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Last update: 2009-06-01

Our RSS feed has changed!

2009-06-01 :: Flashlight Studios

Apologies to anyone who has been waiting for a new episode of the Pokedex Radio podcast to be uploaded here on Podbean.com.  Our RSS feed has changed to: “http://feeds2.feedburner.com/pokedexradio“.  Go ahead and copy/paste that into iTunes or whichever program you use to download your podcasts.  All past and future episodes will be using the new RSS feed. Any questions should be emailed to: flashlightstudios@gmail.com [...]…


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FSPR #3 Rumors

2009-04-02 :: Flashlight Studios

This episode features some of the old and new rumors floating around the Pokemon universe. [...]…


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FSPR #2 Global Trading System

2009-03-19 :: Flashlight Studios

Episode #2 covers the Global Trading System (GTS) and skims some new aspects of Pokemon Platinum. [...]…


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FSPR #1 Introduction

2009-03-06 :: Flashlight Studios

Our first episode!  We introduce ourselves and tell what the Pokedex Radio podcast is all about. [...]…


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Pokedex Radio

Pokedex Radio is a podcast about the Pokemon video game series. We discuss the mechanics of the games, give the latest Pokemon related news, and more!

Pokedex Radio

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