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Last update: 2008-08-15

Radio Redhead Episode #30 – 08-14-08

2008-08-15 :: radioredhead@gmail.com

Radio Redhead Episode #30 – 08-14-08Let’s face it, it has been a long dry spell since our last ‘cast. Would it help our case to note we’ve been on holiday in Italy for the past month eating prosciutto and drinking granite? No? Well then, we have to offer you something fairly fantabulous, unexpected and red-eriffic. [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #29 – 10-29-06

2006-12-21 :: radioredhead@gmail.com
Length: 48s

Take a time machine ride back to good ol October when blinking Christmas lights and seasonal peppermint mocha frappuccinos were yet a blink the eye of sweet guardian angel Clarence. It’s pre-Halloween and we find our podcast protagonists traveling right round this country of ours, trekking East, West and to all points in between. Sunny [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #28 – 09-04-06

2006-09-29 :: radioredhead@gmail.com
Length: 44s

RR Episode #28 Floods, winged creatures and wet car contests, e-Gads! The Fountain City invasion of Trixie Schwarzkopf has begun. Drop points include Leavenworth, Jo-Co and the 39th street ‘Bucks. Who needs an exotic destination when Gone with the Wind drama awaits next door? Bartholomew (the bat, not Saint), the Trixichino and a diatribe on [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #27 – 05-08-06

2006-06-27 :: radioredhead@gmail.com
Length: 24s

Neo-fascism and wee ones selling Chicklets in the developing world? No you haven’t dropped in on a Brown University poli-sci lecture but instead trapsed into the bizarro world of traveling Trix and Josh. High-jinx ensue as our intrepid podcasters fly from estrogen-fueled photog exhibits to South-of-the-Border embroidered shirtland with the greatest of ease. An intercontinental [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #26 – 02-10-06


Trix, a snowboarding knuckledragger? Josh, celebrating a Hallmark holiday? Get ready to go down the Radio Redhead rabbit hole into our Helter Ski Slope Skelter world where cupcakes and ski lifts are otherwise known as WMDs and Scottish brogues and whiskeys abound…even though we’re on location in the Rockies. See why Shaun White isn’t the [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #25 – 01-22-06


Cross the cultural divide with Josh and Trix. This episode has more multinational, intercontinental chit-chat than the UN Security Council. To wit, hear rabid insight on the Chinese century, Iranian Armageddon, the meaning of World War II in post-modern Germany, and the apparent rationing of AHAVA (official handcream of Israel). Never one to overlook the [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #24 – 01-10-06


Will 2006 be the year of promises kept? Fingers crossed. Josh and Trix have resolved to bring you, our band of faithful, roguish listeners, a brand spanking new podcast each and every week. Our humblest apologies for the December lights out. It’s hard to make it up to you, but with Episode 24 we darn-tootened [...]…


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Radio Redhead Episode #23 – 11-26-05


Is podcasting the Fourth Estate? It’s certainly more popular than sex these days. Tune in as Joshy Hughes comes out of the iso-chamber and gabs with his Capital cutie flesh to flesh. Important issues are explored including the creepy vibe of Shock Me Elmo, mysterious eye tumors, the ability of Trix to clothe 30,000 hurricane [...]…


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Claiming our Odeo channel


My Odeo Channel (odeo/fb19f643fa673b22)…


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Radio Redhead Episode #22 – 10-20-05


Come with Josh and Trix on their gelato and ruins trapse through the Eternal City, complete with a Vatican City sound tour and amour amongst the Trajanian columns. This tour goes far beyond the McDonald’s map and proves once and for all that Rome really is an ancient wonder or as Trix says, the Anna [...]…


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Radio Redhead Podcast with Josh and Trixie

Boy meets girl. Boy woos girl. Boy keeps the passion alive through cross-country Podcasts? Welcome to the \"virtual\" relationship hijinxs of Josh and Trix where anything goes. There\'s an old saying that if you want trouble, get yourself a redhead. Josh and Trix have done just that; two flame-haired creatures lucky enough to have found double trouble in each other and a partner in crime to chat it up with in the heat of the night. Get in on the conversation. Become privy to the witty, mind-bending, encyclopedic banter. Wild, unpredictable, opinionated, intense, sexy and untamed. Everything you\'d expect from a redhead and more. Tune in today and welcome to Radio Redhead.

Radio Redhead Podcast with Josh and Trixie

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