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Last update: 2008-07-17

Luxury Phuket Resorts | Chava Resort


When you think of luxury Phuket resorts, you can’t get much better than the newly opened Chava Resort in Surin, less than 200 meters from the famous beach on Phuket’s ‘Millionaires Mile’. Having just opened in June 2008, The Chava Resort is the creation of Mr. Larry Cunningham who also happens to be the Australian [...]…


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Phuket Condominium Act Amended


A new law released by the Thailand Lands Office which amends the 1999 Condominium Act, clarifies the rules for disputes between developers and buyers. Fines of 50,000 to 100,000 baht have been set to address developers who don’t fulfill their advertising claims. Phuket developers will also be required to submit brochures to to the managers [...]…


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Phuket Condominium Law


There have been recent changes to Thai law which will affect people who have an interest in Phuket property. For example, if you’ve invested in Phuket condominiums you should be aware of the ammendments to the Condominiums Act effective as of the 4th July 2008. The good news is that the buyer has increased rights. [...]…


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Buying Phuket Property Privately


Many purchasers of Phuket property don’t always buy off the plan directly from the developer but may purchase from a private seller, who either owns the property in their own name, or, by owning all the shares in a private company (often an offshore company registered in the British Virgin Islands BVI) which owns the [...]…


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Phuket Property And The Sub Prime Crisis


So has Phuket been affected by the recent sub-prime crisis in the US and Europe? Apparently many regions around Britain and Europe that were popular with property buyers have since cooled off significantly, resulting in falling prices and increased numbers of foreclosures. So is the same effect being noticed in Phuket? Seems the Phuket real [...]…


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