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Last update: 2015-04-06

Episode 17: Lillith

2015-04-06 :: dante stack

Jenn, forced into the trunk of a limousine heading toward Las Vegas, is about to experience what it's like to be a pawn in a massive game of black market chess.


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Episode 16: Bad Blood

2015-03-30 :: dante stack

Jenn's attempt to escape to Santa Monica is hampered by a sudden sickness. Mrs. Moose will be her downfall or her salvation. There's no middle ground.


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Episode 15: Guideline #1

2015-03-23 :: dante stack

The big bag of crazy that is Jennifer Dash's roommate is about to burst.

A motel cat-fight is about to get rumbling, and not everyone will leave the room alive.


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Episode 14: Hell Below

2015-03-15 :: dante stack

Jennifer Dash has awoken the attention of the working elite. She's about to be tested by the most powerful in the kingdom.


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Episode 13: Heaven Above

2015-03-09 :: dante stack

Jenn's about to be witness to Magical Kingdom's deepest secrets. And what you know, you can never unknow.


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Episode 12: Cartoon

2015-03-02 :: dante stack

Jenn's desire to go out with her new, very kissable Don Juan, leads to a series of tense and dramatic events, whose consequences can't be undone.


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Episode 11: The Seducers

2015-02-23 :: dante stack

There's an undercurrent of battle arising for Jenn's affection, as two men begin to tear at her moral compass. Which will she prize more: brain or beauty?


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Episode 10: Illusion

2015-02-16 :: dante stack

Things get meta when Jenn and Tiff get into a fight. Jenn finds herself being soothed from the most unlikely of sources.


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Episode 9: The Mechanical Giraffe

2015-02-09 :: dante stack

Theme parks, parades, Cleopatra, conspiracies, and lawyers... Jennifer Dash is in the middle of it all. Jenn thinks she's settled for the first time amidst her cross-country adventure. She's dead wrong.


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Episode 8: Introducing Magical Kingdom

2015-02-03 :: dante stack

Jenn meets the leader of the underground community, and is connected to a theme park with deep roots. From Saints Row to JFK, this one's got you covered... or perhaps covered-up.


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Episode 7: Under LA

2015-01-27 :: dante stack
Length: 23s

Jenn's story pivots here. Unwittingly stealing the bench space of Thomas "Flusher" O'Malley, Jenn is led deep into a cobwebbed maze that will soon swallow up her life and irrevocably change the tone of her quest forever.


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Episode 6: Remember, Remember

2015-01-19 :: dante stack

Adventure awaits, but where? Jenn's moved half-way across the U.S... for what? She's not sure. She's bobbing along in the current of life, looking for direction. Boredom and fleeting whims will rule this day.


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Episode 5: The Sunset Limited

2015-01-12 :: dante stack

Jenn is propelled forward by the benevolence of the Further family -- both physically and spiritually.


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Episode 4: Infinite Jest and Other Topics

2015-01-12 :: dante stack

Jenn stumbles into a convenience store where she meets young Atticus Further. Little does Jenn know, this witty young lad has the keys to her future.


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Episode 3: Hitchhiking

2015-01-12 :: dante stack

Motivated to get to the sea, Jenn decides to hitchhike. She's picked up by truck driver Doll Burden. Doll's happy enough to let Jenn in -- but not so happy to let her go.


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Episode 2: The Leviathan

2015-01-12 :: dante stack

Were unicorns ever real?
Can sea monsters breathe fire?

Jenn hears answers to these questions at the most uncommon of places: the local fast food joint.


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Episode 1: Meet Jennifer Dash

2015-01-12 :: dante stack

Welcome to the journey.

17 year old Jenn has made a decision. She's going to solve the world. How does one do that exactly? Jenn doesn't have the faintest idea, but she figures the first step is to walk out the front door. Little does she know how epic her adventure is about to become.


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