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Last update: 2006-02-21

Arabs Taking Over American Ports

Length: 5m 46s

President Bush wants to turn over operation of a major part of the American ports in many large cities to a company run by the United Arab Emirates. The decision was made in secret but came out last week. Congress is furious and so are the American people. Turning over operations of these strategically important ports to muslims is nothing short of insane. …


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Judge Alito Supreme Court Nominee

Length: 5m 44s

Judge Samuel Alito goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee today to begin hearings on his nomination to the United States Supreme Court. LIberal Democrats have promised fireworks in their never-ending quest to push their extremist political agenda on the court. …


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FairTax Opposition Answered

Length: 9m 21s

The final installment of discussion on the FairTax addresses some of the concerns of the opposition and identifies some of the misunderstanding surrounding the proposal. There is also discussion of the traitor John Kerry and his dishonorable comments about American troops. …


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The FairTax Explained

Length: 9m 28s

This edition continues discussion of The FairTax begun in edition #3, and focuses on the actual FairTax plan itself. Some discussion of the misconceptions of corporate taxation , the embedded costs of our tax code, and the costs of compliance with the tax code. The discussion follows the ideas outlined by Neal Boortz and John Linder in the book "The FairTax Book." …


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The FairTax

Length: 7m 9s


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Right Wing Nut Job

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Right Wing Nut Job

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