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Last update: 2015-04-05

To the Next Level–and Beyond

2015-04-05 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 21s

Comedian, motivational speaker and author Charles McFall likes to use his talents to help people “level up”. But while that’s... read more…


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Working With Respect–and Love

2015-04-03 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 21s

Filmmaker Jenn Page has literally made a career out of doing things differently. Jenn, who is both a professional actor... read more…


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BBVD to Swing Through SoCal

2015-03-20 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 16s

by Dot Cannon Not many bands can say what Big Bad Voodoo Daddy can. Twenty-plus years after its inception, the... read more…


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Her Heart Is In Her Voice

2015-03-13 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 27s

Singer and songwriter Deanna Della Cioppa knows how to connect with an audience. In live performance, she can make listeners... read more…


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The Lessons of His Craft

2015-03-08 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 53s

Hanging upside down and staying in character wasn’t difficult for gifted actor Jeffrey Weissman. Neither are directing, interacting with audiences... read more…


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This is NOT Mardi Gras

2015-03-01 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 22s

Carnevale and  Mardi Gras are two different things. Carnevale is a Venetian masquerade that started in the 11th century.  In... read more…


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How to Train Your Robot

2015-02-27 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 12s

About all this robot isn’t doing, is asking, “Do you want fries with that?” (Notice the ketchup and mustard containers... read more…


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A Robot Within Reach

2015-02-20 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 15s

Programming a robot takes–how long? Well, if we’re talking about a simple task–and this robot–a couple of minutes. This is... read more…


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The Spirit of “Carnevale”

2015-02-13 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 16s

Costume designer and model Clio McClure is looking forward to February 28th. That’s  the date she returns for her second... read more…


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The Stories Behind the “Mystery”

2015-01-30 :: Dot Cannon
Length: 22s

As Dr. Gay Toltl Kinman travels all over the world, she’s usually plotting a murder. Gay, who has been honored... read more…


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Towards a Sustainable Future

Length: 16s

Sustainable living, designed to evolve over the next hundred years? In a nutshell, that’s the vision at the core of... read more…


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“Educational” Was Never More Fun

Length: 11s

This robot is about one-third the size of your coffee cup. Called Ozobot®, it can “dress up” with its own... read more…


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A Vibrant Mix

Length: 30s

by Dot Cannon Electric guitars, piano synthesizers and Argentinean folk music? Award-winning indie rock band Salt Petal makes them all... read more…


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Creativity in 3-D

Length: 7s

by Dot Cannon Think 3-D printing is a new technology? What Keith Ozar, of 3D Systems, has to say, might... read more…


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A Taste of 2015 International CES®


®by Dot Cannon The smallest robots in the world are doing exciting things in education.  Drones are showing what they... read more…


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Changing the Future

Length: 23s

by Dot Cannon Did your New Year’s Eve celebration include eating at a restaurant? Who served you–and how was that... read more…


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Taking the “Scary” Out of Speaking

Length: 22s

by Dot Cannon How would you like to give a speech? If you just cringed at the thought (and lots... read more…


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Her Message For You

Length: 24s

by Dot Cannon   For Christmas week, we’re rebroadcasting an early “Over Coffee” podcast that received a lot of positive... read more…


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Funny, Creative, Thought-Provoking

Length: 22s

by Dot Cannon Jill Shargaa is going to make you laugh.  She’s also going to make you question something most... read more…


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An Inner Exploration

Length: 21s

by Dot Cannon Most visual artists use their particular medium to express the world they experience. Contemporary light and shadow... read more…


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Laughter for Christmas

Length: 26s

by Dot Cannon Comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff’s story is worth repeating. So–here it is!  As we celebrate Thanksgiving weekend,... read more…


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“Krampusfest” Approaches

Length: 19s

by Dot Cannon Furry, devil-like figures burst into the room.  They’re ringing bells, brandishing switches, causing a commotion–or, if you... read more…


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Length: 11s

People were smiling, applauding and sharing ideas. Innovate Pasadena’s inaugural “ENVISION Summit” was winding down. And already, ENVISION chair Mark... read more…


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“Helping Hands” Still Changing Lives

Length: 18s

Alice Crespo, founder and director of Helping Hands for the Disabled of NYC, has been making her dreams happen for... read more…


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Behind “When Hinges Creak”

Length: 22s

What was it like for the designers who created Disney’s beloved Haunted Mansion attraction? That’s a question Jeff Baham is... read more…


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When Zombies Attack…It’s Fun

Length: 14s

Artist Patrick Voss gets attacked by zombies on a regular basis. He loves every minute of it. Patrick is a... read more…


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At Home With Horror

Length: 20s

Artist Bill Rude creates a world of monsters, dark fairy-tale illustrations and pulp-novel images. And he’s designed it to be... read more…


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World-Changing Generosity

Length: 24s

On Tuesday, December 2, all around the world, people will be celebrating–a chance to give back. They’ll be joining together... read more…


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Podcasting is His Passion

Length: 23s

  Today is National Podcast Day.   And over the ten years it’s been around, Podcasting Consultant and Coach Dave Jackson... read more…


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The Depths of Her Calling

Length: 8s

Oceanographer, author, and explorer Dr. Sylvia Earle describes herself, on her Facebook page, as “lover of all things deep and... read more…


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