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Last update: 2011-11-19


2011-11-19 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

After what seems like an interminable interval, the guys are back on the mics with a few things to say about technical difficulties, corporations, and communications in general. Listen in for some insight into the travails of our intrepid pocasters in the hit-and-miss world of VOIP recording.…


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The Rant

2011-10-22 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

It's ranting time for Jeff, so Hal could use your company just so he doesn't have to listen to it alone. Trends, frameworks, languages, and the Pencil Project are the topics du jour.…


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Luis Majano

2011-08-27 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys embark on a new aspect of the podcast--interviews! Their first guinea pig is Luis Majano, creator, supporter, and documenter extraordinaire of the ColdBox framework for ColdFusion. Is three a crowd? Will too many cooks spoil the soup? There's only one way to find out: stay tuned!…


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Project In A Box

2011-08-20 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The vaunted idea of "thinking outside the box" is chucked out the window this week, with the guys talking about something Hal calls "Project In A Box". Jeff's not sure it's as sexy as Hal makes it sound, but you can decide for yourself. Oh, yes, and butcher paper.…


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Little Monsters

2011-08-14 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Join the guys for this week's episode, in which Hal starts out talking about how projects can turn into "little monsters", and how to handle them when they do, and Jeff ends up talking about The Dreaded Performance Evaluation. (Apologies for the sound quality--we were plaqued by almost every technical difficulty imaginable for a VOIP-based recording session, up to and including complete internet access failure. We hope to have the issues resolved, and look forward to providing a MUCH higher quality of sound next week.)…


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Back in the Saddle

2011-08-06 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Don't look now--after 4 years, the guys are actually back in the saddle, talking about...mandolins? Listen in to find out, and welcome back!…


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2007-09-14 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys turn once again to listener emails, and the discussion turns to politics. How can any sane person benefit from politics? You'll have to be crazy enough to listen and find out!…


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2007-08-30 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty." So said John Keats in "Ode on a Grecian Urn", and the guys seem to agree. Listen along and see how "wicked cool" ends up in beauty, and they get from 18th-century British poets wriiting about Greek pottery to 21st-century developers talking about technologies named after Greek heroes.…


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Wicked Cool

2007-08-15 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

After a long, hot summer, there's plenty of stuff to catch up on. Hal and Jeff get back in the swing of things with some discussion of interface design, ColdFusion 8, and JQuery. Tune in and find out exactly what "wicked cool" is.…


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Tools I Use

2007-04-21 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The listeners have spoken once again, so it's our turn to listen. This week's episode finds Jeff talking about some of his favorite software tools. It's sort of "This Old House" for coders--without the visuals, the old house, or the smell of sawdust...…


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Interface Redesign

2007-04-14 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

It's spring, and Ajax is in the air! With all these pretty libraries running around, it's so tempting to start adding all kinds of whiz-bang features to our web applications. But should we? How do we decide when to push the "go" button on new technologies?…


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Hope and Fear

2007-03-03 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

In a perfect world, we'd never make mistakes. In a perfect world, we would all have 20/20 foresight. In a perfect world, everything would happen the way we want it to. So what about THIS world?…


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We're Back!

2007-02-19 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Well, it's a bit later than we planned, but we're back on the podwaves. It's time to catch up with what's been going on and get back in the groove for the new season. NOTE: Due to an unidentified technical problem during recording, this episode has been heavily filtered and processed. Have faith in us when we tell you it sounds a lot better now than it did originally!…


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A Quick Announcement

2007-02-01 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

It's good news! The guys will be back with a new episode on February 12th.…


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Testing, Testing, Testing

2006-10-28 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Finally, the guys take a turn back toward the technical! This milestone episode digs back into the subject of testing: what, how, and for whom. And thanks to everyone who has tuned in since the beginning.…


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Avoiding Pyrrhic Victories

2006-10-21 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Pyrrhus of Epirus--king, warrior, and master of dubious victories--is the subject of discussion this week. Bet you didn't know software explorations dated back to the 4th century B.C.... Join the guys for some war stories and ruminations on avoiding those "victories" you wish you hadn't won.…


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You Can Make RBIs Too

2006-10-07 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Although Hal would like nothing better than to be playing ball with Mickey Mantle and the boys, the RBIs in this episode are Really Bad Interfaces. The guys planned on talking about Really Good Interfaces this time, but Hal decided to throw a changeup and talk about how to actually build RBIs. Plus you get a few great vocabulary words thrown in for the ticket. Batter up!…


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Really Bad Interfaces

2006-09-25 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

What do Charlie Chaplin, BMW, Apple, the Schuykill Expressway, and John Denver have in common? Your guess is as good as anybody else's. Join Hal and Jeff for a look at some really bad interfaces, and get ready to avoid them in your own projects.…


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2006-09-16 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Nobody stays gainfully busy all the time, so what do you do when faced with downtime? Hal and Jeff relate experiences from different types of downtime. Instead of sitting around worrying, grab your downtime and make it work for you. All this, and Jeff "channels" the ColdFusion development team, too!…


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The Problem Space Part II

2006-08-26 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

More thoughts on The Problem Space; Jeff has an announcement for CFDJ readers; miscellaneous ramblings as usual! Somehow poker, woodworking, and pencil and paper have something to do with all of this.…


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The Problem Space Part I

2006-08-12 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys are back from vacation with plenty to talk about. This is another multi-parter, exploring how differnt methodologies and development approaches come out of different perspectives on defining problems.…


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ColdFusion Wish List

2006-07-29 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal sits down with Brian Kotek and Mike Britten to talk about ColdFusion, objects, and the future. Jeff's on vacation, but you won't want to miss this one.…


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2006-07-15 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

All good things must come to an end, but some things end a little sooner than we might have expected. In the wake of an unexpected postmortem, Hal and Jeff talk about the idea of performing a "prepostmortem" as a technique to prevent the real thing.…


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The Cost of Security

2006-07-08 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

We all want secure systems, but at what price? Hal has some observations on security vs. cost, and the discussion somehow finds its way around to passwords, management, and Nathan's Famous hot dogs. Go figure...…


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CFUnited Wrapup

2006-07-01 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

In the wake of CFUnited, Jeff gives Hal a guided tour of some of the highlights, announcements, and amusements of CFUnited 2006. It gets better every year...…


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Fusion Authority

2006-06-24 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys are back with a pre-CFUnited interview with Michael and Judith Dinowitz of Fusion Authority. There is much in store for CFUnited, not to mention the new Fusion Authority Quarterly Update.…


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Ajax Part III Spry and YUI

2006-06-10 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Part III of our Ajax series, in which Jeff presents Adobe's Spry framework and the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library. Plus more information about CFUnited and a surprise or two.…


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2006-06-03 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

William Whyte coined the term "groupthink" in 1952. Unfortunately, some groups on the Net have proven to be groupthink case studies, even more than half a century later. Hal's worried about the disease, and the guys hash out some suggestions to help avoid it.…


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Ajax Part II

2006-05-27 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys continue their discussion of Ajax, this time focusing on tools, libraries, resources, and learning methods.…


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Ajax Part I

2006-05-13 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Part I of a multi-part trilogy... ;) The world's talking Ajax, and so are the guys. Hal gets the ball rolling with some intro material and stuff he's been working on, and we'll have to see where it goes from here.…


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2006-05-06 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

It's spring, the trees are in flower and the sound of v-twin engines is in the air. Cable channles are bursting at the seams with bike-builder shows, so Jeff wants in on a piece of the action. Tune in to find out how longsuffering Hal is, and maybe even find out whether next week's episode will feature Helms and Another Podcaster To Be Named At A Later Date...…


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The Interview

2006-04-29 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Ah, the dreaded job interview! Hal and Jeff talk about the process of interviewing for a job in the development world, both from the candidate's perspective and the manager's point of view. Just how DO you impress the guy on the other side of the table, anyway?…


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2006-04-22 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys have a case of split personality this week--are they delusionally fascinated with movies, Ebert and Roper, or just wildly distracted? And will they ever get around to actually talking about how to bid for work? The answer to these important questions are next on Out Loud...…


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Taking The Leap

2006-04-08 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal's got big news, and starts a talk on the perils and plans involved in "going out on your own" to start a new consulting venture.…


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2006-04-01 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Listener Jim asks for a discussion of documentation in all its various forms, and Hal and Jeff do their best to make a dry subject enjoyable and maybe even a little bit fun. Freebies are tossed about with abandon...…


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Very High Tech

2006-03-25 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

While technical difficulties unfortunately caused the guys' podcast on Making Your First Million to be lost, they hope this week's venture into an extremely technical subject will be worth your while instead. …


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The Treat of Outsourcing

2006-03-11 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Love it or hate it, offshore outsourcing is a reality in today's world. Join the guys for a dicussion of outsourcing in general, and an interview with a developer who made the jump from coder to outsourcing entrepreneur. …


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The Tollbooth

2006-02-25 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

What does a tollboth on the Dulles Airport Toll Road have to do with building software? Find out as the guys explore some similarities between software engineering and hardware engineering.…


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Listener Emails

2006-02-11 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal and Jeff spend this week's episode on answering listener emails. Thanks for the material, everyone! (Note: Due to difficulties related to recording on the road in a noisy hotel room, this track has a noticeable background hum. We appreciate your forbearance.)…


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Core and Content

2006-02-04 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Where do programmers make their money? Hal brings up Geoff Moore's ideas of Core and Context, and the guys talk about how these ideas can keep us gainfully employed in the long run.…


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How Fusebox Hurts Customers

2006-01-28 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

You never thought you'd hear it here, but Jeff insists that Fusebox can hurt customers. Fortunately, he's got some good ideas about how to prevent such a tragedy. Plus another freebie to help you along your path to Fusebox success.…


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Duck Typing Part II

2006-01-21 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Our thrilling adventure is resolved, and loose typing is explored a bit further. Some will see new horizons to explore, while others will think the guys have gone around the bend. You'll have to choose for yourself.…


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Duck Typing Part I

2006-01-14 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys begin a potentially heretical examination of data typing practices in ColdFusion. You'll have to tune in next week to hear the exciting conclusion of this, er, THRILLING cliffhanger.…


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Book Review: Head First HTML

2006-01-07 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Happy New Year! Hal's back home, Who's Listening Where updates, and a review of Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML.…


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A Process for Prototyping

2005-12-21 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The final episode for 2005--Hal is stranded in Amarillo, Texas, and Jeff brings up the idea that the guys talk about the steps in the Fusebox Lifecycle Process a lot, but there's a lot to some steps, such as prototyping. The talk turns to a set of steps for successfully prototyping an application, and some dangers to watch for along the way.…


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Difficult Customers

2005-12-12 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Everybody has customers that have been less than easy to handle. Hal offers a process for establishing new client relationships, and then the guys discuss a variety of customer personality types and the challenges they represent. Jeff updates the "Where Are They Listening?" statistics, and Hal offers a mea culpa to CFEclipse users everywhere.…


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Tools We Use

2005-12-05 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Chats between developers have a way of turning into discussions of the comparative merits of various tools. Hal and Jeff are no different. They get into some comparisons of Homesite, Dreamweaver, and CFEclipse, and wind up mentioning a few of their favorite other programs as well. You won't believe Hal's revelation at the end of this one!…


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Unit Testing

2005-11-29 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

The guys do some housekeeping, then take off on an investigation of test-based development. They cover topics like CFUnit, assertions, the Harness tool for Fusebox, and Stupid Developer Tricks (or "What Happens When Unit Tests Are Abandoned for Expedience's Sake").…


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Error Handling

2005-11-15 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Jeff whines about the state of error handling found in some recent code reviews, and Hal helps him realize there's light at the end of the tunnel. After a nice summation, we find out about some new developments in the Devnotes world as well.…


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7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Developers

2005-11-09 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal and Jeff, with apologies to Steven Covey, bring out a checklist for everyone aspiring to be a highly INeffective developer. It's all in fun, with a lot of interesting thoughts along the way.…


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Design Patterns

2005-10-31 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal and Jeff discuss design patterns, the Gang of Four, woodworking, and architecture. Somehow it all comes out making sense...…


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Objects for Maintainable Code

2005-10-30 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal conducts a tour of OO for ColdFusion developers, and Jeff goes along for the ride. This is an audio rendition of topics covered in Hal's presentation for Macromedia MAX 2005.…


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Framework Shrink

2005-10-25 :: Hal Helms and Jeff Peters

Hal and Jeff take a light-hearted look at web development frameworks. There's nothing like a good old radio drama--and THIS is nothing like a good old radio drama!…


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