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Last update: 2013-05-30

The Return

Length: 10m 14s

Now more than ever before-Real News is needed with solutions for what challenges us all. The answer is at our finger tips- reach out and grab them!!! …


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These 3 Things

Length: 27m 14s

What will it take to move through he maze of economic challenges? 3 Simple actions- that don't include politics.. a new or better job or the faith in the banking system or Wall Street- take a listen. …


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Imagine A World

Length: 29m 8s

Imagine a world where we could prosper.. and not have hungry children or adults or wars.. or a justice system that needs reform. Imagine you started looking at life.. in terms of helping to change all of this... Change comes when we wake-up to the truth-- and the truth is .. The American Dream.. has become a nightmare for many... do you want to change that? …


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The Days Of Our Lives

Length: 41m 42s

Wake-up call..RING... ITS TIME FOR US TO STOP SLEEPING. A new year...is coming but will it we the same for millions.. jobless,, homeless.. ? There are solutions to our challenges .. if only we get our minds right.. common sense ain't so common anymore. …


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Repeating History-For the Worse

Length: 36m 19s

We seem to learn so many things in school- except how to see through the smoke and mirrors of- other people stories. If we are to survive the challenges we are now facing worldwide.. we must go back.. hear.. and act now in a different way. …


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The State of the real Union-USA-Not Ok

Length: 33m 10s

Speeches..speeches.. and more talk.. the wool has been pulled on some many eyes.. it times to connect those that see through the real world.. no matter how painful. …


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Downward Spiral

Length: 19m 35s

Its a time of challenge and time of change... while so many of us are going truly insane. The walls are closing in and many of us have need of real friends... to get us out of this mess.. we have to help each other- sharing and cherishing-- hand-in-hand. Whats really happening in the world today? …


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Length: 30m 55s

What do you know about health? The 3 big challenges- High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Cancer- we talked about Cancer last week. Lets look at the other 2 and a audio about a company that is shaping food on your able... for the worst. …


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Battle of the Big C

Length: 38m 14s

We are in a fight against Cancer of the body, mind and society. The body of society is rampant with a cult of entertainment and degrading values and loss of family structure. Are there solutions- YES.. change the diet- food, mental and community influences. Listen and share. …


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Whats Eating Us All

Length: 29m 0s

Do you know whats in the food and water... or what is being proposed? Listen to the podcast and then watch the videos... scare it because our lives truly depend on it! …


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Your Health Before Wealth

Length: 37m 3s

Its time to look past the commercials and ads for "wellness" and a better life in the form of a pill. Our lives are not test lab for chemicals companies to see what affect a drug will have on us while raking in billions. Take our health back, physical and mental and see past the bogus stories of dis-ease in America & the world and investigate what really causes sickness! …


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Reality Is Coming

Length: 36m 24s

The Wizard has been exposed-- there is no where to run and nothing to put over your eyes and miss the real challenges we face with the food, conomy and world. Listen to a mayor of a major city talk about how bad it really is! 2011 will not be any better if we don't see through the lies on TV with the smiling heads. …


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A Time To Celebrate

Length: 34m 56s

As the economy continues to spiral down and the moral fabric of the world seems to be mired in me-ism- what time is it really?! Its time to celebrate the awakening of the mind. A resurgence of thoughts of- not prosperity but possibility, people and potential- many call community. It is time to make our lives, home,neighborhoods and society better if we start now! …


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Is It The End Of Time?

Length: 37m 39s

The End of the age of greed, or material needs is what needs to end in 2012! Until we see past the lies of dis and mis-information we can't come together. The strategy of seperating people by color, race and political parties keeps the elite in power... its time to end thier reign of illusion and power. …


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The Economy Uncovered

Length: 35m 36s

The real story of the US economy is finally begin told- in pieces in many cities, county and state governments. Layoffs continue,in what use to be "good jobs" working for the government on local levels. Now with revenues plummeting from loss of sales and property taxes- the cuts continue. The sheet has been pulled off and there is no real solution under the cover!! The federal government has no idea how to fix a broken problem-the states are waiting for "stimulus" money that cannot continue- so we must fix or own communities and pray it is not to late! …


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Fanciful Friday Storytime

Length: 11m 31s

Lifes lesson from all over the place... time to see goodness on every face. …


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A Gathering Of Experts


What if you could meet experts to help with your finances to ride out the recession, improve your health and bring more happiness to your life? Pull up a chair and you will hear a suprising maybe not so suprising conversation that can change your life!…


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News That You Can Use

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News That You Can Use

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