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Last update: 2009-07-03

6 Steps to a New Job

Length: 14m 57s

In this episode, we give you six specific steps you can do today, to help position yourself for your next -- better-- job. Connie Schott hosts, bringing her expertise and experience as a successful Human Resources Professional to this very practical discussion. (And we add a bonus, imagining the possibility of your life without a boss. Are you ready for that?) …


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Length: 15m 40s

This episode explains how SMART Goals can help you accomplish exactly what you want to in your life. Using the attributes: (S)pecific (M)easurable (A)ttainable (R)ealistic and (T)ime Bound can add power to your goals and actions. …


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The Relaxed and Wealthy Lifestyle

Length: 14m 59s

Defining the Relaxed and Wealthy lifestyle with Strategic Advisor John Schott. Share John's passion for Personal Development. Listen as he empowers YOU to take action, demolish fear and procrastination, and go after your dream. Each episode contains business, marketing and motivational tips, strategies and stories. …


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Relaxed and Wealthy

Relaxed and Wealthy

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