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Last update: 2015-06-01

Cat and Mouse in Partnership

2015-06-01 :: Inga Vesper

Katze und Maus in Gesellschaft Cat and mouse fall in love, move in together, buy a pot of fat and live happily ever after…. Or, do they? Well, these are the original Grimm fairy tales, so take an informed guess. . This story is a perfect example of fairy tale mood whiplash – and shows […]…


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The Frog King

2015-05-27 :: Inga Vesper

Huzzah, hello and Guten Tag! We sally forth into the wonderful world of the Grimm fairy tales. The original ones. Plus, some analysis. First up is the Frog King – a delightful tale of lost balls, thrown frogs and found love. And Iron Henry. Who is Iron Henry? Well, you’ll have to hear the whole […]…


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Old Tales

The original German fairy tales - read by an original German

Old Tales

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