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Last update: 2012-10-20

#20 hell in a handbasket

Length: 44m 3s

Hello folks, This week we talk about our hectic lives, facebook-o-holics, political bs, living in a swing state and much more…


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# 19 Mental pause

Length: 47m 19s

Ok, so we recorded this last week and then, a week after the last one and then Terry, who edits these, just has not had the chance to put it up ... we will see if this will be a two for one week end or not. Enjoy!…


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#18 better late than never!

Length: 54m 26s

Sorry for the late post but, its better late than never. This week Terry and Jen talk about Terry's birthday, what we would want our GPS system to sound like, drinking, relationships, attraction, school starting, Scotch-A-Roos, how ebay sucks and more! Enjoy!…


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# 17 Spolier alert!!!

Length: 46m 36s

This time Terry and Jen talk about western welcome week, Funnel Cake (aka frontal lobe cake), The Hunger Games movies, #stuffididntknow, cheese green chile rice, and more! Enjoy!…


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# 16 Medical Opintion

Length: 56m 50s

This week we talk about going to the Er again, Beef Chow mein, Morning people, getting pulled over by the cops and more. Enjoy!…


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# 15 Hectic Week

Length: 31m 2s

Jen and Terry talk about a couple of hectic weeks, new job traning, salad and more. Enjoy…


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# 14 Change of senery

Length: 51m 15s

This time Terry and Jen talk about the heat, crazy people, changing jobs, school starts soon, iron chef, #stuffididntknow, cooking shows, lovely neighbors and more! Enjoy!  BTW if you go to stitcher.com/mustberice and use promo mustberice you will get a chance to win $100!


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# 13 Skinny Jeans

Length: 50m 40s

This time Terry and Jen talk about boys who wear skinny jeans TelStar 1, Starfish Prime, The Knights Templar, DayZ, a stolen House, Mexican Stuffed Bell Peppers and More. Enjoy!…


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# 12 Be Blunt

Length: 42m 11s

In this episode Jenifer and Terry Talk about being blunt, ghetto lattes, Cheese Burger rice and much more. Enjoy…


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# 11 spry it with pam

Length: 51m 41s

This time Jen and Terry talk about Miss America's Chicken and rice, Wikipedia, Wild fires, Video Games, and more. Enjoy.…


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# 10 Rice Pudding

Length: 53m 39s

This week we talk about #stuffididntknow, immigration reform, Rice Pudding and much more. Enjoy!…


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