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Last update: 2013-05-26

Back with Bryce

2013-05-26 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 49s

Representative Bryce Bennett took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and go over the most recent session, what’s coming up both politically and personally for him, what the interim may bring, & what’s new in Montana politics. Enjoy!…


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Return of The Schwad

2013-05-20 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

We’re joined once again by Representative Nick Schwaderer, a.k.a. “The Schwad”, and we get a wrap up of the session, some thoughts on what went well versus what went off the rails, and how things are shaping up for Montanans. And his interim assignment, which is really quite cool. Enjoy!…


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Galen Hollenbaugh

2013-03-23 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

We finally get a new episode and it’s with the rather spectacular Galen Hollenbaugh. Listen in as we discuss the magic trick he managed to pull off this last week in the Montana Legislature, and what it means for all Montanans. And we discuss the Formerly Known As The Bonding Bill Jobs Bill, the future … … Continue reading


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Kim Leighton

2013-02-08 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 49s

Being a lobbyist is hard enough, what with the bad press and the angry opposition that the other side always throws at you, but it’s even worse when you’re working on an issue that divides people as harshly as reproductive rights. Kim has been the Program Director for NARAL Prochoice Montana for a while now, … … Continue reading


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Jenifer Gursky

2013-01-23 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

The amazing and wondering Jenifer Gursky takes a quick hour of her very busy schedule to swing by and have a chat with us about what politics is about these days. You will enjoy this episode of the show, and if you need to reach Jen, you can follow her on Twitter, contact her on … … Continue reading


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Nick Schwaderer

2013-01-19 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Welcome to 2013 and the first episode of the new year, and the new session. This show started because the 2011 Legislature of Montana was filled with insanity and crazy, and part of the problem was that people don’t know their representatives or their senators. So we get to meet them here. Freshman Representative Schwaderer, … … Continue reading


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Shane Castle

2012-12-21 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

The Editor of the Helena Vigilante, Shane Castle,  joins us this week to discuss the changes in the media, how the news is changing, his favorite stories and a bit about how he sees the news reaching the engaged. From fires to coal to just interesting things around Helena, the Vigilante is filling a void … … Continue reading


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A Conversation with my mother

2012-11-05 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 50s

You’ve heard about her on several of the shows, both here and over on This Ends Well, and she agreed to come on the show and have a public conversation for a bit. I think you’ll enjoy meeting my mom, she’s one of the best people I know. We don’t always agree, and we get … … Continue reading


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Return of the Marnee

2012-10-25 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 59s

When an amazing guest is willing to return to the show, it’s a blast for me and I hope for you. Today Marnee Banks returns to the show, to discuss the remainder of the campaign, what it’s like following the state-wide races from the trenches, and how many miles she’s put on her car! And … … Continue reading


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The Return of Jesse Laslovich

2012-10-18 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

I’m very pleased to welcome back to the show Jesse Laslovich, who was last on just before the primaries. It’s been a bit of a break from politics for Jesse, who hasn’t been outside the political arena since High School, and we get to discuss what he’s been up to, how he sees the races … … Continue reading


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Jamee Greer

2012-10-02 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 57s

Ever since I started this show, way back in February, I’ve been trying to get Jamee to be a guest. His tireless efforts with the Montana Human Rights Network, as well as his personal dedication to making the world a better place are both impressive and inspiring. He finally had a few minutes of his … … Continue reading


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Niki Zupanic

2012-09-26 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 53s

In Montana we’ve got a lot of Civil Liberties that have been squashed and stifled, and the ACLU of Montana has been at the forefront of trying to make that change. Niki Zupanic, while not working as a lawyer, even though she is a lawyer, is the public face of Montana’s ACLU and she’s been … … Continue reading


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Sam Hunthausen

2012-09-19 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 44s

This week, Sam Hunthausen, from one of the more prominent families in Helena, joins us to talk politics and why he’s running for HD 82. He’s part of a small conservative contingent in a liberal leaning family, and yes, he’s related to all of them. You can find out more about Sam by listening to … … Continue reading


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Carl Kochman

2012-09-06 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 51s

One of the first people I met when I moved back to Helena in 2006 was Carl Kochman, who has turned out to be one of the most interesting, intelligent and wise people I’ve ever met. His love is engineering and Harley-Davidson, and his passion about communications and getting things right has led him to … … Continue reading


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Marilyn Bennett

2012-08-29 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

This week I’m joined by Marilyn Bennett, the producer of Truth in Progress, a very cool project that is documenting the paralells of the civil rights movement to the gay rights movement. We discuss a bit of cancer, women’s rights, and the current state of politics. Plus, you’ll find out that Marilyn is extremely tall! … … Continue reading


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Shahid Haque-Hausrath

2012-08-21 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

This week we’re joined by Shahid Haque-Hausrath, an attorney specializing in immigration law, and based here in Helena. He’s an amazing guy, with a unique perspective on our current political climate. You’re going to enjoy this show! Shahid’s links: Shahid on twitter Shahid’s law firm Shahid’s law firm on Facebook  …


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Kim Gillan

2012-08-15 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 55s

Kim Gillan joins us this week, as she  was on a quick visit to Helena this past weekend. We got a chance to sit and chat about what’s right in the world of politics, what’s wrong, and where she thinks it can go. Kim’s thoughtfulness and experience, and her desire to do nothing more than … … Continue reading


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Chris Mora

2012-08-08 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

I first met Chris at Pride Montana 2012, and it’s always amazing to find our allies are everywhere. Chris’ interest in politics stems from personal reasons, but his passion and his thoughtfulness reach far beyond the walls of his life. Join us as we discuss the politics of the day, and if you’re so inclined, … … Continue reading


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Linda McCulloch

2012-08-01 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 53s

How many people do you know that have contributed to raising EIGHT-HUNDRED-MILLION BUCKS?! Well, on today’s show you get to meet one! Linda McCulloch has been an amazing member of the electorate in Montana, and her passion and wit have been put to full use in service to the citizens of Montana. You’re definitely going … … Continue reading


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Sandy Welch

2012-07-25 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 42s

Education is so important in Montana that it’s a part of our constitution in a way that unique when it was ratified. Many other states have followed Montana’s lead when it comes to how important we view education, and having an elected State Superintendent is a big part of that. With that said, we have … … Continue reading


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Better than Bacon

2012-07-18 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 54s

This is another Very Special Episodeâ„¢ of the show, with two guests, Don Pogreba of Intelligent Discontent, and Dustin Hurst of Watchdog.org. The whole reason for this show is that yesterday my Twitter stream blew up with an on-going bit of rather heated, interesting banter between these two fine gentlemen, and I thought, you know, … … Continue reading


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Ed Zimple returns

2012-07-12 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 56s

Once again, I’m joined by Ed Zimple, and we have a special announcement about some new fun things happening. So sit back, grab a tasty beverage and enjoy the show! (Also, sorry it’s a day late. It’s been a zoo around here.)…


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Round Table #1

2012-07-03 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 54s

It’s my pleasure to present the first Round Table here at PolticktickBOOM, with the most awesome panel of guests – Kelsen Young, Mike Miller, Derek Brown & Ed Zimpel. Join us as we handicap the current political landscape, the races, the players, movers, shakers and ideas that are going to hit everyone square in the … … Continue reading


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Dustin Hurst

2012-06-27 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

In a maelstrom that can only be described as biblical, Dustin burst onto the political scene in Montana. He really didn’t mean to, and it certainly was entertaining, but the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled, and it’s now a chance to find out the man behind the myth. This week’s guest, like … … Continue reading


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Jenny Eck

2012-06-20 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 31s

Well, the political season is now in full-swing, and it’s only going to go faster. This week, I’m joined by Jenny Eck, the Democrat running for HD 82, not only won her primary, she did it against two other Democrats. It’s going to be a great race for the seat, and after you hear why … … Continue reading


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Linda Vaughey

2012-06-13 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Well, the primaries are over, and it’s time to get back to it. Why not kick off the real election cycle with an awesome conversation with one of the most wonderful people I know – Linda Vaughey. She currently is part of the Redistricting Commission, and has been in and around politics for many years. … … Continue reading


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Pam Bucy

2012-05-29 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 52s

We continue our candidates for the AG’s seat this week with Pam Bucy, a Montana native, from the thriving nontropolis of Townsend, MT. Her family has been farmers, miners, and she’s the first lawyer. With a story about soft hands, tough spines, smart heads and big hearts, you can find a lot to like about … … Continue reading


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Jesse Laslovich

2012-05-23 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 56s

Would you want to be in politics your entire adult life? Not many would, and it’s sometimes seen as a bad thing, as one does begin to wonder if you’re in it to help the world or to help yourself. I, too, wondered the same thing about Jesse, but as you’ll find out, he’s just … … Continue reading


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Bowen Greenwood

2012-05-15 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

This week’s guest is the Executive Director of the Montana GOP, Bowen Greenwood. He’s been around politics all his life, and while he no longer thinks he can solve all the world’s issues in one fell swoop, he’s still in it to change things for the better. Being the ED of a state party is … … Continue reading


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Derek Brown

2012-05-09 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

This week, meet Lewis & Clark County Commissioner Derek Brown, who got into politics because he saw things going wrong and wanted to make a change. What things? And did he fix them? Well, you’ll just have to listen and find out. Enjoy the show!…


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Franke Wilmer

2012-05-02 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 36s

Well, the show is a tad shorter than most, because Franke Wilmer was kind enough to carve out a quick half-hour after the Rally to Stop The War On Women just this last Saturday to join us on the show. Franke has an amazing story, having worked as a waitress and in several other service-industry … … Continue reading


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Diane Smith

2012-04-25 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Diane Smith is a relatively new Montanan who has found her home in Whitefish. Her love of Montana, and her understanding of rural America makes her an ideal candidate for the House of Representatives. She’s built several businesses in Montana, and been successful in making entrepreneurial thinking the way of the land. You’ll enjoy meeting … … Continue reading


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Robert Stutz

2012-04-19 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 50s

Our first National candidate, Robert Stutz is running for Montana’s lone seat in the House of Representatives. He’s worked in government in several different roles, in local, regional, national and international roles. He was most recently working for the Montana legislature during the last term, which solidified his desire to make things better. Rob’s links: … … Continue reading


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Mike Miller

2012-04-11 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 55s

Mike has been a representative for two terms, and he’s one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. His skills at working with both sides of the aisle are amazing, and while you may not agree with everything he supports, his thinking is sound and smart. He’s got experience in the military, in technology, … … Continue reading


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Ken Miller

2012-04-04 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 56s

Ken Miller is running for governor of Montana and has been in politics since the early 1990s. He and his wife have started and worked, and sometimes sold, various successful businesses in and around Laurel, and the reason he got into politics is both related to his business ventures, and is so brilliantly Montanan you … … Continue reading


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Dennis Taylor

2012-03-28 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 41s

Dennis Taylor has been in politics both as a political activist and as a bureaucrat for over 40 years. The amazing stories he can tell are great. You’ll enjoy learning about all he’s been involved with, what’s coming up, and how you can make a difference. Enjoy the show! Dennis’ Links City of Helena City … … Continue reading


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Christine Kaufmann

2012-03-21 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Senator Christine Kaufmann has been in the Montana legislature for quite a while, and has been involved in Montana politics since the 1980s. She’s a partisan without being cynical about it, and she’s worked with both sides of the aisle to get great legislation passed. For more information on the show, listen in! Christine’s links: … … Continue reading


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Don Pogreba

2012-03-14 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 52s

When you meet someone who literally touches the mind and molds the worldview of high-schoolers, you want that person to be an amazing, thoughtful, insightful, fair person. You want them to be our guest this week, Don Pogreba. Don has been teaching English for several years, and debate as well, and gets his own voice … … Continue reading


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Bryce Bennett

2012-03-07 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Bryce has been interested in politics since his time in High School, was a founding board member of Forward Montana, and he’s our first incumbent on the show. Bryce has lived in Eastern Montana and Western Montana, in some of the most rural areas, to some of the most urban. You might think you know … … Continue reading


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Ed Zimpel

2012-02-29 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

You’ve gotta admire the get-up-and-go of anyone who is willing to throw their hat into the ring (fire) and run for political office. Especially when they are young. Our guest this week is Ed Zimpel, of Butte as well, who is running for HD 74. Eddie has been around politics his whole life, and looks … … Continue reading


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Amanda Curtis

2012-02-22 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Why leave to improve the world when there are ways to do it right near your home? Good Question! I wish I asked it. Amanda is a high-school math teacher in the lovely town of Butte, U.S.A. She brings a ton of community service and Montana history into the race for House District 76. She’s … … Continue reading


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Marnée Banks

2012-02-16 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Marnée Banks is the political beat reporter for MTN Stations here in Montana, which is state-wide CBS. We cover some of her history, some of the legislature, the state of politics and what we think might be coming up with this election cycle. Join us for this non-politician-who-works-with-every-politician-in-Montana episode of the show. Marnée’s details : Marnée’s … … Continue reading


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Kelsen Young

2012-02-10 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 1s

Kelsen Young has been around politics her entire life, and has actively lobbied the legislature for several years. Her work as the Executive Director of the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence has given her plenty of insight into our current political climate and, perhaps more importantly, a desire to change it. It’s our first real … … Continue reading


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Introduction & Premise

2012-02-01 :: Kev Hamm
Length: 3s

Welcome! I’ve been working on this idea for a while, and it’s finally coming together. I’m excited about both getting going and who is joining us and what we’re doing. Want to know more? Listen to episode 1 of the podcast!  …


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