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Last update: 2010-04-07

Life in Eden: My Mom's a Stripper!

2010-04-07 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 10s

In this episode of Rebuilding Eden I give you a glimpse of my upcoming (someday, far off into the future) book, "Life in Eden". I hope you like the story as it is all too true. I am considering doing more of the book in podcast form, so your comments are very much welcome.…


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The Great Death Spiral has begun; Banks vs. Govt, Taxes & velocity of Money

2010-03-26 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 22s

In this episode of Rebuilding Eden I will explain why our present "growing economy" is not that much of a good thing. When Bill Clinton said "It's the economy, Stupid", did you ever wonder what economy he was talking about? We'll talk about the state of the banks, including a couple of recent phone calls I have received that sent chills up my spine. Then we will get into how these two things work in conjuction with each other. Todays situation has place the interests of the banks firmly against that of the governments.…


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2010 and Beyond

2010-03-25 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 11s

Sometimes life give you time to reflect on exactly what you want out of it. This is one of those times, for me personally and for many others. In this episode I will talk about Where I have been, where I am going and what I feel is coming along next. My apologies for the audio quality here. I didn't hear the feedback until I replayed the episode and I have found the problem. Future episodes will be much better.…


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Jericho Returns!

2007-02-22 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 13s

Jericho Returns! Discuss the show and its link to the real world.…


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The new year is off to quite a start

2007-02-03 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 21s

Inflation is on a tear and we're all being lied to about it. This and more on tonights edition of Rebuild Eden.…


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The Rich Get Richer

2007-01-20 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 22s

Tonight we will talk about the stratification of society. As inflation rears its ugly head once again, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The struggling middle class largely don't stand a chance. Lets talk about it.…


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Introducing 10MinuteLessons

2007-01-01 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 26s

Join me this evening for an update on my latest project as well as my 2007 outlook.…


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Energy as a Political Weapon

2006-12-16 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 33s

From Venezuala to Russia, the Middle East to the Mid-West, Energy is becoming a dominant force in the world today. Tonight we will talk about the use of Energy to influence politics. The world is about to get ugly.…


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A Peaceful Easy Feeling

2006-12-12 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 9s

So mcuh news, so much of it bad, yet I can't help but have a peaceful, easy feeling. Now I'm really worried! Tonight lets talk about making peace with harsh realities.…


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A Weekend Rant

2006-12-09 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 18s

Yes, it is the holidays, but even the joy of the season probably can't hold me back tonight. After a week of horrible news, I'm just going to tell you how it is.…


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The Russians are Coming - with Guest Thomas Heffner

2006-12-08 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 34s

The Russians are making their move to acquire US Steel, one of the last strategic steel miner-manufacturers in the country. With our government allow the sale? If it does what will the impact be?…


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Signs of Weakness in the US Dollar.

2006-12-02 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 24s

The weakness in the US dollar is not unexpected and only the first step in the future of America. Join us tonight to find out where we are headed and what you can do to protect yourself.…


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The Benefits of an Early and Rapid Withdrawl From IRAQ

2006-11-30 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 12s

Much has been said by the liberals of America about the need to "save our troops" by pulling out of Iraq now. Tonight lets consider the military reasons for doing so and the benefits to our way of life. Can we win the "War on Terror" by loosing the war in Iraq intentionally?…


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Deer Season Begins

2006-11-28 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 11s

Tonight we will have a brief discussion on Deer Hunting and draw some parallels to humanity. Joins us, you may be surprised at the outcome!…


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Vacationing in Washington D.C

2006-11-26 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 32s

Tonight I will provide some insights into our most recent vaction to Washington, D.C. including a trip to the White House, the Washington Monument, the Air and Space Museum and a whole lot more.…


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The Ecological Impacts of Global Warming - with Guest Aviva Rahmani

2006-11-18 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 1s

Tonight we are honored to tap into the experiences and wisdom of a fantastic guest with years of personal experience in Ecology and Art. Taking on the role of "Ecological Artist", Aviva Rahmani is a true inspiration and a must hear guest. Stop by Saturday night and join us. In the meantime you can hear some of her Virtual Concerts and interviews on her own TalkShoe. Her show is id# 1210.…


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Americas Economic Condition and Loss of Independence - with Thomas Heffner

2006-11-17 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 38s

Tonight we will discuss the loss of our Independence due to the decline of vital industries and the wealth transfer to foreign owned corporation during the past two decades.…


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Its Garbage Night!

2006-11-16 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 24s

My weekly garbage collection gets set out each Thursday night. I will use this simple fact as my inspiration for an absolutely fantastic show. Join in live!…


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Movie Review - The End of Suburbia

2006-11-14 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 24s

Tonight we will discuss the movie, The End of Suburbia and it insights related to Peak Oil.…


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Veterans Day - Patriotism is not a Crime!

2006-11-11 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 15s

Does it sometimes feel that promoting of America is frowned upon even within your own Country!? Psychology plays an important role in the climate of a country. Call in tonight to discuss the mental state of America, will it ever be a great county again?…


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Speed Kills

2006-11-10 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 10s

A brief discussion on the impact that the speed of life has on us every day.…


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Election Day Ramblings - It all over but the Lawsuits

2006-11-07 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 21s

Being Election day, I'm sure the pending outcomes will be on eveyones mind including my own. Lets see if it generates anything interesting to talk about.…


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Our Military, Our Police

2006-11-04 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 54s

This evening we will examing the rising militarization of our local law enforcement agencies. Do Police Officers dressed in riot gear carring fully automated weapons make you feel safer?…


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America, Drowning in Debt - with Guest Thomas Heffner

2006-11-03 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 36s

The votes are in and your favorite guest is back, this time presenting what will become a regular "Selling of America" update every second Friday at 10:00 pm.…


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Which Party is Mine?

2006-11-02 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 1s

The pre-election update will ask you the important question "Which Party is Mine?" and encourage you to use both your heart and your head while selecting candidates this November.…


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Addicted to Technology

2006-10-31 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 21s

Todays update will celebrate Halloween and the start of "Celebration Season" by discussing our infatuation with an ever increasing amount of Technology.…


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Leave your license at the door

2006-10-26 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 19s

Your license holds more personal information every day. Have you ever had to give it up to enter a building? How about to rent a Hotel Room? Lets take a look at what information is on this little plastic card and who you may be giving this information to.…


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Vultures at the BallPark

2006-10-24 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 11s

They seem to be everywhere these days, Credit Card vendors hawking their wares offering some kind of worthless trinket for signing up for yet another credit card. You'll hear my personal gripes and hopefully call in to share yours.…


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America - Headed toward Facism?

2006-10-21 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 25s

Is America headed toward Facism like some people think, or is the Government simply trying to expand its available powers to fight new enemies. Stop by tonight to discuss the possibilities.…


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The Erosion of Property Rights

2006-10-15 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 28s

On this special Sunday Evening edition of Rebuilding Eden join me and my guests as we discuss some of the property rights issues arising in our country. From real estate to intellectual property, your rights are being systematically manipulated for the good of others. We invite you to call in with your own stories as well.…


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Predicting the Future

2006-10-07 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 43s

Predicting the Future is not so much a mystical task of peering into the great beyond as it is extrapolating the path of recent history. Using this logical dictum, tonight we will venture a bit into the future and see what it holds in store for us.…


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Standing up for your beliefs

2006-10-04 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 6s

A couple of news articles have made their way to me this week highlighting people who put their money where their mouths are. Listen in to here about how these people are making a difference in their communities.…


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Internet Security and your Children - with guest Doug Dingus

2006-09-30 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 40s

Join us and our special guest Doug Dingus, the founder of OpenGeek.org as we discuss Internet Security. Find out what you need to know to keep your kids safe online!…


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Creating a Personal Credo

2006-09-27 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 11s

Does your life follow the path before you as intended or is it more like bowling with bumper guards? Tune in to this episode of Rebuilding Eden where we discuss the creation of a Personal Credo to guide your life.…


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The Selling of America - with guest Thomas Heffner

2006-09-23 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 1s

Join us and our special guest Thomas Heffner, the founding editor of EconomyInCrisis.org as we discuss the selling of American Corporations to foreign interests as the rate of $1.6million per minute! Its time to Wake Up America!…


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The Path to 9/11

2006-09-16 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 58s

As the 5th anniversary of 9/11 comes and goes, more and more people are waking up to question the reality of 9/11. Who knew what when and who knows what now. Are we feeling safer yet?…


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The Death of Free Speech

2006-09-12 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 13s

Election season always brings with it more than a little bit of excitment. This year will it bring about the beginning of the end for free speech? Tune in and talk about it on this special tuesday edition of our mid-week update.…


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Midweek Oil Update - 09/06/2006

2006-09-06 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 13s

Showcasing people who best express the philosophy of Rebuilding Eden and/or important news stories of the week. …


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Global Warming - Is it getting hot in here?

2006-09-02 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 48s

During this talkcast we'll take a look at on of the most argued over subjects on the block, Global Warming. Whether you are a believer or not, join us to voice your opinion as we discuss the impacts of Global Warming on you and your future.…


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Midweek Update - 08/30/2006

2006-08-30 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 6s

Showcasing people who best express the philosophy of Rebuilding Eden and/or important news stories of the week. …


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Live! from Washington, DC

2006-08-26 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 24s

Having spent the week prior to this broadcast in Washington, DC I will be giving you a tourists perspective on some of the changes occuring within DC. From "crime alerts" to juvinile curfews, we'll get some perspective from the people on the future of America's Capital. A trip to the International Spy Museum may be in order as well, so a review of this fascinating stop will certainly be in order.…


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The Real China Syndrome

2006-08-19 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 55s

The rise of China has crippled Americas Manufacturing sector. Indias entry onto the world stage has change Employment forever. Find out how the continued rise of Globalization will impact your life and lifestyle in the future.…


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Building Your Community

2006-08-05 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 47s

Part of the process of Rebuilding Eden is to increase the number of personal connections that an individual has to their own community. Todays podcast will discuss proactive measures that you can take to become more involved, have more fun and perhaps make a few new friends along the way. Remember, No man is an Island.…


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Peak Oil - The Future of Energy

2006-07-29 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 56s

Has the world finally reached its peak oil production? Will the growing demand for energy worldwide outpace our ability to produce it? If so, what effects will this have on governments, the economy and you.…


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Practical Preparedness

2006-07-15 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 59s

Does the drumbeat of danger in the current news media get you down. Feel better by doing the right thing and becoming just a bit more prepared. Let the guys at Rebuilding Eden show you how to prepare for nearly any disaster without spending a fortune or driving yourself crazy.…


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A Brief (2 Minute) Introduction

2006-07-01 :: expert@10minutelessons.com
Length: 2s

A brief introduction to the Rebuilding Eden Philosophy and Open Lines.…


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Rebuilding Eden

Social Commentary for a World Gone Mad. Building a better life in difficult times. Are you uneasy with the present world situation? Do the effects of Global Warming, Peak Oil and a shaky Global Economy keep you up at night? Take action to build a better life for yourself and the world around you. This Podcast was created using www.talkshoe.com

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