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Last update: 2015-04-03

The WrestleMania Episode

2015-04-03 :: Alfred Konuwa

Alfred breaks down WrestleMania weekend in a Supershow Spectacular insight on WrestleMania live, the WWE Hall of Fame, NXT, the Raw after WrestleMania and interviews with Dolph Ziggler, Natalya, Christian and Ryback! …


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The Jimmy Korderas Episode

2015-03-26 :: Alfred Konuwa

Legendary former WWE referee and broadcaster Jimmy Korderas joins Alfred to talk about referees in the modern era, the tragedy of Perro Aguayo and gives his picks for WrestleMania 31. …


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The Fan Kickout Episode

2015-03-20 :: Alfred Konuwa

This week on PodNasty, Alfred breaks down the mystery that continues to surround Brock Lesnar's contract, Roman Reigns hate, Roman Reigns love and the superfans who were asked to change on Raw. …


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A professional wrestling podcast offering thoughtful analysis and insight on WWE, NXT and all things sports entertainment. Join Bleacher Report columnist Alfred "Big Nasty" Konuwa, as he talks Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Vince McMahon in a show that is just as informative as it is irreverent. PodNasty features entertaining interviews, pre-recorded bits and parody as this innovative podcast blends comedy and wrestling to give you the greatest 30 minutes of your life. Hope you brought a cigarette.


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