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Last update: 2009-04-25

Freedom Club v1 - pilot

2009-04-25 :: perpetua

FREEDOM CLUB is a modern day science fiction faerie tale about love, revolution and freedom in the post-technological era.

This is the first trailer released in advance of feature film currently in production about Industrial Society, the Spectacle and its Future

Lee Wells Site :: THe homepage of video and new media artist Lee Wells

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Randal Packer - Orf Comes to Washington to Bear Witness

2006-11-16 :: perpetua

Orf (from the legend of Orpheus) pays visit to Washington where he carries out a spectacular vigil to bear witness in extraordinary times of crisis. Orf is a poet-troubadour who resides in the shadowy depths of the Other World. In his visit to Washington, he sings negro spirituals in juxtaposition to his movement through the iconic environment of the Nation’s Capital. In this excerpt, Orf engages the speed and power of the aircraft, a weapon of mass destruction in the 21st century, singing “swing low, sweet chariot coming for to carry me home” evoking the extremist allure of the afterlife.

Video Art @ [PAM] :: on-line streaming video art

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Tor Jorgen van Eijk - Momento Mori

2006-11-16 :: perpetua

Very Explicit material, water sports, S&M, and open heart surgery raise the bar on our collective visual sensitivity threshold. You have been warned

Video Art @ [PAM] :: On line streaming video art

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Stephanie Schneider - 29 Pamls: Strange Love 2004 - Rennee's Dream

2006-09-19 :: perpetua

Hauntingly beautiful and perfectly delicate this photo essay is highly stylized and unforgettable. This short clip is a trailer and promo for a larger film.

Stephine Schneider Home Page :: Link to artsts website.

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Ian Van Neuman - Seeing Bush Through the Trees

2006-09-19 :: perpetua

Amazing animation as GW is deconstructed into McDonalds and Shell logos.

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Cecille Dahl: Clothes for a Summer Hotel

2006-08-16 :: perpetua

A beautiful young girl models various clothes made of fruits and berry’s. Things heat up as the juices flow. Feminist, body art, Venereal (as in Venus and blood) and perhaps barely legal, we’re almost certain this piece will shock a few people.

File Download (6:36 min / 22.8 MB)


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Nick and Sheila Pye: The Paper Wall

2006-08-15 :: perpetua

Perhaps one of the most hauntingly beautiful and stunningly conceptual pieces submitted to [PAM]. “The Paper Wall” is one of our favorite videos. Shot beautifully using 16mm fil this short piece is loaded with heavy symbolism yet subtle enough to give the impressions of a delicately crafted story.

“The Paper Wall” is described by the Toronto based Pye’s as :
“Boxed into twin rooms separated by a thin wall, a brother and sister communicate their desires. Stunning, provocative, and perplexing, the pair is irresistible to watch as they become increasingly physically and emotionally dependent on one another.”

Nick and Shelia Pye Photography :: Link to artists website and photo studio.

File Download (2:57 min / 10.7 MB)


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Hackworth Ashley : Demon Hutch

2006-07-23 :: perpetua

Oh, The Many Triumphs of Hackworth Ashley !
Better than Bill Cosby’s schlong which made it’s appearance at Scope Hamptons 2006, this video is everything Nam Jun Paik’s Global Grove should have been. Merce Cunningham can’t hold a candle to the demon dance performed by Hackworth himself ? Zany, evil, and fun, we hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

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Marco Roso: Headbangers of the World Unite...Hell is Here

2006-07-23 :: perpetua

We think the title is self explanitory. Highly stylized and very sexy we think this video and the women in it rock hard ! Yes, very hard indeed.

File Download (2:17 min / 10.7 MB)


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[dNASAb] & Aaron Miller: Buildings:ETC Edit

2006-07-23 :: perpetua

Brilliant work from [PAM] co-founder and [dNASAb] made at the Experimental Television Center durring the 2006 Summer residency program. There’s a rummor going around that these two have formed a band.

File Download (4:56 min / 13.2 MB)


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Raul Vincent Enriquez:ChupaLucha

2006-07-20 :: perpetua

Absolutly briliant and funny animation. [PAM] enjoy’s this type of video art and we think you will to. You will never forget that “this is an ear of corn”.

raul vincent enriquez :: artists home page

File Download (2:28 min / 11.7 MB)


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Janet Biggs: chamblee

2006-07-08 :: perpetua

Chamblee presents three pair of high school wrestlers, locked in a dance of aggression. The sound track combines acid jazz with audio samples from Hollywood sports films. Prototypical coaches encourage and berate the athletes.
Chamblee examines constructions of gender enacted by adolescents who mimic and internalize expectations of masculinity engendered by sports.

Janet Biggs Home Page :: Video Artits Website

File Download (2:23 min / 10.4 MB)


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Jason Archer & Paul Beck: The Homeland Howdown

2006-07-02 :: perpetua

A masterful and beautiful animation. These guys have won a Grammy and have worked with David Byrne – We’re Not Worthy ! ... What more can we say that this is really funny and scary political mash up that digs GW…Oh, we’re happy to have them included in [PAM].

Jason Archer and Paul Beck home page :: A link to their homepage where more of thei work can be found

File Download (3:08 min / 17.1 MB)


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Peer Bode: Memory Song

2006-07-02 :: perpetua

“Memory Song” is a steam of thought poem that evokes both fond and bitter memories of places and times akin to the Wurlitzer Organ factory in North Tonawanda, NY. Beautifully haunting and pure analog in modality we think the bell is a wonderful symbol. We always enjoy seeing work from Peer and couldn’t agree him more when he says “I work the new video media power using the materials of signals and coded forms and silent forms. Electronics is world people, fluid semiotics, resonant beauty, new inner and outer world spaces, independent and personal making. Working in new media forms is to experience and adventure the birth of new arts, new world bodies, filled with wonders and pains, being present to life’s vulnerabilities and richness.”

Peer Bode @ Alfred University :: Link to Peer's home page at Alfred University

File Download (1:18 min / 5.2 MB)


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Christina McPhee : Relay

2006-07-02 :: perpetua

Digital video, electronic music and sound remix
RELAY explodes video and voice in the downtown alleys of LA. RELAY sublates voice and keyboard electronica from naxsmash.net with sound design by Sariah Storm. RELAY, shot on Los Angeles Street, just down from the closed cathedral, Santa Vibiana, past the defunct Japanese erotic cinema, opens onto an alley where a film crew shoots a confrontation. Cut to a club in Chicago where a solo figure draws against scrims of light to an indifferent crowd. Violent attractors—between ‘shut down’ and ‘shut up’.

Special thanks to Terry Hargrave, Sariah Storm, and Jon Cates


christinamcphee.net :: Christina Mcphee's home page

File Download (8:30 min / 29.2 MB)


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Alexander Reyna: BETA 2005

2006-06-06 :: perpetua

A crazy delicious sexual daydream.

[PAM] :: Video Art Portal

File Download (2:40 min / 36.7 MB)


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Nick Golebiewski: NYCMarathon

2006-06-06 :: perpetua

Beautifully shot, politically motivated, on target and in step with a wonderful sound track.

File Download (3:33 min / 111.5 MB)


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Christopher Coleman: Modern Times

2006-06-06 :: perpetua

The original movie, “Modern Times,” featured Charlie Chaplin struggling to deal with man’s relationship to technology in the Industrial Age. We have now moved into the Age of Information in which our connection to the world around us is not only defined by technology, but the information it does or does not provide.
This video examines the issues we cope with regularly such as racism, surveillance, and apathy by using imagery from specific safety brochures. These pamphlets about terrorism readiness, provided by the Department of Homeland Security, are part of a larger system designed to promote meta-fears like terrorism that serve to distract people from their everyday concerns. This animation discusses the effects of fear, apathy, and isolation, and how they are transmitted and utilized for control. The iconography seen in this video is used in very polar situations: often we see warnings with simplified bodies being harmed as a consequence of not following the rules. These illustrations evoke fear without being real or graphic. In contrast, the same simplified pictures in airplane brochures show a complete lack of alarm and are used to make one feel safe and to reduce fear and anxiety.
In this animation, the flat, sterile and unemotional style mirrors the ways in which we increasingly react to the world around us. Sensation and overabundance bring apathy. People and the body become commodities. The individual continues to recede into the white noise.

File Download (2:46 min / 66.7 MB)


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John Vega: Istigkeit_03

2006-06-06 :: perpetua

Motion Painting by John Vega

File Download (1:23 min / 35.5 MB)


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G.H. Hovagimyan: rich_sucker_web

2006-06-06 :: perpetua

Done in 1978. Originally shown at MoMA as part of a group tape by Davidson Gigliotti called “Chant Acapella.” During the opening several patrons demanded the piece be removed because it was offensive. This video is totally punk when punk was really punk. Way to stick it to them G.H. !

File Download (1:08 min / 37.3 MB)


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Endre Tveitlan: Building

2006-06-05 :: perpetua

Keywords: surface, structure, time, construction, deconstruction
Description: construction and deconstruction of surfaces.
[PAM] loves this video, it’s beautiful.

File Download (1:18 min / 33.2 MB)


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Erin O'Hara: Creamsicle

2006-06-05 :: perpetua

File Download (1:34 min / 20.6 MB)


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Wilson Brown: Bichos do Asfalto - Tar Bugs

2006-06-05 :: perpetua

File Download (1:00 min / 27.2 MB)


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[dNASAb] The Obscure Sexual Habits of Wireless Data: dataECOSYSTEMS

2006-06-05 :: perpetua

[dNASAb] :: wireless data unbound

File Download (0:35 min / 7.5 MB)


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Brian Milb1lbrand: Zombie Jesus

2006-06-05 :: perpetua

From Brian Milb1lbrand’s Super Mario Paint series.

Brian Milb1lbrand Zombie Jesus :: From Brian Milb1lbrand's Super Mario Paint series.

File Download (0:32 min / 9.7 MB)


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2005-03-29 :: perpetua

File Download (0:07 min / 0.1 MB)


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