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Last update: 2013-05-10

Soccer Newsday Podcast: 05-10-13

2013-05-10 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 30m 24s

Ferguson retires, Moyes MUFC replacement, FIFA & EA renew deal, FIFA confirms Qatar WC can use 8 stadiums, FIFA bans Blazer, Platini wants to record refs, Arsenal-Puma kit deal, Klinsmann sees bright Bundesliga future, Uli Hesse less optimistic, Winter article on folly of writing off Barca, DCU owner wants to buy Inter, SPL-SFL merger, AZ not releasing Altidore, USWNT coach doesn't tell NWSL what to do, Orlando SSS state letdown, AEG to run the Maracana, MLS Round 11 recap, Garber no Copa Libertadores for MLS, Totti wants MLS, MLS Chivas USA seizure, Agudelo to Revs, Arriola choose Xolos over Galaxy, Steve Davis article on Rogers MLS return, Tough Quotes, Ferguson BBC interview on instantly turning players to coaches, Jason Davis article on MLS' language barrier in Montreal, Portland Timbers match for Atticus…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 05-02-13

2013-05-02 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 24m 31s

FIFA ISL Report findings, Havelange quits, Blatter "clumsy", Jack Warner final tirade, CNN Qatar slavery article, UCL Semis, Vickery article on Bundesliga lessons, CONCACAF Club Licensing system, Connolly article on MLS improving CMNT, MLS Round 10 recap, CanChamps changes, Garber on GLT, MLS Refs unionize, Lieweke new MLSE CEO, Rogers' MLS return, Davis article on MLS returning USMNT rules, ManCity NYCFCâ„¢ chatter, Goff Beckham Miami expansion rumor, Orlando gets FL SSS help, Falcons want in on MLS, DC SSS land swap, Union want to expand PPL Park, SKC goes argyle, Hutcherson article on MLS-baseball competition, Timbers make a wish game…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 04-26-13

2013-04-26 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 28m 9s

Valke: 'democracy a hindrance', Qatar WC22 stadium cutbacks, FIFA Reform adviser quits, Warner & Blazer fraud allegations, Leoz resigns, Gulati to ExCo, Suarez bite, UCL Semis results & German rise?, Libya to build 11 stadiums, Scirocco Serie A stadiums article, A-League Grand Final success, Cornacchio & Kosar on NWSL's good start & cooperation, Indy Eleven unveiled, Orlando City stadium appeal to FL government, RSL's idea for USLPRO Utah club for reserves, CSL gets 1 more year, MLS Round 9 recap, Dangers of MLS in Copa Libertadores, MLS intra-league loans, Garber on expansion - Cosmos - TV - development and GLT, Queens Stadium - Bloomberg or Bust?, Man City royals to buy MLS NYC?, Carlos Slim to buy Chivas package?, CUSA playmaker Alvarez to USA or MEX, Jason Davis "The Chelis Show" article, Hyndman on protecting players, James article on physical Quakes, Nelsen "ruthless" TFC comment, DC official optimistic, 14k season tix sold-out at SKC, Sandor article on sagging 2013 MLS attendance…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 04-18-13

2013-04-18 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 30m 52s

Boston Marathon, FIFA CONCACAF investment, No Confed Cup Plan B, Agents commissions increase, Ferguson on friendlies, Bigger EPL relegation payments, Cardiff promotion, Stadium importance in Italy, Forbes club value table, La Liga to centralize TV deals, Scottish fail to restructure, Females in FIFA 2014, USMNT U17 loss, US youth development, NBC's EPL programming plans, San Antonio & Pittsburgh SSS unveilings, NWSL starts, Sandor & Goff articles on NWSL issues, Kennedy article on reasons NWSL will make it, Calgary to NASL?, CSL defiantly launching, Fluminense satelitle club in USA, MLS Round 8, Hyndman says Reserve Lg needs fixing, MLS homophobic slurs, DCU looking at MD again, International Champions Cup, Top LigaMX salaries in MLS DP range…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 04-11-13

2013-04-11 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 22m 43s

Havelange title, WC14 stadiums, UEFA racism plan, Al Jazeera La Liga rights, UCL excitement, Messi Chicago friendly, Liverpool wi-fi, ManU finances, Mancini whining, Portsmouth saves itself, Rummenigge summer plan, FFA-Foxtel deal, FFA Cup, A-League finals series, Gold Cup playoffs, 100th USOC, VA Cavalry stadium, Cosmos training ground upgrade, Stover on MLS, Yanks-Mets friendlies, Hurricanes-MUNDOFOX deal, Scorpions TV deal, Orlando SSS, NWSL starting, USSDA expansion, MLS Rd 7, CCL Semis, Davis articles on MLS in CCL, USSF & SKC training center plans, TFC-IMFC Argentinean imports, DCU's CSN tv deal, Gardner article on MLS marketing and Merilatt article on special Rapids/soccer gameday experiences…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 04-04-13

2013-04-04 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 26m 56s

FIFA chooses GLT, Di Canio, SPL survey, A-League success, FMF Prez finger, CFU Prez issues, FBI investigates Blazer-Warner CFU money, USMNT vs CRC & MEX WCQs, ESPN ratings, Donovan return?, Moore & Vermes into NSHOF, WWC venues & turf, Goff article on USSF's USWNT Centennial red card, 'Feeling Thorny?' t-shirt, NASL Cali expansion, Orlando helps local soccer, All USL PRO games streamed, MLS & CCL match recaps, Stern article on Sounders missing attack, Hutcherson article on CCL issues, can Chivas turn around?, Reo Coker article on MLS potential, Hanuer on Serie B & US eurosnobbery, Messing article on single entity, Firchau article on toxic Timbers relationship, Kosar article on STH deals, Ginard article on Xolos in San Diego…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 03-22-13

2013-03-22 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 43m 35s

Blatter & Platini bicker, FIFA finances, Brazil WC needs UN, EPL against winter 2022 WC , Forbes owner rich list, new Pope loves soccer, Loew says small nations should pre-qualify, USMNT call-ups, Straus article controversy, USA venues, WWC 2015 venues, USWNT agree CBA, FCKC sponsor, NASL expansion, FOX Gold Cup deal, beIN on Verizon, USSDA impacts, Indy NASL, Cosmos in MLS, Rivalry Week & MLS Breakaway review, CCL changes, MLS during WCQing, Gardner article on ref head Walton, AEG no sale, Lampard, Adu, CUSA hires Palencia and Sacramento SSS…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 03-24-24

2013-03-14 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 36m 12s


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 03-14-13

2013-03-14 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 36m 12s

FIFA ExCo ban, Champagne's view on technology, Clubs in A-League, Hayatou reelected, Qatar rumors, Palermo firings, Gold Cup schedule, USA wins Algarve Cup, Howard-Hope injuiries, Gardner article on Latinos, CCL & MLS Rd2 reviews, Rivalry Week issues, NBC marathon, RMC trademark issue w/ league, Ratings, MLS market relevance survey, Obafemi Martins, Wahl RBNY article, Stadiums: FCD-CLB-NE-DC-HOU …


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 03-07-13

2013-03-07 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 45m 56s

GLT, IFAB meeting, WC 2022, UCL affect on Europe, Platini ambition, Benfica buy EPL TV rights, Russia-Ukraine merger, Barca's $45m shirt deal, EPL player bankruptcy, Brazil league growth, ESPN gets LigaMX rights, US U20s, Altidore breaks record, USA centennial kits, USWNT lack CBA, NWSL player issue, MN Utd rebrand, MLS Rd 1 review, Jersey Week, Univision MLS coverage, roster rule changes, Reserve League, 3 new offenses, Cascadia Cup u-turn, top league in 10 years?, TFC situation, Chivas US woes & Miami Dolphins speaking to MLS?…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 03-01-13

2013-03-01 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 25m 48s

FIFA adds 3rd GLT, FIFA calls Barca child traffickers, Hayatou leaving CAF eventually, ESPN leaves UK, Kamarra header, Arsenal Bergkamp statue, PSG logo, Marco Verratti, A-League resurgence, NPL States League, Western Sydney Wanderers success, Robbie Rogers comes out, Chuck Blazer leaving FIFA ExCo, USA U-20 MNT qualify for WC, Copa Centenario awaits FIFA approval, OSA stop counting youth stats, Ottawa Fury naming, Funny Business News, Stadium News, Orlando City MLS expansion, MLS 1st Kick, MLS Discovery Process, MLS & FFF agree coach education deal, MLSsoccer.com relaunch failure, Chivas denial of Latino-only policy, The Donovan Clock, Lalas tweet on scope of MLS gambling and Rapids SGs merger…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 02-08-13

2013-02-08 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 25m 44s

Matchfixing, Qatargate, FIFA Reform, UEFA club benchmark, ECA votes, EPL spending curbs, UK MPs back supporters, La Liga TV distribution, Balotelli, Beckham, NAm imports into England, Euro 2020 cities, Rummenigge Europe summer switch, Reviews of USMNT vs CAN & HON, CONCACAF growth, ESPN El Tri TV, CSA Easton Report, CSL gambling, NASL-USL-MLS relations, Virginia Cavalry, MLS winter outbound moves & trades, Frei "circus" quote, Chelis quotes, Cosmos SSS & Gus Johnson on FOX …


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 01-25-13

2013-01-25 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 47m 23s

Hazard-Ballboy mess, RMadrid top rich list, Bundesliga record earnings & bright Pep-filled future, Europe importing more players, UAE $37m bonus, AFCON on ESPN3, MLS-USL PRO Reserve League deal, CONCACAF Gold Cup venues, Indy in NASL, FoxSoccer going?, Tucson SSS, MLS drafts, player moves, KC gets ASG, SG Cup Trademarking, CUSA the big story, Chelis & Porter molding clubs, Donovan return, Nelsen to TFC, RBNY upgrades Petke, No HD for HDC, SKC sponsorships, Checketts sells RSL, MLS coaching #s, Shea Stoke "trial", Adu leaving Philly & MLS Scot DPs leaving…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 01-10-13

2013-01-10 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 18m 59s

Messi, Ballon d’Or, Barca on 60 Minutes, FIFA's Global Player Exchange, PSG QTA sponsorship, WC 2022, UEFA's 1st FFP sanctions, soccer ticket prices worldwide, top selling EPL jerseys in North America, Gareth Bale diving, Suazo resigned, Islanders missing Spring NASL, Portland Thorns record STHs, NWSL, USMNT January camp, Blatter's MLS remarks, MLS #7 attended soccer league, MLS 2013 schedule, Manning reply on Garber's format change, MLS player & coaching moves, Bridgeview loan, NY Mets MLS interest, Cascadia Cup trademark…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 12-20-12

2012-12-20 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 34m 30s

Bin Hammam done, Euro 2012 multi-hosted, Club World Cup, Barca contract extensions, Zenit fan racism, A-League, USA vs CAN in Houston, WCQs at MLS venues, NWSL, MLS-USL Reserve deal, Comcast drops GolTV for beIN, youth complexes approved, MLS Transfers, de Bontin NYC club turn-around, Chivas makeover, Dallas fires Hernandez, ManCity NYC MLS rumors & Loss for Revs SSS from Wynn casino…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 12-06-12

2012-12-06 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 36m 36s

Goalline Tech begins, UEFA scrap Europa League idea, Chelsea coaching woes, Arsenal's big sponsorship deal, West Ham Olympic Stadium nod, Real Madrid stadium renovation, Mourinho exit rumors, Messi goal tally, Barca homegrown record, new FFA TV deal, new women's league, Indy & Sacramento expansion, stadiums in Tampa & Ft Lauderdale, MLS Cup review, Beckham legacy & future, MLS Best XI, Roster moves, Payne to TFC & Garber's State of the League address…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 11-15-12

2012-11-15 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 31m 41s

FIFA Reform Road Map, ManU/Chelsea profits, Big EPL TV revenue, Zlatan & Hassli golazos, USA vs Russia recap, Hope Solo -Stevens case, Cosmos COO, MN Stars owner Bill McGuire, MLS Playoffs, FCD Prez Doug Quinn arrested, Vergara's Chivas USA makeover, RSL changes?, RBNY's new Sporting Director, Union hires Ansaldi, Labidou article that RBNY should get Kreis, Best MLS GK, BBVA Stadium success & Queens Stadium gets local & Mayor support…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 11-08-12

2012-11-08 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 8m 57s

Daddy Messi, Prince Ali backs winter WC22, BeIN Sport on Time Warner & Bright House, CSA appoints Fonseca new Technical Director, MN Stars get new owners, Davis article on MLS outlasting NASL, NPSL expansion, USWNT 3x Chinese Bore Tour, Aggregateless MLSsoccer.com, MLS Playoffs, NY postponement, Will Bruin, Nick Rimando, Gridiron markings during playoffs, Playoff attendance, Marsch Montreal firing, Montreal Italiaphiles, Adu future…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 11-02-12

2012-11-02 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 26m 47s

Hurricane Sandy, Bale price-tag, Rayo blasts Celtic's tactics, Messi goal records, FIFA Ballon D'Or, Racism, Italian football, TV Deals, Reed article on NBC-EPL deal helping MLS, NASL VA expansion, New USWNT coach, NASL playoffs, MLS playoffs, Donovan retirement, MLS 2012 records, Mahoney article on if 2012 best MLS season?, Timber anger over banned fans in ad, Davis article on MLS scheduling, Mariner scouting Europe, LSP praise & Cooper accolades…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 10-26-12

2012-10-26 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 47m 23s

Goal Tech, Liverpool expanding Anfield, FA-EPL Winter Break logjam, ManCity UCL issues, Racism, GUA player bans, Copa America 2016 in USA?, ManU USA office, WCQ reviews, CSA & CanMNT changes, KC the USMNT "hub", beIN Sport killing GolTV, NASL, CCL, MLS Playoffs & Awards, San Jose style, Livestrong Sporting Park, HSG not selling Crew, Backe refutes departure, Donovan early retirement, Paulson Bloomberg interview , Chivas USA's outsourced staff shakeup, TFC tix reductions, MLSE failures, Wondo goals record, Quakes' Guinness record & Sounders attendance records…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 10-11-12

2012-10-11 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 32m 34s

PSG, Falcao, Atletico Madrid, Man City, Messi & Ronaldo, Diving Witch-hunt, FA Code of Conduct, FA-CONCACAF partnership, Leyton Orient, Mourinho wants timeouts, Footbonaut, FFP, AS Roma stadium, A-League, USMNT & CanMNT WCQs, Landsdown Park, NASL Playoffs & Commissioner stepping down, Towson dropping soccer, Gulati on women's league, RBNY youth coach murder, McAllister for Backe rumor, Queens SSS deal in 30 days, DC SSS close, NFL-MLS little bro relationship, Green article on Chivas USA's thinning herd, Sounders attendance, Hannauer interview, Schmid on tifo, World derbies & MLS salaries …


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 10-04-12

2012-10-04 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 20m 52s

FIFA, World Cup 2014 & 2018, Terry ban, Fergie comments, Arsenal profits, Leeds takeover, St George's Park, Ronaldo's Real sadness, Mitten/Farley articles on Catalan independence, Aussie D2 & pro/rel, Latham article on CopaMX, FIFA 13 sales, U17 WWC, MEX WCQ in Houston, Altidore goal leader of Europe, NoVa stadium-share, NASL playoffs, GolTV Canada, Orlando SSS, RBNY admin shakeup, Mayers Q&A article with Joe Roth, Sounders-Timbers exceed 66k, Paulson fine, LSP adds more tech & Dave Dir back at MLS…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 09-27-12

2012-09-27 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 28m 42s

ESPN NextGen Series, Terry quits England, Mourinho Rodgers comment, La Liga economics, Baxter article on Stats in Soccer, Davis article on UAE clubs paying fans, Grenade on Iran field, CCL, USA-GUA KC WCQ soldout, Woitalla article on Mexican success, UofR dropping soccer, Bennett articles on Rich Luker & EA FIFA game impact, Wondo goals, Urso report, MLS in Miami, Dynamo promo & sale, Edmonton & Revs SSS, RBNY numbers, NY Cosmos & MLS trademarks, Brennan interview of Clive Toye, 24Under24 & minor league attendance…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 09-21-12

2012-09-21 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 44m 0s

West Ham salary freeze, ManU woes, ManCity's $325m academy, RMadrid revenues up, Unpaid European salaries, No winter Qatar WC, Mexico 2026?, Handshake snubs, UCL, USWNT, CSL, NASL, Dwyane Wade, Being Liverpool, LigaMX indoor, youth soccer, CCL, MLS transfers, De Guzman revenge, Wileman article on impatient TFC fans, Nowak allegations, AEG for sale, MLS-NBC ratings "flop"?, Koreans in Dallas & Cascadia Cup…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 09-13-12

2012-09-13 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 27m 9s

Drogba, EPL youth development, Financial Fair Play, Clubs want more WC cash, Platini WC 2022, Spanish Super Cup to China, Man Utd expanding Latin scouting, Glenn Davis article: Is SAmerican WCQ best?, USA vs JAM WCQ reviews, U20 WWC, MLS Interlull, Gardner ethnic favoritism article, Caps 12% STH discount, Reed article on ending salary cap mystery, best selling jerseys, CSL-CanMNT overlap, USL Pro champs, Atlanta name change, Phoenix Wolves & Pittsburgh SSS sponsorships sell-out…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 09-06-12

2012-09-06 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 30m 6s

World transfers, LFC mistakes, Dempsey, Iniesta, Ronaldo, ESPN Press Pass, UCL Draw, UEFA, NASL split season, Pia quits USWNT, U20 WWC, USSDA adds U13/14s, Klinsmann FoxSoccer interview, USMNT, USA-JAM WCQ preview, MLS transfers, SKC turn around, Chivas shake-up, DeRo hits 100, MLS overseas competition, San Jose on fire, MLS playoff changes, Whitecaps & UBC training center …


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 08-30-12

2012-08-30 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 13m 45s

World Transfers, EPL Salary Cap, Arsenal breakup, Edu & Cameron at Stoke, Dempsey & FFC, CCL, MLS Transfers, Porter to Portland, Sounders & Crew Latin Connections, Rennie & Whitecaps, Namoff lawsuit, 2013 ticket pricing, Orlando City, Stadiums, Timbers reserve crowd, TV…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 08-24-12

2012-08-24 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 27m 39s

World Transfers, Soros Man Utd Shareholder, Maurice Edu, Dempsey Saga, Altidore, USSF v ChampionsWorld suit, Hope Solo's book controversy, Fox Soccer News, Wynalda quits ATL, BeIn Sport, GolTV, CCL, MLS Transfers, Suspension issues, DC-Philly debacle, Yallop on Lenhart, Injured returnees, Revs winless, Sounders 55k, Quakes stadium & Orlando expansion…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 08-17-12

2012-08-17 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 31m 39s

World Transfers, Man Utd IPO, UEFA Financial Fair Play, P$G, AC Milan, WFC, Mexico Olympics Gold, USA-Mexico Gap, USMNT v Mexico Upset Review, TV: NBCSports, BeInSport, FoxSoccer, ESPNFC, CBC Sports & Sportsnet Deal, MLS Transfers, Boggs, Donovan, Pep in NY, NYC $300m Stadium, Dynamo Sale, Arena, TFC Video & Connor Lade.…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 08-10-12

2012-08-10 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 29m 15s

PSG, World Football Challenge, La Liga, Mourinho & Ronaldo flirt w/ MLS, Olympic Soccer, USWNT win Gold & Canada win Bronze, New Women's Pro League, US Open Cup Final, USOC GolTV Broadcast, Sporting KC, MLS Transfers, New MLS Tiebreakers, Carl Valentine…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 08-03-12

2012-08-03 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 25m 24s

Brendan Rodgers' LFC Plan, Olympic Soccer, USWNT, CONCACAF Champions League, World Football Challenge, US Open Cup on GolTV, Brian Bliss on USA development, MLS Transfers, Oriol Rosell, Tim Cahill, DP Loopholes, MLS Updated Salaries, Quick Coaching Clocks…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 07-27-12

2012-07-27 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 38m 41s

Transfer Market Economics Down, Olympics Soccer, GB Mistakes, Copa MX, Cameron to Stoke, World Football Challenge, MLS All Star Game, MiCoach, ASG Ratings, Soccer Stat Invasion, Cahill to RBNY, Nowak Lawsuit, Jeld-Wen Field Dimensions, Chivas USA Dilemma, MLS TV Audience Rising & Don Garber's Comments…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 07-19-12

2012-07-19 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 39m 1s

Blatter & ISL Bribery at FIFA, World's Wealthiest Clubs, Major Transfers, US-hosted Copa America 2016, CONCACAF-CONMEBOL Merger, Liga MX Launch, USMNT Transfers, MLS Buying USL, Mid-day Matches, Seattle & MLS Attendance, Hack-a-Javi & Protecting Playmakers, Di Vaio's MLS Tactics & Physicality Comments, Kenny Miller…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 07-12-12

2012-07-12 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 35m 15s

Liga MX, FIFA ISL Scandal, World Coaching Changes, Van Persie, Wynalda, USWNT Olympics, World Football Challenge, SUM, Milan-Madrid Yankee Stadium Record, All-Star Game, Transfers, DC United New Owners, USOC, MLS, Hackworth's Philly Rebirth, John Spencer Firing, Dempsey-Cameron-Bradley Transfers, Montreal Italia, Rapids Life Ban, IOC Solo Logic, Zakuani-Mullan Mending & RBNY Midweek Melter…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 07-06-12

2012-07-06 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 41m 31s

Goal Line Technology Day, leagueless Glasgow Rangers, CR7 Castrol video, EURO 2012 ratings & records, non-boring Spain the best ever, Wynalda coaching Atlanta, MLS, Montreal Italia Impact, Copa America 2016 in USA!…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 06-28-12

2012-06-28 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 44m 0s

Player salaries, Soccer finances, Drogba, Euro 2012, Ronaldo & Messi, Spanish dynasty, TV ratings, Goal-line technology, US Open Cup quarterfinals, MLS standings & sponsorships…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 06-14-12

2012-06-14 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 17m 28s

USMNT vs Antigua and Barbuda, Guatemala, EURO 2012, Nowak Philly firing…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 06-07-12

2012-06-07 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 25m 12s

US Open Cup 4th Round, FIFA break and MLS, USMNT and EURO 2012.…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 05-31-12

2012-05-31 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 1h 2m 57s

On this week's show, our hosts Mike Firpo and Chris Enger discuss the craziness that was the 3rd round of the US Open Cup and the what it means to MLS fans. After they discuss the USMNT match against Brazil and some of its take aways and close by talking the MLS Player's Union Salary information.…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast: 05-25-12

2012-05-25 :: SoccerNewsday.com
Length: 59m 5s

Soccer Newsday contributors, Chris Enger and Mike Firpo introduce their podcast. They discuss the US Open Cup tournament and the purchasing of home matches. They follow up with a USMNT discussion and finish discussing MLS action.…


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Soccer Newsday Podcast

Chris Enger (@fuegote) and Mike Firpo (@MikeFirpo) co-host the most comprehensive weekly podcast on North American soccer news and events. The light-hearted SoccerNewsday.com duo cover the big issues in MLS, NASL, USL, US Open Cup, Canadian Championship, CONCACAF Champions League, US/Canadian National Teams, World Cup Qualifying and the wider world of international soccer.

Soccer Newsday Podcast

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