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Last update: 2011-08-26

Episode 7

Length: 35m 21s

In which I try to make the world a better place by helping you to become a good neighbor. Check out the blog post "The Top 10 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor" here http://shadesbreath.hubpages.com/hub/Top-10-Ways-to-Be-a-Good-Neighbor. This week's spotlight band is Lindsay's Remorse, find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/lindsaysremorse. …


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Episode 6

Length: 27m 34s

In which I give a little hell to bad parents the world over and hand out the worst parent of the year awards in a special Rod's Planet awards show. All that plus news and more. …


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Episode 5

Length: 34m 53s

In which I turn the tables on those who claim that steroids are ruining sports also news headlines and introducing a talented unsigned artist. Rod's Planet is new and improved for the new year! …


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Episode 4

Length: 29m 57s

In which I get everbody ready to go back to school. A quiz to help you prepare for the SAT's and help picking that all important college along with many new features are all wrapped in a fresh new package! …


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Episode 3

Length: 28m 5s

In which I empart my "Pigskin Preview". A look at my picks for division champions, conference champs and ultimately reveal my Super Bowl XLI prediction. …


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Episode 2

Length: 25m 24s

In which I take a look at the ways to lose at poker. Everyone is telling you how to win, but no one is telling you how to lose... until now. …


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Rod's Planet Episode 1

Length: 27m 7s

In which I look at the "Super Celebrity" craze and administer a quiz to determine your level of involvement. …


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Length: 21m 17s

My first attempt at a podcast. …


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Rod's Planet

A show as random as its host. Each week Rod brings you his colorful opinions on whatever he feels like talking about! Never a dull moment and never the same topic twice!!

Rod's Planet

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