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Last update: 2015-04-05

Ep. 17 Keytar Marathon 04.03.2015

2015-04-05 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Keytar Marathon" Recorded on April 3, 2015. This week we look into our deepest fear and we think we might have a few future careers lined up.

Topics Discussed: Jurassic Nightmares, Ghostbusters on Goofballs, Brass Bull Bile Benediction, Granny Gets Off, 420 Praise It, Scarecrow Seduction, Breastmilk Bullseye, Twerking Internship, Dartscapade, Pizza Gobbling Cat Burglar, Quality ASSurance, Salsa Savagery, Shameful Abodes, Swiss MIsstake, Tea2: Judgment Day,…


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Ep. 16 #ManCrushMurder 03.27.2015

2015-03-29 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"#ManCrushMurder" Recorded on March 27, 2015. This week we explore some unconventional medicinal remedies and we are asked a difficult question.

Topics Discussed: Parnassus O'Barfan, Coprophagic Courtroom, Pongo's Bong-o, Dora The Explodcast, Tristan's 11 Tips for Vaginal Health, Breastmilk Facial Mud Mask, #ManCrushMurder, Coffee Creamer Cum Crime Conundrum, Over the Tp, Dick at Tickle Crick, www.TaylorSwift.pleasegooutwithme, I GOT A QUESTION, ADA-Inaccessible, RoundUps All Around, Duck Dynasty 50 Shades Fantasy, Fanny Basket…


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Ep. 15 Banana Cafe Iguana Embargo 03.20.2015

2015-03-21 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Banana Cafe Iguana Embargo" Recorded on March 20, 2015. This week we learn the secret to living past 100 and we discover a life changing app.

Topics Discussed: Officer Dumbo, Arsenic & Old Wine, MDMADHD, AirPnP / AngryTurds / DoodieJump, Eau De Whopper, Dial-up Dildonics, Spidey's Choice, Banana Cafe Iguana Embargo, Greater Quaid XXX, TONIGHT WE DINE IN VERONA, 3 Dr. Peppers A Day Keeps the Doctor Away, Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Murder, Trailside Raccoon Strangler…


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Ep. 14 Flatulent Oncology 03.13.2015

2015-03-15 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Flatulent Oncology" Recorded March 13, 2015.  This week it's Freaky Friday the Thirteenth.  We explore some natural health remedies and Tristan gives us a timeless anecdote.

Topics Discussed: 111,700 Digits, An Elephant Never Gets High, Albino Witch War, World's Number One Goldfish Surgeon, BM Bandit, My Ferret Au Pair, Boner Donor, Freezer Urn


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Ep. 13 All The Way to That Fence 03.06.15

2015-03-09 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"All The Way to That Fence." Recorded on March 6, 2015.  This week we wondered out loud how we could get fifty million followers on Instagram, and we learn that blaming pants and drugs usually isn't a good defense strategy.

Topics discussed: Weasel Violates OSHA, Democratic Robot Country, Bio Dome III, Faulty Pants, What Kind of Fence?, 400 Ball-less Ball Cutters, An Eye for an Eye for Voldemort, Meat Smoking Dungeon, Chest Bump or Chest Butt?, Slaves to Vegetables, 4 Year Old Jockey Rampage, FSKs like Money, God's Oil Burns, Soranus's Methods of Contraception, Ferns Turn Into Chat Rooms, ISIS Dance Party, Lost Woman Searches for Herself…


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Ep. 12 Dosvedogya 02.27.15

2015-03-02 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Dosvedogya." Recorded on February 27, 2015.  We got really excited that we are now available on iTunes!  Please show the love and subscribe. Our egos are hungry for a stroking.

Topics discussed: Back to Heaven III, Poop Power, Dosvedogya, Dicks Aren't Arrows, Masturbation Safety Advisory, Baby Box Breeding Program, God Hates Aliens, Burger Butt, Porn Inspector


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Ep. 11 Dino Dick Dot Com 2.21.15

2015-02-22 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Dino Dick Dot Com" Recorded February 20, 2015.  We discover the secret of muscle building and discuss our ideal exit from this mortal journey.

Topics discussed: Bourbon Donor, Circumcision War Stories, Creepy Clowns, Green Lantern Rides Again, Scream at Your TV, Alzheimer's Gaslighting , Bulk Up, Chainsaw's Down Under , Nude Jersey Conversion

~Thank you to Lady Prison Prom for our theme song.…


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Ep. 10 Dr. Mario Penis 2.15.15

2015-02-19 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

"Dr. Mario Penis." Recorded on February 15, 2015.  We turned our brains into thought cannons and shot you full imagery and you didn't even know it.

Topics discussed: 50 Shades of BSDM, French Kids, Boston's Snow Problem, Omaha Raccoon Steaks, Xanax Mini-Fridge, Vaginal Yogurt, Penis-Reduction Surgery, The Slap, ISIS Gives You Head, Otter Pockets, Law and Order Gamergate, Trailer Park Cruella DeVille, Queens of the Road Rage


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Ep. 9 Yokel Robot God 2.8.15

2015-02-19 :: okheresone@gmail.com (J,T,T)

  "Yokel Robot God."  Recorded on February 8, 2015.  We explored our inner desires and also came up with a sure fire business idea.

Topics discussed:Special Sauce Auction, Venezuelan Condom Inflation, Abdullah II Star Fox, Adult Babies, Baby Adults, Women's Prison Punkd, SPIDERGWEN, RoboRapture, Derriere Bags/Dairy AirBags, Grounds For Divorce, Beans n Cheese  


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