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Last update: 2006-06-29

Making Small Business Life GOOD!

2006-06-29 :: steve@alveus.com (Steven A Kidd)

"What if this is as good as it gets?"
This phrase can so define our life and our business, and yet all too often in life, and in business, especially small business, the thing we need help with the most is an honest evaluation of our lives.

Today's podcast is purposely intended to help you take a look at yourself, and your small business and to take this help for yourself and your small business. In many cases all we need to be sucessful in business is to discover that we already are!

As you listen to this remember all the reason you went into business. Perhaps you work from home, I bet there were alot of good reasons to do so. Have you become lost in "events" and allowed your business success to be less then it could be?
Ask yourself; "Is this as good as my life can get?" Regardless of the answer remember that tomorrow is a brand new day, a day of success for you and for your business.

Here's to your sucess in life, in business, and in everything else, big or small.


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2006-06-24 :: steve@alveus.com (Steven A Kidd)

Today we start on a new adventure; Podcasting!

For the first Podcast we will take on an issue we all struggle with - FOCUS

I will discuss how lack of business can effect you as a small business owner and how you can add rocket fuel to both your own life as well as the life of your small business by tapping into the the hidden power of focus.

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Small Business Help - Marketing and Sales made Easy!

Small Business Help - Marketing and Sales made Easy!

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