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Last update: 2015-02-25

Episode 009: Gambling with Time Travel; Betting Against RoboHitler

Length: 31s

This week on the show, handsome co-host Mat finds himself gone, traveling through space and time to fight for our collective rights to party. Will he make it back from Robo-Hitler's subteranian volcano lair? Will the world celebrate another fourth of July under Old Glory? None of these questions are answered. Also: gambler's fallacy.


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Episode 007: Pepperidge Farm Remembers

Length: 28s

How many holes do you drill in your head to alleviate headaches?

What is the proper amount of mercury to drink to gain immortality?

How many virgins do we throw in the volocano to ensure the new crops?

Spoiler alert: the answer to all these questions is zero.

On this week's episode, Mat and Dusten travel from the bamboo airports of the Pacific Islands to the medicine cabinets of the middle ages to prove that just because an idea is old, that doesn't mean it's good. Not everything gets better with age. Not everything can be Judy Dench.


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Episode 006: Porcelain Chalice of Homeopathy

Length: 51s

Look! Up in your device! It’s some words! It’s a shame! It’s the naturalistic fallacy! Yes, it’s Mat and Dusten, strange podcasters from another basement who came to the internet with logic and facts far beyond those of mortal men. The naturalistic fallacy, which can change the diet of many hippies, bend medicine in it's bare lies. And which, disguised as innocuous science, fights a never ending battle against health, progress and the American way. And now another exciting episode in the adventures of Su....Positive Dissent!


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Episode 005: Finally Dissenting

Length: 1s

On a very special Positive Dissent, former youth pastor turned strong-man Jimmy is on, and Mat and Dusten actually, you know, dissent positively to some of his claims. The best part is that everyone is civil, stays friends and Jimmy only put Dusten's head through a single wall. Also, real feedback from real people for real.


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Episode 004: Flinging Hoecakes

Length: 34s

This week Mat and Dusten discuss Ad Hominems, dummy, and how calling a dummy dummy isn't a fallacy unless that's all you've got, dummy. They bring up the specifics of what is and isn't the fallacy, plenty of political examples, and get pretty far into a discussion of the skeptical movement's particular proclivity towards this fallacy until they hit an unexpected, surprise ending. And if you don't see it coming, imagine how in the dark they were.


As always, thanks to Ronald Jenkees for letting us use Stay Crunchy.

Complete notes will be posted to THIS link, for Episode 004. (It'll be active on 12/15/2014)



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Episode 003: Not Recorded Under Duress

Length: 1s

In this episode we have our first interview. We talk about some tough topics. We also make a lot of jokes.
––This episode doesn't follow our normal format at all, but we did this interview because we both felt that the interactions among the three of us really illustrate how it's possible to not only tolerate but be genuine friends with people despite strong disagreements.
––We also play a couple clips of some songs, and we have some listener feedback as usual. Tyler, our guest, is very pro guns, and he wanted to make sure we made it clear that we were not under duress for any of the recording of this episode. 
––I guess we should also caution, that we do touch on some real life personal examples of some severe topics/situations, but we honestly think that you'll like this episode, even though we didn't explicitly discuss a logical fallacy like we normally do.
Thanks to Ronald Jenkees. Don't forget to contact us. Our listeners are amazing. 


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Episode 002: An Episode or Not An Episode

Length: 34s

Mat and Dusten examine, in no particular order, the different false dichotimes set up in society. Conspiracy theories? They got them. Political falseities? They expose them. And they get to the bottom of that old Spider-Man chestnut: hero or menance. All that plus an in depth description of the time the devil went down to Dover and some more feedback that totally isn't a quote taken out of context. Brought to you by logic!



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Episode 001: It's a Real Episode!

Length: 36s

Mat and Dusten examine the argument from ignorance in its various forms. They talk about death, pink teddy bears, ghosts, cognitive dissonance, terrible face makeup, magnets, and Bill O'Reilly. They examine various claims in both history and present day as they relate to the argument from ignorance, and they throw some terrible jokes at each other. They also got their first feedback from someone who did not birth either of them, and they give out their logical line during their shameless plug, and lastly, they shamefully end the episode but redeem themselves with the never changing warning. It's positive dissent, a real episode!


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Episode 000: The Episode That Is Not An Episode

Length: 46s

In this episode we discuss why we are doing a podcast, what we want from the podcast, and what we anticipate happening in the future for the podcast. We touch on skepticism, logic and reason, religion, a bit of philosophy, and some pop culture references. We let the "a" word slip at least once and make a couple of jokes at the expense of nothing. It's positive dissent, the atypical version. 


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Positive Dissent

Dusten and Mat examine logical fallacies on a weekly basis as they apply to historical and current events in this skeptical, not cynical, podcast that's laced with an abundance of positive humor. Please Think Responsibly.

Positive Dissent

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