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Last update: 2013-02-16

Road Reviews #1 "Warm Bodies"

Length: 18m 32s

WE'RE BACK! During our long hiatus we've been thinking of ways to improve the show and so to start things off we've decided to begin reviewing movies on the way home from the theater. We recommend that you in return listen to our episodes AFTER watching the movie we're reviewing. We're hoping this creates the sense of us being right there with you in your car or home. Sorry for the fuzzy audio as this was our first attempt at recording in a moving car, but regardless, this week we take a look at the Romeo and Juliet meets Dawn of the Dead style rom-com "Warm Bodies". Glad to be back, we hope you enjoy the new format! …


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Ep. 33 - "Argo"

Length: 35m 40s

Did Ben Affleck continue his success as director with his latest movie? Find out as we, with the help of our good friend Joey, review the declassified thriller "Argo". Note: due to some technical difficulties, some of the audio may sound odd, our apologies. …


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Ep. 32 - "Taken 2"

Length: 30m 27s

Remember how unexpectedly bad ass "Taken" was? So did we when we decided to see the sequel. Listen in as we, with the help of special guest Brady, decide if it lives up the the original. …


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Ep. 31 - "Looper"

Length: 37m 27s

What would you do if you could go back in time? Would you kill Hitler? What if going back in time meant you were destined to die? We ask questions like these and more as we review the Sci-fi thriller "Looper" with recurring guest Ash. …


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Ep. 30 - "Dredd 3D"

Length: 37m 50s

When you're living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, there is only one thing separating the world from absolute chaos, and that's THE LAW and those who serve it, the Judges. Listen in as we (with the help of our guest Brad) review the latest in the never ending list of remakes: Dredd 3D. Spoiler Alert: Only 1 of us saw it 3D because the rest of us think 3D is stupid. …


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Ep. 29 - "The Words"

Length: 30m 59s

If you enjoyed the complexity that was Christopher Nolan's "Inception", or if you are one of those people that think movies are never as good as the books they're based on, then you'll love our latest review of "The Words". Oh wait, no you won't. …


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Ep. 28 - "Lawless"

Length: 42m 59s

Do you miss the gritty, muffled sound of Tom Hardy's Bane voice? If so, we've got the perfect movie for you- "Lawless" with Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, and lest we forget, Gary Oldman. With special guest Joey, we take a look at this bootlegging tale based on a true story, and we do apologize that this episode is a little longer (Jake got into the moonshine a bit early). …


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Ep. 27 - "Premium Rush"

Length: 25m 42s

Looking for something to help you bounce back from the recent Lance Armstrong news? You should try "Premium Rush" (not talking about the drug) starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We reviewed it and even came up with a drinking game that you can play while watching the film to help mask your Live Strong sorrows. …


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Ep. 26 - "Hit and Run"

Length: 22m 2s

Want to see what Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell's love life is like? How about a more realistic Fast and the Furious movie? Maybe you just want to see Tom Arnold act like a lunatic... If you answered yes to any of these then we have the movie for you! If not, then you can just enjoy listening to the very platonic relationship between Jake and Ashton as they review "Hit and Run". …


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Ep. 25 - "The Expendables 2"

Length: 30m 53s

Expendables 2 claimed to be bigger and more bad-ass than the original, but did it live up to that claim? Does the addition of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris to this already larger-than-life cast help blow it out of the water, or is this one a dud? …


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Ep. 24 - "The Bourne Legacy"

Length: 35m 20s

Does having the "Bourne" tag on your movie give it an automatic boost or does it just add extra pressure? Find out as we (with special guest Buck) look at Jerremy Renner's attempt to replace Matt Damon in "The Bourne Legacy". …


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Ep. 23 - "The Campaign"

Length: 43m 8s

Will Ferrell plus Zach Galifianakis should equal an easy winner of a comedy right? Well it looks like we needed to double check our math on this one. With the help of our special guest Mason (who himself is in the middle of a campaign of his own for city council), we take a look at this doozy of a film that gives "That's My Boy" a run for its money for worst movie of the year. That's right, we watched "The Campaign", so that maybe you won't have to... …


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Ep. 22 - "Total Recall"

Length: 41m 55s

Today, we review a movie where we're supposed to believe that having Kate Beckinsale as your wife means you have a crappy life and the only way for things to get better is to have fake memories implanted in your head... That's right, we're talking about "Total Recall" with special guest Joey. (Be forewarned- Jake and Ashton argued so much during this review that they somehow skipped over the Barack Obama Bills!!!) …


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Ep. 21 - "The Watch"

Length: 31m 36s

Did Vince Vaughn ruin another comedy, or did Will Forte save the day? Find out as Jake and Ashton take a look at "The Watch". Spoiler Alert: our review does not feel like cum. …


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Ep. 20 - "The Dark Knight Rises"

Length: 50m 7s

Christopher Nolan brought Batman back from the depths of Schumacher hell with "Batman Begins" seven years ago. Today, we review the movie that wraps it all up in "The Dark Knight Rises". Did Nolan find a way to three-peat? Listen in as we decide for ourselves with the help of our guest Jones. …


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