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Last update: 2013-01-13

episode four - a taste of america

2013-01-13 :: Pizza Party
Length: 40m 56s

In this episode we are joined by a guest host as we eat a Chicago Town chicken and bacon melt 'take away' style frozen pizza. …


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episode three - classic italian

2013-01-05 :: Pizza Party
Length: 29m 48s

In this episode we eat a classic Italian 'Ristorante' (pepperoni) pizza which we cook from frozen. …


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episode two - pizza for xmas

2012-12-20 :: Pizza Party
Length: 21m 8s

In this seasonal xmas episode we create a bespoke turkey, cranberry and pepperoni pizza using ingredients from Morrison's.…


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episode one - margarita madness

2012-12-10 :: Pizza Party
Length: 33m 42s

In this episode we eat a stuffed crust cheese feast pizza from the co-op. …


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Pizza Party Podcast

Pizza Party is a pizza review podcast hosted by two guys who just love to eat pizza. Each week we eat a different kind of pizza and talk about it. Delicious.

Pizza Party Podcast

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