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Last update: 2015-03-28

Hiring before Background Check

2015-03-28 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 12s

Hiring before Background Check – and all information is in Hiring before background check is in and all information is in can be problematic for some employers. What happens before hiring and the background check has not come in yet … you like the person, you hire him or her the same day or few […]

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Dual Employer Relationship

2015-03-21 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 12s

Dual Employer Relationship – not partnership Dual employer relationship is a common practice within businesses. For example a dual employer relationship, which probably is the most common, can be between a staffing agency and the business. The two companies may not be partners within each other business but they have establish a working relationship fulfilling […]

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Office Rumors

2015-03-14 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 12s

Office Rumors – “Stop working! I’ve got a good story to tell you!” Office rumors and gossip can get out of control and cause employee morale to be affected greatly and hurt the origination’s reputation and even disrupt productivity. What can an employer do about office rumors that go to far and make an employee […]

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Employer Oversights

2015-03-07 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 13s

Employer Oversights – When did that become law? Employer oversights are not uncommon to employers. In fact employer oversights are very common especially when an employee complains or even takes you to court over a simple oversight of the law that you should have been familiar with. It cannot be stressed enough that employers should […]

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Office Romance

2015-02-28 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 11s

Office Romance – in the workplace Office romance sometimes just cannot be avoided. Employees get attracted to each other and the office romance is in full swing. Can an employer step in and control the situation of an office romance? Boy employee and a girl employee start dating each other and now what? Sometimes office […]

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Smoke Free Environment

2015-02-21 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 11s

Smoke Free Environment – I can’t breathe! Smoke Free Environment can be challenging for the smoker who wants to smoke. A smoke free environment are becoming more and more common in public places and especially in the workplace. People who are not smokers will complain about the dangers of second hand smoke and will likely […]

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Off Duty Conduct Policy

2015-02-14 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 12s

Off Duty Conduct Policy – I can do what I want! Huge question for off duty conduct policy of an employee, “Can my employer correct me for off duty conduct?” So, the question or situation is off the premises and/or off the clock. It may seem like an employer is invading the privacy of an […]

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Paid Breaks and Rest Periods, is there a difference?

2015-02-07 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 11s

Paid Breaks – and rest periods, is there a difference? Paid breaks and rest periods, also known as 10 minutes breaks, is there a difference? Can an employer control an employee’s movement during their rest period? Employers have a right to an employee’s movement on a given 10 minute break or rest period. Paid breaks, […]

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Lactation Accommodation

2015-01-31 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 11s

Lactation Accommodation – nice way of putting those who breast feed   Lactation Accommodation is a labor law in California and is the same as a rest period. When a woman is breast feeding their newborn, businesses and companies have to make what is known as lactation accommodation for the women who breast feed. Doesn’t […]

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Smoke Breaks

2015-01-24 :: Potts & Associates
Length: 12s

Smoke Breaks – Breaks for Smokers Questions about smoke breaks. A listener wrote in and asked, “If I smoke can I take a longer smoke breaks?” That’s a good question for breaks for smokers. How long does one need to take to smoke a cigarette? But then is an employers obligated to give a smoker […]

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