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Last update: 2015-04-19

Episode 25 - Unfriended (2015)

2015-04-19 :: Second Class Cinema

As a group we decided enough was enough and we were going to see something new to review for once, so we ventured out to see teen cyber-thriller Unfriended. After seeing the trailer before It Follows, it seemed like it was going to be at least a semi-good time. Was it?  How do you think it measured up during our Fucking Ratings?


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Episode 24 - Expect No Mercy (1995)

2015-04-13 :: Second Class Cinema

In correlation with the new Mortal Kombat coming out, Erik selected the 1995 virtual reality action movie Expect No Mercy with Tae Bo’s own Billy Blanks. Favorite parts aplenty and a truly surprising rating.


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Episode 23 - Death Raiders (1984)

2015-04-05 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 45s

Successes, failures, favorite parts, ratings, ALL of these happen on Tom’s selection this week. We watched the 1984 Filipino, action/martial arts movie, Death Raiders off of the Mercs DVD pack put out by VideoAsia. Special guest Aaron helps us put this movie in perspective and after some tequila, we definitely needed it. 


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Episode 22 - Bitter Feast (2010)

2015-03-30 :: Second Class Cinema

Brittany’s selection, Bitter Feast is a 2010 movie in which a celebrity chef captures a food blogger and tortures him whilst also making him perform food challenges.  Obviously we watched this one, but the outcome was quite surprising.  


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Episode 21 - The Last Match (1991)

2015-03-23 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 34s

So Erik selected th 1991 football-action, extraction movie, The Last Match.  The quarterback of a football team’s daughter gets imprisoned somewhere in South America so he collects all of his macho football player friends to go and save her.  It’s not as cool as it sounds, trust us.


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Episode 20 - Zipperface (1992) & Penitentiary 3 (1987)

2015-03-16 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 47s

You read correctly, it’s our very first DOUBLE FEATURE!  First we watched Zipperface, a 1992 hooker slasher(?) movie.  We then were able to watch a movie submitted to us on Facebook, Penitentiary 3.  These movies made for an interesting discussion.  


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Episode 19 - Fatal Games (1984)

2015-03-09 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 32s

Brittany’s selection this week was the 1984 track and field slasher Fatal Games!  We always thought javelins looked dangerous and this movie proves it.


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Episode 18 - Dollman (1991)

2015-03-02 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 38s

Fresh out of Cult Month, Erik picks the 1991 Action-Comedy Dollman.  Brought to us by Full Moon Entertainment; this movie was not the movie we thought it was going to be when we started but we’re sure glad we were wrong.  Second time guest Brian assists us in reviewing this one.


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Episode 17 - Gymkata (1985)

2015-02-22 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 44s

We wrap up Cult Month with the 80’s classic Gymkata!  Aaron comes through again and brings this gem with him on DVD. Things will now go back to normal in March where we settle back in to our regular routine.


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Episode 16 - Freeway (1996)

2015-02-17 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 44s

Brittany chose the movie this week and she picked 1996’s Freeway for her Cult Month selection.  This is probably the closest we’ve come so far to watching something with actual substance.  First time guest Jimmy is on to help us recap this mid-90’s gem.


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Episode 15 - Friday the 13th V: A New Beginning (1985)

2015-02-12 :: Second Class Cinema

Not only is it Cult Month here on SCC, we are graced with a Friday the 13th. This made our next selection very easy.  On our Friday the 13th Special we cover the fifth in the series, 1985’s A New Beginning with first time guest Brandon.


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Episode 14 - Samurai Cop (1991)

2015-02-08 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 37s

Cult Month: Round 2!  Erik selects the 1991 classic Samurai Cop!  We totally collapse trying to piece this one together.  Thanks again to first time guest Ashley for watching this one with us.  Keep it warm folks!


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Episode 13 - Miami Connection (1987)

2015-02-02 :: Second Class Cinema

CULT MONTH IS HERE!  Tom kicks it off with the orphan-rockin’, ninja killin’ madness that is Miami Connection!  First time guest Aaron joins us for our first installment during Cult Month!


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Episode 12 - Girlfriend From Hell (1989)

2015-01-25 :: Second Class Cinema

On the last episode before we announce next month being Cult Month!..  We dig in to Brittany’s selection 1989’s Girlfriend From Hell. There’s something about 1989 that just make me feel like a shimmering pile of glitter.  Ya know?  


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Episode 11 - Deadly Prey (1987)

2015-01-19 :: Second Class Cinema

We discuss Dennis’ selection, the 1987 Action movie Deadly Prey.  Mike Danton was the best in Vietnam and by golly he’s going to prove to you that he still is… The best.


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Episode 10 - Robo Vampire (1988)

2015-01-12 :: Second Class Cinema

Erik selects the 1988 Godfrey Ho movie “Robo Vampire”.


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Episode 9 - Party Crasher (1995)

2015-01-07 :: Second Class Cinema

On this episode Tom selects the 1995 birthday slasher movie “Party Crasher” and puts it up for discussion.  LSD, PCP, YOU AND ME!  Seriously though we’ll take the PCP… and Big Macs.


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Episode 8 - Flesh Eating Mothers (1989)

2015-01-01 :: Second Class Cinema

Flesh eating? Check.  Mothers? Check.  Yup that’s really all we needed for Brittany’s pick, 1989’s (or 1991’s) Flesh Eating Mothers!  This particular movie hit each one of us just a little differently. 


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Episode 7 - Destroyer (1988)

2014-12-21 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 30s

In this week’s episode Erik picks the 1988 Muscular Massacre “Destroyer”.


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Episode 6 - Santa Claus (1959)

2014-12-15 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 27s

Two Christmas movies in a row?!  DONE!  This week Dennis picks the 1959 Mexican Christmas movie Santa Claus.


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Episode 5 - The Christmas Tree (1991)

2014-12-07 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 33s

Canada’s 1991 animated Christmas epic The Christmas Tree gets put up for discussion on this episode of Second Class Cinema. 


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Episode 4 - Society (1989)

2014-12-01 :: Second Class Cinema

We all partake in a discussion of the 1989 movie Society on this episode.


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Episode 3 - Foodfight! (2012)

2014-11-23 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 32s

In this episode we discuss the 2012 animated failure Foodfight! Dennis brought this one to that table and we had a blast dissecting it.  Sorry guys, no leftovers.


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Episode 2 - Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

2014-11-21 :: Second Class Cinema

In this episode of Second Class Cinema we discuss Erik’s pick - Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky.  


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Episode 1 - Back From Hell (1993)

2014-11-14 :: Second Class Cinema
Length: 27s

Forgive the sloppiness that is Episode 1 of Second Class Cinema!  In this episode we review the 1993 gem Back From Hell.


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