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Last update: 2009-08-29

Episode 5 - Vagina

Length: 32m 14s

Psycho Lesbian Podcast Episode 5 - Vagina - Summary and Links Synonyms of Vagina – cunt, twat, slit, pussy, trim, quim, vagaga, poonani, taco, cheesy taco, hairy taco, cheese steak hoagie, hamberger, pooter, snatch, cooter, beaver, coochie, bacon sandwhich Sound Clips Tom Greens “Vagina” song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s11HAxG1tAo Pupetry of the Vagina - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R74s8lJO3NM Pussy Cat Song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_biZ8b2R0DA&feature=PlayList&p=3541A4B71D1BACFD&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=23 Gynocologyst – Our recomindations for Gynocologyst – To use a warming lube to make those cold metal instruments a little more tolerable. The origin of the word Gynocologyst - 1. Woman; female: gynandromorphism.2. Female reproductive organ or system: gynoplastics. To shave or not to shave – We discuss shaving, hairy women, and brazilian wax (ouch), we also have a conversation about nair, and the little wonder machine that just pulls all the hair. Is electrolize the anwer? The News Lesbian Couple Accosted at Church - http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid107077.asp A lesbian couple in Memphis, Tenn., told police they were assaulted while attending an 11 a.m. church service Sunday, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. August 24, 2009By Michelle Garcia Lutherans Vote to Approve Gay Clergy - http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid107010.asp The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted on Friday to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy, becoming the largest denomination in the country to allow non-celibate gay and lesbian ministers. August 24, 2009By Julie Bolcer Iceland's Lesbian PM Makes Forbes List - http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid107517.asp Iceland prime minister Johanna Sigurdardottir has made Forbes magazine’s “100 Most Powerful Women” list, becoming the only openly gay woman on the magazine's annual list. August 26, 2009By Chris Jai Centeno Lesbian Couple Battle Russian Courts - http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid107690.asp In a high-profile same-sex marriage case in Moscow that has sparked outrage and protests from people on both sides of the issue, on Wednesday a court held up a Russian lesbian couple’s appeal of their being denied the right to marry, according to the Associated Press. August 27, 2009By Chris Jai Centeno Our Music Pick Halcyon – Offical Webite – http://www.halcyonmusic.com MySpace Page - http://www.myspace.com/halcyonsince1989 …


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Episode 4 - Do Lesbians Hate Men? Nah!!!

Length: 28m 44s

Do lesbians Hate men? My partner and I discuss men and if we hate them.

What types of men are there that were determined within this conversation.

Men we dig (we not meaning all lesbians but just us) (PS I LOVE YOU CHRIS, BILL, BUTTERs (TOM), RYAN ,TONY, RON, JOHN. ) These are the guys who seemingly are just chill, whom I feel like one of the guys with/ gals they tend to be kind of fem………

THEN THERE IS THIS - These are the fellows who are not intimidated or somehow over compensating for what they feel they need to fulfill in today’s manly roles. REALLY NOT THAT IMPORTANT.– the guys who obviously need to take notes – the guys who THINK that lesbians hate men. How they over compensate and only turn their girls off. By being overly aggressive and turning love of their STRAIGHT women into hate.

LESBIANS DO NOT HATE MEN – as many things in life are multi level this is no different, to simply group men into one category, and lesbians into one category is SILLY…… I as a LESBIAN do not hate men. And MEN do not hate me….. I have found many men whom I love and adore…….. And many whom I could distance myself from…. BUT ISNT THAT THE WAY OF EVERYTHING…. …


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Episode 3 - Closet Lesbians 2 Types – “I am not gay” type and One foot in and one foot out

Length: 25m 39s

So far in the closet they still think they like men – My partner and I discuss the ladies, who look so gay, but will never admit to their gayness. In fact they run for the hills when they see us out ladies on the street. Stop pointing fingers at them, they will come out in due time or be miserable till the end of time. We shouldn’t hate on them, we should have a “that sucks for you” outlook.

Lizzy the Lezzy - the lesbian comedian “I’M PROUD” EPISODE 1

Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode 2 - "Coming Out "

Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode 13 - "Lesbian"

Lizzy the Lezzy - Episode 12 - "National Coming Out Day "

One Foot in and one foot out – My partner and I discuss the gals who are gay in the sheets and straight in the streets, how horrible it must feel to be in such a mind set, and the effects it has on the women who are with them. And a little tale of when I was with a woman who was a one foot in one foot outer (Horrible – will never ever ever ever ever do it again) …


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Episode 2 - Psycho Lesbian Stories, and a Discussion about U-Hauls

Length: 20m 2s

Sitting at the Softball field after games, is the best time to hear all the Psycho Lesbian Stories, so I brought my digital recorder to the softball game and asked the girls on my team to tell me all about the Psycho encounters they have experienced. Here is what they had to say.

Gum Girl – Hooking up in a bar, and finding that your new friend has left you a present in your shorts.

Dirty Dirty Girl – Is about the relationship that you thought was a good idea going into it, and once you get there you realize, things are not going to work out the way you thought. And the other person usually has a different idea of what that is. I make Pads – Some gals, are totally granola (not that there is anything wrong with that) but they do some pretty Psycho things to maintain their greenness.

I love you, I don’t even know your name – Everyone fears the psycho, don’t even know your name new girlfriend, and this one takes the cake. She finds out where you work, brings you flowers and a ring (a ring she stole at Wal-Mart, and when you tell her it isn’t going to work out, she says “what a shame, cause I got your name tattooed on my tit. PSYCHO

Why oh Why are Lesbians associated with the second date U-haul Phenomenon. My partner and I (who waited a year to move in together) discuss just what it is, or might be that make lesbians so eager beaver to move in after meeting one another.

That’s What she Said Website

That’s What She Said U-Haul Video

Wimfest Website …


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Episode 1 - Crazy Neighbor In The South

Length: 7m 44s

Crazy neighbors – you know you have them or have had them and had to move far far away. This VERY FIRST episode is about the craziness of 1 neighbor in the south, and how my sister would like to shank her (I know I used the wrong word the whole episode but I found it amusing after the fact) Also gave props to the Lesbian Mafia Podcast – the podcast that keeps me laughing I apologize for the sound quality, with some practice I will get it right. …


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Psycho Lesbian Podcast

The word psycho is not synonymous with lesbian, but we sure do have a few in our community. INCLUDING MYSELF….. Now I am not clinically psycho, but on numerous occasions I have been called that in a fit of anger usually from some psycho GF (at the time). I used to cry my eyes out about it, I hated being called psycho HATED it. So now I have decided to take ownership of it. I AM A PSYCHO LESBIAN!!!!!!!!! Do you want to tell me your psycho lesbian story. VERY SIMPLE, record your psycho story on your computer and send it to me in .mp3 or .wav file formats, and you might just hear your own story on Psycho Lesbian Podcast. Rules - 1. No Specific names other than your own(I will have to bleep them out). 2. The Story has to be about a lesbian, doesn't matter if it is your mother, sister, exgirlfriend, current girlfriend, as long as they are a lesbian and they are PSYCHO (or least their actions)Email to: PsychoLesbianPodcast@gmail.com

Psycho Lesbian Podcast

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