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Last update: 2006-01-25

X03 - Radio Filibuster (01.06.06)

2006-01-25 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

X03 - Radio Filibuster (01.06.06)
"Oh, Brother..." (22:38)

- BONUS AUDIO immediately following the recording of program 028, as Brian and Kevin successfully make speakerphones appear incredibly difficult to master. Enjoy the taunts of Brian's sister (actually picked up quite well on the microphone) as they prove themselves telephonically inept.


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028 - Radio Filibuster (01.06.06)

2006-01-18 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

028 - Radio Filibuster (01.06.06)
"The Program After The Lost Episode" (55:32)

- pre-program ramble
- opening theme
- raiders of the lost data
- no phoneside manner
- there is more than one crude and rude individual in cape coral
- tangible proof that elmo is pure concentrated evil
- dollars by del monte
- big mutant pez dispensers
- it looks exactly like the general lee... except it's a toyota
- diamonds are forever, and so are stuffed two-headed albino rat snakes
- update: crapolicious disaster tourism
- there's gotta be something better to look at than other people's pain
- headline/punchline
- update: woman apparently did not swallow cellphone voluntarily after all
- america's fittest and fattest cities
- radio filibuster help desk: making dietary resolutions fun
- thank you for visiting our frappr map
- wrap-up
- amazingly brief post-program ramble


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027L - Radio Filibuster (01.08.06)

2006-01-11 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com
Length: 1s

027L - Radio Filibuster (01.08.06)
"The Program So Nice, They Recorded It Twice" (65:48)

- pre-program ramble
- opening theme
- it was epic
- word 1.5
- we're cheap and apathetic
- wanna win a wilma kite?
- the holidays are over, but not at brian's house
- the rat did it
- good news for cape coral means bad news for joellen
- yodel-out: kurt @ the kurt copeland show
- please put yourself on our frappr map
- grand marshal at the parate that never ends
- crystal meth capitol of the world morally objects to television program
- it's hard to determine what the sanibel city council is thinking at any given time
- how do you stop a charging bear?
- fort myers' first stupid criminal for the new year
- quick picks of epic genius
- yodel-out: danni, lynn, and neil @ borderline
- patio steak ipod
- beware conglomerate-mart filbert nuts
- hey, did you, like, hit me in the head or something?
- wrap-up
- post-program ramble


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026 - Radio Filibuster (12.24.05)

2005-12-26 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

026 - Radio Filibuster (12.24.05)
"The Christmas Eve Show You'll Be Listening To After Christmas" (52:35)

- pre-program ramble
- opening theme
- yodel-out: the shelter-closing mayor of fort myers, florida
- those aren't the bodies of santa's reindeer hanging outside a local hardware store
- manhattan hatchet santa vandalized
- the sole opinion of the voices in brian's head
- santa doesn't go to sanibel
- the insider trading of santa claus
- drunken santa rampage in new zealand
- thanks to everyone for all of the christmas card
- the british eat all sorts of weird things
- headline/punchline
- you're never too old to further your education
- nobody likes orlando... and here are a couple more reasons why
- when you're looking for a dead guy, you go to columbus, ohio
- the whole idea of food and bad things happening
- jodi performs brief mime show through studio audience window
- this frivolous lawsuit may result in a frivolous countersuit... from a dog
- skunk ape sighting near city of sprawl
- at scratch and dent world
- disturbing poem of the week
- any words of wisdom, blushing wife?
- remember to turn your clocks back one second
- wrap-up
- post-program ramble


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025 - Radio Filibuster (12.18.05)

2005-12-20 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

025 - Radio Filibuster (12.18.05)
"Somewhat Obligatory But Nonetheless Festive Pre-Christmas/Pre-Channukah/Pre-Hannukah/Pre-Kwanzaa/Pre-Have-A-Nice-Day Program" (54:30)

- happy holidays
- it just isn't the holidays without zombies
- overachieved on our slothliness
- braving the busiest saturday of the shoplifting season
- old skool gaming
- dip me in chocolate
- hours at the shopping maul
- holiday light display of rudolph being field dressed
- the brutal murderous tendencies of santa claus
- brawl mart
- santa was diverted for crime duty
- another happy holiday crime story
- holiday etiquette: it's never too late
- why holiday shop when you can holiday rent
- foodstuffs that look like things: everybody check your funyons
- the kinder gentler caring castro thinks the hurricane governor is el plumpo mucho
- sniffing and snorting in science class suspends stupid substitute
- here's a real gem: disaster tourism in new orleans
- he looks like he eats small children
- ronald macdonald steals from wendys
- riot police break up kite flying event
- disturbing poems of the week
- is that a regular fa-la-la or a michael mcdonald fa-la-la?
- kris kristofferson drunk and disoriented on a cable shopping channel
- parting shot a la shatner
- wrap-up


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024 - Radio Filibuster (11.20.05)

2005-12-07 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

024 - Radio Filibuster (11.20.05)
"Intestines Of Steel Double Head-To-Head Deathmatch Challenge" (56:54)

- hawaya
- don't forget that one of the monkeys had a plunger on its head
- we are the fashion podcast
- the bone formerly known as prince's hip
- that alligator looks well fed
- quelling your fears about glowing meats
- intestines of steel double head-to-head deathmatch challenge
- the cheeseburger president urges healthy eating
- happy heart monitor there
- girl who clones potatoes beats out sculpture of hummus
- muppets succumb to reality-show craze
- there's not much to study about law in cuba
- someone's head became a speedbump
- wrap-up


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023 - Radio Filibuster (11.26.05)

2005-11-29 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com
Length: 1s

023 - Radio Filibuster (11.26.05)
"Post-Thanksgiving Tales About Turkey And Fire" (63:12)

- the sweet potatoes were laced
- you can't post the recipe
- turkey-out: brian's family in cape coral, florida
- it's great to be the turkey
- turkey-out: sonya "black widow" thomas in alexandria, virginia
- that is one zombified looking dog
- please stand by
- brian's classic family thanksgiving story
- rescue by frozen turkey
- drunken german + hair dryer = big fire
- radio filibuster help desk
- naked tasing
- spiders + lighter + hair spray = bigger fire
- scotland's own fish slapping dance
- workers + house they just built + turkey fryer = blazing inferno
- lizardus hissus bonkus-bonkus
- wrap-up


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022 - Radio Filibuster (11.20.05)

2005-11-22 :: rf@radiofilibuster.com

022 - Radio Filibuster (11.20.05)
"Pre-Thanksgiving/Ketchup On E-Mail Show" (51:12)

- too much food or too much football
- friendly confines of studio-a
- tropical storm lazarus
- keith richards doesn't look a day over 20
- the william shatner of fake doctors
- turkey-out: fred in terre haute, indiana
- i think the pillsbury dough boy lost
- www.brownielocks.com
- keep your holiday stress free: stay home
- we're going to england, and there's going to be fire
- we should put a saggawachuggi dollar in the turkey
- turkey-out: bill @ the you are the guest podcast
- reality podcasting
- guest host update
- this smells like larceny
- radio filibuster word of the day: "hornswoggle"
- disturbing poem of the week
- wrap-up


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