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Last update: 2007-01-27

009 James Bond - Part 2

2007-01-27 :: The Secret Hub

We reconvene after viewing the latest installment of our favourite movie secret agent 007. Interestingly to note is that both Mark and I had differing views on the concept and origins of the James Bond character. We concentrate on Casino Royale as we continue with the James Bond review......…


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008 Lost Boys

2007-01-14 :: The Secret Hub

Blood, Guts, Vampires - These are the Lost Boys.…


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007 Supergirl

2007-01-07 :: The Secret Hub

Go back to 1984 and remember the beautiful Helen Slater as Supergirl. We all loved Superman, how does Supergirl fare?…


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006 Back To The Future

2007-01-02 :: The Secret Hub

Meet Marty McFly. He's broken the time barrier. Busted his parents' first date. And, maybe, botched his chances of ever being born.…


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005 James Bond - Part 1

2006-11-13 :: The Secret Hub

007 - Licence to KILL!! - One of our all time favourite movie heroes. Catching crooks from before we were born and still going strong today. With several actors playing the lead, this show has shown it's endurance and popularity throughout many generations of fans. You'll be hard pressed to find a movie franchise as successful as James Bond.…


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004 Splash

2006-10-29 :: retroreviews@thesecrethub.com (The Secret Hub - Goodman/Saltzer)

A little boy and a mermaid. What a great combination. We relive this romantic fantasy from 1984 starring Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and directed by the incomparable Ron Howard.…


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003 Clint Eastwood

2006-10-22 :: retroreviews@thesecrethub.com (The Secret Hub - Goodman/Saltzer)

Go Ahead, Make My Day! The famous phrase of the hard ball cop Dirty Harry. We reminisce as we think about the like and movie career of Clint Eastwood.…


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002 Superman - The Man Of Steel

2006-10-15 :: The Secret Hub

Our review of sorts centres around Superman the movie - old and new. We touch on the actors, the effects, and our general likes and dislikes of the story of the Man of Steel.…


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001 ET The Extra Terrestrial

2006-09-24 :: retroreviews@thesecrethub.com (The Secret Hub - Goodman/Saltzer)

A fond look back at the biggest movie of the 80's…


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Retro Reviews

A couple of 30 somethings relive the old days and walk down memory lane and reminisce over movies that thrilled and chilled our young souls. All movies from a much loved bygone era when the ice caps weren't melting.

Retro Reviews

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