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Last update: 2009-02-27

Weight Watchers - Feb 27,2009

2009-02-27 :: Project Slim Show

Learned how Sandy lost 40 pounds and learn all about the new momentum program.

Weight Watchers | momentum | diet | weight loss | nutrition


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Harvey Walden - Jul 28,2007

2007-07-28 :: Project Slim Show

Celebrity Fit Club's Harvey Walden issues his special kind of tough love to inspire us to healthy lifestyles.

Celebrity Fit Club | diet | exercise | fitness | Harvey Walden | health | Marines | wellness | workout


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Dr. Mark Hyman - Jul 07,2007

2007-07-07 :: Project Slim Show

Learn the Secrets to Ultrametabolism

weight loss | diet | Dr Hyman | Mark Hyman | metabolism | fitness | diet


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Sgt. Harvey Walden - Jul 07,2007


Born in Chicago on the 21st December 1966, Harvey Walden IV joined the U.S. Marines aged 17 and completed his Basic Military Marine training (also referred to as 'Boot Camp') at MCRD San Diego, C.A.

20 years on and Harvey is still a serving marine. He now holds the rank of First Sergeant.

Harvey was a Drill Instructor at MCRD Parris Island, S.C. and has trained numerous platoons making men into marines and officers and ensuring recruits are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the battlefield by supplying the tools necessary to perform given tasks with efficiency, and the confidence to succeed in the face of adversity.

Harvey always pushes his teams to their absolute limit and has always set records with each platoon in drill and fitness tests, along with outstanding marksmanship.

Harvey is a weapons expert and has black belts for various types of martial arts.

Besides Harvey's tough marine fitness schedule he also maintains his own gruelling personal fitness regime everyday. He has a keen interest in General Health, Sports and Fitness and has played semi-pro American Football as a running back for the U.K's London Mets.


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Jackie Keller - Jul 07,2007


Dedicated to a healthier body and mind, nutrition and wellness coach, educator and culinary expert, Jackie Keller, is the Founding Director of NutriFit, LLC, author of Body After Baby, A Simple, Healthy Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast (Avery/Penguin Group; May 2007), and Cooking, Eating & Living Well, a cookbook and guide to nutrition-related lifestyle change.

In 1987, Jackie Keller and her partner, husband Phil Yaney, formed NutriFit to help people achieve their health needs. Beyond the fresh, delicious and nutritious delights that are delivered to hundreds of clients, NutriFit also delivers an exceptional level of service and takes a holistic approach to each client and their needs. Keller helps with customized strategies designed specifically with the client’s well-being and personal goals in mind.

With well over 2,000 NutriFit recipes, “we are far from your standard catering company,” says Keller. “Ours is a comprehensive approach to understanding the needs of each client - taking into account their health objectives, nutritional needs, allergies, likes and dislikes, exercise regimen and family history of disease.”
Keller, whose father passed away from a heart attack while she was just a teenager, has made it her mission to help people live longer and healthier lives.  “I have a personal commitment to help people circumvent heart disease and other chronic ailments,” she explains. “It drives almost everything I do.”

NutriFit has provided meal service to numerous celebrities, including Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Angelica Huston, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Penelope Cruz, Susan Sarandon, Val Kilmer, Tia Carrere, Billy Bob Thornton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Topher Grace, and fitness guru Kathy Smith. In addition, Keller has conducted over 1,500 health education classes nationwide at hundreds of locations, including Sony Pictures, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Neutrogena, Union Bank, Xerox Corporation and Kaiser Permanente.

Keller has appeared as a nutrition expert and wellness coach on the Today Show, Early Show, Extra, Discovery Health, History Channel, Fit TV, Biggest Loser, VH1, E! Entertainment, Access Hollywood, KNBC-TV, KABC-TV, KCBS-TV, FOX 11, KTTV-TV, KCOP-TV, Fine Living Network, and many more including dozens of print publications. Also, she was the featured nutrition and health expert on NBC’s The Other Half, guiding six women through “Better Body” challenges.  

Keller is a recipient of the Outstanding Person in Cancer Control award from the American Cancer Society, and the Branch Chair award from the
American Heart Association. She currently serves as Chairperson of the Board of the Valley Wellness Association, and is a member of the California Health Promotion Collaborative.

Jackie Keller holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California, certification in Professional Fitness Instruction from UCLA Extension, and is a licensed wellness coach through Wellcoaches. Keller received her culinary training from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, and has extensive experience in the hotel and restaurant industry. Keller is also an authorized provider of Certified Food Handler Training for the County of Los Angeles. Additionally, NutriFit was awarded the California Fit Business Award in both 2004 and 2005, which recognizes companies for workplace wellness initiatives.

For more information on Jackie Keller or NutriFit, please contact 800-341-4190 or 310-473-1989 (for local calls). Also visit www.nutrifitonline.com or www.jackiekeller.com. To schedule an interview with Jackie Keller, please contact Harris Shepard Public Relations, 310-277-0437.


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Dr. Hyman - Ultrametabolism - Jul 07,2007


Respected medical consultant, New York Times -bestselling author, lecturer, and practicing physician
Mark A. Hyman, M.D., is a leader in the emerging field of functional medicine. Functional medicine is ideal medicine
made real; it is a new medical model—a more successful way of treating human illness and disease—born of recent technological and clinical advances applied in a fresh methodology.

It is, Hyman says, “the future of medicine, available now.” Functional medicine moves beyond diagnosis-based
medicine to incorporate new research that for the first time allows treatment of the underlying causes of disease.
A broad range of treatments are used that help restore and optimize normal function and health, including conventional therapies, herbal treatments, and alternative methodologies in one encompassing, patient-centered approach.

In his work, Dr. Hyman applies the best of conventional and alternative medicine with cutting-edge science, placing
him at the forefront of progressive medical care and education in the United States . A strong and pioneering voice
for change in the fundamental way health care is perceived and delivered, as well as for a new paradigm for physicians,
he has launched an innovative approach that taps into years of medical research that has not, until now, been
translated into clinical practice in hospitals, homes, and the community.

Dr. Hyman is the Editor-in-Chief of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine , the premiere peer-reviewed
professional journal in the fields of integrative medicine and alternative medicine; and is the Medical Editor of
Alternative Medicine Magazine , which is dedicated to helping consumers improve their health and the quality
of their lives. He is on the editorial board of Integrative Medicine : A Clinician's Journal. Dr. Hyman collaborates
with Harvard Medical School 's Brigham and Women's Hospital and its Center for Complementary and Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Hyman has testified regarding health promotion and wellness for the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and has consulted with Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona on his diabetes prevention initiative.

Dr. Hyman was co-Medical Director for eight years at Canyon Ranch Lenox, one of the world's leading health resorts; and co-authored the New York Times -bestseller Ultraprevention: The 6-week Program That Will Make You Healthy for Life (Scribner), winner of the Books for a Better Life Award, which honors the best self-improvement books published each year.

He is also author of The Five Forces of Wellness: The Ultraprevention System for Living an Active, Age-Defying, Disease-Free Life (Nightingale) and creator of The Detox Box (Sounds True), a unique, easy-to-follow program designed to help people significantly rejuvenate their health and vitality by cleansing their bodies from toxins in the environment, diet, and spirit.

A guest on the Today show, The Early Show , and The View with Barbara Walters, Dr. Hyman has also appeared on CNN, FOX, PBS, and NPR, as well as many other television and radio stations. He is quoted regularly in leading consumer magazines including Elle, Fitness, Glamour, Family Circle, Health, Natural Health, Self, Shape , and Town & Country .

Dr. Hyman serves on the Board of Directors and faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a pioneering educational center for training health professionals in the science and practice of nutritional biochemistry, molecular medicine, and preventing and treating the diseases of aging. He is on the Board of Advisors and faculty of Georgetown University School of Medicine's Food as Medicine training program.

A popular lecturer, Dr. Hyman speaks on a wide range of topics, including natural approaches to common health conditions, optimal health, cardiovascular health, menopause and women's health, brain wellness, obesity and weight loss, optimal aging, and longevity medicine.His website, www.drhyman.com , empowers health care consumers and practitioners, enabling them to benefit from the wealth of information and scientific articles he has gathered on the fundamental causes of illness, wellness promotion, vitamin and herbal supplements, and more.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Hyman worked as a rural family physician in the mountains of Idaho , and in China as the Medical Director for development and planning of an international medical center in Beijing . He also consulted in Hong Kong on medical centers for expatriates in Asia . Before joining Canyon Ranch, Dr. Hyman served in an inner city emergency room in Springfield , Massachusetts.

Dr. Hyman graduated with a B.A. from Cornell University , magna cum laude from the Ottawa University School of Medicine, and from the University of San Francisco 's program in Family Medicine at the Community Hospital of Santa Rosa. He is board certified in Family Medicine, and resides in western Massachusetts with his family.


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Eli Davidson - Jul 07,2007


Eli Davidson excites, educates and entertains audiences all over the world. Eli Davidson built her design company from a $17 investment to $1.5 million in sales in four years. In an 18 month period, she lost her marriage, her business, her health leaving her with $88,000 of corporate debt living in someone else’s pool house. Using the techniques she teaches, within four years she had started a new business, regained her health, quadrupled her income, gotten out of debt, and was living in her own million dollar home. As an expert Life Coach her practice reaches through out the United States, Canada and England.

She holds a Bachelors Degree from Sarah Lawrence College and Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica in 2000. She was chosen “Student of the Year.”. The following year, Life Coach and star of "Starting Over" Iyanla Vanzant received the same honor.

Her book, Funky to Fabulous: Changing Your Life 15 Minutes At A Time is garnering rave reviews from and will be in bookstores in the fall of 2006.

Her magnetic speaking comes naturally. She was as a professional actress and did theatre, film and television with the likes of Christopher Walken (Cinders), Michael J. Fox (Family Ties) and Keifer Sutherland (Bright Lights Big City). People are still talking about her hilarious one woman show, “Would You Love Me Better If I Were Somebody Else?”


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Tosca Reno - Eat Clean Diet - Jun 23,2007

2007-06-23 :: Project Slim Show

Learn how a 40-something mother of three went from over two hundred pounds to a swimsuit model inspiring millions in the process.

Tosca Reno | swimsuit model | eat clean | diet | exercise | weight loss | Jennifer Nicole Lee


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Diet Dropouts - Jun 16,2007

2007-06-16 :: Project Slim Show

Our guest will be Susanna Wermuth, the weight loss coach who tried all the diets only to gain the weight back and finally figured out the secret to keeping it off.

Susanna Wermuth | diet dropouts | atkins | Jenny Craig | South Beach | exercises


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The Nutrition Twins - Jun 05,2007

2007-06-05 :: Project Slim Show

Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles For Burning Fat

fitness | diet | exercise | weight loss | nutrition | fat


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Bone Crusher - Never Scared of a Challenge - Jun 05,2007


Born Wayne Hardnett, Atlanta rapper Bone Crusher made his mark with a likeable playground machismo and a street-smart pop sensibility. Both of those qualities were on display on his 2003 debut, AttenCHUN!, and its hit single, "Never Scared." Before his success, Bone Crusher was a part of the Lyrical Giants, a crew that worked with Too Short and Erick Sermon and whose other members -- Baby B and Bizar -- both appeared on Crusher's  album. He then went on VH-1's Celebrity Fit Club and lost a significant amount of weight.



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The Nutrition Twins - Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles For Burning Fat - Jun 05,2007


Tammy Lakatos Shames and Elysse ("Lyssie") Lakatos share more than identical features; they share identical success in the competitive field of nutrition and wellness. In 1997 Lyssie and Tammy (known as The Nutrition Twins®) co-founded Healthy Happenings Corporation whose mission is to better the health of its clients through improved nutrition and lifestyle/behavior modification. Since relocating from Atlanta, Georgia, the twins have had stellar achievements in New York City, where they built a successful private practice servicing both individual and corporate clients such as AOL-Time Warner and Colgate Palmolive.

The Lakatos sisters have consulted at over 200 corporations. In addition to having their own nutrition counseling practice, Tammy and Lyssie are the exclusive nutritionists for NBC's celebrities and employees at the Rockefeller Plaza; and for Juva Health and Wellness, an upscale, full-service Manhattan boutique featuring top physicians (doctors, plastics surgeons and dermatologists), all of whom teach at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. Recently, they co-branded with the prestigious fitness club, The Sports Club/LA at Rockefeller Center to offer their nutrition services. The twins also have helped fuel the U.S. "Eco-Challenge" team in preparation for the 24-hour competition, the top male players on the Worldwide Senior Tennis Circuit, and participants in varied races and marathons. They have provided wellness information for almost every type of industry, for most types of sporting activities, and across multiple forms of media.

In the fall of 2004 they were selected as consultants for Lean Cuisine, representing Nestlé at events across the country. The Nutrition Twins have since teamed up as consultants and spokespeople for a myriad of additional companies such as Splenda, SUBWAY®, Revivalsoy, Glenny's, Adora and David Burke's Flavor Sprays (voted as Time Magazine's "Most Amazing Inventions of 2005"), all of them choosing to follow in Nestlé's footsteps.

The Lakatos' approachable, common sense style has also earned them editorial success. The Twins co-authored a revolutionary nutrition book, Fire Up Your Metabolism: 9 Proven Principles for Burning Fat and Losing Weight Forever, which was released in February 2004. In addition, they have their own column, "The Dish," in Remedy Magazine. This reaches millions of readers, as its primary subscribers are doctors who circulate the journal in their waiting rooms.

The Twins have been featured regularly as the nutrition experts on The Discovery Health channel, WABC-TV, WPIX-TV, CBS, The Learning Channel, FitTV, Oxygen Network, Life and Style, Court TV, The Daily Health Feed and Fox 5's Good Day New York. In 2006 they appeared on a 26-episode PBS series, Real Savvy Moms, where the twins served as the nutrition experts; Real Savvy Moms DVDs will be circulated to 500,000 gynecological offices across the country for patient viewing. Tammy and Lyssie were also featured in a Fall 2006 special "makeover" show of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in which they helped two "straight guys" to each lose sixty pounds. After much media exposure, The Twins earned the respect of several producers who have pitched various television series in which Tammy and Lyssie either host and/or co-host their own show.

Tammy and Lyssie have become sought-after contributors by many print and online publications, from Cosmopolitan, Self, Good Housekeeping, Vogue, InStyle, Woman's Day, Woman's World, Parents, First for Women, Oxygen, Muscle Media, OK!, Star Magazine, Fitness, Glamour, People, Health, O Magazine, Lifetime, Reader's Digest, The New York Daily News, Women's Health and Fitness, Remedy and Family Circle magazines. In addition, they have contributed to online resources including "WebMD.com," "MSN.com," "WeightWatchers.com," "DiscoveryHealth (discovery.com), "TheLearningChannel" (TLC.com), "e-Diets.com," "Fit to Be Tied" and "AOL Diet and Fitness." In addition to reigning as the nutritionists for FitTV on-line, the twins have been the featured experts on numerous radio stations across the United States and around the world.


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Chef Devin Alexander - Jun 02,2007

2007-06-02 :: Project Slim Show

See how you don't have to deprive yourself to be fit and healthy.

biggest loser | diet | diet | eating | fitness | healthy | weight loss


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Tosca Reno - Jun 02,2007


©2007 Tosca Reno. All rights reserved. Site design by Charity Goodlad


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Susanna Wermuth - Diet Dropouts - Jun 02,2007


"I've Tried It All!
Now What?"


Before 1988

This is weight loss coach, Susanna Wermuth, over 17 years ago at a size 18. In the decade before, she had tried it all, including the now popular Atkins diet, only to regain her weight back and more. Wermuth finally jumped off the weight loss roller coaster in 1988 and acknowledged that she was never going to maintain "a healthy lifestyle change." She declared herself a diet dropout and then found out she was hardly alone. The weight loss industry has a less than 1% success rate!

This is Wermuth now, at a size 4. More telling, she has been a size 4 for the last 17 years. She credits her success to giving up on diets and exercise and going back to eating her beloved McDonald's cheeseburgers and french fries. Since then Wermuth has made working with "real people who love food and hate to exercise" her passion and her work. Fortunately, she has now put all that same passion into a book to share with us. In "I've Tried It All! Now What?!" Wermuth boldly accuses programs like Dr. Phil's and Jenny Craig's as part of the problem not the solution to America's growing weight problem.

Since 1988

Wermuth's argument is compellingly sound and is poignantly punctuated by a personal letter from Oprah written to the author years ago. Even more importantly, Wermuth's solution is amazingly simple. She records the profound intellectual, psychological, and physical changes that resulted from one tiny change in her life. Then she enthusiastically invites her readers to make the same tiny change with The New Rules for Diet Dropouts.


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Chef Devin Alexander - Jun 01,2007


Her first cookbook, Fast Food Fix (Rodale, 2006), offers the secrets to healthier versions of a wealth of fast food temptations. Her second cookbook, The Biggest Loser Cookbook (Rodale, 2006), which accompanies the hit NBC show, landed her a spot on The New York Times best-sellers list. Devin has also written over 200 magazine articles and has served as culinary adviser, contributing food editor and cooking expert for popular health and fitness magazines.

Devin has worked extensively as a healthy lifestyle private cooking instructor, coaching hundreds of pounds off her clientele. She immensely enjoys the thrill of helping others recognize that "you don't have to deprive yourself to be fit and healthy."


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Skinny Bitches Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin! - May 12,2007

2007-05-12 :: Project Slim Show

A no-nonsense tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap & start looking fabulous!

weight loss | diets | nutrition | exercise | bestsellers | fitness | eating


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Skinny Bitch - L.A. TIMES BESTSELLER - May 07,2007



If you can't take one more day of self-loathing, you're ready to hear the truth: You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to lose weight.

Authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin are your new smart-mouthed girlfriends who won't mince words and will finally tell you the truth about what you're feeding yourself. And they'll guide you on making intelligent and educated decisions about food. They may be bitches, but they are skinny bitches. And you'll be one too-after you get with the program and start eating right.

Rory Freedman, a former agent for Ford Models, is a self-taught know-it-all.

Kim Barnouin is a former model who holds a Masters of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition.

They have successfully counseled models, actors, athletes, and other professionals using the Skinny Bitch method. They both live in Los Angeles.


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David Katz, M.D. - May 05,2007

2007-05-05 :: Project Slim Show

Author David Katz, M.D. will be here to discuss the Flavor Point Diet.

David Katz | Flavor Point Diet | obesity | diet | weight loss | exercise | fitness | health


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Truly low carb - Apr 28,2007

2007-04-28 :: Project Slim Show

Learn how to lose on a low carb diet

low carb | Atkins | diet | fitness | health | weight loss


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Andrea Baptiste from The Biggest Loser - Apr 21,2007

2007-04-21 :: Project Slim Show

Andrea was on season one of The Biggest Loser. Drea will inspire you.

Biggest Loser | Andrea Baptiste | weight loss | fitness | diet


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Rob Dorf - Purefit - Apr 14,2007

2007-04-14 :: Project Slim Show

Talk to the creator of Purefit, Rob Dorf, who designed a program to burn fat and improve wellness.

Rob Dorf | Purefit | supplements | fat | wellness


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Listener Survey - We Need Your Help! - Apr 14,2007


You're going to hear me say this in my podcast for the next couple months: We're taking a survey of our listeners, and we'd like you to participate. It will help us learn more about you - - no matter how long you've been a listener or how frequently you listen to this podcast. So please take a few minutes and visit http://www.podtrac.com/audience/start-survey.aspx?ver=2&pid=YLQoWS3Ew40$ 

 And you can complete the survey anonymously. Thanks!"


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Truly Low Carb - April 28 - Apr 12,2007


Psssssst - Listen up, current low carb dieters - You must have patience to succeed. I lost 40 pounds between the first and second pictures - and only 15 between the second and the third!!!! SCALES ARE FOR FISH. Forget the number on the scale, and instead concentrate on how you feel and how your clothes fit.


This is me at age 15... saying "No, I will NOT pose outdoors in this ridiculous outfit, I am WAY TOO FAT!" I didn't speak to my future sister-in-law for weeks after she snapped that picture. (Thanks, Laura. I am very glad to have it - now!) WHAT A JOKE!! I obviously wasn't fat then, but I thought I was.  (Thank you very much, Twiggy!) In all fairness, though, Twiggy was simply the *first* model that I recall who had an unrealistic body shape. This trend, what I have come to think of as the "anorexic model syndrome",  resulted in a severe skewing of society's perception of normal. This affected the self-esteem of millions of girls and women and gave rise to millions of eating disorders. [For related info on this important subject, go to About Face]

Now, in this second picture, taken in January 2000, less than one month before my 35th birthday, well, yes, I am fat. "Morbidly obese", to be precise.

And as I had always considered 70 years to be an average life span, this particular approaching birthday made me stop and reflect on lots of things.

Like the fact that my life was more than likely at least half over. And that since I had started smoking at the ripe old age of TEN it was pretty unlikely that I would live to my idealized "average" age, anyway! I have quit smoking at least a half dozen times, once for all of five months. But each time, when I gained weight, I gave up and started puffing again. Better to be fat and be smoking, than to quit and get even fatter, I figured.  Either condition is supposed to be a death sentence.....

I knew that my cholesterol had been seriously elevated for several years. My weight had been increasing steadily since the birth of my first child in 1985, after a toxemic pregnancy. Successive efforts to lose weight (long term) by dieting were unsuccessful. Attempts to treat my dangerously high cholesterol (triglycerides over 400) with medication resulted in triglyceride levels of almost 900. I was informed that they couldn't even measure cholesterol accurately at levels that high. The doctor then suggested adding another medication (since the first one had worked so well??)

I quit going to that doctor - and I quit taking the medications. I cut calories down to no more than 1000-1200 per day, and exercised regularly, and I shed 25 pounds in five months. But my cholesterol was STILL high, (though slightly improved)  and just about then I realized that my quality of life really SUCKED! I  began to have an occasional beer or cake/cookie, and BAM! Not only did I gain back all the pounds I lost, I packed on an additional 20 pounds on top of the originals. (Again. This was just the latest repeat of an all-too-familiar pattern.)

Four times losing weight and gaining back MORE and I had landed myself  in the "morbidly obese" category. So I determined not to EVER do that to myself again. I mean, my ass barely fit in the seat of the Mind Eraser roller coaster at Six Flags as it was!!! I couldn't afford another "diet". Not ever. So I gave up trying to quit smoking and lower my cholesterol, and I gave up trying to lose weight.

And then I realized that I was about to turn 35. Wait a minute. I am not done living! I am not ready to start the downhill slide into old age and infirmity. I can still out-ski my skinny friends! I still cut quite a swath blazing down the highway in black leather on my big bad motorcycle! I don't look that bad .... Do I? So I really started looking. And I realized that Yes, I looked that bad. And all any of this soul searching did was depress me. Because the basic facts hadn't changed. I didn't think I could live on 1200 calories a day for the rest of my life. Not without ending up divorced and friendless. And what good would that do? I sank deeper into my funk.

And then one day, my husband came home and changed my life forever. Just because he doesn't like to read ~ and he decided he wanted to lose some weight. He had run into a friend who had lost 45 pounds on the Atkins diet. "But that's not supposed to be safe" I protested. "How do you know?" he asked. I realized that I really didn't know enough about it to have an opinion. So I agreed to purchase and read the book on his behalf. After all, I loved to read, and if he was going on a diet, I, as the cook, would have to be briefed.

By the time I finished the first chapter, I was in tears. Dr. Atkins was describing ME. What's more, he swore there was an easy, healthy way to regain the old me. I finished the book, and I read it again. A few days later, three days before my 35th birthday, I started a low carb diet combining principles from Atkins and Protein Power. Five weeks later, I smoked my last cigarette. My cravings for food had gone away. Why couldn't it work for nicotine too? I don't really know if it was the diet that helped me get over my cravings for cigarettes, or the fact that the diet eliminated ALL my food cravings, which meant that I could safely quit the cigarettes without pigging out, but either way, I was able to quit smoking for good on March 4, 2000, and after the first three days, it was easy.

Eight weeks into this diet I had my cholesterol tested. It was within "norms" already! This is not a diet. This is a life change that this yeast bread baker and worshiper has found incredibly easy to commit to. Once you give up refined carbohydrates, and find a hidden well of energy you NEVER knew existed (even as a child) once you witness your own always-lackluster and weak hair and nails begin to grow out luxuriously strong and healthy, once you begin exercising not out of any sense of obligation or guilt but out of sheer enthusiasm for how good you feel, why, you find that sugar and flour do not tempt you. Not that I will never eat any again. Don't misunderstand me. It is just that I will never blindly eat either one again. I am now aware of the deadly chain reaction they cause inside my incredibly efficient body. And I am losing weight that I will NEVER gain back. And as God is my witness, I WILL NEVER BE HUNGRY AGAIN. I have never once been hungry since I went lowcarb. Not once. This is nothing like every other time I tried to do the right thing for myself and my body. This is different. It is unthinkable to me to ever go back to the way I was. I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that I WILL reach a "normal" weight. It may take a while, but it will happen. It is a side effect of my new way of life, you see. An unavoidable, very pleasant side effect!

Postscript re: cholesterol: I want to be perfectly honest with you. I have been retesting my lipids regularly and I did go through some variations. But after years of low carb eating, I can confidently say that my ratios are better than ever and the ONLY number that is even borderline is my LDL, which is a little higher than the "ideal". As I said, however, my RATIOS are very good, and many doctors consider those to be much more important the "just the numbers". 

If you need to lose weight, lower cholesterol, control diabetes, high blood pressure, or acid reflux, quit smoking, rid yourself of migraines, heartburn, or allergies, ease the pain of arthritis or gout, or you just want to feel generally better, then I strongly urge you to investigate the low carb way of eating for yourself!

Read Dr. Atkin's New Diet Revolution.  Read Protein Power. Read Life Without Bread: How a Low Carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life. Read Neanderthin. Read The Schwarzbein Principle. Or pick another plan - there are more every day, a sure sign that this way of eating WORKS! And buy The Corinne T. Netzer Carbohydrate Counter to help you figure out a low carb plan that works for you. Consult a doctor regularly along the way. And never be fat or go hungry again!

Just look at the difference in me after low fat dieting - compared to while low carb dieting;

Yes, you read it right. I weigh the SAME in both pictures. I swear.

Oh, and by the way - my husband is doing very well on this way of eating, too. He lost his 60 pounds in a matter of months, and he still weighs less than when he graduated from high school. He has been able to discontinue one of his blood pressure medications entirely. His average blood pressure is much better than it used to be, even with less medication. He has not suffered from gout or heartburn since he went low carb. And just look at him! I mean, I know how he lost the weight, I was the one cooking and advising ~ but how did he end up looking ten years younger, to boot?

  Mitch before and just 4 months later, -52 lbs.                     


This is a picture of us on vacation in 2002, and it's a fair representation of our weights to this day. I am proud to be able to say that we have each maintained a 65 pound loss with ease. I never did lose as many total pounds as I expected to (my thighs are the body part I am least happy with, and in truth, I rarely wear shorts like these since I feel much thinner in pants or skirts). These days I can also be found wearing my more comfortable 16s more often than the snug 14s I can still wear with pride, but I figure - hey, this is the weight and size I can maintain with ease, and this is obviously where my body is comfortable - so get used to it, and just let go of any unrealistic 'swimsuit model' goal image! One thing I have finally learned, and accepted, after more than three years of effort, is that numbers are just that - numbers, and nothing more. Healthy and happy is the ultimate goal, and YES! I am there..

January 2002: I go sledding with my then 10 year old son and my husband, and my life changes forever...

 On my fifth ride down the hill, I bounced off the inner-tube and landed on the hard ground instead, causing a compression fracture of my L3 vertebrae that would confine me to my bed or a horrible brace for months afterwards. My spine actually continued to collapse for the first few months, but thanks to lots of care, rest, and good nutrition, and the fact that I was in pretty good shape when the accident occurred, I've made a good recovery. I still have an 11% curvature of the spine, and I don't enjoy sitting much, but by May 2002 I was riding my motorcycle again (gingerly of course) and by December of 2002, I was downhill skiing again. I did sell my dirt bike, I won't ever snowmobile again, and I can't ski the bumps, but these are things I can happily live with, considering the alternative. Because I was already working at home when this happened, I was more fortunate than most people in the same situation - I ended up with a very sophisticated wireless network that I thoroughly appreciate to this day, and I was able to carry on in my chosen career.

Once I got my spine stabliized, I had to deal with the very large kidney stones that had announced their presence on numerous xrays taken after my accident. The very size of these stones was proof enough to my urologist and myself that these were old stones that had started to form long, long before I started low carb. (I feel the need to point this out because of that old tired myth about low carb eating causing kidney damage. In my case, it was years of low fat and yoyo dieting that preceded the kidney damage.) I had several debilitating lithotripsy procedures to pass those monsters, and then once I got over that, I promptly had a partial hysterectomy. Through all of this, low carb has been the constant, the rock, upon which I have drawn strength. No matter how out of control the rest of my life can be, I am ALWAYS in complete and total control of one thing - what does and does not go into my mouth. Maintenance has been a joy for me, and I will control my carbs, and thus my weight, for life. I still have not eaten any real sugar or fresh corn or white potatoes, and perhaps I never will - they seem like a very small price to pay in return for never again worrying about whether my butt will fit in the restaurant or airplane seat to which I am assigned. I do enjoy  a wide range of fruit and vegetables as well as my own wholesome bread and bagels, and I can easily find acceptable ice cream, whole wheat pastas and crackers, etc. in stores across the nation.

In October of 2002, I was honored by being featured on the Atkins Center site as a low carb success story, and later I was actually quoted by Dr. Atkins in Atkins for Life. I wrote my first cookbook in 2000 while actively losing weight, and all the recipes in that cookbook are indeed "truly low" in carbs. I published my second low carb cookbook in November 2003. Volume II features a wide range of recipes suitable from induction through lifetime maintenance, so that everyone can enjoy bread, bagels, pizza, margaritas, etc. - while still maintaining their health and weight.




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Participate in our survey - Apr 12,2007


We're taking a survey of our listeners, and we'd like you to participate. It will help us learn more about you - - no matter how long you've been a listener or how frequently you listen to this podcast. So please take a few minutes complete the survey anonymously. Thanks



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Bradley Scott Cailor - The Beer Drinkers Diet - May 19 - Apr 12,2007


Why The Beer Drinkers Diet will truly help you lose weight:

Frustrated by gimmicks, dangerous pills, and senseless diet books, the author was so tired of failure that he had to take matters into his own hands in a monumental quest to find a "alcoholic beverage allowing" diet plan that truly works. Once called the “Human Guinea Pig” for failed diets by his peers, the author did all of the research and TRIAL & ERROR for us, as he shows us why most gimmicks and pills truly don't work in real life. He has lost and gained back 593 pounds during these 25 years of painstaking trial & error! The author was gullible, too!

After dedicating decades of his life to researching and testing literally every diet, pill and book, as well as interviewing hundreds of successful dieters, the author summarizes all of his EXHAUSTIVE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS into one guide where HE SHOWS US HOW HE FINALLY LOST 114 POUNDS OF FAT—step-by-step and pound-by-pound—while still enjoying beer and wine in "spirited moderation," as well as enjoying life!

Written from the unique perspective of "one regular person to another," the author is extremely genuine about helping you as he truly understands how you feel. He truly understands how life’s events can influence your weight as he has been there, too! This remarkably inspiring book will finally help you achieve the weight-loss goals you've always desired!


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Dr. David L. Katz, M.D. - Flavor Point Diet - May 5 - Apr 12,2007


Buy the book

By David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP
Associate Professor of Public Health
Director, Prevention Research Center
Yale University School of Medicine

Associate Director, Nutrition Science
Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity
Yale University

Medical Contributor, ABC News

View sample recipes from The Flavor Point Diet Read about The Flavor Point Diet as featured in Newsweek Media coverage of The Flavor Point Diet and book Endorsements for The Flavor Point Diet Hear Dr. Katz' interview for Barnes & Noble about the Flavor Point Diet, and how it fits in with larger efforts to fight the obesity epidemic. (Select the audio link in the lower-left sidebar under "Find Related Items.")
Book Premise:

The 'Flavor Point Diet' approach is based entirely on the neuroscience of appetite, and specifically, sensory specific satiety: the tendency to stay hungry longer and eat more when flavors are very diverse and keep changing, and to fill up on fewer calories when flavor variety is controlled. Using flavor themes, and by directing readers to food choices that have fewer flavors designed into them during processing, the Flavor Point Diet subdues appetite and allows for weight loss with no or minimal hunger, while maintaining a perfectly healthful, balanced diet suitable for the whole family at every step of the way.

Goals & Objectives:

To offer a 'diet' that would allow for prompt enough weight loss to satisfy the public, while avoiding the food exclusions that tend to be used to deliver rapid weight loss, then followed by rebound. To base a diet approach on 'how' to control appetite and eat less, rather than on reinventing 'what' constitutes healthful eating. To devise a plan in which the nutrition is completely sound and balanced and in accord with the highest scientific standards at every step. And to devise a 'diet' that is suitable for all members of a household, so that families are engaged in a sustainable approach to both weight control, and better overall health.

Novel Elements:

The diet is based on a very extensive scientific literature examining the neuroscience of appetite. While building in many other elements, the main focus is on the single most important thing about food: its flavor. Flavor variety stimulates appetite, increasing the calorie count required to achieve fullness (think large family meal and feeling stuffed, then still finding room for dessert). The food industry engineers superfluous flavors into innumerable products in the form of salt in sweet foods (such as breakfast cereals and desserts), sugar in salty foods (such as dressings and spreads), and artificial flavors. The Flavor Point Diet first uses flavor themes to help readers control the overall variety of flavors in their typical day, meal, and snack; and then guides readers to achieve the same thing at the level of individual foods by choosing those items that avoid or minimize unnecessary flavor additions.

The Flavor Point Diet approach was crafted only after an extensive review of the scientific literature on weight control, and appetite regulation. The meal plan was 'home made' rather than farmed out to professional chefs, and 'field tested' in the Katz household consisting of 2 adults and 5 children ranging in age from 6 to 17.

Relevant clinical experience:

I have been using the principle of sensory specific satiety in dietary counseling to excellent effect for nearly 15 years.


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Andrea Baptiste from Season 1 Biggest Loser - April 21 - Apr 12,2007


Drea is charming, sassy and full of class. She is a pro at the art of entertaining.

Drea truly shined as a very determined, hard working, strong, yet compassionate individual while she shared her life experience on season one of NBC's hit reality series "The Biggest Loser". Many, including the producers, referred to her as the "rock" for all her strength and confidence she put forth.

Even after she was voted off 7th, (all the remaining contestants said they feared her strength and dedication), she came back to the finale having lost the most overall weight and body fat over the other women and all but three men, making her The Biggest Female Loser on the show.

Drea has also been an international inspiration to many, evidenced by the hundreds of video tapes and letters received by NBC which detailed the influence Drea had over them.

She has inspired men, women, and children to lead healthier lifestyles and to lose weight, while becoming a familiar face worldwide, especially to the African-American community where Andrea has become a significant role model.

There is certainly a lighthearted side to Andrea as well. As seen on "Live with Larry King" and on "The Biggest Loser", she certainly can leave you laughing out loud.

With her new mind, body, and soul, Drea has re-entered the world of fitness, helping others to transform their lives as well. Her goal is not only to transform their bodies, but also to help them to achieve self-esteem and self-acceptance by delivering empowering seminars on the topics of health and wellness, while incorporating personal experiences which are relatable to all.

Drea teaches healthy approaches to eating foods we love, how to mentally approach weight-loss, and to embrace the successes (whether big or small) from the inside out.

Drea is the only female cast member to return to season two of "The Biggest Loser", so she may inspire and motivational coach the new teams the way she does the public.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Drea is looking to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Full of charisma and personality, this down-to-earth beauty will be sure to leave you inspired and in awe.


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Rob Dorf - Purefit - Apr 11,2007


As a competitive athlete for 20 years Robb Dorf knows the importance of good nutrition and regular exercise for maximum performance. With a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology, and over 10 years experience in the health and nutrition industry, Robb set out to design a program that would help individuals not only burn excess body fat but also improve overall wellness. His philosophy “Keep it simple, do what you enjoy, and realize that regular exercise and good nutrition are the most important things you can do for your body.”
Listen April 14th to find out what PureFit is all about


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Tamilee Webb - take 2 - Apr 07,2007

2007-04-07 :: Project Slim Show

Ms. Buns of Steel

Tamilee Webb | health | fitness | diet | exercise | weight | Buns of Steel


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Ellen Serber - Mar 31,2007

2007-03-31 :: Project Slim Show

Yoga Instructor shows us how to incorporate yoga into our work life.

yoga | fitness | diet | exercises | My Daily Yoga | Ellen Serber


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Poppi - Biggest Loser at Home - Mar 24,2007

2007-03-24 :: Project Slim Show

Interview with Poppi, the winner of the Biggest Loser at Home.

Biggest Loser | diet | fitness | Poppi | weight loss


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Poppi Kramer - America's Biggest Loser: She Did it On Her Own and Kept Her Sense of Humor! Mar 24th - Mar 16,2007


Poppi Kramer can be found anywhere a living breathing human being will listen. She has been spreading her seeds of hilarity all over the the country after finding out that an MFA in acting can only wield a bartending job. You can see Poppi at "Suddenly Stand-Up" every Wednesday at The Duplex. The show features Poppi as the creator, MC, producer, and booker. You can also find Poppi's naked ass in the indie feature "Dummy" starring Adrien Brody (her face is in it as well) and in the Upcoming feature, "Slippery Slope."

Online Poppi is at WWW.POPPIKRAMER.COM, www.myspace.com/poppikramer and www.Comedycentral.com.


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America's Hottest Mom - Mar 10,2007

2007-03-10 :: Project Slim Show

Jennifer Nicole Lee shows you how to get fit, kids and all...

Jennifer Nicole Lee | diet | weight loss | fitness | health


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Tamilee Webb Answers Your Fitness Questions - April 7 - Mar 08,2007


Tamilee Webb earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education and a Master of Arts degree in Exercise Science both attained at California State University, Chico. She has furthered her education with involvement in IDEA, AFAA, ACE, and FROG’S Athletic Club and is now CEO of Webb International, Inc. In 1993, Tamilee was recognized by her peers with the Fitness Instructor of the Year award, bestowed by IDEA, the association of fitness professionals, after having been a three-time nominee in the category. In 1992, she received the coveted Self Magazine Award for best lower body exercise for her third in a series of twenty-two award-winning Buns of Steel videos. Tamilee has been the recipient of numerous other awards for outstanding achievement in the field of personal fitness, including Best Exercise Video and Best Training Organization 1987, conferred by IDEA, has been honored by California State University, Chico, Outstanding Alumni of 1990 and 1996.

Millions of fans worldwide have long admired Tamilee’s no-nonsense approach to mind, body, health and fitness that can be achieved within the home. Her energy, exuberance and specially designed proven workout programs have consistently elevated her to the top of the Billboard charts. Her three best-selling books “The Original Rubber Band Workout” (sold in six countries and translated into five languages), “Step-up Fitness”, both published by Workman Publishers, and her third book, “Workout for Dummies” (IDG Books), have contributed to the renown that she has so deservedly earned.

Tamilee has been a co-host on the Health Network Channel’s aerobic fitness shows. The network services more than 50 million households and its audience continues to grow rapidly. She has also hosted ESPN’s Fitness Pro Series, co-hosted the Buns of Steel Platinum Series, and the Buns of Steel Quick-Toning Series, and acted as a consultant for Fox Sport Body Squad Fitness Programs.

Tamilee’s knowledge and acquired experience, combined with her contagious energy, and effervescent personality, have made her an ideal guest speaker on top-rated television talk shows, including VH1 Booty Call, NBC’s Weekend Today, Entertainment Tonight, KTLA Morning News, The Today Show, The Other Half, Home Matters, and “E” Entertainment. Her well-toned body has graced the covers of Shape Magazine, Home Gym and Fitness Magazine, and Diet and Exercise Magazine, and she has been featured in S.D. Sports and Fitness, Fit Magazine, Men’s Fitness Magazine, Vogue and Billboard.

Tamilee realizes the impact that she has on those who rely on her to maintain and improve their health and fitness, and she takes her responsibility seriously. Her videos are released to the public only after having undergone extensive scientific testing and research as to their safety and effectiveness. She is always aware of the fact that her exercise programs are followed by people of different body types and levels of fitness. With this in mind, she does not treat her responsibility lightly. No video is released to the public without first receiving E.M.G. approval. Product and equipment receive her endorsements only after serious scrutiny to their quality and results. Seen on her most recent infomercial is one of her newest and approved finds, the AbAway Pro abdominal exercise machine.

Tamilee Webb continues to dominate in a field that has grown competitively. Her workouts have found their way into the homes and offices of people who appreciate the importance of good health and fitness of mind and body as necessary ingredients for longevity and quality of life. She has dedicated herself to a goal from which she has never allowed herself to be deterred.



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Jennifer Nicole Lee - America's Hottest Mom: March 10 at 11am - Mar 06,2007


Ms. Winfrey phrased it best when she said "That's pretty cool. That's pretty incredible".  Oprah's comments were addressing Jennifer Nicole Lee's fascinating weight loss success story in which this totally focused mother of 2 toddler sons shed about 70 lbs. leading her to win the title of Ms. Bikini America. (Go to Resume section of this site to view Oprah, CBS early Morning Show, and Inside Editoin footage). And her response to why enter a figure competition after giving birth to her second son?  "I wanted to prove the point that you can be a mother and still be sexy and fit'.  She certainly got her point across and the media did agree.  In 67 years of the Weider legacy, Jennifer Nicole Lee (or JNL for short) was recently named the first ever Ms Muscle and Fitness, with a letter from the editor writing about him first seeing her and a glorious spread in the February 2006 issue.  But she not only has the men's attention, the women are fans as well.  Just check the intimate look at JNL that Muscle and Fitness Hers showcases in their March 2006 issue.

JNL's hard work has paid off.  She is now the most sought after fitness model making history in the industry with a total of 10 covers in 2 years, with more covers and spreads on the way.  JNL is a highly publicized International beauty icon as well (Maxim En Espanol, FHM Australia, Maxim Columbia, and Body Fitness International).

Jennifer Nicole Lee's 2006 Swimsuit calendar is available now at www.jenshop.com. This gorgeous poster quality calendar was shot by the legendary photographer Richard Hume.  With Richard's 20 years plus of shooting Supermodels like Kathy Ireland, Tyra Banks, and Brooke Burke, her swimsuit calendar is among the best.  And fans can see more of Jennifer with the special "Making of the JNL Calendar" DVD.  This exclusive behind the scenes footage showcases the insiders look to the calendar shoot complete with intimate interviews and more.

JNL follows up her 2006 calendar with a bang!  Her "Sophomore" 2007 calendar is better than ever as she gives her fans diversified looks including more than just swimwear. She teamed up with the hottest, youngest, and freshest photographer in the bikini world: Andy MacFarland who also shot her Swimsuit Annual Edition American Curves Cover. And his resume includes working with beauties such as Vida Guerra and Melyssa Ford.  JNL states "My 2007 is better than ever, because I went above and beyond with hair, makeup, lighting, and location.  I chose my home, South Beach, the funnest place on earth to shoot!

JF Turner and Associates, the biggest distributor of official licensed entertainment and professional sport memorabilia, has taken notice to JNL's rise.  If the deal goes through JNL will join the likes of celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Anna Kournikova, and the athletic stars of the NBA, MLB, and NFL.  Stay tuned to see if this big time deal pans out!

With her diversity and ability to make the demands of the modern day woman look so easy, Bebe Sport has named Jennifer Nicole their official Spokesmodel.   'She is the perfect example of the modern day woman who manages to fit it all in:  her children, her career and still find the time to work out.  And this high end luxury sportswear line was created for this kind of multi-tasking woman who manages her hectic life with class and ease', says a Bebe Sport District Manager.

JNL was announced as the Official Fitness Expert for the Hot Moms Club. Visit www.hmcmag.com to see what all the hype is about.  She is a published author with her debut being a contributing writer for the Hot Moms Handbook out this Mothers Day.  She leads the pact of Hot Moms who blaze a new trail and who are rewriting the rules of what motherhood is and means.  She enjoys spreading her wellness wisdom with her fellow Hot Moms who refuse to accept nothing more than the best in their life!

JNL teamed up with the authentic Brazilian Swimwear line Fiu Fiu (see www.fiufiu.com) to create a swimsuit line so authentic, sexy, and yet functional.  She describes her JNL/Fiu Fiu brand as "Something you can wear right from the beach, add a cover up or drawstring pant and go straight to dinner or dancing.  My line is where functionality meets fashion making it a breeze to lead a high demanding life with style!"



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Introducing Project Slim - Mar 04,2007

2007-03-04 :: Project Slim Show

Meet the hosts and find out who is on our subsequent shows.

fitness | health | weight loss | diet | exercise


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Ellen Serber - My Daily Yoga - Mar 04,2007


Ellen Serber is a regular contributor to The International Journal of Yoga Therapy; her writing has also appeared in Yoga Journal and Somatics. 

Ellen teaches Yoga, certified in the Iyengar style, and Tai Chi Chu'an in the lineage of Kuo Lien Ying in Point Reyes, CA and leads workshops on stress reduction, back care and headache prevention. Teaching since 1970, she has been on the faculty of Goddard College, Plainfield, Vermont; The Marin Community College, Kentfield, CA; and The San Franscisco Arts Commission.


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