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Last update: 2011-09-18

NF Episode 16

2011-09-18 :: Northern Freethinkers

What is it that makes secularism so important as a political framework? Join Mike Evans, Jackson Doughart and special guest Imola Ilyes as we discuss different definitions of secularism and how to make secularism appealing to the general public. Imola is a scholar of ethics and meta-ethics pursuing her PhD in Philosophy at York University.…


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NF Episode 15

2011-07-27 :: Northern Freethinkers

Northern Freethinker returns with co-hosts Mike Evans and Jackson Doughart. Join Jackson and Mike as they discuss several issues surrounding religious accommodation that have been featured in the media in recent weeks and...well months. Additional topics include the difference between the English "secularism" and the French "laicite" and ways to spread the principles of secularism as the Ontario election approaches. (Apologies for the audio issues near the end)…


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NF Episode 14

2010-07-26 :: Northern Freethinkers

Mike fly's solo this week and interviews Margaret Somervile. Another thanks to Josh Cwintal for doing the edit.…


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NF Episode 13

2010-06-06 :: Northern Freethinkers

In this episode we discuss a lesbian teacher in BC and the first synthetic life form. We would like to give a special thanks to Josh Cwintal for editing this and future podcasts. Please leave feedback at northernfreethinkers@gmail.com…


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NF Episode 12

2010-03-29 :: Northern Freethinkers

Just Theo and Stirling this week. We discuss faith based addiction recovery and public funding of a Christian recreation centre.…


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NF Episode 11

2010-03-14 :: Northern Freethinkers

In this episode we discuss the one school board system for Ontario, airport security, and what to tell your children about faith.…


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NF Episode 10

2010-02-11 :: Northern Freethinkers

We discuss tax exempt status for churches and Trinity Western University.…


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NF Episode 09

2009-12-10 :: Northern Freethinkers

We discuss Christianity in the prison system and teaching about religion in schools.…


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NF Episode 08

2009-11-20 :: Northern Freethinkers

Mike joins us once again.…


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NF Episode 07

2009-10-26 :: Northern Freethinkers

Banning the Burka, Edmonton School Board, and the Shroud of Turin.…


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NF Episode 06

2009-09-28 :: Northern Freethinkers

Mike gives us details about the upcoming International Blasphemy Day and we discuss the topics making the news.…


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NF Episode 05

2009-08-24 :: Northern Freethinkers

We interview Justin Trottier, the acting executive director of the Center for Inquiry Canada.…


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NF Episode 04

2009-08-12 :: Northern Freethinkers

Our first movie review and more...…


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NF Episode 03

2009-06-30 :: Northern Freethinkers
Length: 1s

Our third episode with guest Mike Evans from the Canadian Secular Alliance.…


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NF Episode 02

2009-06-14 :: Northern Freethinkers

In episode two of Northern Freethinkers we discuss teens, Oprah, and stem-cell research funding.…


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Pilot Episode

2009-06-14 :: Northern Freethinkers

Our pilot episode for Northern Freethinkers.…


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Northern Freethinkers

The official podcast of the Canadian Secular Alliance and sponsored by the Centre for Inquiry Canada. We present Bi-weekly discussions on secular matters and how they relate to Canada. Join hosts Stirling, Theo, and Mike as they discuss the various topics that affect Canadians.

Northern Freethinkers

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