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Last update: 2013-06-30

Monsters University / World War Z

Length: 58m 28s

Cody & Paul talk about Pixar's newest sequel, and Paul talks a little about World War Z. We also go over some movie news and some random things. …


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Man of Steel Spoiler Episode

Length: 1h 11m 28s

Spoilers ahead! We go over the film meticulously... if you don't want complete spoilers of everything, stick to the last episode with the regular review until you've seen Man of Steel... Once again joining us is Ikaika Shiveley, of the Flicks of Fury movie blog. Remember to check out reviewsbyikaika.blogspot.com …


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Man of Steel / This Is The End

Length: 1h 3m 7s

The long anticipated review of Man of Steel. Have the critics been too harsh? We shall see. Also a review of This Is The End and joining us is Ikaika Shiveley, of the Flicks of Fury movie blog. Remember to check out reviewsbyikaika.blogspot.com …


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Now You See Me

Length: 57m 26s

Review of 'Now You See Me,' along with some DC/Marvel universe discussion in film, including some previews of Man of Steel, and some Star Wars news. …


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After Earth / Behind the Candelabra

Length: 1h 4m 17s

A double review this week, this time of the 1st major flop of the Summer 2013 season, After Earth, and then the made for tv movie Behind the Candelabra. Also some movie news in between. It's a Will Smith/Matt Damon sandwich. …


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The Hangover Part III

Length: 1h 6m 10s

Review of The Hangover Part III, and in contrast talk about our Top 5 sequels that surpassed their originals, and go over some movie blathering. …


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Star Trek Into Darkness

Length: 55m 24s

Star Trek Into Darkness review, a rather difficult to make Top 5 Sci-Fi movies of the 21st century thus far, and some movie news. …


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The Great Gatsby

Length: 1h 4m 51s

We review The Great Gatsby, go over our Top 5 Atrocious Adaptations of Literature, and do some news. Enjoy Episode 20! A milestone that we ignore entirely! …


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Iron Man 3

Length: 1h 5m 3s

The first GIANT Summer Blockbuster of the year. Iron Man 3, not to be confused with Iron & Wine 3. Our top 5 Three-quels are also discussed, plus a plethora of movie tidbits. …


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Summer Movie Preview Part 2

Length: 54m 59s

The epic conclusion. …


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Oblivion & Summer Movie Preview pt. 1

Length: 57m 6s

After a week hiatus... we bring you not one, but TWO episodes this week. (Really we just talked for far too long and had to split it up... but nonetheless!) Review of Hollywood Moon... or Oblivion... and we begin our Summer Movie Preview! …


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Length: 1h 9m 28s

We discuss the movie 42, or the Jackie Robinson movie for those that forget easily. We also go over our Top 5 Baseball movies, discuss some news (including Star Wars news), and play some games. …


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Evil Dead

Length: 54m 56s

Paul and Cody are joined by a guest, Jacob Othon for their review of the 2013 sequel/remake, Evil Dead. We also go over a Top 5 Cult Horror Movie list which will probably infuriate real horror fans. We go over some news and play a game as well. …


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G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Length: 1h 0m 20s

We review G.I. Joe: Retaliation (ughhhhhh), talk about our Top 5 movies that should be 3D, discuss some film news, and look back at some memorable quotes from the reviews of the late, great Roger Ebert. …


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Spring Breakers

Length: 45m 56s

Paul gives a review of the controversial and oft-genre confused Spring Breakers, our heroes discuss the Top 5 child actors to appear in Disney products who made it in the moving pictures as adults, and some movie news as well. …


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Jumble Boogie

Length: 52m 46s

No review today. Cody and Paul discuss some film news, give their top 5 Nicolas Cage movies, and play some games. …


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Oz the Great and Powerful

Length: 52m 4s

We review Oz the Great and Powerful, discuss our Top 5 Movie Prequels, go over some box office news, and Cody plays a game of WHO SAID IT: Captain Kirk or Obi-Wan Kenobi. …


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Jack the Giant Slayer

Length: 54m 38s

Paul reviews Jack the Giant Slayer. Our heroes give their Top 5 disturbing children's movies, talk a little box office, and go over a plethora of movie news. …


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The Academy Awards... Awards

Length: 1h 0m 0s

Join us on the red carpet of our living rooms, and journey with hosts Paul and Cody as they give out prestigious awards to people that participated in this year's Academy Awards. The Oscars may be over with and can no longer judge... but we are here to judge the awards themselves. With categories such as Best Speech, Worst Speech, Dick of the Night, Hero of the Night, Best Long-Haired Creep, etc. We also go over our most anticipated films of 2013. Music credits for this episode: 'Americana' & 'The Rule' by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) …


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Side Effects / Top 10 of 2012 / Oscar picks

Length: 58m 58s

In this jam-packed episode, Cody reviews "Side Effects", we discuss the Top 10 movies of 2012, and go over our Oscar picks as well. Academy Awards are this weekend, folks! We also go off on "The Dark Knight Rises" randomly... yeah. …


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Day Workers of the Living Dead

Length: 43m 57s

Cody has abandoned his child! Not really, but Paul flies solo in this interview with Jesus Cruz. Cruz' latest project, "Day Workers of the Living Dead" is the first part of a series called "Chicano Tales From the Dark Side," a Latin parody of different horror genres. We get into some movie talk, and digress into some good old fashion wrestling discussion. You can check out his other short film called "Attack of the Zombie Luchadores" on YouTube. Also check out indiegogo.com/dayworkersdead to donate and find out more information regarding the production of "Day Workers" as well as anything else they might be working on. …


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Life of Pi / Warm Bodies

Length: 57m 9s

DOUBLE REVIEW SHOW, how exciting. Cody reviews Life of Pi while Paul reviews Warm Bodies (both spoiler-free). We also go over the box office, our Top 5 video games that should be made as films, and some movie news as well. …


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Silver Linings Playbook

Length: 54m 32s

Episode 5 comes around continuing our Oscar theme by talking about Silver Linings Playbook. We also go over our Top 5 twists in movie history, what's going on in the box office, and upcoming movies and movie news. Psst... Star Wars news. …


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Length: 52m 37s

We discuss Lincoln, go over the Top 5 football movies in honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, and discuss some Star Wars news that broke right after we recorded our previous episode. …


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Length: 47m 24s

This week Cody and Paul decide not to see the The Last Stand and instead take a look at the Oscar nominated ARGO. In this Spoiler-heavy episode not only is Argo discussed but the top 5 movies Ben Affleck has been involved in, a little bit of Coming Soon, what we're definitely NOT seeing this week, and some film news as well. …


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Zero Dark Thirty

Length: 52m 34s

Our heroes discuss Zero Dark Thirty, and Spoiler alert: Bin Laden dies. We also go over our Top 5 snubs for movies nominated for Best Picture, go over what's opening this week, and talk a bit of random nonsense. Enjoy. …


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Django Unchained

Length: 44m 48s

Cody and Paul review Django Unchained, go over some of the films opening this week, and rank their Top 5 Tarantino films. WARNING:Spoilers. …


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