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Last update: 2007-07-01

V3E01 - Reset!

2007-07-01 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

He’s back! Where has he been?
The threats, the trials, the tribulations, the silence

The Mission:
Same as it ever was.
Neither side is that far apart, and with just 18 months to the 2008 Presidential Election how can we make a difference?

With the bombing of Glasgow Airport hear my reaction.
King George is on vacation again. Does he ever work?

Come back next time. This is The Revolutionary saying “Go with Plan A” and it only takes one man to start a revolution, let that one man be you. Peace, love and hard work, make changes happen.

How to contact the One Man Revolution:
Web Site: http://www.onemanrevolution.org/
EMAIL: OneManRevolution@GMAIL.COM
AIM: OMRPodcast, Check the status online
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/theonemanrevolution

Supporting the OMR:
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Send in your letters
Listen to the Ravenloches Entertainment Podcast

Death of Democracy by 37Hz, from the Podshow Music Network



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2007-06-28 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Just saw Transformers! I'll have to say that it is a MUST SEE! You all know that I don't say great things about movies. I rarely say that a movie is something that you absolutely must see on the big screen. This is one of those times! This movie was amazing for not only fans of the series but people that just one a good time. But don't take my word for it... Our secret reviewer says: "Transformers is the biggest, coolest, baddest, most amazing action movie and SUMMER popcorn movie ever made. Michael Bay has outdone himself. GO SEE THIS MOVIE." Just to prove my point: Afterwards I got into my car, dropped the convertible top, suddenly a plane flew overhead...I ducked and looked! That's the effect of this movie. I'll see it again! Multiple times! BTW: If you can catch it in digital, DO IT! Premiere Fashion Square has been busy converting over to all digital screens.…



PODCASTS Return 7-1-2007

2007-06-16 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Fellow Revolutionaries, The One Man Revolution Podcast returns July 1, 2007. I know it has been too long but the death threats kinda kept me away for a while. I'll be revamping the show over the next two weeks and even bring a new segmented format with more voices than just The Revolutionary.…


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DPRK (N. Korea) Reports Nuclear Test

2006-10-09 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Looks like the N. Koreans have conducted an underground test of a nuclear device. The U.N. Security Council to meet this morning.

Here's the evidence:
DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] Official Statement
USGS Detection

and some of the reporting:
USA Today
Orlando Sentinel
International Herald Tribune

Questions of the day:
What can the UN propose against the DPRK since they are already the most isolated and sanctioned countries in the world?

What will be the response from King George and his adinistration? (This is much more than "rumor" of weapons of mass destruction that lead to the invasion and occupation of Iraq.)


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V2E36 - A focus on truth

2006-06-16 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU...; Topics: Town hall meeting style Focus Group on the movie An Inconvenient Truth Music from the Podsafe Music Network: none this time…


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V2E35 - All problems solved!

2006-06-05 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU...; Topics: All problems in the US finally solved, thereby Bush declares war on gay marriage.; How to ammend the Constitution; The previous amendments, Music from the Podsafe Music Network: The Television Man by Captain Paradox…


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New Video from the Loose Change 911 Folks

2006-06-02 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Coughing, sneezing, achey head. Caught a summer cold.... Chew on this video from the Loose Change 911 Guys!

I'll be back tomorrow...promise!


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V2E34 - New Friends

2006-05-31 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU...; Topics: Some days it pays to hang with new friends...Gives you a fresh perspective. U.S. offers talks with Iran Security Cuts for New York and Washington Concluding the 0ne a Days...but there will be more...don't worry! Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Happy - Kitchen Cowboys Life - Headspace…


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V2E33 - Gag order

2006-05-30 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

In my opinion, as a citizen and a taxpayer, and a card carrying member of the ACLU... Topics: US Supreme Court Limits Public Employees 1st amendment rights US Beltway Sniper Found Guilty of killing Six, spared from death King George Outa touch...go figure! He did read while the towers burned! I'm no joey but XMEN kicked box office ass! Links: http://www.billofrights.com/ http://www.myspace.com/xmenthelaststand & http://www.x-menthelaststand.com/ Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Chachi On Acid - The wrong people shut the fuck up Life Has Teeth - Shit Outta Luck Summer Rose - Liar Lily with an ATTITUDE - The Alice Project…


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V2E32 - Back to work

2006-05-29 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Earth Quakes - what can I do to help?; Bloomberg wants US worker's DNA on file; I got permission to play this...and help the impeach King George movement!; Impeachement, now that's the way to start a work week!! Start the week with something fun...like shaving! Links: Responce to those Affected by the Earthquake in Indonesia: http://www.interaction.org/indonesia/ ; Impeach them now! http://www.impeachteam.com/ ; Just had to share... http://www.shaveeverywhere.com/ Music from the Podsafe Music Network: 1922 by jon crocker; Come on England - emo girl remix by Testosterone; The Demon's Eye by Mountain Mirrors…


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V2E31 - Prequil to the Grill

2006-05-28 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Relax today, prepare for the insanity of the grill tomorrow ya'all; Only three more shows for the month of podcasts a day...then on to the new server! Links: Tips for having Vegetarians to your Memorial Day Barbeques: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/cookingtipstools/qt/vegbbq.htm Black bean Burgers: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/maindishentreerecipes/r/BlackBeanBurger.htm Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Never Say Die - Barry McCabe; Angel Tear - Hellozero; Hit and Run - Whoremoan;…


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V2E30 - Dance Party Saturday

2006-05-27 :: onemanrevilution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Nothing of import...Recipes for the grill, happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend; Music from the Podsafe Music Network: The Grand Prize amb26; Waiting Takes Time Josh Woodward; Stick To The Girl Loveless …


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V2E29 - Inconvenient Truth

2006-05-26 :: onemanrevilution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Review of the Al Gore Documentary...An Inconvenient Truth Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Addek - Truth ParanormL - Truth Be Told…


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V2E28 - Drillin and Chillin

2006-05-25 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: King George orders documents sealed...nothing to see there...move along; House says Drill if you want too...on to Alaska!; Senate passes immigration bill, time for the fight to merge the House and Senate versions. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Avebury Records - Fallopian - Sex With A Tree ...oooh catchy!; Mad Sin - Apes On Parade; The Kings of Nuthin - Judge Or Jury…


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V2E27 - Highs and lows

2006-05-24 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Last night I hurt someone close to me, I knew it right away. Time to put my head right and get back on track. You know me, sometimes I can be insensitive. Happens to everyone, so apologize already and move on. Sometimes you need to take a step back and think about your blessings. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Your Golden Rule - Shagg thank you for your smile - kcsaito…


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V2E26 - Ravenloches 052306

2006-05-23 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

It counts..I was on the podcast! Ravenloches entertainment Podcast with Joey Cruz. …


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V2E25- destructive distractions

2006-05-22 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Only takes a week for senators to back National Guard Border Patrol; Welcome to the new supreme court, can we enter your house...sure!; Publishing SECRET data is prosecutable! No, really...it is...and it has been since 1917!
Laptop theft snares 26 Million US Vtes personal data! See, see, I told ya again!
Music from the Podsafe Music Network:
MySpace - Joshua Grosvent; Money - the undisputed heavyweights; Left Here - Throw The Fight…


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V2E24 - Smoke 'em if ya got 'em

2006-05-21 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Corona Cigar Event...Jonathan Drew's new Acid 5 Cigar Rubusto 5x54 (I have 1 box of 2800, Ifeel special!) 858 in the house (with our newest member The Adam) Jeff always puts on great events at Corona, so it was top notch. See site for pictures... Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Fast Cars and Cheap Cigars - Country Blue Dirty Hogg Funk - The Underdubs…


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V2E23 - Quick and Dirty

2006-05-20 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: King George on politics...$1Million to Va. and Ky. candidates. Kevorkian's death assistance by the state. What happened to dirty fun? Temps take out the "trash" in Colorado. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Dirty Hogg Funk - The Underdubs Dirty Work - Munk…


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V2E22 - Friends

2006-05-19 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Friends are the people that you spend hours talking and it feels like minutes. They brighten you day by just being there and expect nothing in return. Tonight I raise a glass to my friends Miriam and DeeJay, thatnks for just dropping by and talking. You lifted me up, and made my day complete. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: You Gotta Know Who Your Friends Are - blue number nine …


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V2E21 - Blessed are we

2006-05-18 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Sorry, 3800 lb car, 8 lb armadillo. X-Men: The Last Stand and The DaVinci Code Reviews (aren't I blessed!)
OoooH, an e-newsletter form my republican congressman Ric "no k" Keller! Let us see how my views match his!
Redford goes head to head with Karry King on rising oil prices
Be Revolutionary
Kick The Oil Habit
http://www.x-menthelaststand.com/ http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/thedavincicode/ Robert
Redford Larry King CNN Transcript
Alt Fuels:
If you think our political ads are harsh today...it's nothing new Elect LBJ on Transbuddha
Music from the Podsafe Music Network
Bye Bye - Freak Accident
Tasteless, Yet Full Of Class - Sweet Diss and the Comebacks
Blood is Thicker Than Oil - The Undercover Hippie …


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V2E20 - If you build it, they will stay out!

2006-05-17 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: If you build it....they will stay out; Its a good day to be a millionare; King George fleeces the faithful. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Tripchord - Sick With Hate Siberian Kathru Blues - Kwyjibo Ala Sola - Daiki and Little Wings…


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V2E19 - Reactionary

2006-05-16 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Democratic Reaction to King George's Immigration Plan Gunner Cheney pushed to increase eavesdropping, pushed Hayden in fact Updates: Medicare prescriptions coverage penalties now in full effect...no extension for you! From the Email Bag: "Keep on covering the AT&T/NSA story. I just heard that AT&T shareholders are suing the company. And if I have my way, I'll be asking for a full refund AND for AT&T to cover all hardware and software expenses as I move over to a new carrier." --http://thesocialdeviant.com "Thanks for spinning our tune. It was an interesting segue into it. Right on" --Ricky from AMPSEX. Music from the Podsafe Music Network: Everybody I know is an asshole 1996 - Chachi On Acid Sombrío - Sick Porky Work till you die - The Undercover Hippy …


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V2E18 - Immigration with King George

2006-05-16 :: onemarevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Immigration with King George Five wait, no four, things we need to do... 1. Secure our Borders 1b. We must create a temporary worker program. 3. We need to hold employers to account for the workers they hire. 4. We must face the reality that millions of illegal immigrants are here already. 5. We must honor the great American tradition of the melting pot, which has made us one nation out of many peoples. http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2006/05/20060515-7.html "We cannot build a unified country by inciting people to anger, or playing on anyone's fears, or exploiting the issue of immigration for political gain. " --King George May 15, 2006 [ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ] HiDDEN SOUL ACOUSTiC The Border…


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V2E17 - Happy Moms Day

2006-05-14 :: onemarevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Short and to the point... Support the mothers out there because without them there woukd be none of us! http://www.momsrising.org/ [ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ] Ezra Thomas- Momma's Song…


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V2E16 - Relax a little

2006-05-13 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Even revolutionaries need some time off...take a break with some podsafe music. [ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ] scott helm - hyperlounge Beneath Your Surface - Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet Blue Line - Simpatico Marco Raaphorst - One Small Step The Underdubs - evidence of divinitiy…


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V2E15 - Big DOPA

2006-05-12 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: Send troops to the US-Mexican Border...like they have NOTHING else to do! bush and the Pentagon like the idea...must be a good one, right? No Child is safe from the Republicans in Congress, give me my space and google at school. And, Followup: Gibson responds to NSA Wiretaps, yes William Gibson...father of cyperspace himself [ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ] Club Stella Bowling with Team Shipload of Coconuts Road Trip with Crazy Feeling Lee Coulter with Why Im Not a Rappa…


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V2E14- The NSA is listening, told you!

2006-05-11 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Topics: The NSA is tracking YOUR phone calls...I suggest every third number be random 500 pounds of dynamite anyone? Call your congress...support HR 5273 http://www.usalone.com/stacey/pnum293.php [ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ] lies the loosehounds Fool for a Blonde Roger Bartlett Soul Time Achtung Spitfire Schnell Schnell!!…


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V2E13 - US Wrong?

2006-05-10 :: inemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Iranian Letter - 18 pages of pure genius...
King George, talking through Rice, feels the Iranians missed the point...
Not like he has people punished for not agreeing with him, wait...

Abramoff only visited twice, acording to SS...Whitehous disagerees!

[ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ]
Make A Move Bernard Kelly
Let it Go Captain WAM…


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V2E12 - Poseidon

2006-05-09 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

Saw Poseidon tonight with Ravenloches entertainment...Hope over and have a listen to the 050806 episode with The revolutionary and Joey Cruz!

[ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ]
Scatterbrain by Neptune Thomas FOAM Productions


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V2E11 - Senior Tax?

2006-05-08 :: onemanrevolution@gmail.com (Dan "The Revolutionary" Novatnak)

With just 7 days to act, support MoveOn.org's iniative to eliminate the "senior tax"

[ Music from the Podsafe Music Network ]
Lullaby for Lawyers by Steve Newman & Friends (http://music.podshow.com/music/producers/producerLibrary/artistdetails.php?BandHash=9f07417d65397e48b14fb1276f5384b7)


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