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Last update: 2015-07-04

Out of Steam – Show #10

2015-07-04 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Jun 24th, 2015 Jeff Knapp and Marcelo Lob ruminate on E3 2015, Steam’s Summer Sale, share gripes about hospitals and banks, read some J.K. Rowling, and host a not-so-surprising guest. Out of Steam – Show #10…


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Philly Heat – Show #9

2015-06-28 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Jun 21st, 2015. Alex P. Keaton and Abel Lopez feature in our first entirely Skype-based show (making Alex slightly hard to hear) to talk Creed, E3, stage an elegant reading of the unproduced Naked Gun 4 script, and host a surprise guest. Philly Heat – Show #9…


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Amateur Mixology – Show #8

2015-06-21 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Jun 19th, 2015 Our first back-to-back guest Daulton Sherwin returns to review Jurassic World, discuss the Nicolas Cage classic Snake Eyes, and read posts from Lamebook. Also, apologies for butchering Stevie Wonder. Amateur Mixology – Show #8…


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Sponsored By – Show #7

2015-06-14 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded June 5th, 2015 High school buddy and fellow Spider-fan Daulton Sherwin makes his radio debut, though he probably did not expect to be discussing Nicolas Cage, late night shows, and people who play video games with their feet. Sponsored By – Show #7…


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Pizza and Stalkers – Show #6

2015-06-07 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded June 2nd, 2015 Kristina and Mike return to praise Kurt Russell, read more Craigslist posts, and find the racist among us in a new drinking game. Pizza and Stalkers – Show #6…


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An Evening with Morgan Freeman – Show #5

2015-05-30 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded June 1st, 2015. Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman joins us for our most controversial episode yet, as we debate e-gaming, Bruce Jenner, explore Tinder, and prank call some local establishments. Also, Corey’s levels weren’t up until about 2 minutes in. Apologies. An Evening with Morgan Freeman – Show #5…


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Self-Reflection – Show #4

2015-05-23 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded May 22nd, 2015 Ryan rides solo talking his former job, Mad Max Fury Road, and his overall lifestyle choices. Self-Reflection – Show #4…


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Chinese Food Roundtable – Show #3

2015-05-16 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Apr. 29th 2015. Kristina and Mike join me to make tasteless jokes at current events. Some locations and names were bleeped as it turns out “slander” is an actual thing, but don’t worry, there’s plenty more here for you to hold against us. Also to clarify, a roommate I mentioned at one point is […]…


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Strange Tales – Show #2

2015-05-09 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Apr. 22nd, 2015. John Strange and I have a very nerdy discussion about drugs, movies, Mortal Kombat X, and reminisce on college. Strange Tales – Show #2…


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Audible Impairment – Show #1

2015-05-03 :: Ryan Maloney

Recorded Apr. 21st, 2015 Abel and Marcel join me to talk music, movies, and give a dangerous number of ideas to Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage. Credit to Mega64 for a couple soundbytes. Audible Impairment – Show #1…


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