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Last update: 2010-12-29

Looking forward to 2011


It’s end-of-the-year time. As has been tradition here over the last couple years, I’m going to make a list of things I’d like to do/achieve in the coming year. This year’s list won’t contain any one-time/daily tasks. I’m using a cool iPhone app and Streakly to help with those. (I will write more about that [...]…


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Here’s a train

2010-12-23 :: Shawno Gordo

I had an opportunity to capture this video while I was out for a walk yesterday: We had fun when we took the train to Monterey. I hope we get to take another train trip sometime in 2011. I do miss being in an area with commuter trains like the ones in the Chicago. Trains [...]…


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Off my lawn and all that

2010-12-22 :: Shawno Gordo

It’s the end of the year. As such, many of the music blogs I read have been posting their end-of-year lists. I find a lot of stuff on these lists that I’ve never heard. I’ve been giving some thought as to why that is. I have a few ideas. 1.) Since leaving the orbit of [...]…


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Fuckin’ Christmas medley


Audio, video and blogging from San Luis Obispo, CA…


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SLOwalker (Shawnogram)

This is an auxilary feed for shawnogram.com that was carried over from an old feed.

SLOwalker (Shawnogram)

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