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Last update: 2009-04-05

Rick Hassley: A&R Man - Episode 2

Length: 10m 40s

In this second installment, we follow Rick as he pays a visit to his local cafe to get some lunch. Afterwards, we depart for Rowntree Studios as Rick checks up on one of his talent's sessions. Whilst there, he receives a call from his London office. Sarah's brother Dan has shown up at the building, and isn't happy with Rick's behaviour towards his sister. After a swift drive back to the City, Dan confronts Rick in his office. However, there are several truths that Dan feels he must reveal... **Contains Strong Language** …


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Rick Hassley: A&R Man - Episode 1

Length: 8m 4s

An introduction to Rick Hassley, a man in his early thirties who for the last twelve years has been developing some of the world's best known musical talent. Here, he gives an uncompromising glimpse into his world, chats to some of his past clients who are now major stars and explains how some artists behave like children, as we bare witness to a tantrum during a live studio session that occurred whilst the documentary team were on site. **Contains Strong Language** …


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Rick Hassley: A&R Man

Rick Hassley is a 34 year old, London based Musician development manager. He hates most of the people he works with, despises new 'talent' and hates music in general. This is his life.

Rick Hassley: A&R Man

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