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Last update: 2015-06-09

Episode 28

Length: 1s


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Episode 27

Length: 30s

With Sac Bunt Chris on the road, Rick takes the reigns in this episode and chats with Matt Coy, the Padres Senior Director of Game Day Presentation and Cash Sirois from The Well Creative Productions, creators of those awesome Padres viral videos that you’ve been seeing in the ballpark lately. Get the scoop on SDinHD, how they landed in San Diego with the Padres and how they come up with these creative videos. Plus we chat Shia Labeouf motivation, and it’s fantastic.


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Episode 26

Length: 55s

Brady Phelps from Lobshots is welcomed appears on this episode of Padres and Pints: the Podcast! He explains what he thinks defines success for the 2015 Padres, then spends the rest of the episode ranting about Twitter and poor knowledge of wine.


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Episode 25

Length: 54s

David from Vocal Minority, member of Padres Public stops by to talk baseball, Derek Norris, Austin Hedges swooning, and brewery drama. 


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Episode 24

Length: 40s

Dennis Lin joins the podcast for for some baseball, beer, and Buddy Black discussion. Dennis also shares details of his journey becoming the beat writer covering the Padres for the San Diego UT and his thoughts on how Twitter has affected his job and the sports media industry.

You can follow Dennis T Lin (not the fruit farmer) on Twitter and read his coverage at the UT. 


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Episode 23

Length: 42s

This week we are joined by both old friends and new friends. Now that the rosters have been set, John Conniff of Mad Friars returns to give the scoop on the Padres Minor League system. Bryant Webster of Woe, Doctor! and Padres Public fame makes his debut as the Padres & Pints: The Podcast!, Storm correspondant and interviews the Lake Elsinore skipper Michael Collins. Lastly we chat with Tyler Zickel, the Assistant Director of Media Relations for the Lake Elsinore Storm, and get the scoop on a wide array of things for the upcoming 2015 season.


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Episode 22

Length: 1s

Singer-songwriter, Padres fan, and San Diego icon Steve Poltz joins Padres and Pints for Episode 22!

Steve, Rick, and Chris discuss Steve's life performing on the road, the time he stalked Tim Flannery, the advice Bruce Bochy gave him for singing the national anthem, and what it was like performing in front of 55,000+ people at game 3 of the Padres 1998 NLCS.


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Episode 21

Length: 1s

A power triumvirate of guests join Chris and Rick for the first ever on location podcast, live-ish from the Bring Back the Brown party at Green Flash Brewing Company. San Diego sports radio veteran Craig Elsten, Green Flash Director of Beer Education Dave Adams, plus Jordan Stark and Tony Martinez of the Bring Back the Brown campaign talk Padres baseball, beer, and brown uniforms.

Among a million other topics, Jordan and Tony explore the history behind the organized BBTB campaign, Dave shares thoughts the concessions experience at Petco Park, and Craig rants about everything imaginable. 


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Episode 20

Length: 22s

Corey Brock, entering his 9th season covering the Padres for MLB.com and self-described amateur beer snob stops by Padres & Pints to talk about the Padres' crazy go-nuts offseason.

How does Corey describe the results of the Yoan Moncada, Yasmani Tomas, and Hector Olivera negotiations? What was the Padres strategy behind hiring AJ Preller? Who was the team's primary offseason target? What's the latest on Corey's hot Peoria, AZ nightlife? Listen to find out. And if you do the Twitters, follow him at @followthepadres. 


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Episode 19

Length: 48s

Jason Klein from the San Diego design firm Brandiose joins Rick and Chris as they chat about minor league design. Or as Jason calls it, "story telling."

Jason shares some crazy ideas impleneted by Brandiose never seen before in minor league abseball, as well as their plans deemed too overboard even for the minors. The guys also discuss the current direction of the San Diego Padres brand, as well as details about their process with teams from beginning to end. 


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Episode 18

Length: 40s

We chat with John Conniff of MadFriars about the Padres farm system. What prospects does John expect to contribute in the majors this season? What pitcher is John's sleeper prospect? What did Nelson Cruz say to John just before taking Wade LeBlanc yard in Portland? Where are the San Antonio barbecue joints that refuse to provide sliverware? We answer all these questions and more.

Check out the MadFriars Top 20 Padres Prospects for 2015 featuring commentary on the state of the organization and tons of scouting info on players.


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Episode 17

Length: 47s

Jonah Keri, writer at Grantland, and New York Times bestselling author joins Padres and Pints to talk, well Padres and Pints. He, Rick and Chris discuss AJ Preller's offseason moves, craft beer, and television. Jonah also shares a story about the morning / day the Padres traded for Matt Kemp.


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Episode 16

Length: 42s

Rick and Chris are joined by Dustin who writes with Chris under The Sacrifice Bunt at Padres Public. They chat about Dustin's curious beginnings as a Padres Fan featuring double flapped helmets, and the crazy twists and turns of Trader Preller's beginnings as GM of the San Diego Padres.


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Episode 15

Length: 33s

Rick and Chris are joined by the lovely Geoff Hancock of Left Coat Bias / Padres Public. The three discuss the state of affiars of being a Padres fan, the Padres First Baseman Who WIll Not Be Named, and chat about mascots. 


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Episode 14

Length: 26s

On this episode of Padres and Juice: the Podcast! Rick and Chris discuss the new video board at Petco Park, international free agents, beer, juice, and uniform speculation. And juice.


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Episode 13

Length: 25s

Rick and Chris debate the merits of juices vs beer, talk about the San Diego Padres front office comings and goings over the years, finally solve the mystery of the location of "Tri Cities", and try to think of things to say about Eric Stults for (hopefully) the last time.


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Episode 12

Length: 28s

The Padres Blogfather, special guest Geoff Young joins the crew as they talk about ownership strategy, the San Diego Padres draft selection Trea Turner and (surprise surprise) beer at Petco Park and fashion.


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Episode 11

Length: 25s

The Padres and Pints crew is in the same room all the way from Peoria, AZ, the Spring Training home of the San Diego Padres. We talk about elastic waistbands, Coors Light and Adys Portillo. And then discuss wood. Listen!


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Episode 10

Length: 58s

With the baseball season right around the corner (YES!), the guys had plenty to talk about. Shocking TV deals, FanFest highs/lows and a bunch of other things thrown in as well. RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE


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Episode 9

Length: 32s

After a long break, Rick, Mike & Melvin return! We have a lot to talk about.....and it's almost all sad. Sorry. :(


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Episode 8

Length: 1s

Rick complains about his cleanse, Mike rants about how awful Brad Brach is (in front of Brad Brachs parents) and Melvin has a weird obsession with Andy Parrino.

Plus we also talk about the Josh Johnson signing, the roster moves and the metaphorical car. Join us!


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Episode 7

Length: 51s

Shane Mack talk! Also revisting the Jake Peavy trade of '09.


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Episode 6

Length: 58s

How did we get our blogging start? Find out here!


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Episode 5

Length: 59s

We talk Mike Dee, playoff baseball and....some other stuff. Join us!


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Episode 4

Length: 1s

In the latest episode we talk about the Breaking Bad and Dexter finales, answer Twitter questions and mayyyybe talk a little baseball somewhere in between.


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Episode 3

Length: 29s

After a long absence, Rick, Mike and Melvin return and they are....shirtless?


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Episode 2

Length: 31s

Rick, Mike and Melvin return (after some computer issues) to discuss the #Norf vs #Deno battle, what our expectations of the Padres are going forward, a little steroid talk and our Ben Higgins interview.


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Episode 1

Length: 28s

Join Rick, Mike and Melvin for the first ever Padres and Pints podcast. They discuss #kotsaytacos, Ian Kennedy and Chicken Schtick. It's fun!


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Padres and Pints: The Podcast!

Padres and Pints: The Podcast! chats about all things San Diego, with a focus on Padres baseball and our fine craft beer community. Hosted by @RJsFro & @SacBuntChris with (hopefully) a different special guest every week.

Padres and Pints: The Podcast!

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