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Last update: 2013-02-25

Poker Podcast 38


Another solid performance from the Sontecolfbluff team of Duff and Vster. At least you can't say we're inconsistent. Poker, beer and good times…


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Poker Podcast 37


This was recorded around the time of the London 2012 Olympics and has been sat in a can for the last 12 months. Finally we get around to producing this little gem of a podcast where we play poker and get drunk - you know the score by now ;)…


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Poker Podcast 36


A cheap and cheerful Sit N Go tournie for $5. Our drink of choice for the evening is Makers Mark. Not the longest of poker podcasts we've ever done but there are quite a good few cheeky moves that we pull out the bag.…


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Poker Podcast 35


We play a lengthy deep tourney and we make a few decent moves. This podcast was made sans-alcohol so its fairly quiet, but hugely educational.…


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Poker Vidcast 14


Duff and Vster are back on a videocast due to popular demand. We start off in Vster Towers cooking up a bit of dinner for a pre-game feast before moving on to the poker and the alcohol!…


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Poker Podcast 34


Quite a placid podcast this time around with a strong focus on strategy and making the correct analytical play based on your position and your opponent's previous form.…


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Poker Podcast 33


We try new beer, discuss session drinking, the new Burger King nuggets, long sleeves, keytars and at some point we play a little bit of poker.…


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Poker Podcast 32


Two for the price of one, Duff & Vster hit not one, but two online poker tournaments back to back. Not because we are amazing or anything but because we got absolutely filthed in our first tournie. Join in the fun and download the podcast now!…


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Poker Podcast 31


After a bit of a break Duff and Vster return to their roots of the audio podcast. We have a decent game and reccomend some decent beer too.…


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Poker Vidcast 13


Duff and Vster team up to take on the crème de la crème of the UKPPL tournament players in this end-of-season grand final. Join us as we fight for that top spot placement.…


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Poker Vidcast 12


This is the UKPPL All-Stars tournament. See how we get on as we discuss beards, hats and technology. Oh, and poker!…


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Poker Vidcast 11


Duff and Vster find themselves plonked into the thick of the action in the UKPPL Season 1 Semi-Final Poker Tournament. Follow our journey to the final table and click that play button.…


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Poker Vidcast 10


Duff, alongside Vster, rack up a final table finish in the UKPPL tournament. A little less humour in this poker vidcast but with a few more tips and some good solid play.…


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Poker Vidcast 09 Part 2


Part 2 of our lengthy online poker vidcast. Duff and Vster are still battling it out on the tables in the UKPPL Sunday tournament. Splitting a vidcast into two parts surely must mean that we did well. watch it now to find out!…


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Poker Vidcast 09 Part 1


Duff and Vster dive head-first into a monster multi-table sit-n-go online poker tournament to discuss tips, tricks and strategy. This vidcast is so big, we've had to split it into two parts! This is part 1.…


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Poker Vidcast 08


Duff and Vster from StoneColdbluff take on another multi table sit n go poker tournament. You join the action an hour in after the first break.…


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Poker Vidcast 07


Its a 100 seat tournament battle this time around. Watch us as we cut our way through the field and play a good agressive game at the start before getting drunk halfway through...…


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Poker Vidcast 06


We fancy our chances and have another crack at the UKPPL Sunday poker tournament. This show was pre-recorded on Sunday and voiced over at a later date. You'll get to see the table about 16 minutes in.…


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Poker Podcast 30


This is the audio taken from our Poker Vidcast 05 show. Duff and Vster storm their way on to a $5 10 seat SNG with the ultimate aim of dominating the game and taking down the win. Do we finally get that all elusive recorded 1st place win? You’ll have to watch the vidcast to find out!…


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Poker Vidcast 05


Duff and Vster storm their way on to a $5 10 seat SNG with the ultimate aim of dominating the game and taking down the win. Do we finally get that all elusive recorded 1st place win? You'll have to watch the vidcast to find out!…


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Poker Vidcast 04


In this poker Vidcast we get ourselves signed up to the UKPPL Poker League and play in their private Sunday tournament on 888poker. We hit a very cold deck of cards and try our best to come out on top.…


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Poker Vidcast 03


Duff and Vster team up to play some one-on-one heads up action. This poker vidcast contains some great tips and strategy for closing the final stages of any tournament and getting that elusive first place win.…


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Poker Vidcast 02


Duff jumps on the controls for this solo flight as we whizz around a whistle-stop tour of quick tips, tricks and strategies for improving your No Limit Holdem game. Duff covers moves such as the Gap Concept, Continuation Betting, Aggression and more!…


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Craps Vidcast 01


Duff and Vster crap out and take you to one of the most popular and loudest games you can find inside of a live casino. they teach you the basics of getting to grips with the game, which bets to play (and which ones to avoid) as well as reccomending some fine alcoholic drinks to accompany you as you play.…


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Blackjack Vidcast 01


Duff and Vster from Stonecoldbluff switch things up a bit with some lessons on how to play premium blackjack strategy. As usual we have a laugh and a giggle along the way. Come join us for our second casino game vidcast!…


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Pai Gow Poker Vidcast 01


Duff and Vster teach you how to play the casino table game called Pai Gow Poker. They give you some tips, tricks and strategies for the game as well as some useful pointers to avoid some of the common beginners mistakes.…


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Poker Podcast 29


Duff and Vster turn on the turbo boost and fly around the poker tables at breakneck speed as they share their thoughts, tips, tricks and strategies on Full Tilt’s Rush poker. Hold on tight! Download: Poker Podcast 29…


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Poker Podcast 28


Duff and Vster from StoneColdBluff.co.uk try their hand at a PKR tournament to see if they can win fame and fortune on the 3D rendered virtual poker tables. Download: Poker Podcast 28…


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Poker Podcast 27


Duff from StoneColdBluff battles it out in an online game of ‘rush’ poker where the action is fast and furious. Download: Poker Podcast 27…


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Poker Podcast 26


Duff and Vster switch it up for one of our longest ever online poker podcasts. Learn about creating the right table image as well as timing when to make your move and switching gears. Download: Poker Podcast 26…


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Poker Videocast 01


We went digging in the SCB vaults the other night and came across thiss little gem that we don’t think ever really saw the light of day… until now. It’s a poker videocast with Duff and Vster as we play a bit of sit n go action and you can get it as a .WMV [...]…


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Poker Podcast 25


Duff flies solo tonight to take you on his whistle-stop tour of the world of mini micro limit poker. He chats about the forthcoming Stonecoldbluff poker freeroll and also how to get your hands on some rather cool stonecoldbluff poker tshirt merchandise. Download: Poker Podcast 25…


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Poker Tips Tricks & Strategy for the Intermediate Poker Player

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Poker Tips Tricks & Strategy for the Intermediate Poker Player

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