aaron Carter busted with Pot. A whole 2 oz.

J Lo Has Twins of boy and girl.

Snoop Dog Gets Busted with Pot.

Britny Fox is back in action with original bass player.


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Jack White and Bob Dylan Duet

2008-02-26 :: David Jackson

Rush to Release a LIVE ALbum
Michael Jackson to Appear on New Fall Out Boy ALbum
Madonna Goes Hp Hop
As I Lay Dying
Donna Summer Coming Out With Music In May
Bob Dylan and Jack White…


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Britney Uses Elvis Defense

2008-02-14 :: David Jackson

Brtiney Spears blames her manager
Blind Melon - New CD and Tour
War Reunite with Eric Burdon
Lynyrd Skynyrd's Releases music too bad to be released.
Beatle Legal News - We don't care if you name is LENNON.

Music "Edge of Pyschotic" from www.cjborden.com


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Scott Weliand

2008-02-13 :: David Jackson

The band Seven Dust will have Chris Daughtry on new album
Billy Joel to play last concert in New York
Cher is going to Vegas
Thrillers Turns 25
Dolly PArton's Breast Force her to cancel tour
County Music Hallf of Fame announces inductees
Scott Weiland is at it again as he goes back to rehab.


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Grammy 2008 Recap

2008-02-12 :: David Jackson

The grammys were this week did you miss it?

Here is the recap.

Alicia Keys is hot and talented.

Tina Turner looks good for her age, and Little Richards is spooky. Jerry Lew Lewis is very, VERY old. Aretha Franklins is basically as biggas one and a half people.

Amu Weinstein can suck the orange out of a pumpkin.

Any Williams Tony Bennet can't read anymore.

Kanye West got put in his place by Vince Gill.

John Fogherty didn't sound great.


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BIll Cosby Hip Hop Star

2008-02-06 :: David Jackson

Tom Jones takes out insurance on his chest Hair
Bill Cosby to hit the studio to lay down some rap
Joe Lynn Turner and other 80's rockers Form Big Noize
Lake E Lee to appear on next Enough ZNuff album…


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New Sheryl Crow and Lenny Kravitz

2008-02-05 :: David Jackson

Two new releases this week most notibly Sheylr Crow and Lenny Kravitz. We take a listen to some of Sheryl's tunes and a sample of Lenny's single. Her new Album is Detours

Sheryl sounds very much like Sheryl. If you like Sheryl, you'll like this CD.

Lenny's CD only had the video avilable to sample, but I loved the single.

Sheyrl Crow

Lenny Kravtiz



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Airborne Runnin WIld Hits the USA

2008-01-29 :: David Jackson

If you like AC/DC or Jackyl then you are going to love this band from Australia as they get a realease in the USA. I first about this band on the Rock and Roll Geek Show

The great things about Amazon.com is they now sell downloads (high quality) and you get the whole album for around 9 bucks.

The Album is Runnin' Wild not WIldside (must've been reading something else)


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Amy WInehouse Goes To Rehab

2008-01-27 :: David Jackson

Stone Temple Pilots to reunite

Whitesnake Celebrate 30 Years with new album

Amy WInehouse goes to rehab.

River Cuomo plans an HUGE biography.


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New North Mississippi Allstars

2008-01-25 :: David Jackson

Last Tuesday a bunch of crap was released (Drive by truckers - who?). So today I play you some snippets from the only band I had heard of it the North Mississipppy Allstars from their album Hernando. (courtesy of Amazon.com )…


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2008-01-23 :: David Jackson

Tim McGraw and Def Leopard work on single.

Glitter Still Alive - DAMNIT!

Blackmore's Night's Candace Night will be making her feature film debut in House of Eternity. Queensryche's Geoff Tate will co-star in the film.

Chinese Democracy Really Does Exist according to Axl's manager.

Celine Dione to Open Olympic Games - WHY?

Johnny Depp Hopes to Play Michael Jackson in a movie about his life.



DMX Was Raped?

2008-01-20 :: David Jackson

This podcast originates at www.musicnewspodcast.net 

J Lo has problems

DMA was Raped?

New Beatles songs found.

Heaven and Hell is getting ready to record a new album (sorry Ozzy)

Paul Abdul ramps up her craziness.

Britney Trupmts it by being accused of being sychzo.

Maroon comes to CMT Crossroads


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Ringo is Back -10s of People Rejoice

2008-01-15 :: David Jackson

Its new release Tuesday and the big news is Ringo has a new solo album out. It's very "Ringo." The album is Liverpool 8 and alhtough it sounds liek Jeff Lyne Produced it, its actually Dave Stewart.

Ringo Starr Liverpool 8

Anne Murray Duets: Friends & Legends

Olivia Newton-John and the Sydney Symphony: Live at the Sydney Opera House (DVD)


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Catching up with Britney

2008-01-14 :: David Jackson

I'm back from Vacation. We had alot of Britney news to go over, we also have some news about Gene SImmons and Tom Petty.…


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Cabo Wabo Radio Coming

2007-12-19 :: David Jackson

Sammy Hagar is going to start putting concert from his club on the Intnernet.

The Robert Plant and Alyson's Kraus new video is just creepy.

Queen will sell a charity single for AIDS.

Fucked Up sue Camel and Rolling Stone.


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Britney Spears Mentors Her Sister

2007-12-19 :: David Jackson

Jamie Lynn Spears is Knocked Up. This has put her mother's book on hold.

Britney too tired for Court, but not to Party. She's too much of a train wreck for AI

Twisted Sister are accused of taking the money and running they sold a total of 87 tickets.

 Guitar Hero III - when you play fake guitar you really need fidelity.


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Kevin DuBrow R.I.P

2007-11-27 :: David Jackson

Kevin DuBrow the lead Singer of the 80's band Quiet Riot is Dead at the age of 52. Casey Calvert of the band Hawthorn Heights is dead at age 26

Queensryche Releases a CD of cover tunes. They have Gas masks on the front of the CD cover. is that subliminal?


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Gene Simmons is Not Dead

2007-11-26 :: David Jackson

Led Zepplin New Old Tune
Led Zepplin Tour Slip Up
Extreme Reform after 13 Years
Cortney Love Owes Her Lawyers



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Boy George and Handcuffs

2007-11-18 :: David Jackson

Boy George Hand Cuff - arrestd for kidnapping
Christina is Pregnant - bummer.
Britney Runs over a Cop? - could be.
Jewel Goes Country - where ele do you go when you can't sell records.
BoysIIMen set to release new album.


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Clapton and Winwood Together Again

2007-11-16 :: David Jackson

Courtney Love had a 3000+ word myspace post
Prince Sues Pirates
Britney Ordered to Pay K Fed
The Eagles Last CD Ever. Um till Hell freezes over right Don?
Michael Jackson, Diddy and More…


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The Eagles Strike Back

2007-11-11 :: David Jackson

The Eagles top the carts 711,000 copies
Britney Spears #2 290,000
Cornel News on Audioslave break up.
The Judds Reunite
Prince Sues Fans?…


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New Old Stevie Ray Vaughn

2007-11-05 :: David Jackson

We go over some of the new releases. Saga (remember them) Stevie Ray Vaughns vault has been emptied, Bare Naked Ladies, HELP! (the Beatles) If you plan on buying items like this (Barry Manilow has a new DVD, Monster Magnet, etc) Be a pal and do it from http://www.supportthisshow.com/…


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Led Zepplin Tour Postponed

2007-11-04 :: David Jackson

Jimmy Page hurt his finger
Meatload may retire
Ozzy says downloading is killing his album



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Michael Jackson May Lose Neverland

2007-11-02 :: David Jackson

MJ may lose neverland.
Britney Spears may top the charts.
Ace of Base News
50 Cent wants "I still kill" on MTV


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Punching Britney Spears

2007-11-01 :: David Jackson

Brtiney makes 737,000 a month
She spends:
$49,267 in mortgage for two houses
$16,000 for clothes and $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
$4,758 per month dining out.
$500 a month in charitable contributions
15,000 per month in child support and $20,000 in spousal support

K-Fed's Expenses
He made 500,000 from endorsements.
He also spends about $5,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation, and $1,500 eating out
Federline earned more than a half-million dollars in 2006, mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals, but after business expenses only grossed $7,436 that year.

Heather Mills is confused as to why people hate her. Seriously.


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iTunes Lowers Their Pricing

2007-10-24 :: David Jackson


iTunes – Over 2 million songs and growing has now lowered their DRM free track to .99

Radiohead released a "free" album, and people are "Stealing it..."

Led Zepplin to possibly, maybe, kind, coulda, record new music.


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Britney Spears on the Cover of Playboy

2007-10-22 :: David Jackson

Britney Loses Visitation
Donny Osmonds Fake Drug habit
Britney Hef Wants You On the Cover
Dee Snider (twisted Sister) Going Country…


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Snoop Dog Community Service

2007-10-18 :: David Jackson

SixNationState bassist John Maskell Slices his Foot

Prodigy Going to Prison

Little Wayne Arrested

Snoop Dog Gets to Wash Cars as Part of His Community Service


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