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Last update: 2015-02-26

Josh & Barry Chat Paid Volunteerism

Length: 40s

Did you know that thousands of businesses are paying their employees to volunteer at non-profits just like yours?  It's true.  But, you need a strategy to find and recruit these volunteers in a way that creates a win-win for your non-profit and for the business.  Join Barry and Josh today as they chat through the strategies you need to take advantage of one of the best opportunities to hit volunteerism in years. 


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Barry & Josh on Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Length: 39s

Have you been feeling a little to comfortable lately?  If so, chances are you are not being all you can be as you work to bring people into your movement.  Join us today as Josh and Barry chat about the importantce of seeking discomfort as a way to move yourself and your organization forward in a positive way.


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Josh & Liza Dyer Chat Volunteer Management

Length: 42s

Liza is a Certified Volunteer Administrator, and she brings a great deal of knowledge to the table as she and Josh chat about some practical steps you can take to bring in more volunteers, more deeply engage your current volunteers, and generate stronger recruitment efforts at all levels of your non-profit.  This is a DO NOT MISS interview packed with practical tools and resources for you to start with right away. 


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Bidding farewell from the NonProfit Neighbors Podcast

Length: 2s

That's right - we want to thank all of you for listening in, and we hope you've found our episodes very valuable!  We've enjoyed connecting with all of you, but we've chosen to put the podcast on hold to focus on bringing value to volunteers and volunteer coordinators with webinars, whitepapers, and other resources.  

Have a quick listen as Josh explains, and we'll hope to catch you all soon!


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017: How to get your cause noticed over the noise

Length: 30s

Join us this week as Josh recaps this first year of the non-profit neighbors podcast. Specifically, we'll chat about the main tactics you can use to help your cause get noticed in a world where people's attention is so focused on so many other things. Listen in to learn exactly how we grew a large audience with this podcast, built a following around our blog, and recruited a following of folks dedicated to helping us support non-profits!

Here are some highlights from strategies discussed:

1.) Join conversations

2.) Find unique points of entry 

3.) Lift people up 

4.) Be creative

5.) Channel your passion  

Tune in as we chat about what this means for you in 2015!






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016: Inspiration from The Grinch himself

Length: 31s

Today is a fun and festive show, and it's also packed with some great insight from none other than the Grinch himself!

Believe it or not, that surly green dude has some great advice for us as leaders of volunteers, and we're joined on today's show by our friend Barry Altland - a thought leader in all things volunteer leadership. 

Barry brings some awesome creativity (and theatrical flair) to the stage today as he acts out several moments of The Grinch movie and weaves them into volunteer leadership.

Join us for a heartfelt and fun discussion that will leave you ready to bring the spirit of Whoville into your new year!


-Love podcasts & audio learning??  We've gotten you a free audiobook from Audible.com!!  Click here for our EXCLUSIVE link!

-I referenced this article on 'support networks'

-Barry Atland can be found by clicking here.




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015: How to Recruit Paid Volunteers w/Corey of Realized Worth

Length: 50s

Corey & his company, Realized Worth, are thought leaders in the area of CSR – meaning they work with large companies to implement paid volunteer programs for their employees.  I’m really excited to be presenting this interview for us, because I think that this is one of the most important trends for us to take advantage of as non-profit leaders.  The fact is, paid volunteer programs are one of the most highly requested benefits by prospective employees.  Simply put – companies that don’t have a paid volunteering program are losing out to the companies that do. 

We as non-profits can use this to our advantage in two ways: first, by understanding these programs we can be prepared to search for these kind of opportunities in our area.  And secondly – if we think they aren't being offered, we can approach companies (armed with the knowledge that Corey presents us here) and present them with lots of evidence to show them why they should offer paid volunteer time.

This truly is a must listen interview.  Corey and his team are genuinely amazing folks, and they’re really becoming the gurus in the CSR space.  So, have a listen, get inspired, and get your local companies on the ball with their volunteer program!


Purpose Economy

Tribal Leadership

Skills Based Volunteering Orgs we Discussed:


-linkedin for good








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014: How to Crush It w/Your Website - Jay W. of Firespring

Length: 38s

I've been dying to interview Jay for quite some time because his organization, Firespring truly is a thought leader on all things non-profit website/web presence. Jay is something of a celebrity in our space, and this interview shows exactly why.  Jay is amazingly generous, insightful, and full of great ideas for how we in the non-profit space can rock our presence in the online space.  

Plus, as Nebraska's one and only B-Corp the cats over at Firespring truly are making waves in the cause based space.  

Tune in this week for some easy to implement tools that will take your web presence to a whole 'nother level! 

My Favorite 'Jay Thought':

Non-profits tend to rely on a 'go to geek'... but if you want to step up your game you need to find a pro to manage your web presence.


Bloomerang - donor management software.


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013: How to Nurture Rockstar Volunteers

Length: 46s

Have you ever wondered how you can leverage technology to deeply engage with your key stakeholders?  Do you feel like your organizational message would benefit from greater consistency and clarity?

Then you've gotta listen to this interview with Michael Robison of the A Group! This convo is packed with actionable ideas and resources that you can start using right away to dramatically strengthen the way your organization connects with your stakeholders.

Building a following of raving fans and sold out volunteers doesn't happen by accident, rather, it comes through a process that involves dedicated strategy & the right tools.

Tune in today as Michael and I put those tools in your hand!


Special offer for neighbors: www.agroup.com/neighbors





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012: It's Our Job to Jostle People Into Action.

Length: 41s

Where it all began for me - AmeriCorps, Cleveland, 2003

(I'm the curly haired dude in the upper right :)

Join Josh today as he connects directly with you and speaks from the heart.

The theme for the day is how we as movement leaders can and must jostle people into taking action for social change. Josh shares a personal story & uses it as a way to lay out some key strategies you can put into play right away to cause people to get involved.

Tune in for heartfelt discussion about ways we can use our stories and our heart to ignite movements.


"Every person has a revolution beathing within his or her chest" - Adam Braun


I referenced one article - The Tool That Every Volunteer Coordinator Needs


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011: Charlie Rose of City Year Takes us Inside the AmeriCorps Mind

Length: 41s

Charlie Rose is the dean of City Year, a national non-profit and part of the AmeriCorps network.  Each year, City Year empowers thousands of young adults by inviting them to serve as corps members in the nation's most neglected urban settings.  Its focus and heart is to crush the achievement gap and make national service a universal call for citizens of the United States.  Charlie's one of the most inspirational change agents I've ever met, and was a major role model to me from age 18 on.  

Join us this week as we go backstage to learn about City Year, the people that make it up, and what makes AmeriCorps volunteers tick.

This is another edition in our series focused on understanding AmeriCorps members so we can make their alums an integral part of our mission.  


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010: Why You Want AmeriCorps Alums as Volunteers

Length: 36s

This week, Josh co-hosts the show with Dylan Manderlink.  Dyalan is a guest blogger at Volunteermark and has been doing an amazing job sharing her insight around her long history as a volunteer and social justice crusader.  

Josh is an AmeriCorps alum and Dylan has had lots of experience with these programs.  Tens of thousands of these alums are in communities all over the country, and they make for excellent and dedicated volunteers because they have already been instilled with many of the values we cherish in volunteers: love of community, dedication to social justice, and much much more.

Join us as we talk about why these alums make for great volunteers, and how you can find and recruit them in your community!


AmeriCorps website

Josh's AmeriCorps program, City Year


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009: Top Non-Profit Tech Tips w/Isaac S.

Length: 41s

You don't wanna miss this one!  Isaac Shalev is the fearless leader of sage70.com whose mission in life is to help non-profits make the most out of the data they have.

Sound dry?  It isn't!  Isaac is a highly engaging dude, and he has some amazing insight for how we can take data we already have, and use it to recruit more volunteers, train our volunteers better, and fundraise much more effectively.

Isaac also has some tremendous insight for us in terms of data security and management at our organizations.  

I'm not kidding when I say, it was one of the most powerful and inspiring interviews I've ever been on!  Thanks Isaac!


Isaac's organization - www.sage70.com


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008: Five Awesome Social Media Tactics

Length: 34s

Today, Josh takes the mic and walks through some awesome (and easy to implement) tactics that you MUST get rockin' with social media at your nonprofit. This isn't theory - Josh has tried all of these things, and he too was first intimidated by social media & how it fit in with nonprofits...but, he's made the mistakes and learned the tricks so you don't have to!

Tune in to learn about the following:

How not to get overwhelmed with social media The right way to nurture relationships with social media How Linkedin can be an amazingly powerful tool to recruit mobile volunteers And much much more!


Josh chatted about the following resources:

Tweet Deck - amazing tool for making sense out of the chaos that is Twitter

Canva - The only resource you'll ever need to edit photos for twitter and other social media

Blimpie Podcast - Looking at ways you can join 'uncommon' conversations

Barry Altland's Cohosted Show - Barry's an authority on volunteer attraction.  Join us as he unpacks five critical strategies you should think about



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007: Rethinking Volunteer Recruitment - 5 Strategies With Barry Altland

Length: 37s


Join us today as Josh co-hosts the show with Barry Altland, an author and thought leader in the area of volunteer engagement.  

Barry's website and book info can be found here - and brief notes from our discussion can befound below.

Barry is a truly inspirational leader - and anyone in the non-profit space will find these insights on volunteer attraction to be highly valuable.

Five Ways To Apply “Otherliness” When Leading Volunteers


Defining “Otherliness,” and Why It’s Important for Your Organization’s Long-Term Results

#1 – Rethinking Volunteer Recruitment

#2 – Initially Engaging Volunteers

- Using Open-Ended Questions

- Aligning Volunteer Passions with Roles/Offering Choices

#3 – Offering Ongoing Coaching to Longer-Term Volunteers

#4 – Rethinking Volunteer Recognition

#5 – Addressing Volunteer Performance Expectations

                - Example of Perceptions of Generational Differences

                - Example of Perceptions of Lack of Volunteer Engagement

- Applying Grace and Acceptance to Volunteers


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006: How to Not be Vanilla - Taking a Stand for What is Right

Length: 34s

I've been struggling a lot lately with this idea of relativism, and of our tendancy (and when I say 'our' I'm definitely including myself!) to be vanilla in our conversations about social change. We're being vanilla in our conversations when we try to avoid speaking truth for fear of hurting feelings.  We're being vanilla in our conversations when we fail to stand up for what is right, and we're being vanilla when we stop fighting for what we believe in.

So, don't be vanilla.  Tune into this podcast for some practical strategies for speaking TRUTH through your non-profit.

Quote of the Day:

'I don't know what the key to sucess is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.' - Bill Cosby

Huff Post article I spoke truth to:

Link to that here

This is your podcast!  What resources do you need?

We would love your help!  If you tell us about the resources you'd like from this podcast, I will go out and get them.  So, if you're reading this, please take 2 minutes to answer the following in the comments below, or, email your responses to podcast@volunteermark.com:

1.) What are the resources you need that you'd like us to talk about in this podcast?

2.) What is the biggest challenge you're facing at your organization?

3.) Do you have anyone you'd like us to interview (someone who can provide us with a ton of knowledge on a specific topic)?


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005: Carmel Boss Brings Hope to Single Moms

Length: 45s


Join us today as we sit down to talk with Carmel Boss - the founder and executive director of CoAbode - a revolutionary non-profit serving single moms all over the country.  

Carmel's heart to serve mothers, reshape our communities, and support children in these situations is truly inspiring.  Tune in for valuable insight on non-profit formation, volunteer recruitment, and innovative solutions to old problems. 


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004: Making volunteers part of your non-profit's beautiful story

Length: 37s

In this episode, Josh unpacks some amazing resources for telling your story to prospective volunteers.  Telling effective stories is one of the most critical things you will do as you recruit and retain rockstar volunteers, but you have to do it in the right way in order for it to work.  Tune in as Josh walks you through the process of crafting a powerful story, closing with a call to action, and the resources you can use to build your story.


Mobileys (please check us out and vote for us! We're down at the bottom of the page)

Blog 1 I mentioned...

Blog 2 I mentioned...

Super Service Challenge 


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003: A Real Life Story of a Non-Profit that Generated Revenue

Length: 55s

Join us today for a terrific interview with Bobby Calvillo, Executive Director of Affordable Homes of South Texas.  Bobby is a truly inspirational leader, and has a great message about how his non-profit was able to leverage its unique abilities to create opportunity for their community, revenue for their non-profit, and a unique way to spread their message.  

Bobby was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for his work, and he tells all in this highly valuable interview that we can use to explore ways we may add revenue generation to our model.

Tune in for an inspiring and innovative story!


I referenced this article and discussion when talking about revenue generation.


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002: How a Non-Profit Can Recruit Paid Volunteers

Length: 43s

Join us today as we have an informative chat about Paid Volunteer Programs that many companies are offering these days.  Josh shares some strategies for taking advantage of this to recruit dedicated volunteers, shares his story, and answers your questions.

You don't want to miss this if you want to find 'paid' volunteers who are dedicated to your cause!


On the podcast - I mention I'd give you a sneak peek at Monday's blogpost - which will focus on certain types of businesses that tend to offer paid volunteerism to their employees - here's that (tune in on Monday's blog for a more detailed discussion):

1.) Credit Unions - If you have one of these in your area - and especially if you are in need of volunteers to help your clients with finances, many of these offer paid volunteer time to their employees.

2.) Faith Based Businesses - Dave Ramsey is well known for giving his employees 40 hours of paid 'ministry' time per year - and this is just one of the larger examples of a faith based company that is doing this.  If you have a faith based business in your area, this could be a great place to start finding paid volunteers.  

3.) Marketing Firms - Have a one-time event you need to promote?  Or maybe you want to raise more funds? Employees at marketing firms typically love getting involved with these sort of projects, and their companies love helping their employees show off - this often leads to the marketing firm paying their employees to serve the community.

4.) The 'Largest' companies in your area - I know this may sound general, but think of it this way, here in the KC area, we have like 5 companies that are just really massive.  Cerner, for example, is one of the largest employers in the area and while their work may not directly tie into most of our causes, they have thousands of employees and a massive HR budget.  They encourage their employees to volunteer by paying them to do so - and most of the largest companies are now following suit because they have to do this to recruit top talent.  

Remember - even if a company in your area isn't offering this now, they will be open to talking!  The key is, you've gotta have a gameplan, and ASK! More to come on Monday - and talk to you all next week! 


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Launch Day Podcast!

Length: 44s

Join us for the first ever VolunteerMark podcast!  The only podcast dedicated to you - the non-profit leader.  Tune in for the richest discussions, interviews, and content directed at volunteer recruitment, retention, and organization.


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Nonprofit Neighbors: Resources to help nonprofits change the world

We are the go to resource for anyone in the nonprofit space - this is the place you want to tune into as you seek to build a sustainable nonprofit with maximum impact. Topics we discuss include: fundraising, storytelling, volunteer recruitment and retention, cause based leadership, and much more. Join us as we offer you simple and practical strategies to maximize the impact you're making on your communities.

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