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Last update: 2012-03-04

2012 B2B Tele-Sales Trend Report

2012-03-04 :: Clayton Shold

Jim Domanski discusses his 2012 B2B Tele-Sales Trend Report. The economy is driving some trends but so is technology and buyer behavior. Jim describes how individuals can adapt by modifying ...…


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When the Headline is You

2011-05-01 :: Clayton Shold

Jeff Ansell’s new book “When the Headline is You: An Insider’s Guide to Handling the Media” is chalked full of excellent content. We caught up with Jeff to ask how ...…


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Win Loss Analysis

2011-02-26 :: Clayton Shold

Win Loss Analysis can make a big difference to sales results. Richard Schroder is a guru on win loss; he shares his insights and recommends specific activities which will result ...…


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Uber Tele-Sales

2011-02-13 :: Clayton Shold

Jim Domanski shares some of findings published in his published special report on the Top Ten B2B tele-sales trends for 2011. He speaks to the evolution of transactional selling (tele-marketing) ...…


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Productivity on Steroids

2011-01-24 :: Clayton Shold

Firms selling business-to-business know how hard it is today to win new business and speed up sales. Sales productivity is a really complex problem. John Cousineau summarizes the challenges firms ...…


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New Rules of Selling Consulting Services

2011-01-22 :: Clayton Shold

Mike Schultz talks about how challenging it has been for consultants and those selling professional services over the past few years. He predicts how buyer attitudes and behavior will change ...…


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Make What You Say Pay

2010-11-27 :: Clayton Shold

Anne Miller is a metaphor evangelist. In her newly released book Make What You Say Pay she shares a number of stories from people who have successfully used metaphors to ...…


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Bust Your Slump

2010-11-27 :: Clayton Shold

Paul McCord just released a book Bust Your Slump. He shares some of the content from the book. Paul believe sales slumps happen because of several factors, it is not ...…


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The Big Q

2010-07-14 :: Clayton Shold

Nancy Bleeke works with sales people on sales fundamentals and she appreciates how critically important questions are to your success. This podcast looks at common mistakes we fall trap ...…


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Best Sales Practices that Work – Kelley Robertson

2010-06-08 :: Clayton Shold

Kelley Robertson authored an article “17 Best Practices of Top Performing Sales People”, in this podcast he looks at his favorite top five practices. He shares his thoughts on why ...…


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Chief Revenue Officer Focus

2010-05-19 :: Clayton Shold

Pressure is on Chief Revenue Officers to increase the numbers. Carl Moe explains “revenue as a system” that looks at the revenue model from a holistic perspective. He uses ...…


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Sales Manager Myths

2010-05-05 :: Clayton Shold

Dave Kahle has specialized in sales management. He’s seen some of the best out there and he’s also seen those who have never had any personal development. In this ...…


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Social Networking in Sales

2010-04-07 :: Clayton Shold

Jeremy Miller says there is place for social networking in sales. He describes three levels a sales person can employ to leverage social networking. Hear how one of the key ...…


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Playing the Sales Game

2010-03-23 :: Clayton Shold

Bill Sayers is passionate about the great game of sales, in this podcast we learn more about playing the game. Bill begins by explaining what you need to know to ...…


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Tips for Sales Mangers

2010-03-03 :: Clayton Shold

Colleen Stanley specializes in sales and sales management training. We dropped in on her to hear some best practices that sales leaders can use to improve their performance and the ...…


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The Future of Sales

2010-02-10 :: Clayton Shold

Sharon Drew Morgen is a sales expert who has written 8 sales books and over 1,000 articles on sales. In this podcast she talks about the future of sales and ...…


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Leveraging Sales Coaches

2010-02-03 :: Clayton Shold

Steven Rosen is an expert in leveraging sales coaching. He advocates for the front line sales manager. One of the key differentiators between top sales managers and their ‘average’ counterparts ...…


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Networking to Leverage the New Economy

2010-01-20 :: Clayton Shold

Michael J. Hughes suggests getting out and networking is more important now than ever before. He makes sense when he says people’s “trust has been shattered” and one way to ...…


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More than Just Goals for 2010

2010-01-06 :: Clayton Shold

Tibor Shanto is a sales process guy. His company is all about helping sales people fill their pipeline and he’s passionate about understanding why and how people succeed. Hitting the ...…


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Relationships in Every Season

2009-12-16 :: Clayton Shold

Colleen Francis talks about the importance of building relationships as a critical component of sales success. She explains the opportunities of working with existing clients as opposed to targeting ...…


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Chief Revenue Officer

2009-12-02 :: Clayton Shold

Carl Moe focuses on revenue – your revenue. If you wake up at night worried about revenue for your organization this is a podcast you want to listen to. Perhaps ...…


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Networking for Keeps

2009-11-25 :: Clayton Shold

Mike Mack tackles the practical aspects of networking for keeps. An opponent of handing out cards “like a blackjack dealer” he provides some real life tips on effective networking and ...…


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Self Motivation in Sales

2009-11-11 :: Clayton Shold

Jonathan Farrington has been a student of motivation in sales for many years. In this podcast he suggests motivation is fundamental to everything we do. He shares a formula for ...…


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Power Prospecting

2009-10-28 :: Clayton Shold

Kendra Lee bills herself as a “prospect attraction expert” and has the experience and sales track record to back it up. She shares her thoughts on power prospecting and says ...…


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Sales Meeting Best Practices

2009-10-14 :: Clayton Shold

Alice Kemper and Nancy Bleeke share best practices on sales meetings. They know sales managers and sales people have a lot on their plates these days and it is more ...…


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Selling and Buying Explained

2009-10-07 :: Clayton Shold

Sharon Drew Morgen challenges conventional sales thinking and broadens the selling view to consider a more holistic environment she terms Buying Facilitation®. She contends buyers have many “off-line” decisions they ...…


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Referral Selling

2009-09-23 :: Clayton Shold

Joanne Black is a sales veteran who specialized in the art (or is it science) of prospecting. Clearly she is an advocate of referral selling, listen to this podcast ...…


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Thrive in the New Economy

2009-09-09 :: Clayton Shold

Colleen Francis explains the “new economy” and what you can do to thrive in tougher times. She gives examples of industry sectors that are booming, and then provides specific ideas ...…


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Sales Excellence in Turbulent Times

2009-09-02 :: Clayton Shold

How do you achieve sales excellence in turbulent times? David Johnston discusses sales performance management and the challenges faced globally in improving sales productivity. Keeping top performers is one area ...…


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Selling to the C-Suite

2009-08-26 :: Clayton Shold

Adrian Davis shares his thoughts on the difference between selling to front line managers and selling to those in the c-suites. He explains what the CEO is looking for, ...…


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Hiring Sales Talent

2009-08-19 :: Clayton Shold

Mike Brooks has interviewed thousands of sales reps over the phone. He has distilled these conversations down to the key elements needed to consistently identify who will be a top ...…


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Pareto Rules Sales Activity

2009-08-12 :: Clayton Shold

Kelley Robertson suggests activity levels are really important regardless of the state of the economy. He discusses the challenges faced by sales people who are now managing larger territories, heavier ...…


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Beyond Uncovering Needs

2009-08-05 :: Clayton Shold

Tom Freese took a number of the sales programs when he first got into sales but was frustrated as he found they didn’t tell him “how to sell”. After seven ...…


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Should Sales People Tweet?

2009-07-28 :: Clayton Shold

Social networking has become part of our lives and more recently Twitter has vaulted to the top of the list of what’s hot in technology today. Twitter is in ...…


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Professional Development

2009-07-21 :: Clayton Shold

Paul McCord talks about professional development and how important it is in this current economic environment. He shares ideas on what you can do to enhance your professional skills and ...…


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What Not To Do

2009-07-15 :: Clayton Shold

Everyone is telling you what to do these days. Jim takes a different approach and tells you what you should NOT be doing to succeed in sales. He suggests ...…


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Is Trust in Sales an Oxymoron

2009-07-07 :: Clayton Shold

Charles Green is an expert on trust. When asked if trust in sales is an oxymoron you may not like his answer! He boldly expresses why sales has the reputation ...…


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Trade Show Survival Tips

2009-07-01 :: Clayton Shold

Barry Siskind discusses trade shows survival tips you might consider in this tough economy. Find out how you can scale down without impacting your image. If you find it ...…


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The Price Question

2009-06-23 :: Clayton Shold

The “price question” a.k.a. “price objection” can come up anytime and has always been an issue, but perhaps more so during the current challenging economy. Are you aware salespeople can ...…


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Intelligent Motivation

2009-06-17 :: Clayton Shold

Jim Cathcart explains how you too can excel at anything you choose. He addresses the polarity of optimism and pessimism in today’s new environment. Jim suggests in every ...…


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Traps to Avoid When You Speak

2009-06-10 :: Clayton Shold

Patricia Fripp is on leading expert on communications. She helps sales professionals improve how they speak. In this podcast you will hear the biggest communications mistake sales people and how ...…


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The Art of Effective Follow-up

2009-06-03 :: Clayton Shold

Tim Wackel is big believer that you have to follow-up or you will fail. Once you hear the statistics he presents you will be compelled to listen to the full ...…


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Empowering Sales Mindsets

2009-05-27 :: Clayton Shold

Bill Sayers is a huge proponent of sales professionalism. He discusses how the “sales game” has changed over the past fifteen years and what you need to know to be ...…


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Controlling Time

2009-05-20 :: Clayton Shold

Controlling time is a challenge and an opportunity. Harlan Goerger takes us back to basics with his five keys to controlling time. His examples will ring true for many, his ...…


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Branding Yourself Online

2009-05-13 :: Clayton Shold

Are you participating in the digital age? If you are considering purchasing something or doing business with an individual or company today, chances are you are typing their name into ...…


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Upside to Recession Selling

2009-05-06 :: Clayton Shold

Recession selling can have an upside to your career so says Jonathan London. He details four key elements you need to be doing in a recession that will benefit ...…


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The Question is Key

2009-04-29 :: Clayton Shold

Dave Kahle is the author of Question Your Way to Sales Success and is passionate about the power of questions. He believes the single most powerful tool in a salesperson’s ...…


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Selling to Zebras

2009-04-22 :: Clayton Shold

Jeff Koser defines a zebra as a perfect prospect. In this podcast he explains his process of quantifying a prospect against seven quick questions to determine if you should pursue ...…


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Building Loyalty … and Commissions!

2009-04-15 :: Clayton Shold

Colleen Francis shares ideas and tips on how to strengthen your customer loyalty which leads to improved sales which results in increased commissions! She discusses loyalty programs, tailoring your ...…


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Quantify – Don’t Qualify

2009-04-08 :: Clayton Shold

Tibor Shanto suggests you move away from being “seller centered” and use techniques to engage the buyer in a more meaningful way. He advocates a quantitative approach that ultimately helps ...…


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Double Your Sales in 2009

Length: 13m 54s

Craig Klein spent 10 years selling multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts to energy companies such as ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron. Trained as an engineer, he combined ...…


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Sales Mojo

Length: 12m 18s

Do you have sale mojo? Are you born with it or can you develop it? Sales guru Keith Rosen explains what makes up your sales ...…


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Full Contact Leadership

Length: 10m 5s

Wally Adamchik was an officer in the U.S. Marines for ten years before moving on to corporate America and eventually starting his own business specializing ...…


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Help Your Prospect Buy

Length: 11m 40s

Sharon Drew Morgen was one of the pioneers in looking at sales from the buyer’s decision making process. She suggests understanding the buyers purchasing criteria ...…


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Selling to the Bottom Line

Length: 10m 13s

C.J. Hayden suggests people need to give their head a shake if you are trying to sell to people who you think they need your ...…


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Engaging Presentations

0000-00-00 :: Clayton Shold

Anne Miller shares some very practical advice on how to make engaging presentations. Using Barack Obama and Steve Johns as examples, she explains how you can improve your presentations skills. Using a model she calls the Presentation Engagement Power (PEP…


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