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Last update: 2012-02-20

PIR Talk Radio 02-19-2012

Length: 59m 38s

Please enjoy this broadcast of the new PIR Talk Radio Show with hosts Kurt Smith and Bill Horton. Segment 1 we talk about Grants departure from Ghost Hunters Segment 2 discuss if babies are intuitive or not Segment 3 New Australian Airport Security rules Segment 4 The possible erruption of Mt. Fuji and 2012 Please enjoy this episode of PIR Radio !! Please visit our website at www.pirradio.com If you want to check out the show live please join us every Sunday night at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO Radio network. www.paranormalradioonline.com We hope you got your paranormal radio experience …


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PIR Talk Radio 02-12-2012

Length: 1h 0m 19s

Please enjoy this episode of PIR Talk Radio with Hosts Kurt Smith and Bill Horton. This episode includes updates on Bills recent investigations, A story of UFO sightings in England and Russia and much more. Please join us live every Sunday night at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO network. www.paranormalradioonline.com www.pirradio.com We hope you get your paranormal radio experience with PIR Radio ! …


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PIR Radio 1-29-2012 show with guest Justin Wiswell

Length: 58m 37s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Justin Wiswell on live with us from Maritime Paranormal. Please enjoy this episode as we discuss all aspects of the paranormal field with Justin to include a new topic about the Hatmen Phenomenom. Please visit Justin's group website at www.maratimeparanormal.ca . Please enjoy the news stories and much more now on PIR Radio. We hope you get your paranormal radio experience as we keep it paranormal ! www.pirradio.com www.paranormalradioonline.com …


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PIR Radio 1-22-2012 show

Length: 1h 16m 6s

On this episode of PIR Radio its the begining of a new ERA as we have relaunched to be bigger and better. Enjoy this episode as Kurt and Bill go over what changes are going to happen and we go over the new format. Check us out every Sunday Night now at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO Radio Network. www.paranormalradioonline.com www.pirradio.com Get your Paranormal Radio Experience with Kurt and Bill on PIR Radio !! PS - Keep it Paranormal ! …


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Kathy Machowski - MN Beyond the Veil

Length: 1h 17m 51s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have founder of MN Beyond the Veil Kathy Machowski on with us. About the group: We are a small group of people investigating claims of haunted locations. Though it is rare, we have found in some cases the spirit lingers on after death. Proving that the grand spirit of the people of Minnesota still lives on even after death. We investigate various locations, such as homes, business, historical sites, churches, and cemeteries. We even had a few people call us to check out a home they plan to buy, they liked the house, but they felt something not quite right about it. There is never a fee for our services. We help people who think they may have a haunting. All of our members have experienced spiritual activity and is sensitive to the needs of our clients. Regarding this, our group is very discreet. We are not flashy and none of our cars are marked. When we come over we look like company coming for a visit. We record and document each location, and will either revisit or e mail each client our findings. Many of our clients are pleased with the information we gather for them. With some, we are able to find a natural explanation for what is happening to them, with others, we show them proof that they do have a haunting, and suggest things that they can do. With the addition of our sensitive, Linda, we have had success with helping the spirits cross over. This is done only with the client’s approval as many of our clients once knowing that they do have a spirit in their home do not wish for the spirit to leave. Either way, our clients' minds are put at ease. About Kathy: Raised in a house that had spiritual activity, I was always interested in spirits. At a young age they frighten me, but as I grew older I wanted to know the rules that the spirits obey. As a teenager, I studied on and off about ghosts, reading everything I could and trying various experiments hoping to capture a voice or image of a spirit. In my 20’s I collected various stories and started lightly investigating locations. I enjoyed field work and after my separation from my x, I was able to commit more time into investigating cases in NY. After Moving to Minnesota, I started Minnesota’s Beyond the Veil. I came up with that name because of my earlier studies. I was told that spirits dwell “beyond the veil” and Psychic’s are able to pierce this veil to contact the spirits beyond. I and my group may not be psychic (with the exception of Linda) but with our equipments help we are able to look “beyond the veil” and catch glimpses of the spirit world. Thank you for your continued support of PIR Radio, please visit our website at www.pirradio.com …


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NPI - Darryl and Nikki

Length: 1h 8m 49s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Darryl and Nikki on from Northern Paranormal Investigations from British Columbia, Canada. Here is more about Darryl and Nikki: DARRYL PEARSON, FOUNDER Darryl was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and is the youngest of three children. He has lived in British Columbia for over 20 years and has been a welder-fabricator for most of that time. Before that he lived in various places throughout Ontario and moved a lot. Darryl also came from a split family, but always had the support of both his parents. He started investigating the paranormal as a result of his drive to discover the truths and/or untruths behind the causes of paranormal activity, also having had a few experiences that put him on course with the paranormal. Darryl is what some people call "sensitive" and has been known to see and feel things in ways others may not. He uses both his senses and technical equipment to investigate, and help people understand what they are experiencing; hopefully supply answers. As the founder of N.P.I. Darryl brings a positive, professional, enthusiastic energy to the group, which is an asset to all our investigations. Darryl has been doing investigations into the paranormal for more then a year now and has gained a lot of experience in the field having been both a member and a lead investigator of another group. He feels with himself and his team’s knowledge that N.P.I. will be a group to look to for help and answers when needed. NIKKI PETERSON, LEAD INVESTIGATOR Born and raised in Langley BC, Nikki has always lived in the lower mainland, and now resides in downtown Vancouver. Nikki has been interested in the paranormal since she was a little child when an elderly woman would come and sit in her room at night and sing to her, comfort her. As Nikki grew into adolescence, the paranormal activity around her grew in frequency and intensity. At this time, she was also introduced into the metaphysical realm. This is when she found out for sure about her “sensitivities” and telekinesis. By the time she was a young adult, she had already won one battle with a demon. To this day, she does not fear ever facing one again. Nikki comes with a resume including working with a few other investigative paranormal teams and brings with her the knowledge learnt with each one. Every place Nikki has lived, she has had ghosts follow. Almost daily, things will be moved around, sounds made, unexplainable happenings, being touched and even on occasion she will actually see her visitors. Despite all of her personal experiences, she faces every moment as a skeptic first. She will never assume that any off thing happening is paranormal, no matter how weird it may seem. When Nikki isn’t expanding her knowledge of the mysterious and unknown, you can usually find her at a coffee shop or the beach with a coffee and a good book. Her other hobbies include 8-ball, photography, videography, and poetry. When not working in her capacity as a paranormal investigator she is an administrative clerk for a large heavy construction/ engineering company. She loves her job and is thankful that she can work with such wonderful people. Nikki is also very close to her supportive family for who she can’t thank enough for all the love and guidance they have given her throughout the years. When the opportunity came for Nikki to join Northern Paranormal Investigations, she knew it was the right thing for her to be doing and is happy to be living one of her dreams. Thank you for your continued support and please visit our website at www.pirradio.com …


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Searching for Bigfoot with Tom Biscardi

Length: 55m 28s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Big Foot Hunter Tom Biscardi on with us. Here is some info about Tom: You can [Join Tom Biscardi On Expedition To Find America's King Kong - Bigfoot]?Create. Biscardi's first company relating to Bigfoot research was "Amazing Horizons Corporation" in 1971. Tom talks about how he got into Bigfoot research: "I was watching John Carson in 1967, and I saw the first 8mm footage that Roger Patterson took of the Bluff Creek incident. I said to myself, 'How the hell can we send a man to the moon, but we can't find this creature'." "I went to the library and researched my predecessors, to see what kind of mistakes they had made, so that I could do better. I then started my own Bigfoot research company to stage expeditions to find the creature." "The recent Burney Mountain sighting of Bigfoot is the fifth time I've seen Bigfoot in 32 years. I've always had the love for the myths, the unknowns, and mysteries. When I entered into my freshman year of high school, a guidance counsellor asked me what I wanted to be. I said 'A palentologist of course, I love the study of fossils and bones.'" Tom Biscardi's favorite Biscardism is: "Positive Attitude" Must Be Followed By "Positive Action" to Achieve.... Says Bicardi, "There are two types of people, one finds a way,... one finds an excuse. I am the type of person who goes over, under, and around or through any obstacle that stands in my way!!! I can.. I will... I am going to!!! When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Every day and every way by the grace of God I am getting better and better!! I feel happy... I feel healthy... I feel terrific! After all, the mark of a person is not how far he runs from his problems, but how well he meets, faces and deals with those problems. That is truly the mark of a real human being. I can... I will... and I am going to succeed today!!!" Another great Biscardisms is: "Excuses are tools of incompetence to build monuments of nothing...." Thank you for your continued support and please visit our website at www.pirradio.com. …


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Sylvain Henry - Chemtrail 101

Length: 1h 14m 55s

Mondays episode of PIR Radio we had Sylvain Henry on as our guest. Here is more info about Sylvain: I am a social media consultant, event manager and online researcher. In my time off, I organize socio-business get-togethers where I chat with old friends, meet new friends, and speak on key social issues. My events include: Coffee Chats for singles, Chat-Walks for the health-minded intellectuals, business networking for entrepreneurs and job-seekers . Microvolunteer for world peace, vegetarian single dad who wishes to: find jobs for my friends; help regreen the world; help youth become more self-sustainable My favourite discussion topics: Stimulating the Canadian economy, from the bottom up. Dealing with the changeable root causes of homelessness. Preventive healthcare practices. Sylvain's 24 hour Hotline: 613-600-5323 Videochat: sylvain.henry@gmail.com Below are some of the groups I have created in Facebook: Unemployed People With Disabilities http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_190645004283549 Mass Action Demand: Chemtrails http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=159668450710660 Mass Action Demand: Chemtrail Chatroom http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_108703675872991 Trustland Recession Survivors http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=38738907548 Health, Environment, Security & Safety Alerts http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143212823637 Alternative Healthcare: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=15240519323 Global Patient Alliance http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=40877485946 Immigrant Doctors of Canada http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=63782270149 Please also visit PIR Radio's website at www.pirradio.com …


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UK Medium James Kemp

Length: 1h 5m 34s

Tonight on PIR Radio we have Medium James Kemp on live from England. About James: James is the Medium for Supernatural tours and UKPRS as well as doing charity work. He admits to seeing his first spirit as a kid and his enthusiasm for the paranormal has grown from there. James has been a Medium for several years now and his accuracy and hard work has helped him become recognised in the paranormal field. He has attended Mediumship development classes for several years before going on to train others. James has also done platform work and psychic suppers at a range of venues across the South. During these shows his accuracy has been astonishing. He first became involved in the paranormal investigation field when he joined a local paranormal group to gain experience. Shortly after that, James joined UKPRS as a Medium. He has also worked all over the UK doing investigations and ghost walks for Supernatural-Tours and UKPRS and charity events also he has worked for other companies as well. He has worked alongside David Wells, Dr Ciaran O'Keeffe, Richard Felix, Phil Whyman and Mark Webb and still continues to work with them on different events in the UK. During his time in the paranormal, James has appeared on various radio stations across the South coast including Skyline 102.5fm, Original fm, Express fm, and has done live investigations for BBC radio solent and spare FM. in 2009 he took part in a few polot shows for living TV and ITV alongside Jensen House, David Wells, Richard Felix. and has been a variety of shows on Tv and Youetube. He has also appeared in articles for the , Hants chronicle, BBCi and for the Portsmouth news, Southern Daily Echo, Daily Echo Tv magazine. he was very privilege to look after and take part in a year investigation with Jensen House at Wymering Manor Portsmouth oldest house. and has been named The UK most haunted house. during this time James has many stange things that took place and went on during the night. James also has experience of different exercises including Meditation exercises and regularly runs sessions on how to meet your sprit guide, how to pick up on sprits, speaking to sprits, on ghost hunts by using a variety of different exercises. which results has been amazing. he has many stories to tell with many experiences in the paranormal arcoss the UK James will be doing one to one workshops and group workshops coming up soon. please email James for more details and upcoming dates. Please visit our website at www.pirradio.com and get your paranormal radio experience !!! …


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Stephen Hill Author of " Something Unseen"

Length: 1h 9m 40s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Author Stephen Hill on to talk about his new book " Something Unseen" About the book: Stephen Hill takes you on a spine tingling journey into the mysteries of the afterlife and what awaits us on the other side. A mysterious voice captured on the audio of his camcorder during a local cemetery visit causes him to question his perception of reality, religion and even his own sanity. These questions lead him back to the cemetery in an attempt to find answers to questions that he cannot even begin to comprehend. He soon realizes that something has followed him home from the graveyard, something that wants to make it's presence known. Yes Something Unseen! This gripping tale of one man’s journey into the other side will keep you on the edge of your seat. Stephen Hill went into the graveyard that day to do a little genealogical research. He walked away with more than he bargained for. What happens when we die? Is that it, or is there more? After reading this book you may never look at the afterlife the same again! Please visit our website at www.pirradio.com !! …


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Laurie Hull - Supernatural PA

Length: 1h 7m 20s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have special guest Laurie Hull on to talk about her new book Supernatural PA. Here is some info about Laurie Hull: Laurie Hull (McCabe) Director and Founding Member Psychic Investigator - Medium/Clairvoyant Laurie founded Delaware County Paranormal Research with Faith Tarring to formalize their study of spirits, ghosts, and the paranormal. Their group has now expanded and become Tri-County Paranormal, which is directed by Laurie and Bill. Laurie has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and began psychic development study at the age of 13 at Parastudy under the guidance of Ernestine Knippschield. Living in a haunted house gave her first hand experience with ghosts and was the driving force behind her efforts to understand the phenomena she experienced on a daily basis. She is the author of Brandywine Valley Ghosts,Philly's Main Line Haunts, and Supernatural Pennsylvania. She is actively involved in all of our investigations and is hard at work on her next book, Supernatural Mid Atlantic. Please check out our website at www.pirradio.com Thank you for your continued support of PIR Radio …


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Nick Corey - Jasper Haunts

Length: 1h 2m 40s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Nick Corey from Jasper Haunts on with us for a paranormal radio experience that was awesome. About Nick: Nick Corey Founder/ Lead Investigator/EVP Specialist/Author/Spiritual Medium Nick has been drawn to the paranormal since he was young and had many unexplained things happen to him as a child. As he grew older the fascination with the paranormal was still there. In 2004, while working along side hospice caring for his dying grandfather, Nick began to see into the other world through his grandfather's eyes. During this time he also became fascinated by the Electronic Voice Phenomena and then started to record his own. Then he went on to form a group Jasper Haunts Paranormal in Joplin, MO. Nick is a truth seeker and has been on a quest ever since to try and tap into the other dimensions to better understand them. He now specializes in Electronic Voice Phenomena otherwise known as EVP. Nick comes from a long line of spiritualists, including, his Great Uncle Giles Corey, which dates back to the Salem Witch Trials. The Corey's are true believers in the spirit realm and have touched it in many ways throughout history. Nick has begun a journey of writings from his experiences with the paranormal. Please visit our website at www.piradio.com …


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Jeffrey Kimball - Northern Paranormal Research Society

Length: 1h 9m 9s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Jeffrey Kimball from NPRS on with us. About Jeff and NPRS: We are a Paranormal research group in the center of New Hampshire. We have worked and spent much of our time in paranormal research and understanding on how things in our everyday lifestyle can effect or be effected by them. Northern Paranormal staff are not new to the spirit world, we started trying to understand about the paranormal in the later part of 1998 when i had paranormal introductions of my own. And so began the journey to find others like myself with the interest in the paranormal. I formed the organization in 1999 with 5 members and it has just grown from there. I have not only formed this group for us, but for others in whom we try to help in the understanding of the paranormal. This is more then just curiosity.....this is a quest, a quest to see if there really are things out there trying to talk to us or asking for help to move on. We understand the doubters and the non-believers in the paranormal field but we are not just a group to help with seing or believing but also to disprove bumps in the night to be a settling house or pinging in the basement to be air in the pipes. We help everyone. There is always an answer........just where in the spectrum does it lie. With that said i decided that investigating was not enough, so i began my studies and became certified and well versed in much of the equipment used today such as EMF Detectors, Thermal Imaging Equipment, and the lighting of IR and Full Spectrum. Now with the knowledge comes the teaching. We hold workshops and seminars all over New England to help teach other people who have the drive and excitment we have on an investigation, to learn what we know in hopes they will teach people what THEY know. I deal in Parapsychology and am facinated in the spirtual world and hope i can help others in the field to. Please visit our website at www.pirradio.com. …


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Nick Redfern - UFO and Nasa Conspiracies !

Length: 1h 12m 35s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have special guest Nick Redfern on to talk about UFO and NASA Conspiracies. About Nick: Born: 1964. Education: Pelsall Comprehensive School, Pelsall, West Midlands, England, 1976-1981. WORK HISTORY: 1982-1984: Employed as a staff-writer for Zero – a British Magazine on rock music and fashion. 1984-2001: Worked as a freelance feature-writer/journalist for the following British Newspapaers: the London Daily Express; the People; the Western Daily Press; the Express & Star; and the Planet on Sunday (as a full time feature writer). 1996-2001: Worked as a freelance journalist for the folling magazines in Britan: The Weekender (a monthly newsstand magazine on fashion news, the world of entertainment, music and lifestyles); Animals, Animals, Animals (a monthly, newsstand magazine for children on animals); Pet Reptile (a monthly newsstand magazine for reptile enthusiasts); Military Illustrated (a monthly, Anglo-American, newsstand publication on military history); Eye Spy (a monthly, Anglo-American newsstand magazine on the subject of espionage); The Unopened Files (a bi-monthly, newsstand magazine on espionage); The XFactor (a bi-weekly, newsstand magazine on unsolved mysteries); UFO Magazine (a monthly newsstand magazine on UFO’s); Alien Encounters (amonthly, newsstand magazine on UFO’s). 1997: A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed Published by: Simon & Schuster, London Book Author: Nick Redfern This book was published in the UK, Canada, Russia, Poland, Austrailia, New Zealand and Portugal. 1998: The FBI Files: The FBI’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed Published by: Simon & Schuster, London Book Author: Nick Redfern This book was published in the UK, Canada, Russia, Poland, Austrailia, New Zealand and Portugal. 2000: Cosmic Crashes: The incedible Story Of The UFO’s The Fell To Earth Published by: Simon & Schuster, London Book Author: Nick Redfern This book was published in the UK, Canada, Austrailia, New Zealand and Portugal. 2001 – To Date: Nick Redfern has run the U.S. Office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology, which is dedicated to investigating mysterious animals such as Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster. 2003: Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on The Unknown Published by: Simon & Schuster, New York Book Author: Nick Redfern 2004: Three Men Seeking Monsters: Six Weeks In Persuit of Werewolves, Lake Monsters, Giant Cats, Ghostly Devil Dogs, and Ape-Men Published by: Simon & Schuster, New York Book Author: NIck Redfern Paraview, New York, published a first-time US Edition of Nick Redfern’s book A Covert Agenda 2005: June 2005 Body Snatchers In The Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story Published by: Simon & Schuster, New York Book Author: Nick Redfern Nick continues to write in a regular freelance capacity for the London Daily Express newspaper, UFO Magazine; and Fate Magazine. 2006: On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFO’s and Government Surveillance Published by: Anomalist Books, New York Book Author: Nick Redfern 2007: Celebrity Secrets: Government Files on the Rich and Famous Published by: Simon & Schuster, New York Book Author: Nick Redfern In July 2007, Nick’s book Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot was published by CFZ Press; and New Page Books published Nick’s Memoirs of a Monster Hunter in September. 2008: In March, Alamah of Mexico published a Spanish-language edition of Nick’s Memoirs of a Monster Hunter. Consultancy Research: Nick Redfern has undertaken freelance research in a consultant capacity to the world of entertainment since 2001. He has worked as a consultant to various TV production companies, including (a) Mentorn TV of Britain; (b) Red Star Films of Canada; and (c) the United States’ Sci-Fi Channel. Nick worked for 12 months as the co-editor of the newsstand magazine Phenomena. He has had widespread experience of editing articles for length, clarity, grammar and punctuation to the high levels required for, and expected by, newsstand publications. He has also ghostwritten and edited a number of published books for authors. He has also worked full-time as a consultant to several authors, conducting research on their behalf. TV/Lecture/Media Appearances: Nick has appeared on more than 60 TV shows to promote his books and his research. In the late summer of 2004 he traveled to Puerto Rico for two weeks with a film team from the Sci-Fi Channel’s series, Proof Positive, to make a documentary about the Chupacabras. He appeared on the MSNBC show Countdown with Keith Olbermann on February 9, 2005. He also traveled to Puerto Rico in September 2005 to make a show about the Chupacabras for Canada’s Space Channel. He has lectured at a variety of conferences, including the Laughlin UFO Congress (in 1998 and 2001); the Mutual UFO Network Conference in 2004; the Aztec UFO Conference in 2003; the Texas Bigfoot Research Conference in 2004; at numerous events for the British-based UFO Magazine between 1997 and 2000 (now closed); and at the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference in Las Vegas (in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006). Check out PIR's website at www.pirradio.com …


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BioSync Healing's Vivian Scott and Gabbie Chase

Length: 1h 20m 29s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have BioSync Healing's Vivian Scott and Gabbie Chase. About BioSync Healing, Inc. Our goal is to bridge the conscious reality with the spiritual mind. Our main focal point is the five levels of the soul/mind. We believe that freedom from the constraints of socialized thinking will give use spiritual oneness and replace the negative way of thinking and living with a freedom within our mind, body and soul. Chase is a psychic medium, guest lecturer, and instructor. At a very young age she had three near-death experiences that intensified her abilities to communicate with those who have passed over. She is considered an expert in Instrumental Trans Communication using ITC, EVP, and quantum theory’s as a means to gather information from a distance regarding time sensitive projects. Communication is a vital part of her psychic medium business and after many years studying the paranormal and parapsychology, she has found that quantum mechanics is a very strong and clear method of communication when documentation is vital. It is a highly effective method when used in combination with her medium skills. Calling herself “The Scientific Psychic” Gabbie has now co-founded BioSync Healing, located in Richmond, Va. “It is my life’s work to become more acute in finding and utilizing communication as a tool not only for readings and allowing others to hear and see those who have passed over, but is very important to have data to study to help further the possibilities.” “This project has become a great success and continues to give us (BioSync Healing Team) such information as: weather, current events, personal events, and thoughts of others. Alternative communication can warn us about an upcoming natural disaster, security issue, help find a missing person, or track down a criminal. The possibilities are endless. Please visit PIR Radio's website at www.pirradio.com !!! …


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Author Trisha Ryan

Length: 1h 7m 49s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have Trisha Ryan as our guest. About Trisha: Trisha Ryan, along with Ghost Hunters International star Barry Fitzgerald, is the co-author of the recently released book The Influence. She has been a member of the paranormal community for over five years, but has always had a fascination for trying to understand what lies on the other side. She has just recently stepped down from The Rolling Hills Asylum team, where she worked as a guide, to allow herself time for other projects. As a master dowser and Vice-President of the Genesee Valley dowsers, her interest has recently been drawn to geomancy and specific ley lines in the earth and with how they may have an effect on haunted locations. Her current work not only includes working on several new books, but also writing articles for Intrepid Magazine, along with working on a documentary about the Dragon’s Track (also known as the St. Michael Apollo Axis) and how it runs through the Eastern part of the United States. Thank you for listening to PIR Radio and please check out their website at www.pirradio.com and get your Paranormal Radio Experience ! …


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Petro Photoglyph Research with Laser Les

Length: 1h 6m 52s

On this episode of PIR Radio we discuss Petro Photoglyphs with Laser Les. *In the year 1994 I discovered a collection of small inscribed stones capable of projecting streams of video images. *I labeled these stone artifacts 'petro photoglyphs'...properly defined as photographic recordings scribed onto stone surfaces. *Petro photoglyphs illustrated within this research website were surface samples discovered in the mid-western United States. *A petro photoglyph will project streams of photo images defined as a hologram (whole recording) forming a visual language. *A process method I formulated using modern technology...records and translates the Petro Photoglyphic Image Projections. *The technology required to develop and decipher the stone inscriptions defines them as 'Time Capsule Messages'. *Ancient image projections...deciphered using our knowledge database of history, mythology, religion and astronomy. *Images from the 'petro photoglyphs' developed for this research website are 'The Oldest Photographs Known to Humanity'. Please check out our website at www.pirradio.com Get your Paranoral Radio Experience with PIR !!! …


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Intuitive Erin Hamilton from Maritime Paranormal

Length: 1h 30m 8s

On this Episode of PIR Radio we have with us Erin Hamilton from Maritime Paranormal. Erin has been interested in local accounts of the paranormal since her childhood. She is now a practicing Speech Language Pathologist with a Masters in Science, including course work in Linguistics and Acoustics. Erin hopes to apply her educational background to the paranormal field, specifically in the areas of Electronic Voice Phenomena, ITC, and RTSC Research. Erin is also a developing intuitive who has been featured on para-x.com’s live radio broadcasts (a US-based online paranormal community). Joining her friends from para-x, she undertook her first serious paranormal investigation at Waverly Hills Sanatorium in May 2009 (alleged to be one of the most haunted locations in the US) and returned again to investigate at Waverly the following year. Her recent inventory of paranormal personal experiences has grown significantly, along with her desire to assist others who may be intimidated by the paranormal or their own sensitive abilities. Please visit Maritime's website at: http://www.maritimeparanormal.ca/ Check out PIR Radio Website at www.pirradio.com and get your paranormal radio experience …


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ParaTom Lynch

Length: 1h 20m 31s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have special guest Para Tom Lynch. Tom Lynch is the founder and lead investigator of ParaTom.com. He is a freelance paranormal investigator working out of New England. Tom Lynch is an internationally known and well respected freelance Paranormal Investigator based in New England and travels across the country to help his clients uncover the truth about what they believe to be paranormal activity. Tom also conducts lectures and workshops throughout the year. When Tom was young, his grandparents would take him to Concord and Lexington, Massachusetts in the spring time to visit the Olde North Bridge, Grave of the Unknown British Soldiers, and The Olde Burying Grounds. Tom was fascinated by the artwork carved upon the old slate gravestones. “I remember during one of my many visits there, finding a grave stone belonging to a boy of about 8 years old. He had died in the 1700's and I can remember lagging behind my family, bending and whispering to the patch of land beneath my feet. ”Are you here? If you are not happy here, you can come home with me.” That evening, I slept with my eyes wide open, afraid the boy was going to appear! I would call that my first attempt to communicate with the other side!” Tom has been visiting and photographing colonial graveyards most of his life. This qualifies him as a lifelong taphophile. A person who loves cemeteries. Tom prides himself on the tools he brings to the investigation and is very knowledgable with every piece in his kit. Tom started with a film camera and added a mini cassette recorder to his kit. This was back in 1986. His tool kit has been growing and changing ever since. Tom has had the pleasure of investigating along side of some of todays foremost respected and talented people in the paranormal field, such as Medium Julie Williams, John Zaffis (A Haunting in Conneticut), Dustin Pari and Barry Fitzgerald of Ghost Hunters International, and other great talents. Tom has been a guest on many radio prograo inforr norems airing in the United States, Europe and Australia! Tom travels across the country as he gets requests to participate in or conduct investigations for groups and home or business owners. Tom is well known for training many groups in the methods and theories of paranormal investigations. He teaches groups and individuals the proper techniques from the client interviews to the presentation of his findings. Tom is available to help you with your paranormal concerns. Please contact us at juliewilliams@paratom..com for information about our workshops and guest appearances Be sure to check out Tom's new book "ParaTom'.s Guide To Paranormal Investigations" due to be released February of 2011. Please enjoy also a story from Lex Wahl from www.anythingghost.com. …


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Lex Wahl from Anything Ghost

Length: 1h 14m 25s

On this episode of PIR Radio we have special guest Lex Wahl from his hit show Anything Ghost. Anything Ghost is a free audio show. In each show, the host (Lex) reads personal paranormal experiences that are sent in by listeners. The stories are enhanced by Lex's original music and effects. Find out more at: www.anythingghost.com Get your Paranormal Radio Experience with PIR Radio. If you have a questions or comment about this or any other show please email us at mandy@pirradio.com. …


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Para Investigators Radio Podcast

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