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Last update: 2010-11-23

Have The Muzzies Won?

Length: 15m 16s

My look on the current state of affairs regarding society post 9/11. There is two sides of the coin... remain civil and non-violent, or, take the first shot. I do not advocate violence. …


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Length: 8m 29s

A very simple analogy of the marxist and the maggot. …


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Political Correctness

Length: 9m 33s

BadCat sends more copy to defend statements used in last weeks episode "Militant Conservatism". This episode is in defense of attacks against the leftist 'PC', political correctness doctrine, designed to persecute the conservative. …


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Militant Conservatism

Length: 12m 24s

Militant Conservatism... the only thing that stands between you and total marxist rule. An overview of how the 'timid' or moderate conservatives are a part of the problem. Unafraid, unapologetic, and unyielding... Militant Conservatism. …


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Issues Regarding The Demise of The American Way

Length: 11m 53s

I focus on a few issues that I feel plays a large part int eh demise of our American way of life. I address ALL Americans... democrats, republicans, independents alike. …


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Unions Need a Free Society To Exist

Length: 6m 36s

If the union members continue to support the marxist ways, they are only defeating their own future, and the future of their children. …


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My Current View

Length: 10m 44s

More like my rant on the marxist pukes and their assault on the American way. Socialist, marxist, communist attacks on the American citizens voicing their concerns about the marxist regime in power. You will find the marxist on either side of the fence. DNC, RNC, Independent means nothing. …


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Rant on conservatives. Chauvinism.

Length: 9m 51s

A response to "true" conservatives. The hypocrisy in America - chauvinism. …


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Is it Georgia or America that is losing?

Length: 16m 17s

Contrast of Georgia and America with the dominace of communism, socialism, and the liberals who allow it. …


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My Voice of Freedom

Tweet @FreedomBill_CA Militant Conservatism is an attitude that supports defense of conservative ways with an aggressive manner. Do not misunderstand the term ‘militant’. –adjective 1. vigorously active and aggressive, esp. in support of a cause. The timid or ‘moderate’ is not welcomed here. You are part of the problem. The militant conservative is not concerned with the thoughts or constant wailing of the moderate conservative. Let it also be known that the militant conservative does not fear the Marxist and will prevail and defeat the socialistic scum. "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; It is with ‘vigor’ and ‘aggressiveness” the militant conservative will swear to uphold this oath. It is only the militant conservative that can save the United States of America. tweet @FreedomBill_CA

My Voice of Freedom

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