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Last update: 2013-06-26

NPR: 06-26-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Translation, Please: Hand-Held Device Bridges Language Gap 2) In More Cities, A Camera On Every Corner, Park And Sidewalk 3) Beaming Internet to the Boondocks, Via Balloon 4) Calling It 'Metadata' Doesn't Make Surveillance Less Intrusive…


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NPR: 06-19-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Mexico's Tech Startups Look To Overcome Barriers To Growth 2) Parvum Opus: Followers Flock To Pope's Latin Twitter Feed 3) Under The Radar: Some Pilots Of Small Drones Skirt FAA Rules 4) Hacktivists: Heroes Or, Well, Hacks? 5) U.S. Automakers Are On A Roll, But Hiring Is Slow And Steady 6) Can Captain Sunshine Save The Israeli Electric Car Dream?…


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NPR: 06-13-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) To Crack Down On Rhino Poaching, Authorities Turn To Drones 2) First U.S. Assembly Plant For China's Lenovo Opens In N.C. 3) The NSA, Verizon And The Future of Domestic Spying 4) Cyberspying Expected To Be Discussed At U.S.-China Summit 5) 'Internship': A Love Story To Nooglers 6) Strengthening Buildings In Tornado Alley…


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NPR: 06-05-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Is The Midwest More Hateful Than Other Regions? 2) Online College Courses Get A Big Boost, But Doubts Persist 3) How Recalculating GDP Can Help App Designers In Nigeria 4) With Chemical Tweaks, Cement Becomes A Semiconductor 5) High School Newspapers: An Endangered Species 6) Rio Goes High-Tech, With An Eye Toward Olympics, World Cup…


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NPR: 05-29-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Can This Man Bring Silicon Valley To Yangon? 2) Viewers To Decide If Amazon's Sample Shows Make The Cut 3) Hulu's Future Depends On Which Company Buys It 4) How Silicon Valley Glommed On To Politics 5) Vintage Sounds: The Clacks And Dings Of Pinball Machines 6) How Code For America's Apps Benefit Kansas City…


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NPR: 05-22-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Google Mines Our Data For Future Product Ideas 2) Seeing The (Northern) Light: A Temporary Arctic Retirement 3) Can Losing Weight In Your 'Second Life' Help In Your First? 4) Yahoo To Buy Tumblr In An Attempt To Revitalize Itself 5) If Your Shrink Is A Bot, How Do You Respond? 6) With New Xbox, Microsoft Makes A Bigger Play For Living Room…


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NPR: 05-15-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Peers Find Less Pressure Borrowing From Each Other 2) Facebook Users Question $20 Million Settlement Over Ads 3) New Closed-Captioning Glasses Help Deaf Go Out To The Movies 4) Google Fights Glass Backlash Before It Even Hits The Street 5) ABC's Live Streaming Aimed At Keeping Cable Cords Intact 6) Online Legacies Prompt Growing Legal Challenges…


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NPR: 05-01-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Blazing The Trail For Female Programmers 2) How One College Is Closing The Computer Science Gender Gap 3) When It Comes To Productivity, Technology Can Hurt And Help…


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NPR: 04-24-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) This Building Is Supergreen. Will It Be Copied? 2) How Technology Helped FBI Narrow Field Of Bombing Suspects 3) Philly Turns Skyscraper Into Video Game Screen For Tech Week 4) Video-Streaming Firms Attract Customers With Exclusive Shows 5) Young Adults With Autism Can Thrive In High-Tech Jobs 6) Boston Bombing Sparks Firestorm Of Internet Hate…


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NPR: 04-17-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Great Long-Form Journalism, Just Clicks Away 2) Startup CEO Wields Small Antenna In TV Streaming Battle 3) Supreme Court Asks: Can Human Genes Be Patented? 4) When Digital Dust Is Gathered, Constellation May Be Muddled 5) Speak Up! Advertisers Want You To Talk With New Apps 6) Go Figure: The Machine That Put Computation In Your Pocket…


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NPR: 04-10-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Crowdsourcing Creativity At The Cinema 2) The Ups And Downs Of Cyber Currency Bitcoin 3) Listen Up To Smarter, Smaller Hearing Aids 4) Pirates Steal 'Game Of Thrones': Why HBO Doesn't Mind 5) What Drives Us? Car Sharing Reflects Cultural Shift 6) Vermont Finds High-Tech Ways To Sap More Money From Maple Trees…


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NPR: 04-03-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Cyberattack Against Spam-Fighting Organization One Of The Largest Ever 2) 'Bioshock Infinite': A First-Person Shooter, A Tragic Play 3) Tech Week Ahead: Rumors Of A Facebook Phone 4) Social Media Advice: Are Voicemails Verboten Or Not? 5) Facebook's Online Speech Rules Keep Users On A Tight Leash…


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NPR: 03-27-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) On Its 7th Birthday, Is Twitter Still The 'Free Speech Party'? 2) Samsung Is On A Roll, But Can It Beat Apple? 3) Shareholders Re-Elect Hewlett-Packard Board Members 4) Google's Eric Schmidt Heads To Another Isolated Asian Nation 5) After Conquering Consoles, Hard-Core Gaming Shifts To Mobile 6) Republicans Launch Mission To Turn Up Their Digital Game…


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NPR: 03-20-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Are We Plugged-In, Connected, But Alone? 2) Will Man's Best Friend Be A Robot? 3) Is The Human Hand Our Best Technology? 4) Angry Birds TV, Coming To A Mobile Screen Near You 5) Samsung Unveils Its Galaxy S4 6) Is All The Talk About Cyberwarfare Just Hype?…


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NPR: 03-13-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) 'Bowery Boys' Are Amateur But Beloved New York Historians 2) The 'Big Data' Revolution: How Number Crunchers Can Predict Our Lives 3) News Corp. Education Tablet: For The Love Of Learning? 4) The Life Cycle Of A Social Network: Keeping Friends In Times Of Change 5) Controlling Your Computer With A Wave Of Your Hand 6) 3-D Printing, Cat Videos The Hot Topic At SXSW Interactive Conference…


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NPR: 03-06-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Experts Boil Telecommuting Decisions Down To Flexibility Vs. Serendipity 2) Nonprofit Hopes To Get Kids Excited About Computer Coding 3) Job Applicants Are Wary Of Firms' Resume Sorting Software 4) Two For One: Groupon Replaces CEO Mason With Board Members 5) 'Consumer Reports' Offers Tips For Doing Taxes Online 6) A Multimedia Journey Through 'The Persian Square'…


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NPR: 02-27-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Amid Lawsuits, Aereo Brings Broadcast TV To The Internet 2) Google Invites Ideas For Its High-Tech Eyewear 3) At A Trade Show, Power Tools Fit For The Amish 4) Is China's Military Behind Cyberattacks on U.S.? 5) As Police Drones Take Off, Washington State Pushes Back 6) Tech Like 'Google Glass' Could Outsell PCs In Five Years…


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NPR: 02-20-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) As 3-D Printing Becomes More Accessible, Copyright Questions Arise 2) When It Comes To Fashion, Shouldn't There Be An App For That? 3) In New York, Taxi Apps Raise Objections From Competitors 4) Pentametron Reveals Unintended Poetry of Twitter Users 5) Art Meets Geek at Toni Dove's Studio 6) Want To Keep Your Messages Private? There's An App For That…


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NPR: 02-13-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Automakers Drive Towards Hydrogen Cars 2) 'We Need To Talk': Missed Connections With Hyperconnectivity 3) Raising Personable Children, Even If They're Glued To Phones 4) When Social Media And Romance Mix, It's Complicated 5) To Foster Communication, Bay Area Boss Cut Off Email 6) Pentagon Goes On The Offensive Against Cyberattacks…


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NPR: 02-06-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Hack Attack On 'New York Times' Looks Like Part Of Chinese Campaign 2) African Americans Fly High With Math And Science 3) Iran's Leader Embraces Facebook; Fellow Iranians Are Blocked 4) How One Company Reinvented The Hand Dryer 5) Tech Week Ahead: Driverless Cars 6) Dell Makes Deal To Become Private Company…


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NPR: 01-30-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Shakespeare's Sonnets, Encoded In DNA 2) Turning Girl Scout Cookies Into Graphene 3) Cause Of Boeing's 787 Problems Remains A Mystery 4) No Mercy For Robots: Experiment Tests How Humans Relate To Machines 5) E-Readers Track How We Read, But Is The Data Useful To Authors? 6) Western Bloggers Use Google Maps To Expose North Korean Prison Camps…


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NPR: 01-23-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) Bump On The Road For Driverless Cars Isn't Technology, It's You 2) Inventors Design Lamp Powered Entirely By Gravity 3) This Defense Contractor Has A Green Side 4) Tech Week Ahead: Controversial Founder Of File-Sharing Site Launches New Service 5) Inaugural Smartphone App Could Be Helping Mine Data For Democrats 6) Inauguration Attendees Use Smartphones As Public Diaries…


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NPR: 01-16-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) In Video-Streaming Rat Race, Fast Is Never Fast Enough 2) Latest TV Technoloy: Ultra-High Definition TV. 3) 'M-Commerce' On The Rise As More Consumers Use Mobile Devices To Shop 4) Consumer Electronic Show Highlights Home Technology 5) Black Market Pharmacies And The Big Business Of Spam 6) How E-Waste Is Becoming a Big, Global Problem…


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NPR: 01-09-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) FTC Closes Google Antitrust Investigation Without Penalties 2) Google Avoids Antitrust Charges 3) Science Looked Good In 2012 4) 3-D Printing Is (Kind Of) A Big Deal 5) 'RunPee' The Ideal App For Lovers Of Movies And Large Drinks 6) Are You Eating Too Fast? Ask Your Fork…


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NPR: 01-02-2013 Technology


Stories: 1) In Rapid-Fire 2012, Memes' Half-Life Fell To A Quarter 2) Music-Streaming Services Hunt For Paying Customers 3) TV Broadcasters Amp Up The 'Second Screen' Experience 4) The Year In Tweets 5) From 3-D Printers To Wired Glasses, The Tech Year Ahead 6) Social Sharing Site Reddit Had Big Year, But Not All Positive Attention…


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NPR: 12-26-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) With Growth Of 'Hacker Scouting,' More Kids Learn To Tinker 2) FAA Pressured To Give E-Readers A Pass During Takeoff, Landing 3) Online Videos: Not Just Made By Amateurs Anymore 4) Forget YOLO: Why 'Big Data' Should Be The Word Of The Year 5) Future Fibers May Be Spun From Slime 6) Kenyan Women Create Their Own 'Geek Culture' …


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NPR: 12-19-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Don't Like The Government? Make Your Own, On International Waters 2) Protecting Kids' Digital Privacy 3) New Car Features May Keep Older Drivers Out Of The Big Yellow Taxi 4) 'Fat Fingers' Blamed For Accidental Mobile Ad Clicks 5) The Day Instagram Almost Lost Its Innocence…


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NPR: 12-12-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) To Catch A Suspect — On Pinterest 2) Will U.S.-Made Mac Computers Start A Trend? 3) Forget The Register: Stores Use Mobile To Make Sales On The Spot 4) Tech Week Ahead: Feuding Companies 5) FTC: Apps For Children Raise Privacy Concerns 6) Who Needs College? Young Entrepeneuer Bets On Bright Idea For Solar Energy…


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NPR: 12-05-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Facebook Arrests Ignite Free-Speech Debate In India 2) A Bet Or A Prediction? Intrade's Purpose Is Debated 3) Yet Another Shift In Facebook Policies Raises Privacy Concerns 4) Senate Committee Approves Stricter Email Privacy 5) Senate Committee OKs Electronic Privacy Measure 6) The Next Workplace? Behind The Wheel…


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NPR: 11-29-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Outsmart Crowds With Mobile Shopping Revolution 2) Rich Jaroslovsky's Gadget Picks For 2012 3) Spain Expands Renewables With Wave-Powered Electricity Plant 4) How Ordinary Chinese Are Talking And Fighting Back 5) Tech Week Ahead: Cyber Monday…


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NPR: 10-05-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Apple Visionary Steve Jobs Dies At 56 2) Can Amazon's Fire Tap Into iPad's Success? 3) Using Twitter To Tap Into The Mood Of The Planet 4) Living In A Geodesic Dome Home 5) Old-Fashioned Letter Writing Meets Digital Age 6) Dead Sea Scrolls Co…


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NPR: 09-28-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Air Force And Navy Turn To Biofuels 2) Will Whitman Help Hewlett-Packard Find Its Way? 3) Pro-Assad 'Army' Wages Cyberwar In Syria 4) Security Expert: U.S. 'Leading Force' Behind Stuxnet 5) Few Consumers Are Cracking The QR Code 6) NYC Launch…


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NPR: 09-21-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) The Ups And Downs Of A Tech Startup Roller Coaster 2) This Machine Can Suck Carbon Out Of The Air 3) Balancing Budgets And R&D 4) Cultivating A Wastewater Treatment System 5) This Summer, 3-D Ticket Sales Disappoint 6) Coeds Cope With Technol…


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NPR: 09-14-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Yahoo Must Search For A Clear Focus, Analysts Say 2) 'Move An Asteroid' Competition May Help Protect Planet 3) Comcast Offers A Digital Lifeline To The Disconnected 4) Tweeting To Electoral Victory In China? Maybe Not 5) How Do U.S. Solar Com…


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NPR: 09-07-2011 Technology

Length: 30m 12s

Stories: 1) Robot-To-Robot Chat Yields Curious Conversation 2) Is It Time To Leave The Space Station? 3) With Starz Announcement, Netflix Takes A Hit 4) WikiLeaks Now Victim Of Its Own Leak 5) For Software Developers, A Bounty Of Opportunity…


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NPR: 08-31-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Patent Wars Could Dull Tech's Cutting Edge 2) Steve Jobs Resigns, Tim Cook Becomes Apple's CEO 3) How Well Can Cook Fill Jobs' Shoes At Apple? 4) As Apple's Steve Jobs Steps Down, Tim Cook Steps Up 5) Can Apple Fly As High Without Steve Jobs?…


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NPR: 08-24-2011 Technology

Length: 51m 6s

Stories: 1) Technology: Help Or Hindrance To Law Enforcement? 2) E-Receipts Cut Clutter, Boost Marketing Opportunities 3) Students Tackle 'Kids' Science Challenge' 4) Google Enters The Smartphone Business, Maybe 5) Solar-Charged Phones Without A 93-Milli…


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NPR: 08-17-2011 Technology

Length: 29m 50s

Stories: 1) New Police Scanner Raises 'Facial Profiling' Concerns 2) In Shift To Streaming, Netflix Customers Find Holes 3) Is There A Bandwidth Shortage? 4) Google's Goal: Inspire First Privately Funded Moon Landing 5) Volatile Markets Could Dry Up Fund…


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NPR: 08-10-2011 Technology

Length: 23m 18s

Stories: 1) Phone-Only Music Service Takes Tunes On The Go 2) Money Can Buy You Love On Twitter 3) Internet Footprint Driving Away Employers? 4) Teenage Girls And Social Media: Tips For Parents From A Best-Selling Author…


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NPR: 08-03-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) What Will We Watch As Drones Evolve? 2) A New Way Around Internet Censorship? 3) China Aims To Renew Status As Scientific Superpower 4) China's Supercomputing Goal: From 'Zero To Hero' 5) Curbing Supercomputers' Growing Drain On Energy 6) Def…


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NPR: 07-27-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) The GPS: A Fatally Misleading Travel Companion 2) GOP Twitter Debate: Dose Of Attention Deficit? 3) Yes, We Do Have Bananas, For Now 4) Are The Modest Sales Of Electric Cars Encouraging? 5) Hunting For A Password That Only You Will Know 6) Ho…


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NPR: 07-20-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Twitter: A Global Force At Age Five 2) Her Ticket To Space: $20 Million 3) Pentagon Unveils Plan To Defend Against Cyberattack 4) What Role Will Tablets Play In Back-To-School Sales? 5) How To Protect Your Voicemail 6) Kicking Love Into Gear:…


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NPR: 07-13-2011 Technology

Length: 23m 39s

Stories: 1) Verizon Wireless Ends New Unlimited Data Plans 2) Student Brain Power Turns Exercise Into Electricity 3) Rethinking The Shuttle: Carrying People, And Cargo 4) Microsoft Makes Hacking Kinect Easier 5) Woman Invokes 5th Amendment To Avoid Discl…


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NPR: 07-06-2011 Technology

Length: 9m 55s

Stories: 1) Geocaching: 21st-Century Treasure Hunting 2) Smartphones Making It Harder To Call It Quits 3) Obama Discusses Deficit In Twitter Town Hall…


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NPR: 06-29-2011 Technology

Length: 41m 54s

Stories: 1) Creating Reservoirs Under Roads And Parking Lots 2) Science Diction 3) Is Google Playing Fair With Its Search Results? 4) Hulu's Owners Consider Selling The Site 5) No Smooth Ride: Building A High-Speed Rail In China 6) Matchmaker, Matchmaker…


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NPR: 06-22-2011 Technology

Length: 1h 12m 11s

Stories: 1) IBM Turns 100: The Company That Reinvented Itself 2) For Recent Cyberattacks, Motivations Vary 3) Hackers Eye U.S. Government Targets 4) Liberal Bloggers: Obama 'Not Our Boyfriend Anymore' 5) McGraw-Hill, Google To Add Solar Megawatts 6) Voya…


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NPR: 06-15-2011 Technology

Length: 32m 25s

Stories: 1) Divisions Seen In Administration Over Cyberthreats 2) Sony Ready To Move Past Hackers, Losses 3) Citigroup Confirms Customer Accounts Hacked 4) Does iCloud Pose Security Risks To Users? 5) Researchers Trap Antimatter For Record 16 Minutes 6) …


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NPR: 06-08-2011 Technology

Length: 34m 52s

Stories: 1) Clinton 'Concerned' Over Google Hacking 2) Cellphones May Raise Risk Of Developing Cancer 3) Can Social Networking Move Beyond Facebook? 4) Apple's Macs Hit By Malware; Are iPhones Next? 5) Music Industry's Blessing Lifts Hopes For iCloud 6) …


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NPR: 06-01-2011 Technology

Length: 25m 50s

Stories: 1) Facebook Has Powerful Friends; Will Users Suffer? 2) Arts-Funding Site Gets 'Kickstart' From Business Bids 3) In LinkedIn IPO, Hints Of Another Tech Bubble? 4) Study May Shed Light On How To Stop Spam 5) Technology Brings Digital Memories To …


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NPR: 05-25-2011 Technology

Length: 20m 38s

Stories: 1) Re-evaluating The Fukushima Nuclear Situation 2) Aboard The Space Station, It's A Beautiful World 3) Humorist's Spider Crawls The Web, Bringing Fame And A Book Deal 4) What Are Bitcoins?…


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NPR: 05-18-2011 Technology

Length: 35m 57s

Stories: 1) Mind Reading: Technology Turns Thought Into Action 2) This Is The Police: Put Down Your Camera 3) U.S. Outlines Cybersecurity Initiative 4) Studying Schizophrenia, By Giving It To Computers 5) Automakers Try To Convince Chinese To Drive Green…


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NPR: 05-11-2011 Technology

Length: 31m 2s

Stories: 1) Synth Music Pioneer Thomas Dolby Back With New EP 2) Small Cars Back Again; This Time Automakers Ready 3) Separated By War, Reunited By The Web: Photo Project Links Holocaust Survivors 4) Number Of Bin Laden Domain Names Soars 5) Microsoft Sp…


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NPR: 05-04-2011 Technology

Length: 33m 57s

Stories: 1) Your Smartphone Is Tracking You, But Don't Worry 2) Cape Wind Project Wins Construction Approval 3) Bug News Roundup: Ant Rafts, Robot Caterpillars 4) Ham Radio Volunteers Worry About Spectrum Plan 5) Twitter Spreads News Of Bin Laden's Death…


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NPR: 11-17-2010 Technology

Length: 47m 8s

Stories: 1) Latest Lighting Technology Hits The Market 2) 'Call Of Duty' Sales Boost Gaming Industry 3) A Conversation With The New NSF Director 4) Flying By A Small, Hyperactive Comet 5) The Spookiness Of Quantum Mechanics 6) Facebook Takes On E-Mail, M…


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NPR: 11-10-2010 Technology

Length: 29m 17s

Stories: 1) Feds Surprise Biotech Industry With Gene Patent Rule 2) Microsoft's Kinect Brings Gestures To A New Level 3) Counting Crowds: Results May Vary 4) Cool The Earth With Geoengineering? Some Say Wait 5) The Queen Of England Is On Facebook 6) It's…


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NPR: 11-03-2010 Technology

Length: 24m 49s

Stories: 1) China's Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer 2) Text Messages, Radio Warn Haitians Of Cholera Risks 3) Google TV: Networks, Cable Companies And Consumers Respond 4) Wikipedia Teams Up With Academia 5) And iPhone Makes Three: Marriage In The D…


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NPR: 10-27-2010 Technology

Length: 48m 33s

Stories: 1) 'What Technology Wants' Tracks The Tech Evolution 2) Space Tourism: To Infinity And ... Right Back To Earth 3) Get Ready To Say Goodbye To Windows XP 4) Puzzling Over A Man And His Cube 5) Dean Kamen Explores Invention 6) Ira Asks: How Are Ey…


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NPR: 10-21-2010 Technology

Length: 30m 37s

Stories: 1) Wishing And Hoping: What iPad On Verizon Really Means 2) Google Isn't The First To Dream Of Robotic Cars 3) Spammers Use The Human Touch To Avoid CAPTCHA 4) Back Stage At A High-Tech Opera 5) Offshore Wind Farms Still On Distant Horizon 6) Su…


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NPR: 10-13-2010 Technology

Length: 35m 34s

Stories: 1) Will Electric Cars Work For The Everyday Driver? 2) Facebook Ups Users Privacy Protections 3) FCC Takes On Cellular Phone Bill Shock 4) Miami Plays Host To Bloggers Conference 5) Take A Spin In An Electric Car 6) Tracking The 'Truthiness' Of …


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NPR: 10-07-2010 Technology

Length: 28m 33s

Stories: 1) 'Social Network': Fact Or Fiction, A Tangled Web 2) Prosecutors In N.Y. Charge Dozens With Cybercrime 3) Stuxnet Computer Worm Has Vast Repercussions 4) Mich. Official Off Job After Targeting Gay Student 5) How Do You Catch An Atom And Pin It…


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NPR: 09-29-2010 Technology

Length: 30m 19s

Stories: 1) High-Tech Runners Train Smarter With GPS 2) Seeing The Internet As An 'Information Weapon' 3) Facebook's $100 Million Gift Precedes Movie Release 4) World's Most Precise Clocks Test Relativity 5) Should Drivers Hang Up? State Officials To Wei…


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NPR: 09-22-2010 Technology

Length: 25m 17s

Stories: 1) X Prize Marks Fuel-Efficiency Spot For Future Cars 2) On Facebook, Bob Mondello Recommends That You Become A Fan Of 'Catfish' 3) A Kitchen Revolution Aimed At Freeing Women 4) The E-Textbook Experiment Turns A Page 5) Pa. University Bans Fa…


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NPR: 09-15-2010 Technology

Length: 23m 36s

Stories: 1) Zapping Inmates To Control Them: Harmless Or Torture? 2) Religious Search Engines Yield Tailored Results 3) Ground Zero Remains Continue To Be Recovered, ID'd 4) Town Stops Using Google Earth To Spot Illegal Pools 5) University Declares A Wee…


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NPR: 11-02-2011 Technology

Length: 24s

Stories: 1) Phone Cameras Challenge Point-And-Shoot Compacts 2) Mobile Payment Apps Put Wallets In Phones, Not Pockets 3) Entrepreneurship Lessons For The Academic-Minded 4) Remembering The Father Of Artificial Intelligence 5) Spy Satellite Engineer's To…


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NPR: 10-26-2011 Technology

Length: 28s

Stories: 1) Post Your Pictures, Then Take A Walk Through History 2) U.S. Military Boosts Clean Energy, With Startup Help 3) Predicting When Space Junk Will Come Home To Earth 4) New Camera Focuses Shot After It's Taken 5) It's A Girl! The New iPhone Spea…


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NPR: 10-19-2011 Technology

Length: 33s

Stories: 1) Comparing Apple's iPhone 4S And The Droid Bionic 2) Blackberry Manufacturer Faces Major Problems 3) Dennis Ritchie, A Hero Of The Computer World, Dies 4) A Twitter Push To Keep Chiquita From Splitting Town 5) Using DNA To Shape Nanostructures…


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NPR: 10-12-2011 Technology

Length: 26s

Stories: 1) Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Dies At 56 2) Remembering Steve Jobs' 'Attention To Detail' 3) Did Steve Jobs Narrow Or Widen Digital Divide? 4) Steve Jobs' Greatest Legacy May Be Impact On Design 5) With No Steve Jobs, Will Apple Lose Its Juice?…


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NPR: 11-10-2011 Technology

Length: 36s

Stories: 1) Stuxnet Poses Thorny Issue For Cyberdefenders 2) China, Russia Top List Of U.S. Economic Cyberspies 3) As More Police Wear Cameras, Policy Questions Arise 4) 'Farmville' Makers Putting Stock In Virtual Goods 5) Opera: The Early Adopter Of The…


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NPR: 11-16-2011 Technology

Length: 18s

Stories: 1) Addressing The Shortage Of Women In Silicon Valley 2) Bill Would Leave Cell Phones Open To Robocalls 3) Gamers Take Advantage Of Three-Day Weekend 4) Kindle Offers Lending Library To Customers 5) Why Amazon Loses Money On Every Kindle Fire…


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NPR: 11-23-2011 Technology

Length: 31s

Stories: 1) Google Music Competes Against iTunes, Amazon 2) Can Electric Cars Help Automakers Reach 55 MPG? 3) Is A Moon Necessary For A Planet To Support Life? 4) Balloonatics Prepare For Thanksgiving Day Parade 5) The U.S. Army? There's An App For That…


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NPR: 12-14-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Online Video Sites Go Pro And Get Original 2) A Look At Mobile Technology Used In Retail 3) Congress Pushes Bills To Promote Cybersecurity 4) Libraries Make Room For High-Tech 'Hackerspaces' 5) Big Cash Prize For Untangling Shredded Paper 6) …


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NPR: 12-07-2011 Technology

Length: 31s

Stories: 1) Setbacks And Surprises Part Of The Deal For A Startup 2) Women Breaking Firewall To U.S. Tech Capital 3) How Twitter's Trending Algorithm Picks Its Topics 4) Hitting The 'Off' Switch On Antibiotic Resistance 5) After 10 Years, Segway Falls Sh…


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NPR: 11-30-2011 Technology

Length: 39s

Stories: 1) With The Flick Of A Switch, It's Crystal Clear To Hear 2) How Private Is Your Email? It Depends 3) War By Remote Control: Drones Make It Easy 4) Cruising To Mars: The Rover's Tasks 5) The Deregulation Bill That's Drawing Crowds 6) China's Cyb…


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NPR: 12-21-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) What Makes Wings Work? 2) Top Gadgets And 'Best Innovations' Of The Year 3) Phones In Hand, Busy Mourners Miss The Story 4) Soldier's Hearing Weighs Harm From Wikileaks 5) Favorite Social Media Tools For 2011 6) 'Wired' Editor Discusses 2011'…


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NPR: 12-28-2011 Technology


Stories: 1) Voyager 1 Speeds Toward The Brink Of Interstellar Space 2) IBM Sees A Big Boost As It Turns 100 3) Now Hovering Above Us All: 'The Cloud' 4) Building Bridges From Plastic Shampoo Bottles 5) The Science Behind 'Breaking Bad' 6) Remembering Jac…


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NPR: 01-04-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) For Lab Mice, The Medical Advances Keep Coming 2) Tutors Teach Seniors New High-Tech Tricks 3) Year In Review: Mega Tech Brands Raise Megabucks 4) GoDaddy's Support For Bill Draws Customers' Ire 5) NASA Probes Set To Orbit The Moon Over New Y…


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NPR: 01-25-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) This App Was Made For Walking — But Is It Racist? 2) Apple Carves Inroads In Educational Publishing 3) Megaupload Shut Down By The FBI 4) Newly Fallen Meteorites Offer Fresh Look At Mars 5) Synthetic Windpipe Transplant Boost For Tissue Eng…


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NPR: 01-18-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Critics See 'Disaster' In Expansion Of Domain Names 2) A War To Watch: YouTube Takes On Television 3) Who — If Anyone — Should Control The Internet? 4) CES: Tech Launching Pad, Home To 8 Million Types Of iPod Cases 5) The Transformation O…


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NPR: 01-11-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Yahoo Taps PayPal President To Be Its New CEO 2) Levitating Fruit Flies To Learn About Space Travel 3) A Digital Death? Why Kodak Stopped Clicking 4) How Rick Santorum's 'Google Problem' Has Endured 5) A Self-Published Author's $2 Million Ci…


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NPR: 02-01-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Facebook Timeline Brings The Past Back To The Future 2) Other File-Sharing Sites: 'We're Not Megaupload' 3) 'Consent' Asks: Who Owns The Internet? 4) Magnetic Soap May Help Clean Up Spilled Oil 5) A Mobile Wallet: Cash, Credit, Or ... Cellpho…


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NPR: 02-08-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Where Eye Care Is A Luxury, Technology Offers Access 2) Will Facebook's Shares Be Worth The Price? 3) Changes In Store For Tech Giants And You 4) Soon Facebook Growth Will Be About Users Clocking In More Time 5) Super Bowl Ads Now Target Two …


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NPR: 02-15-2012 Technology


Stories: 1) Protesters At Apple Stores Demand 'Ethical' Products 2) Angel Investors And Startups Mingle In Milwaukee 3) Apps For Apnea? New Gadgets Promise To Improve Sleep 4) A Real Estate Deal That Spans The Earth 5) Project Funded Online Hits $1 Milli…


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