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Last update: 2007-05-25

Rio de Janeiro Audio Walking Tour

2007-05-25 :: jr.volpato

The travelcast this week is a walking tour through the historical center of Rio de Janeiro.

This year, Rio de Janeiro will host the Pan American Games, Jogos Pan-americanos. And this walking tour is a cool oportunity to get to know the city.

Did you know that Rio was once the capital of Brazil? And even the capital of Portugal? The downtown area is filled with buildings and historical sites from this period, and that’s where you’ll be taken.

This is a long walking tour, with loads of places to see and explore. You will have the perfect feeling of a time when Kings, Princes and nobles used to be seen in town.

So, all you need is to print the map and download the travelcast to your mp3 player, mobile, pda or a cd player. Renato is the travelcaster this time! Have fun!…


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Bangkok, Audio Walking Tour

2007-05-18 :: jr.volpato

Our travelcast this week is a walking tour through the old city of Bangkok. For more information, please check http://plugyourtrip.blogspot.com…


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