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Last update: 2009-06-08

P.O.V. Episode 43: The Best of P.O.V. vol. 4

Length: 51m 58s

Not another one? Yes, and the last of the best of episodes. Isn't it amazing we scrambled 4 of these together? Well anyway, enjoy it, download it and cherish it like a teddy bear of old. And listen to the whole thing for a major announcement in the last few minutes! Thanks for listening, and for cripes sake, somebody start the comments! Oh yeah...and as a small tribute to the sorta 'birth-mother' of "P.O.V.", heres the best of Samechick in "Lorne Michaels Watch This Please!" …


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Episode 42:The 'Best' Of P.O.V. Vol 3

Length: 34m 6s

You know how they say time flies when you're having fun? Well, get ready for a small eternity with P.O.V.! Oh, I'm not saying its no good. Just depends on your perspective, I'd think. Lots of rubbish and nonsense from the past few decades of the show. Mind you, we lost the kinescopes of the JFK interview long ago, and I didn't feel like trotting out the old "Ed Aames throws a tomahawk at the Klingon" clip yet again.But enjoy some non-topical American Idol talk, bad tv talk, more TV crap, and some other stuff. And drop us a line, eh? Say SOMETHING, even if you do what I just did, copy and paste some of your old comments and recycle 'em! Oh yeah, and a video! Well...how about Paul and Ringo doing "With a Little Help From My Friends" a couplea weeks ago at Radio City! …


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Episode 41: The Best of P.O.V. Vol 2

Length: 41m 45s

Tired of the same old goat sacrifices? Well, sacrifice your valuable time for P.O.V.! Yes, what I am really asking you to do is WASTE your time. But isn't this true of damn near every other podcast? Even better, this one is theoretically some of the 'best' of the garbage we've done here over the years; which, while not a guarantee of quality, is at least something to consider. Drop us a line, BTW! Also BTW....I forgot, a new video! Well, this time...umm...uh..OK. For some great 70s awesomeness, there is nothing more,er, awesome than Kansas. The BAND, you twit! Here they are, looking like a REAL rock band oughta, performing "Icarus". Its from the "Masque" LP, one P.O.V. highly recommends. Dig! …


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The Best of P.O.V. -Vol 1 (or Episode 40?)

Length: 31m 51s

We're back, for a series of episodes optimistically titled the "Best of" P.O.V. Is there such a thing? Well, its all relative isn't it? And don't worry, there IS new stuff to be heard; unfortunately it's still just me. So sit back, enjoy crap you may or may not have heard on past shows, and prepare yourself for more upcoming episodes than there have been in eons! Of course, temper that with the fact they're ALL best-of, and I recorded/edited/mixed them a few weeks ago. But it's free, at least. …


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Episode 34: Tequila Mockingbird

Length: 31m 7s

Well well well. And where have YOU been all this time? Have you any idea what hour it is?Yeah, its the hour for half an hour of all-new P.O.V.! Just when you thought you'd ditched it for good. Anyway, a kind of getting-back-in-the-groove show, so don't get yer hopes up. We discuss the sorta past TV season, teenagers are goons, big doin's in politics, and much more! Leave us a note, by the way. And as always, thanks for listening. …


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Coming Soon...Really....

Length: 1m 26s



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Episode 2.7:Charles Nelson Reilly Lives!

Length: 37m 7s

It's alive! Yes, it's the latest, far from the greatest episode of P.O.V.! Whats up this time? Not much really, just finding our sea legs again, so to speak. Apart from gross mispronunciations, you get ruminations on new kinds of cereal, what stupid crap is coming up in the new TV season, what bands are reuniting and for how much money, and so much more! PLUS, I might add, the WRONG mix of the theme tune...oh well. Maybe no one will notice. I promise however, not as long of a wait between episodes this time... I'll announce it via a very nice commercial, so stay tuned... …


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P.O.V. Episode 2.6: Film at Eleven

Length: 48m 29s

OK, so it's slightly stale. Heck, its nearly rotten. It's a 2 week old P.O.V.! Due to tech trouble here and there, this show is...well... better late than never. It also features more bitching and ranting than you can shake a stick at, and the added bonus of a new feature sure to offend all! And no, Sanjaya is NOT part of it, though you WILL get to hear him kill a cat..err...sing! More fun than a barrel full of barrels. Try it, you'll like it. …


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P.O.V. episode 2.5: Talk To Yourself, Hear What You Wanna Know

Length: 32m 8s

Well, if it isn't you! Glad you visited, I've been worried. Like some tea? Water? Hows about a new P.O.V.! There, isn't that refreshing? This time, we go thru the hot latest news, like Buddy Hollys plane crash! Well, something thats been, ahem, DUG UP about it. More about the Rock Hall of Fame travesty and Sammy Hagars part in it; Tom Cruise tries to win Larry King to the dark side; Celeb deaths all over the place and so much more! BTW, heres the promised link to the wacky Van Halen meets Dr. Phil article: http://www.vhnd.com/articles/070312-01.shtml And as far as this weeks video...the mighty VH in their prime, with perhaps the weirdest video ever. Any bets on who came up with the storyline? …


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P.O.V. episode 2.4: Chest Hair and Crazy Cool Medallions...

Length: 30m 46s

I'm not asking you, I'm TELLING you! Yes, its a new episode of P.O.V., and what else can you expect? I dunno, but this episode features more raw information than you can shake a dead fish at. I should mention, first, this episode is produced by none other than your friend and ours, Stephanie. But don't expect to actually HEAR from her, folks. Theres her complaints (and mine) about Rosie O' Bigmouth; John Travolta: faith healer; war and what it's actually good for; the last Anna Nicole story you'll ever hear, and much more! Don't forget to leave a comment, btw. This weeks video clip comes from the 70s, an ad for the coolest fucking toys ever made!!! And don't give me no lip on this. …


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P.O.V. episode 2.3: An Inconsiderate Truth

Length: 32m 49s

It's back! No, not Al Gore, it's P.O.V. all fresh and spring-like. What should you expect for this episode? Oh, just the usual rubbish. Rantings and observations galore on such well-tred topics as Anna Nicoles' skeleton, peg-legged dancers, Matt Damon and Orion slave girls, 61 year old boobies and much much more! I can't wait! And neither can you...these aren't the droids you're looking for.... And as a video bonus, another sign of the apocolypse....Sting, Andy and Stewart play "Hungry Like the"..uhh..."Stairway to"...umm..."Hotel Cali"...oh, yeah, that OTHER obvious, overplayed song, "Roxanne"! …


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P.O.V. Episode 2.2: Christmas Greetings

Length: 23m 49s

Heres the uplifting Christmas show for you all. Have a wunnerful New Year! …


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P.O.V. Episode 2.1: The Runaway Bribe

Length: 41m 9s

Finally, the first episode of the second season! Of sorts. Keep in mind, this was done back in early Sept. 2006, so sorry if its a bit dated now, but oh well. New segments galore, like "Believe It Or Piss Off!", DVD trivia, old Office talk, Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson facts and more! Let me know if anyones out there..... …


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P.O.V. with David W. Torrence

P.O.V. with David Torrence is a weekly (or so) podcast exploring themes of...ummm...err..lots of things. Whatever's damn well on my mind that week! Prepare to simply have an interesting ride. Best viewed (and hopefully HEARD) on Firefox browsers!

P.O.V. with David W. Torrence

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